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The Abyss of Tyranny

Diary Entry by Truth Excavator

"Let us accept the facts staring us in the face--that demonstrably we are no longer a republic. We are no longer governed by laws, only by armed men and force. This is just like the days of Billy the Kid. You have an armed man going down a dusty street and that is authority. And it has come to this for us." - Gore Vidal, America the Great ... Police State

The Western world's descent into a highly militarized, and technological advanced dictatorship is being timed exactly with the engineered collapse of the global financial system, which is no longer in the realm of possibility, but a fact of everyday life for communities across North America, and Europe.

In Spain, the disappearance of the once gigantic housing market combined with 20 percent unemployment is forcing former middle-class families to accept a dismal economic future, and still pay off the debts of the old economy, which were encouraged by the state and banks. The Globe and Mail has a story about a laid-off Spanish construction worker named Jaime Cadena, a father of four children, who was recently told by a bank in Barcelona that he has to auction off his property at much lower price than he had purchased it four years ago, and pay back the bank €200,000 - a sum that is worth more than the present value of his property.

For Cadena, and millions of other people in the Western world, the middle-class life that was promised to them by politicians, and sold to them by bankers for the last twenty years is now officially unattainable under the current predatory economic system. As long as a vile oligarchy is allowed to reign in the West over individual nations, moving and controlling them as chess pieces, directing their political and economic fate towards their own diabolical ends, then there is no future, no life, no destiny for people like Jaime Cadena. They might as well be dead in the eyes of the global corporate rulers. And there is a large chance that they will die, if all goes according to the elite's plan.

A middle-class existence, which is a foundation of civil society, has disappeared in the Western world because of elitist economic policies that have spanned an entire generation. The de-industrialization of America, along with the outsourcing of quality manufacturing jobs to Asia, has produced a culture in which people lack the means, and organizational resources to sustain a massive civil resistance campaign against the status quo.

Without a middle-class society, the reality of political liberty is stark indeed. Historian, and social critic Christopher Lasch chronicled the trends of the modern oligarchical revolution against the people in his book, "The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy." He wrote:

"The general course of recent history no longer favors the leveling of social distinctions but runs more and more in the direction of a two-class society in which the favored few monopolize the advantages of money, education, and power," (Lasch, pg. 29).

The division between the plebs, and a highly protected, and uncaring elite presents tremendous challenges to early 21st century society. A recently published report by the Rockefeller Foundation called "Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development," outlines a future that includes a global dictatorial government, technological straitjackets for the global citizenry, and repressive military control. Paul Joseph Watson writes in the article, "Rockefeller Study Envisages Future Dictatorship Controlled By Elite," that, "The Rockefeller study is not a warning against preventing the kind of tyranny contained in this scenario from unfolding, it's a blueprint for how globalists want to exploit global crises like bio-terror attacks and pandemics in order to completely destroy society and rebuild it under a new world order in their image."

If the elite are successful in implementing their evil plans for the world, then, in some ways, it's the people's own fault, because there have been countless warning signs on this road to tyranny, and at each interval they could have said, "Enough of this!" But, people, the unconscious creatures that they are, refused to see the signs, mocked the individuals who knew what was going on, and even gave credence to the elite's description of them as slaves by tolerating a corrupt political system, and continuing to paying their taxes as good little slaves do. Such social and political cowardice, and lack of love for truth and justice by the mass of the people always begets tyranny, and, though a sorry fate, it is always deserved.

I wish I was more optimistic about people's ability to grasp the current disastrous course that we're on, how exactly we got here, and to whose benefit, but in the event of a false-flag terrorist attack, which is not out of the question in the elite's mind, they could easily submit to government authority unconditionally, and totally surrender what's left of their political liberties, their lives, and their future.

Like the mindful rulers that they are, the elite will make it easier for the people to accept their political fate by setting up the conditions so that they voluntarily give up their freedom to the authorities. One condition is the complete break down of law and order, which is likely to occur in some of America's biggest cities. Recently in Oakland, California, the police were the target of drastic government cuts, a trend that will be replicated across the country. Oakland's police chief Anthony Batts said that if new negotiations between City Hall, and the police union does not include the guarantee of job security, then common crimes like vandalism, grand theft, identity theft, and burglary will be ignored by the police. Such a decision will produce multiple outcomes, some beneficial, some not. In some communities, chaos will ensue, while in other communities people will take it upon themselves to establish voluntary civil militias to defend their property, and wealth.

In a lawless state, harsh economic realities will trigger violence, which is exactly what the designers of the new world order system want to happen, before they go ahead with further authoritarian measures. And the men who will be charged with enforcing law and order in apocalyptic wastelands won't be the gentle, trusting kind. As Gore Vidal said last year about America's volatile situation, "we are a weirdly militarized citizenry governed by the worst elements in the United States, and something is bound to blow up."

The tragedy of it all is that we need not enter the great abyss of tyranny, and suffer its terror, and despair. If the American people had listened to their wise Founding Fathers, and modern-day leaders like the late Senator Frank Church, then this awful day would've never come. Church warned the American people about the haunting technological capabilities of U.S. intelligence agencies, and the threat such agencies posed to their liberties. He said:

That capability at any time could be turned around on the American people and no American would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor everything: telephone conversations, telegrams, it doesn't matter. There would be no place to hide. If this government ever became a tyranny, if a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back, because the most careful effort to combine together in resistance to the government, no matter how privately it was done, is within the reach of the government to know. Such is the capability of this technology "

I don't want to see this country ever go across the bridge. I know the capability that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see it that this agency and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision, so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return.

America entered the abyss that Church referred to in the days after 9/11, and other Western nations soon followed without missing a step. The passage of dictatorial laws in Congress, laws that were read by almost nobody, and laws that were replicated by most governments around the world, attracted little to zero dissent. And they still don't. That needs to change. And quickly.

While it is certainly true that "there is no return," from the abyss that total tyranny represents for the West, and the World, there can be a breakthrough; a breakthrough to the other side, the side of goodness, and morality, in which a new age of global freedom, and global prosperity will dawn.

Dr. Johannes Koeppl, a former German Defense Ministry Official, told Michael C. Ruppert, publisher of From The Wilderness, in an interview in November, 2001 that if citizens of the Western world correctly identify their elitist enemies, educate themselves about how the modern democratic state functions behind the scenes, and select leaders who have an unbreakable moral character, and great intelligence, then there is still hope that there won't be a fully operational world dictatorship. If we follow Dr. Koeppl's suggestions in the remaining time that we have left to change the present destructive course that Mankind is on, then we just might break through from this tyranny before it kills us all.

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Tel Aviv Government Refuses to Implement Israeli Supreme Court Ruling

Palestinians suffer as courts’ authority hits all-time low

by Jonathan Cook

The Israeli government is facing legal action for contempt over its refusal to implement a Supreme Court ruling that it end a policy of awarding preferential budgets to Jewish communities, including settlements, rather than much poorer Palestinian Arab towns and villages inside Israel.

The contempt case on behalf of Israel’s Palestinian minority comes in the wake of growing criticism of the government for ignoring court decisions it does not like -- a trend that has been noted by the Supreme Court justices themselves.

Yehudit Karp, a former deputy attorney general, compiled a list of 12 recent court rulings the government has refused to implement, but legal groups believe there are more examples. Many of the disregarded judgements confer benefits on Palestinians, either in the occupied territories or inside Israel, or penalise the settlers.

Critics have accused the government of violating the rule of law and warned that the defiance has been possible chiefly because right-wing politicians and religious groups have severely eroded the Supreme Court’s authority over the past few years.

Senior members of the current right-wing government of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, including the justice minister, Yaakov Neeman, have repeatedly criticised the court for what they call its “judicial activism”, or interference in matters they believe should be decided by the parliament alone.

Legal experts, however, warn that, because Israel lacks a constitution, the court is the only bulwark against a tyrannical Jewish majority abusing the rights of the country’s 1.3 million Palestinian citizens, as well as 4 million Palestinians living under occupation in the West Bank and Gaza.

Ilan Saban, a law professor at Haifa University, said: “Unlike most -- if not all -- other democracies, Israel lacks a political culture that respects limits on the power of the majority.”

Even the protections offered by Israel’s basic laws, he said, were not deeply entrenched and could easily be re-legislated. The lack of both a formal constitution and a tradition of political tolerance, he added, was “a dangerous cocktail”.

Israel’s liberal Haaretz newspaper went further, warning recently that, in “slandering the judiciary”, government officials had provoked a crisis that could “lead to the destruction of Israeli democracy”.

The country’s highest court is due to rule in the coming weeks on whether the government is in contempt of a ruling the court made four years ago to end a discriminatory scheme, known as National Priority Areas (NPA), that provides extra education funding to eligible communities.

The High Follow-Up Committee, an umbrella political body representing Israel’s large Palestinian minority, launched the case because only four small Palestinian villages were classified in NPAs, against some 550 Jewish communities. The scheme, introduced in 1998, is believed to have deprived Palestinian citizens, a fifth of Israel’s population, of millions of dollars.

Although the court ruled in February 2006 that the scheme must be scrapped, the government has issued a series of extensions until at least 2012.

Sawsan Zaher, a lawyer with Adalah, a legal centre that launched the contempt petition, said: “This case has become a symbol of how the government refuses to implement decisions it does not like, especially ones relating to constitutional protection and minority rights.”

However, she said that punishing the state for its actions would not be easy. “After all, the court is not going to jail the government. The best we can hope for is a fine.”

The NPA case is only one of several that have highlighted a growing trend of law-breaking by the government.

Ms Zaher said Adalah had at least half a dozen other cases in which it was considering contempt actions. Most referred either to the treatment of Bedouin villages in the Negev the state refuses to recognise and to which it denies services, or to the failure to allocate equal resources to Arab schools.

In its most recent annual report, the Association of Civil Rights in Israel, the country’s largest legal rights group, listed several examples of Supreme Court orders to dismantle sections of the separation barrier built on Palestinian land in the West Bank that have been disregarded.

In one hearing, in October 2009, Dorit Beinisch, president of the court, accused the government of taking “the law into its own hands” and treating her rulings as “mere recommendations”.

She had been angered by the fact that an order to remove the barrier around the Palestinian village of Azzoun, near Qalqilya, had been ignored for three years. The judges had learnt that the hidden reason for building the barrier had been to help expand the neighbouring settlement of Tzufim.

Similarly, in May, the court found that the government had continued construction on a road between the settlements of Eli and Hayovel despite a ruling that it must stop. In a harshly worded response, the judges said: “It is inconceivable that the state does not know what is unfolding right beneath its nose.”

Last month the supreme court again castigated the government for ignoring an order from last year to demolish a sewage purification plant built in the West Bank settlement of Ofra on privately owned Palestinian land in violation of Israeli law.

Other prominent cases in which officials are defying court rulings involve the refusal to demolish a synagogue built by settlers; the failure to build hundreds of classrooms for Palestinian children in East Jerusalem; and the continuing practice of “binding” foreign workers to a single employer.

Late last year, the justice minister, Yaakov Neeman, warned that he was considering legislation that would allow the parliament to bypass the Supreme Court, even in cases where the judges have struck down a law on the grounds that it contravenes a basic law.

The government’s flouting of these rulings has been possible because of growing public disenchantment with the courts, observers have warned.

Last month a survey by Haifa University found that among Israeli Jews who were not ultra-Orthodox or settlers -- both groups tend to reject the court’s authority -- only 36 per cent expressed great faith in its decisions. That was down from 61 per cent in 2000.

Among settlers the figure was 20 per cent, down from 46 per cent a decade ago.

Aryeh Rattner, a law professor who conducted the research, partly attributed the decline in the court’s standing to its “excessive involvement” in what he called controversial religious, social and defence issues.

However, Prof Saban said the “activism” the court has been accused of was more illusory than real, and that it was often reluctant to intervene in cases where violations of rights were clearcut. In the National Priority Areas case, he said, lawyers had been challenging the patently discriminatory scheme since its introduction in 1998.

“The court took nearly 10 years to rule against the scheme, and since then the government has evaded implementing the decision until at least 2012. In other words, the petitioners are likely to be without a remedy for 14 years. That hardly qualifies as activism.”

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Polls: Wide Support for an Attack on Iran

Yonat Friling – Fox July 16, 2010

A poll by TIPP, the polling unit of TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence, a U.S. research firm of both syndicated and custom Market Research solutions, offers a surprising angle on an Israeli attack on Iran:

56% of American would back an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. According to the poll, 43 percent of U.S. Democrats approve of Israel taking military action against Iran to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons, while 40 percent disapprove. However, when Republicans were asked the same question, 74 percent voiced approval while 17 percent disapproved.

In another poll, conducted by Pew Research Center, dated June 17, 2010 found that strong majorities of the people in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt view Iran negatively, lack confidence in Ahmadinejad and oppose Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. A majority of those in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon opposing a nuclear-armed Iran actually favor the use of military force if necessary to stop them. The popular backlash resulting from an Israeli strike may not be as much of a threat as is assumed. In Egypt, 55% supported a military strike on Iran, while 16% opposed it. In Jordan, the figures were 53% to 20% in favor.

As for Europe, More than eight-in-ten in Germany (86%) and France (81%) view Iran unfavorably, as do 73% in Spain; a somewhat smaller majority in Britain (58%) shares this opinion.

In a TV interview for the Israeli Channel 2 News last week, said President Obama when asked if about the possibility of Israel’s attack on Iran’s Nuclear facilities "neither of us tries to surprise each other,".

Comment – July 16, 2010

Across the planet Americans are increasingly seen as ignorant or at best, naive. But this writer cannot believe that the majority of them are stupid enough to support an Israeli strike on Iran. Do they know where this will lead?

An Israeli strike on Iran would naturally invite retaliation, probably in tandem with Syria and Hezbollah.

This would lead to U.S. intervention, which in turn would lead to Chinese and maybe even Russia involvement. In other words an Israeli strike on Iran could potentially lead to a world war.

Does the average American understand this? Or are they so brainwashed by their corporate media that they cannot think for themselves anymore?

Or maybe there is another reason for these poll findings?

Like most U.S. elections now, I suspect that the above polls were rigged: the questions were posed and the answers framed in such a way as to fit preordained results.

The giveaway comes with findings that claim to reveal: “strong majorities of the people in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt view Iran negatively”.

The majority of Americans, ignorant of the world around them might accept such claims but I doubt that many Turks or Lebanese would.

However, the above goes even further with claims that: “A majority of those in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon opposing a nuclear-armed Iran actually favor the use of military force if necessary”.

If anything these supposed “opinion polls” look more like attempts to convince us that there is widespread support for a strike on Iran; and that the consequences will not be as bad as we might fear.

Or as the above claims: “The popular backlash resulting from an Israeli strike may not be as much of a threat as is assumed”.

So it seems that U.S. presidential elections are not be the only polls being rigged nowadays.


BP caps leaking well, but industry experts say it may not be a permanent fix

BP announced yesterday that at 2:25 PM CST, a cap placed over the leaking well had stopped the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. While that is great news for everyone, some industry experts caution that it may not be a permanent fix.

BP is now conducting integrity tests for up to 48 hours in order to determine whether or not there are additional leaks in the well bore deep beneath the seabed or in other areas of the ocean floor.

As early as May 31, after the top kill procedure failed, a BP official admitted to the Washington Post that "We discovered things that were broken in the sub-surface." He said that mud was making it "out to the side, into the formation." The official said he could not describe what was damaged in the well.

According to industry experts, if that is the case, the integrity tests with the new cap could make matters worse. Don Van Nieuwenhuise, director of geosciences programs at the University of Houston, told CNN today, "We don’t know if there are significant leaks deep in the well. There’s a couple of weak points at 9,000 feet, and one at 17,000 feet, that they might be particularly interested in looking at and watching in the seismic."

Any additional leaks in the well bore below the surface could cause the well to blow out again during integrity testing, and make it more difficult, if not impossible, to plug with relief wells. Recently-retired Shell Oil President John Hofmeister made a similar point:

I think the fundamental issue… is there are serious concerns about the integrity of the casing that is the well itself. And that by putting the cap on and doing the stress tests… that the integrity of the steel is insufficient to hold the pressure of the well. And if you lose the casing it's game over. It’s like having a volcano on the bottom of the sea. If you lose the casing and oil starts coming up on the outside of the casing you cant stop it. There’s nothing you can do that would stop it…other than implode the well. There are many in the industry that feel the casing must have been damaged because of the power of that well, the pressure of that reservoir.

Another oil industry expert, Rob Cavner, who has been correct about virtually everything regarding the disaster thus far, previously explained that there is damage in the oil well beneath the seafloor. He also says that he is worried that the well integrity test could further damage the well bore and could blow out the entire well even further (see video below):

[BP has] only 34 more feet to drill before they get to casing point for the last string of pipe...and they stopped. They're just sitting there circulating on bottom at 17,840. Just sitting there. Wells claims that they are doing that for "safety reasons" during the well integrity test. What? I'm sorry, but I have to ask, What the hell are they doing? We now have an ability to capture all the oil and stop this massive pollution of the Gulf (as well as measure it). We have great weather to get the relief well completed. We already know, without the "well integrity test", that they have severe damage to the BOP and other surface equipment and casing. If that weren't true, [it] wouldn't have blown out in the first place.

Cavner believes BP may have an ulterior motive in capping the well instead of just completing the relief well: "While they have every incentive to get the well killed, BP also has every incentive to not capture 100% of the well flow until they do," Cavnar wrote last week at Huffington Post. "As soon as they do capture all the flow, then a real, measurable number will be in front of the public, and that's the last thing BP wants, since that number will then be used to extrapolate environmental damage, hence per barrel fines that will likely run to the tens of billions anyway."

Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen's comment on CNN yesterday seems somewhat suspicious in light of Cavner's allegation. He cautions: “This isn’t over" and talks about the cap as a temporary measure to be used for hurricanes. “It remains likely that we will return to the containment process… until the relief well is completed," (see video below). So it looks like the plan is to go back to releasing the oil and letting it pump up to the surface.

Worse yet, there have been reports of additional leaks in the seabed miles away from the well, (see videos below). Rep. Ed Markey, Chairman of the Energy and Environment Subcommittee, addressed that issue in a letter to BP asking: "Do any or all of these events indicate that oil and gas could be flowing from somewhere other than the target reservoir?" If he has received an answer, it has not been publicized. If the answer is "yes," then neither the new cap nor the relief wells will stop the flow of oil into the Gulf.

BP does not have a good record in terms of public disclosure. BP suspended the "top kill" operation for 16 hours because, according to numerous experts, it was creating more damage to the well bore. BP did not tell the media, local officials or the public that it had delayed the effort until long afterwards. Similarly, it took more than 5 hours for BP to publicly announce the delay of the well integrity test after the decision to delay was made.

Is the well integrity test a meaningless PR stunt or a ruse to hide the true scope of the leak, which is delaying completion of the relief wells, and failing to bring us any closer to permanently killing the oil gusher? Or is it a valuable tool to see if the well can be protected from further damage during a hurricane?

Only time will tell... Let's continue hope for the best.


Settlers worry about impact of Palestinian boycott

MISHOR ADUMIM, Palestinian Territories — Israeli settler and industrialist Avi Elkayam, 35, has no patience with the Palestinian boycott of settlement products. "It's economic terrorism," he shouts shaking his fist.

The months-old campaign has had a limited financial impact so far but it has a catastrophic potential, he says.

"It's economic terrorism that will lead to real terror when thousands of people lose their jobs," says Elkayam, who heads the bosses union in Mishor Adumim, the largest Israeli industrial park in the occupied West Bank.

A new Palestinian law imposes prison sentences of up to five years and fines of up to 22,000 dollars (18,000 euros) for trading in settlement goods, but the Palestinian Authority (PA) has yet to pass a proposed legislation that would severely punish Palestinians working for settlers.

The 3,000 Palestinians, out of a total of 4,000 employees, in Mishor Adumim, outside Jerusalem, could be forced to quit their jobs if the PA makes good on its threat to ban settlement work.

With 22,000 Palestinians working in Israeli settlements, the ban would have serious repercussions both for the Palestinian economy, where unemployment is high, and for settler businesses, many of which would be forced to shut down.

The presence of nearly a half million Israelis in more than 120 settlements scattered across the West Bank, including annexed east Jerusalem, has long been one of the thorniest issues in the Middle East peace process.

The international community considers all West Bank settlements illegal because they are built on Palestinian territory which Israel captured from Jordan in the 1967 Six-Day War.

But while 72 percent of Palestinians support the boycott on products, according to a recent opinion poll, 60 percent oppose the ban on settlement work.

Business leaders in the settlements insist they contribute to the Palestinian economy, by offering pay well above West Bank levels -- though lower than Israeli wages.

And Elkayam is convinced he has a deep bond with his employees, saying they are "like brothers."

"For 20 years we have managed to create peaceful coexistence. This decision to boycott will end it," he says, his angry tone raising eyebrows among patrons in Avi's Restaurant, one of his businesses in the industrial park on the dusty edge of the Judaean desert.

Even so, he is not worried about the immediate financial impact of the boycott.

"Officially no one here is selling to the Palestinian territories," he says, adding that about five percent of the 300,000 dollars a month his sweets factory rakes in comes from Palestinians.

"We use our Jewish ingenuity, for example by labelling the goods as coming from Tel Aviv."

The practice of fake labels of origin is widespread, according to a senior executive at a Mishor Adumim factory, who asked not to be identified.

In some cases it is also used for exports to countries like Saudi Arabia, which not only object to settlements but profess little love for Israel itself, she says.

She too is unfazed by the boycott of products, but admits she is seriously worried about the possibility the PA could enact a law banning Palestinians from working in settlements as of January 1.

"That could force us to close down," she says. Other plants would find themselves in the same situation and thousands of Palestinians would find themselves jobless.

At the Gush Etzion junction, in the heart of Israel's emblematic settlement bloc whose name it bears, Musa Johar shrugs off the anti-settlement campaign.

"If I don't work, who'll feed my children?" the 55-year-old Palestinian construction worker asks, adding that it is by necessity and not choice that he helps build homes for settlers.

Sitting at a gas station cafe, he points to the supermarket behind him, the latest Rami Levy -- a chain named after its millionaire Israeli owner -- to open in a West Bank settlement.

"Even Palestinian police shop here," he says.

Many of the employees are Palestinian. Among the shoppers, many wear traditional Arab robes and headscarves.

An Israeli cashier looks stunned when asked about the anti-settlement campaign.

"There's a boycott?" she asks.

And store manager Ovadia Levy says he can't understand what the whole fuss is about.

"Shoppers come from Hebron, Bethlehem, Beit Jala, they come here happily and with no fear," he says.

"It's clean, it's beautiful, prices are good, there's a large selection -- they have nothing like this where they come from."


Video: BP Halts Oil Leak During Test

Officials say it's still too early to declare victory, but oil stopped flowing into the Gulf of Mexico during an integrity test.

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Climate Change Used as Excuse For Population Control

By Dr. Tim Ball

The major target for the Club of Rome was a population that was improving quality of life, health and the pursuit of happiness. It argued this was achieved by unsustainable exploitation of resources and destruction of nature.

As they explain; “If the present growth trends in world population, industrialization, pollution, food production, and resource depletion continue unchanged, the limit to growth on this planet will be reached sometime within the next one hundred years.”

It’s 40 years on and the predicted end is nowhere in sight despite efforts to amplify, distort and falsify evidence. It is wrong like all other predictions made by members of the Club, especially the population predictions of Paul Ehrlich and John Holdren. In 1971, Ehrlich recommended reducing the US population from its then 205 million because it was unsustainable. Despite this, pursuit of Club goals is more active as members control national and international finances and economies, hold political offices, or work through many private agencies under the guise of saving the planet. It is not a conspiracy, but pursuit of a political philosophy that has failed everywhere and anywhere it was tried.

Gradually They Undermine Economies and Society

The doomsday philosophy believes everything is spiraling out of control and on such a scale that only government can deal with the problems. Obama’s administration, especially those who were members of the Club of Rome clearly pursue this belief. John Holdren, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology was an active member publishing with Ehrlich the frightening 1977 work “Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment”. The book proposed total government control. “Perhaps those agencies, combined with UNEP and the United Nations population agencies, might eventually be developed into a Planetary Regime—sort of an international superagency for population, resources, and environment.” “The Planetary Regime might be given responsibility for determining the optimum population for the world and for each region and for arbitrating various countries’ shares within their regional limits. Control of population size might remain the responsibility of each government, but the Regime would have some power to enforce the agreed limits.” (Link)

One writer summarizes the way such population control would occur as follows.

* Women could be forced to abort their pregnancies, whether they wanted to or not;
* The population at large could be sterilized by infertility drugs intentionally put into the nation’s drinking water or in food;
* Single mothers and teen mothers should have their babies seized from them against their will and given away to other couples to raise;
* People who “contribute to social deterioration” (i.e. undesirables) “can be required by law to exercise reproductive responsibility”—in other words, be compelled to have abortions or be sterilized.

Holdren and Ehrlich disavow these statements claiming they were part of a college textbook used to teach about energy policies. In his confirmation hearings Holdren told Senator David Vitter (R – LA) that he no longer considers it a role of government to determine an optimum population. So why is this a continuing issue?

First, Obama misled the US electorate into believing he was a moderate democrat and now his socialist agenda is fully exposed. Second, he appointed of people fully immersed in socialism and philosophies of the Club of Rome who will follow Obama’s lead and pursue what they denied or obscured at their appointments. Many were simply executive appointments that bypassed any vetting process. Third, the global strategy to use global warming and climate change as the basis for world government with total control continues unabated and essentially unreported.

Climate Change Remains The False Threat

Conference of the Parties (COP) 15 on climate change in Copenhagen was effectively sidelined by the leaked emails from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU). Revelation of the degree of corruption and deception involved in creating the Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) did not stop the bureaucratic and political juggernaut. Now the whitewash of that corruption will give added impetus to the original agenda. Positions taken in Copenhagen will proceed with added urgency, amplified by the economic shifts engendered by Obama undermining the US economy by creating massive deficit and debt; the largest portion of which is held by the Chinese government.

Consider and compare this statement from the Chinese leader in support of the delegation at Copenhagen with the statement of the Club of Rome. “After more than thirty years of reform and upon opening its doors, China has achieved immense success. Yet, the country continually faces evolving conditions at home and abroad, such as decelerating growth rates, issues of increased energy consumption and high pollution ratios, environmental and resource constraints, international trade frictions, as well as deepening socioeconomic divides.”

These concerns underscore why Zhao Baige vice-minister of the National Population and Family Planning Commission (NPFPC) made a presentation in Copenhagen. She argued that China’s one-child policy was climate friendly because it reduced the number of people despoiling the world. Baige cited the Master’s thesis of Thomas Wire, a graduate student of the London School of Economics (LSE) that claimed $7 spent on birth control resulted in one tonne reduction of carbon. The Optimum Population Trust (OPT) sponsored his thesis and patrons of the Trust are a who’s who list of ardent and powerful anthropogenic global warming advocates, including Paul Ehrlich. Another patron, Jonathan Porritt, was delighted his February 2007 suggestion that China could offset charges they were not doing enough to fight climate change by claiming reductions achieved by their one-child policy.

The one-child policy is the ultimate in draconian government control. A fine of approximately $27,000 is levied if the second child is not aborted. A family can choose to pay the fine, but the child is not recognized by the State that withholds a permanent residency document which denies access to public services such as education and healthcare. The policy effects are devastating the population structure of China. Stories abound of infanticide or sex-selective ultrasound to abort females, as families want a male first born. A gross imbalance is developing in the male/ female ratio among other problems as the New England Journal of Medicine reports.

Sir Crispin Trickell is another patron of the OPT who from the mid-1990s was Chairman of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED). A summary of one presentation says, “He (Trickell) describes how the Chinese government has been experimenting with new measurements of economic wealth in terms of well-being. He believes the international community would do well to look to China for inspiration in this field.

Does this include the one-child policy? We have nothing to learn from China except what to avoid. Oh, by the way, Trickell is a long-term member of the Club of Rome.

“A politician ….one that would circumvent God.” Shakespeare, Hamlet.


Are your meds laced with data bits?

Peter Schiff shows true colors, endorses zealous Israeli-firster for Congress

Political endorsements reveal a lot about a person. They offer insight into the agenda and policies which a candidate endorses. Peter “blow the place up” Schiff, Ron Paul's former presidential campaign economic advisor and son of Irwin Schiff, has revealed a key element of his ideology by announcing his support and endorsement of Mark Greenberg for Congress.

Schiff, who recently appeared on the Alex Jones show rigorously defending his controversial remarks about preemptively bombing Iran if they dare develop a nuclear weapon, sent an e-mail to supporters regarding Greenberg, which read,

Dear Friends:
In Case You Missed It Last week, I endorsed Mark Greenberg and his bid for Congress!
He is a smart businessman with a solid track record of job creation - just the kind of person citizens from the 5th Congressional District need to represent them in Washington. For more information about his campaign, check out or follow him on Twitter or Facebook. A staunch believer that America can no longer borrow to live beyond its means, Mark Greenberg and I agree we need to use expertise garnered from building successful companies to stop growing the government and start growing our economy. Please help us get there!
All the best,
Peter Schiff 

Greenberg's own campaign website reveals his loyalties in the 'Middle East' issues section. It reads, in part,

Our relationship with Israel is critical to the safety and security of not just our two nations, but to the entire world. As a stable democracy and strong global partner, Israel faces some of the most daunting challenges in promoting freedom, tolerance and peace.
The United States must continue to act with resolve and strength in addressing those who seek to threaten Israel and its people. This includes closely monitoring those who fund and support Palestinian terrorism. We simply cannot expect Israel to accept peace negotiations unless and until they have a true and determined partner in peace.
Through continued military support, joint cooperation on matters of safety and security, economic trade, and mutual respect for our strong values and cultures, our partnership with Israel will continue to grow stronger. I will work to promote our shared objectives by enhancing economic security between our nations.
So long as we have an American administration willing to stand resolute with our loyal friends in Israel – and a Congress with the necessary resolve to sustain our valued friendship – ruthless dictators, Muslim extremists and terrorist organizations will fail in their objectives to harm our two nations.
Israel is a strong and loyal ally to the United States, and I will work to enhance our relationship, maintain our economic and religious freedoms and stand behind our shared goals and principles.

Advocates of liberty and those who want to abolish the fed, should seriously consider Schiff's foreign policy agenda and endorsements before blindly jumping on his bandwagon out of desperation. Compromising on 'the lesser evil' got us where we are today. Those who support the Israeli lobby will get the opposite of a humble foreign policy. We will never accomplish peace or financial prosperity by endorsing such an anti-American ideology.


Gulf Coasters Don't Believe BP Stopped Leak

NEW ORLEANS -- Many Gulf Coast residents don't believe it. Some accuse BP of making it up. And even those convinced that the oil leak has finally been stopped are tempered in their relief, aware that their environmental nightmare is far from over.

"It's a beautiful thing that it's shut off," trumpeter Shamarr Allen said as he stood on the sidewalk in the Musicians' Village in New Orleans' Upper Ninth Ward. "But there's still a lot of years of cleaning. There's going to be a lot of no fishing still. It's only the beginning of a long road that we have to travel. It's only the first step."

Reaction to the news that BP PLC had cut off the flow from the blown well nearly three months after an oil-rig explosion was marked with deep distrust of the oil giant. Gulf Coast residents have suffered from months of false starts and dashed hopes, failed "top kills" and abortive "junk shots," containment domes and "top hats," as they watched the biggest offshore oil spill in U.S. history foul their shores and eat into their livelihoods.

"It's a (expletive) lie," shouted Stephon LaFrance, one of several oil-stained oystermen standing around Delta Marina in marshy Plaquemines Parish. "I don't believe they stopped that leak. BP's trying to make their self look good."

Sitting on a boat, his cousin, Louie Randy Barthelemy, looked up and said: "BP's trying to manipulate the media."

"It doesn't mean anything," Craig St. Amant said as he tried to sell tours to passers-by on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter. "They tell you what they want you to hear. I don't think they're being truthful in saying what they're saying."

Even those who believed what they were seeing on the live video feeds from the school of submersibles surrounding the damaged well head were having a hard time getting excited about this milestone.

At a dock in Hopedale, La., Roy Campo's crew was unloading and boxing blue crabs — their first in about a week because of closures. When they heard the news, the most the men could muster was a nod.

"The oil's still out there, so it'll be a while," said Campo, 50, of St. Bernard.

Deckhand Manuel Meyer grinned, but his tone was somber.

"It feels good, but I mean, the damage is already done. That's the problem," said Meyer, 38. "I mean, they can clean it up, but they finding oil popping up everywhere, and how did it get where it's at? ... It's gonna continue for several years, several years, and it ain't gonna do nothing but get worse before it gets better."

Others on the Gulf Coast do believe that their region has finally turned a corner in this creeping disaster.

"It's a huge relief," said Geoffrey Lane, 43, a St. Charles landscaper who was visiting Pensacola Beach, Fla. "At least now their focus can switch to get what's there out of the water."

"It's freaking wonderful," said Gary Kiger, a 39-year-old shrimper from Cutoff, La.

Kiger has been involved in the cleanup from the beginning, working and living on his boat out in the Gulf. Looking down a pier of trawlers loaded with boom and vacuum equipment instead of nets, Kiger said he was ready to get back to hauling shrimp.

"It's a living hell, you know. Everywhere you look there's oil and tar," he said. "It'll drive you crazy, make you want to put a bullet in your head."

The cap placed on the blown well in the past week is only a temporary fix. BP's permanent fix, a relief well, is still days or even weeks from being completed, and a hurricane in the wrong place could set that timetable back.

"We need to be cautious here," said BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles. He said the capped well is "a great sight, but it's far from the finish line."

And let's face it: If BP CEO Tony Hayward said it was raining, most Gulf Coast residents would stick their heads out the window to check for themselves.

"Let's wait to see what an outside source has to say about the leak," a man named Rick Cortez posted on the Facebook page called "The 1,000,000 people who wonder why BP's still in charge of the oil spill." ''BP (equals) ZERO credibility!!"

Some of the doubts that the leak has really been stopped appear to have sprung from glitches in the live feed from the Gulf floor. Some people complained that the video went out just as the oil stopped flowing, but an Associated Press reporter in Houston was able to view live footage of the shutoff the moment it happened Thursday — 2:25 p.m. CT.

For several days surrounding the cap operation, the 15 undersea camera feeds available through a link on BP's website have worked intermittently, at best. Sometimes, the feeds were hazy or hard to see. Other times, they were blank altogether.

BP said feeds were lost for periods of time because it had to move the cameras and robots out of the way for some of the preparations for the well integrity test.

There also has been a great demand among journalists and other viewers on the Web for a glimpse at the underwater operation. As a result, the increased number of people trying to link to the site surely caused it to freeze up from time to time.

Buras bartender Amy Hooks stopped watching the feeds a long time ago.

"I used to watch it every day, all day," the 32-year-old said. "I'm tired of getting my hopes shot down. It really hurts. It hurts to see all the local people not being able to do what they love to do."


G20 Detainee: Arrested While Sleeping, Tortured

Deadline LIVE

'Ten big media lies' about Israel

Michel Collon, a Belgian journalist and author, in his book "Israel, let's talk about it," has slammed European media over decades of "lying" to people in order to support Israel.

Collon, in his book, has recounted "10 big lies" spread by Western media in order to "justify the existence and actions of Israel", which are concisely presented below:

1. The first lie is that Israel was established in reaction to the massacre of Jews during the World War II.
This notion is completely wrong. Israel is in fact a domineering project which was approved in the First Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland, in 1897, when nationalist Jews decided to occupy Palestine.

2. The second justification for establishing and legitimizing Israel is that the Jews are returning to their forefathers' land, from where they had been driven away in 70 A.D. This is a tale. I have spoken to the famous Israeli historian Shlomo Sand and other historians and they all believe that there has been no "exodus," so "return" is meaningless. The people living in Palestine have not left their land in the ancient era.

In fact the descendents of Jews residing in Palestine are the people who are currently living in Palestine. Those who claim they want to return to their lands originate for Western and Eastern Europe and Northern Africa.

Sand says there is no Jewish nation. The Jews do not have common history, language or culture. The only common thing between them is their religion, and religion does not make a nation.

3. The third lie is that when Jewish immigrants occupied Palestine, it was an empty and uninhibited country.

However, there are documents and evidences that prove that in the 19th century the agricultural products of Palestine were exported to different countries, including France.

4. Fourth, some people say Palestinians left their country on their own free will.

This is another lie, which lots of people believed, including myself. Until Israeli historians like Benny Morris and Ilan Pappe said that Palestinians were driven away and banished from their lands by using force and terror.

5. It is said that today Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and it should be protected; it is the "government of law."

But in my opinion not only it is not the government of law; it is the only regime that no law defines its territory and boundaries. All the countries of the world have a constitution which defines their boundaries, but no such thing applies to Israel. Israel is an expansionist project which knows no boundary, and its law is completely racist; according to this law Israel is the country for Jews, and its non-Jew citizens are not considered human. Such law is a contradiction to democracy.

6. It is said that the US tries to protect democracy in the Middle East by protecting Israel. And we know that the US annual financial aid to Israel amounts to 3 billion dollars. This money is used for bombarding Israel's neighbor countries.

But America is not after establishing democracy in the Middle East; it wants the undisturbed flow of oil.

7. They pretend that the US seeks an agreement between Israel and Palestine.

This is also completely wrong and a lie. EU former Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana told the Israel that "you are the 21st country of the European Union." The European weapons industries cooperate with the Israeli military industries and support them financially. But when Palestinians elected their government, Europe did not recognize it and gave the green light to Israel to attack the Gaza Strip.

8. When one talks about these facts and the history of Israel and Palestine, when one reveals the US interests in this situation, they call you anti-Semite to keep you silent.

But we should say that when we criticize Israel, it is not racism or anti-Semitism. We criticize a government that does not believe in the equality of Jews, Christians and Muslims, and so destroys the peace between followers of different religions.

9. The mass media say that Palestinians cause violence and terrorism. We say Israel army's occupation is violence, the policy that has stolen land and home from Palestinians is violence.

10. An issue which is often raised is that there is no way for resolving this situation, and there is no solution for the hatred and the grudge caused by Israel and its accomplices.

But there is a solution. The only thing that can stop this process is the public pressure on the accomplices of Israel in the US and Europe and other parts of the world; public pressure on the mass media which refrain from telling the truth about Israel; and using the Internet or any other media out let to publish real news about Palestine.


Study: Attack on Iran Would be the "Start of the Long War": "An Attack could Send Oil Prices through the Roof"

by Daniel Tencer

Iran's response to an attack could send oil prices through the roof, think tank argues

An Israeli attack on Iran would fail to stop Tehran's alleged nuclear weapons program and would lead to a "long war" that would be marked by economic instability and mass civilian casualties, says a study from British think tank.

In a report (PDF) released Wednesday, the Oxford Research Group stated that, while the likelihood of a US attack on Iran's nuclear program has been lessened by the Obama administration's policies, advances in Israeli military technology have increased the potential for an Israeli attack.

The study, entitled "Military Action Against Iran: Impact and Effects," also argues that an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities would galvanize the Iranian public behind the leadership of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and give the regime in Tehran more support and rationale for developing nuclear capabilities.

"An Iranian administration under attack would experience considerable national unity and would work rapidly to redevelop its weapons programs, withdrawing from the NPT and prioritizing nuclear weapons," the report states.

As a result of that, the study concluded, Israel would be forced into repeatedly attacking Iranian facilities, "resulting in prolonged conflict -- the start of a long war with potential regional and global consequences."

Furthermore, the report -- written by Paul Rogers, a professor of peace studies at Bradford University -- suggested that any Israeli strike on Iran would cause a large number of civilian casualties because the Israeli strike would likely not be limited to the nuclear facilities themselves.

Israel "would hit factories and research centers, and even university laboratories, in order to do as much damage as possible to the Iranian expertise that underpins the program," Rogers said in a press release. Any Israeli military attempt to neutralize Iran's nuclear facilities "would probably include attempts to kill those technocrats who manage Iran’s nuclear and missile programs."

“There would be many civilian casualties, both directly among people working on Iran’s nuclear and missile programs, but also their families as their living quarters were hit, and secretaries, cleaners, laborers and other staff in factories, research stations and university departments,” Rogers said.

The ORG argues in its report that Iran would have many options in retaliating for an attack on its nuclear facilities. Chief among them would be Iran's ability to block the Strait of Hormuz, the narrow body of water separating the Indian Ocean from the Persian Gulf, through which oil tankers from the Middle East have to travel. If Iran were to block the Strait, oil prices would jump dramatically throughout the world.

Iran could also launch "paramilitary and/or missile attacks" on Western oil processing facilities in the Middle East, and could begin supporting groups fighting the US presence in neighboring Afghanistan and Iraq.

Earlier this month, President Barack Obama signed into law another round of US sanctions against Iran, following on the heels of a fourth round of sanctions placed on the country by the UN.

Whether or not Iran is planning to build nuclear weapons has been an issue of controversy for years. While Iran says its nuclear program is purely for peaceful purposes, Israeli lawmakers have described it as an "existential threat" to the small Jewish state.

The ORG report says that Iran is "slowly developing the technologies and personnel to enable it to handle a range of nuclear-related systems." If the country were to decide to use those capabilities to make weapons, it would take three to seven years for it to produce six usable weapons.

"There is no firm evidence that such a decision has been taken, but the nature of recent construction projects, especially those underground, suggests that the leadership at least wants the option of a capability, even if it is held in reserve rather than implemented," the report states.

The Oxford Research Group describes itself as "an independent non-governmental organisation and registered charity, which works together with others to promote a more sustainable approach to security for the UK and the world." It is not affiliated with Oxford University.

Global Research

Thursday, July 15, 2010

McGuinty’s Secret & Contemptible Eco-Fees

By Randy Hillier

(PERTH) Randy Hillier, MPP for Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington today denounced the McGuinty Government’s underhanded introduction of eco-fees through Stewardship Ontario, another arms-length government agency.

“Obviously, Dalton McGuinty is attempting to hide his tax and spend ways with the introduction of yet another new tax despite his signed promise never to raise taxes,” said Hillier.

The new eco-fees, introduced on the same day as the HST, are charged on a range of items. While they are ostensibly to pay for recycling, there is no indication that this is where the fees are actually being spent. Moreover, the fees were put into place with no prior announcement, notification to MPPs or the public causing mass confusion at retailers who had not been instructed on how to implement the secretive measure. Reports have begun pouring in from across the province of confused retailers & manufacturers over-charging customers due to a lack of understanding of the fees.

“This is what happens when a government tries to pass the buck. Taxation is a responsibility of the provincial government. It’s not something Dalton McGuinty can just ‘give away’,” said Hillier. “It’s become clear that McGuinty is creating a parallel government hidden from our view, that is unelected, unaccountable and with the power to tax without representation.”

The PC Party, under the leadership of Tim Hudak, has pledged to repeal the harmful new eco-fees once elected, and has called on the auditor general to immediately conduct an audit of Stewardship Ontario.

“Upon our return to the legislature, I’ll be ensuring that Dalton McGuinty’s shameful behaviour towards the taxpayers of Ontario and the democratically elected legislature is held to be just that – in contempt,” said Hillier.



How would you behave after being abducted off the street and being locked up here for over a year? People are being detained in Concentration Camps in Iraq under deplorable conditions without being charged with any crime. Many have been there for a year or more and some are now both physically and mentally sick.
There are even children there as young as age 9!
In defense of children in these camps, the US Military personal actually said..."but they have movie night."

It is claimed that sometimes relatives are grabbed and thrown in the camps when they come to visit. It would not take this happening to too many before people would be afraid to visit, thus depriving those detained from receiving visitation.

Surely some may have done wrong.
However, you cannot just round people up and throw them in a Concentration Camp without any charges...without any justice.

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MSNBC July 15: Matt Simmons still says BP covering up MASSIVE HOLE miles away, cap test is "absurd"

BP: Oil no longer flowing into the Gulf

BP says oil from its broken well has stopped gushing into the Gulf of Mexico for the first time since April.

The announcement Thursday came after company officials said all valves had been shut on a new cap over the busted well in an experiment to stop the spill.

Kent Wells, a BP PLC vice president, said at a news briefing that oil stopped flowing into the water at 2:25 p.m. CDT.

It was a long-awaited milestone in one of the nation's worst environmental disasters. While not a permanent solution to plug the busted well, the success in capturing the oil spewing out was welcome news.

The crisis began when BP's deepwater rig exploded, killing 11 workers.

The cap is not a permanent fix. BP is drilling two relief wells so it can pump mud and cement into the leaking well in hopes of plugging it for good.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — BP says oil has stopped leaking into the Gulf for the first time since April.

BP has been slowly dialing down the flow as part of a test on a new cap. Engineers are now monitoring the pressure to see if the busted well holds.

Mochila insert follows...

BP: No oil leaking into Gulf from busted well

BP says oil stops gushing from busted well after valves shut on new cap

BP says oil from its broken well has stopped gushing into the Gulf of Mexico for the first time since April.

The announcement Thursday came after company officials said all valves had been shut on a new cap over the busted well in an experiment to stop the spill.

Kent Wells, a BP PLC vice president, said at a news briefing that oil stopped flowing into the water at 2:25 p.m. CDT.

It was a long-awaited milestone in one of the nation's worst environmental disasters. While not a permanent solution to plug the busted well, the success in capturing the oil spewing out was welcome news.

The crisis began when BP's deepwater rig exploded, killing 11 workers.

The cap is not a permanent fix. BP is drilling two relief wells so it can pump mud and cement into the leaking well in hopes of plugging it for good.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — BP says oil has stopped leaking into the Gulf for the first time since April.

BP has been slowly dialing down the flow as part of a test on a new cap. Engineers are now monitoring the pressure to see if the busted well holds.


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Deaths in Iran mosque attack

Two explosions at a mosque in southeastern Iran have killed at least 20 people and injured more than 100 others in suicide attacks, Iranian officials say.

The blasts late on Thursday targeted Shia Muslim worshippers and Revolutionary Guards members in the predominantly Sunni city of Zahedan, Sistan-Baluchestan province, the Fars news agency quoted Iran's deputy interior minister as saying.

"Hours ago, a suicide operation was carried out in the Jamia mosque, which left several martyrs and several wounded," the agency quoted Ali Abdollahi as saying.

"The first explosion took place behind a checkpoint and a number of Revolutionary Guard members were killed and injured because of it."

'Co-ordinated attacks'

Hossein Ali Shahriari, a Zahedan member of parliament, told Fars that there were two suicide attacks one after another, with the first one carried out by a bomber dressed as a woman.

"The attacker, dressed in women's clothing, was trying to get in the mosque, but was prevented" when the first blast took place, Shahriari said.

"When people came to rescue those hit in that blast, another bomber blew himself up. Three to four have been killed at least in the first attack."

Zahedan has been repeatedly hit by attacks blamed on Jundallah(Soldiers of God), a Sunni rebel group which plays on feelings of resentment among ethnic Baluchis in the province and whose leader Abdolmalek Rigi was hanged on June 20after he was captured in a dramatic operation by Iranian agents.

Soon after his death, the group vowed to avenge his execution.

Jundallah has carried out several deadly attacks in Sistan-Baluchestan- including on the elite Revolutionary Guardscorps.

The group says it has been fighting for nearly a decade to secure rights for Sunni Baluchis who form a significant proportion of the population in the province.


Turns out Gore's not a "crazed sex poodle"

Report: Gore Accuser Failed Lie Detector Test

Allegation Of Sex Abuse Emerged Last Month

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A masseuse who accused former Vice President Al Gore of groping and kissing her at a downtown hotel in 2006 failed a lie detector test and had a history of falsely accusing people of mistreating her, according to a report in this week's Portland Tribune newspaper.

Tribune editors said they found out about Molly Hagerty's sex abuse allegation against Gore 3 ½ years ago, but they didn't print an article because the newspaper's reporters thought her story lacked credibility.

The National Enquirer first reported the story last month and detailed Hagerty's accusations that Gore made unwanted sexual contact at Hotel Lucia in Portland.

Tribune editor Mark Garber said Hagerty's lawyer asked her to take a lie detector test and she failed, but that wasn't the reason they didn't print the story. He said the newspaper reporters' "personal interaction" with Hagerty raised red flags.

"We became concerned throughout dozens and dozens of conversations that she had with another editor and the reporter," Garber said. "They both became concerned about credibility issues as it relates to her story."

Hagerty told the National Enquirer recently that she had Gore's DNA saved on a pair of slacks. But this week's Tribune report said DNA tests showed there was no semen at all on the pants.

"What she told us about the pants was that she had had them tested and the test showed it did not contain Al Gore's semen," Garber said.

Tribune reporters and editors said they also questioned Hagerty's recollection of the alleged events, which contributed to their decision to not run the story.

"We still feel comfortable with the decisions that we made (not to run the story), although our decision is sort of irrelevant now to see that the allegations are out there anyway," Garber said.

Earlier this month, police said they reopened the Gore case because there should have been a decision made in 2009 at the command level on whether the investigation should go forward. That is when Hagerty came to officers with a prepared statement.

"It is our responsibility to both parties involved to conduct a thorough, fair and timely investigation," Portland Police Chief Mike Reese said July 1.

Detectives refused to give details about the ongoing investigation.

A spokeswoman for Gore's family said Gore has denied the allegation from the beginning and he continues to stand by that denial.


Deceived: As much as I despise the man, if the woman has turned out to be a liar, so be it.  This isn't the MSM where I won't acknowledge the truth (if this is indeed the truth as it is a MSM report).  Gore may be innocent of this, but there is so much else he is guilty of, it doesn't matter.

Give History a Chance by Gilad Atzmon

The War on Terror Within

1 The more pain we inflict on others the more we become familiar with evil, aggression and brutality.

1.1 The more cruel we are towards others, the more devastated we are by the possibility that the subjects of our brutality may also be as nasty as we happen to be.

1.2 According to Freud this is what projection is all about.

1.2.1 Otto Weininger refines it, ‘we hate in others, that which we don’t like in ourselves’ he says.

1.3 As it happens, the dynamic of projection is amplified once the subject of our terror is hopeless and defenseless.

1.3.1 The reason is obvious. The more hopeless the subject of our terror is, the more we are inclined to face our relentless viciousness first hand.

2 Israeli treatment of the Palestinians is a devastating example of the above. The more hopeless and defenseless the Palestinians are, the more vicious the Israeli becomes.

2.1 And yet, the more vicious the Israeli is, the more he or she is horrified by ‘terror’.

3 In reality, the Israelis are actually horrified by their own cruelty which they project onto others.

4 The recent cold-blooded murder of 11 peace activists in the high seas by Israeli Navy commandos was nothing but a shocking exposure of that lethal dynamic. The more ethically transparent, innocent and harmless the humanitarian mission to Gaza is, the more lethal the Israeli becomes.

The English Speaking Empire

5. In fact, Israel is just a micro-cosmos of this kind of brutal vicious circle.

6. The so-called ‘War Against Terror’ is in fact a war against the terror within.

6.1 We attack, rob and plunder innocent people and innocent nations. Yet, the more pain we inflict on them the more terrorised we become by our own endless brutality.

Jesus Christ Super Star

7. Jesus taught us how to dismantle our vindictive projection. ‘Turn the other cheek’, he preached, in opposition to the infamous Old Testament’s ‘eye for an eye’.

7.1 Turning the other cheek, is commonly realised as a means to counter an aggressor. However, it maybe the only possible measure to dismantle the ‘terror within’, that same aggression that brews inside us as we become vindictive.

7.1.1 By turning the other cheek we may manage to defuse the violence within us. We replace it with acceptance, we disarm ourselves. We give peace a chance.

From Promised Land to Promised Planet

8. Zionism presented itself initially as a Jewish nationalist patriotic movement aimed at becoming both a homecoming and a dwelling.

8.1 Zionism vowed initially to collect Jews from around the world and to bring them to Palestine. It was inspired by the idea of a national home in a ‘promised land.’

8.2 This is definitely not the case anymore. Zionism took a different route. It actually expects the Diaspora Jews to mount pressure on Western governments and media. Wolfowitz was very productive in shaping America’s interests and desires, as was David Aaronovitch in championing ‘moral interventionist’ wars in The Times, David Miliband fulfilled his duty fighting to amend British Universal Jurisdiction within the British cabinet to allow Israeli war criminals to visit this Kingdom. Alan Dershowitz managed to transform the American academic world into a Yeshiva. Haim Saban, the Israeli American tycoon, bankrolls the Democratic party when he isn’t buying American media outlets or funding a new think tank.

8.3 The Israelis realised a long time ago that it is far cheaper to buy the entire Western political system than buy a single tank.

8.4 Zionism has become a global movement with global interests.

8.4.1 It drifted from the discourse of ‘promised land’ into the politics of ‘promised planet’

8.5 Consequently, British and American soldiers are dying in growing numbers fighting Zionist wars.

8.6 More concerning is the fact that British and American people have been made complicit in a genocide driven by Zionists.

8.7 However, the most troubling issue here is the fact that Brits and Americans are driven by an Old Testament vindictive ideology, namely an ‘eye for an eye’. One would have expected that considering the Christian foundation of Britain and the USA these countries would be inspired by compassionate Christian ideas such as ‘love your neighbour’ and ‘turn the other cheek.’

The Open Society and Its Enemies

9 Historians will have to find out at what point in time British and American political power and media gave up on compassion and peace.

9.1 Yet, in order to do so, historians must be free to think and to say what they think.

9.1.1 We must, therefore, restore the respected notion of history and the notion of historical research. We have to make sure that every chapter in our past is academically accessible. We also must reinstate freedom of thought, speech and expression. These crucial and elementary human rights have been jeopardised in the name of political correctness and legislation.

9.2 History is founded on the belief that a deeper understanding of the past may help us to shape our future.

9.3 Such an idea is transparent enough to support the realisation that history can lead to peace and reconciliation. We can simply try to amend the horror of the past by adopting a peaceful thinking.

9.3.1 To turn the other cheek is to some extent a product of proper historical realisation. It suggests that violence leads to more violence, yet, endurance and self control bring peace about.

10 Devastatingly enough, Britain and America implement the opposite lesson. Rather than aim towards peace and reconciliation, we are actually committing more and more crimes in the name of the past. Like the Israelis who kill in the name of the Shoa, we kill in the name of ‘democracy’, ‘moral interventionism’ and even ‘coca-cola’. As if this is not enough, when we run out of reasons, like the Israelis we kill in the name of Jewish suffering.

11 It doesn’t take a genius to gather that the proponent of these precepts in our midsts are devoted Zionists. It doesn’t take a genius to gather that Wolfowitz’s Doctrine lead to the war in Iraq. It is literally transparent that the ‘moral interventionism’ that is advocated by David Miliband, Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen is a pretext for violence. It is not exactly a secret that when Britain was taken into illegal Iraq war, Lord Levy, a Zionist by admission, was Labour's No 1 fund raiser.

Give History a Chance

12 Our vision and re-vision of the past can shape our future, and yet, our vision of the future can also shape our past.

12.1 I will try to enlighten this complicated idea through a simple yet devastating hypothetical and imaginary lethal war scenario:

We, for instance, can envisage a horrific situation created by an imaginary hypothetical Israeli nuclear attack on Iran in which millions of innocent people die every day. I guess that amongst the few survivors of such a horrific reality, some may be so bold to insist that ‘the history of Jewish suffering might make sense after all.’

Again the above scenario is a product of the imagination, it by no means justifies Jewish suffering, and yet, such a vision of a ‘possible’ horrific development should ideally stop Zionist enthusiasts from advocating a war against Iran or anyone else. However, the above fictional scenario should help us to grasp how a vision of the future can also amend or transform our comprehension of the past.

12.2 At the moment our history books are sealed and cemented. We cannot engage in a real study of our most relevant past and we are therefore denied the right to consider its meaning.

12.3 Consequently, we have failed to encompass the real ethical meaning of world war II and the holocaust in particular. Similarly, we are silenced when it comes to the events that led towards the 2nd Iraq War. We are supposed to wait for the current Iraq Inquiry with the almost absurd hope that rabid Zionist Martin Gilbert will be kind enough to show us the truth.

13. With history being squashed it is hardly surprising that the same people who flattened Hamburg, Pforzheim, Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki continued to do the same in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

14. Similarly, the same lobbies that pushed Britain and America to a deadly confrontation with the Mulsim world are now pushing us to flatten Iran.

15. To save the world and to bring peace about, we must learn our past and we must be free to so. Revisionism is the means towards a better future.

Give History a Chance.


Oil hits Louisiana's largest seabird nesting area

NEW ORLEANS | Biologists say oil has smeared at least 300-400 pelicans and hundreds of terns in the largest seabird nesting area along the Louisiana coast — marking a sharp and sudden escalation in wildlife harmed by BP's Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

The finding underscores that official tallies of birds impacted by the spill could be significantly underestimating the scope of damage.

The government counts only oiled birds collected for rehabilitation or found dead, for use as evidence in the spill investigation. Oiled birds in the many nesting areas that dot the Gulf coast typically are left in place and not counted in official tallies.

Researchers from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology said Wednesday that they had spotted the oiled pelicans on Raccoon Island over the past several days. The spit of land lines the Gulf outside the state's coastal marshes. An estimated 10,000 birds nest on the island in Terrebonne Parish.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist Lisa Williams said state and federal observers had documented only 68 oiled pelicans on Raccoon Island.

Biologist Marc Dantzker with Cornell — considered one of the nation's premier institutions for bird research — said about 30 to 40 of the pelicans spotted by his group were oiled "head-to-tail." Many more had visible blotches of oil.

Dead birds also were seen, although no count was available for those.

"This is a major oiling event of an incredibly important seabird colony," Dantzker said. "Many of these birds will be dead soon — weeks and months. These blotches are deadly."

Even a small amount of oil can kill birds because it hampers their ability to regulate their body temperature.

The Raccoon Island colony was established by the state in the 1980s. Its successful expansion epitomized restoration efforts that brought brown pelicans off the endangered species list last year.

Oil from the spill 50 miles off the coast hit the island on July 10, after Hurricane Alex drove high seas into the region as it passed to the south, according to Louisiana officials. And with millions of gallons of crude still at sea it could be hit again.

"This is not like Exxon Valdez where you had tens of thousands of birds killed all at once," said Ken Rosenberg, director of conservation science at the Cornell laboratory. "It's more insidious because it is literally happening in waves and it's happening over and over again as the birds are moving around."

Dantzker said he was surprised the government's number was so low and speculated that they used a different method to count oiled birds.

"Come out and look with us," he said. "If you're on the island and using binoculars you will see those birds."

Across the Gulf, roughly 3,000 killed or oil-covered birds have been collected by wildlife agencies since BP's Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded and sank on April 20, killing 11 workers.

Williams, the wildlife official, declined to say how many more birds that were not collected might have oil on them. She said those figures were being compiled, but the results would not be available for some time.

As has been the case with other nesting colonies, Williams said her agency did not plan to rescue the oiled birds from Raccoon Island because that could disrupt other birds in the colony. Entering a colony can flush nesting birds and lead to adults inadvertently killing their young.

"We don't want to cause more harm than good," Williams said.


Police Brutality in America

By Stephen Lendman

Across America, daily incidents occur, one of many the cold-blooded January 1, 2009 murder of Oscar Grant - unarmed, offering no resistance, thrust face-down on the ground, shot in the back, and killed, videotaped on at least four cameras for irrefutable proof. USA Today said five bystanders taped it.

His killer: Oakland, CA transit officer, Johannes Mehserle, tried for the killing, the jury told to consider four possible verdicts - innocent, second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, or involuntary manslaughter, jurors deciding the latter.

The Legal Dictionary defines it as "The act of unlawfully killing another human being unintentionally," the absence of intent distinguishing it from voluntary manslaughter. Many states don't define it or do it vaguely. Wallin & Klarich Violent Crime Attorneys say in California it carries a two - four year sentence. However, since a gun was used, Judge Robert Perry can add three to 10 additional years.

Because minority victims seldom get justice, especially against police, Mehserle may serve minimal time, then be paroled quietly when the current furor subsides.

After the verdict, it erupted on Oakland streets, hundreds turning out to protest, Bay Area saying:

"The actions of the Police in Oakland tonight (including dozens of arrests) show their disrespect for justice in General. Their heavy handed violence towards protestors just reinforces their total disconnect with the people of Oakland." It's as true everywhere across America, police acting like Gestapo, usually unaccountably.

Grant's family will appeal the verdict and is suing the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) for $25 million, his mother Wanda Johnson saying "My son was murdered (and) the law has not held the officer accountable." It rarely does for Black, Latino, or other minorities, no matter the injustice, civil rights lawyer John Burris, representing Grant's family in the civil suit, saying:

"The system is rarely fair when a police officer shoots an African-American male." Police brutality against them and other minorites is systemic, including beatings, torture, and cold-blooded murder, usually with impunity, justice nearly always denied.

While far from certain, the Obama administration may charge Mehserle with civil rights or hate crime violations, DOJ spokesman Alejandro Miyar saying:

"The Justice Department has been closely monitoring the state's investigation and prosecution. The Civil Rights Division, the US Attorney's Office, and the FBI have an open investigation into the fatal shooting and, at the conclusion of the state prosecution, will conduct an independent review of the facts and circumstances to determine whether the evidence warrants federal prosecution."

Systemic Police Brutality

An earlier Jones text and video account headlined, "Epidemic of Police Brutality Sweeps America," showing footage of police repeatedly tasering a student with 50,000 volts of electricity for questioning the 2004 election results at a campus meeting.

Other videotaped incidents showed:

-- a man victimized by police violence;

-- a former sheriff's deputy acquitted of voluntary manslaughter for shooting an unarmed man;

-- police repeatedly beating an old man on the head, "for the crime of intoxication;"

-- officers violently using assault rifles, tear gas, dogs, and at least one helicopter in an alleged narcotics sweep;

-- a woman tasered to death by police; and

-- a man in shock, bleeding and burned over much of his body, ordered to lie on the pavement, then tasered and shot to death while he sat dazed, the Report highlighting systemic police violence "repeated almost every day in (America), the police (getting) away with murder," beatings, and other lawless acts - poor Blacks, Latinos, and Muslims for their faith and ethnicity their usual victims.

Amnesty International (AI) on American Police Brutality

On its web site, AI says "Police brutality and use of excessive force has been one of the central themes of (AI's) campaign on human rights violations in the USA," launched in October 1998. In its "United States of America: Rights for All Index," it documented systematic patterns of abuse across America, including "police beatings, unjustified shootings and the use of dangerous restraint techniques to subdue suspects."

Yet little is done to monitor or constrain it, evidence showing that "racial and ethnic minorities were disproportionately" harmed by harassment, verbal and physical abuse, false arrests, and in the case of West African immigrant, Amadou Diallo, shot at 41 times by four New York policemen, struck 19 times and killed while he stood in the vestibule of his apartment building, unarmed and nonviolent, victimized by police brutality.

Nationwide, driving while black has been criminalized, racial profiling used for traffic stops and searches for suspected drugs or other reasons, the practice especially common in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Texas.

AI cited numerous incidents, including beatings and "questionable" shootings, usually found to be unjustified, yet cops most often absolved. Although most US police departments stipulate that officers should only use deadly force when their lives, or others, are endangered, dozens of cases show they do it indiscriminately, at most being "mildly disciplined" even if guilty of serious misconduct.

"Police shooting(s) resulting in death or injury are routinely reviewed (internally or) by local see whether criminal laws (were) violated. However, few officers are criminally charged and little public information is given out if a case does not go to trial." As a result, systemic abuse stays hidden, police brutality allowed to persist with impunity.

Despite Congress passing the 1994 Police Accountability Act, incorporated into the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act to require the Attorney General to compile national data on excessive police force, Congress has consistently failed to fund it. Further, the legislation doesn't require local police agencies to keep records or submit data to the Justice Department. Nor does it criminalize police violence and excessive force as human rights violations.

ACLU Report on Racial and Ethnic Profiling

In August 2009, the report titled, "The Persistence of Racial Profiling in the United States" quoted Rep. John Conyers (D. MI) saying "Since (9/11), our nation has engaged in a policy of institutionalized racial and ethnic profiling," although, as an African-American, he knows the problem goes back generations, most recently in the "war on terrorism" against Blacks, Latinos, and Muslims for their faith, ethnicity, activism, prominence, and at times charity, a topic this writer addresses often - arrests, some violently, bogus charges, prosecutions, and imprisonments often compounding the injustice.

Post-9/11 under Bush and Obama, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies have engaged in virulent racial/ethnic profiling, what the ACLU calls "a widespread and pervasive problem throughout the United States, impacting the lives of millions of people in African American, Asian, Latino, South Asian, and Arab communities."

Evidence shows that racial minorities are systematically victimized, without cause, in public, when driving, at work, at home, in places of worship, and traveling, often violently.

A "major impediment to (prohibiting it) remains the continued unwillingness or inability of the US government to pass federal legislation (banning the practice) with binding effect on federal, state or local law enforcement."

Nor do authorities comply with the provisions of the 1994 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) that obligates all levels of government.

In addition, the Justice Department's 2003 Guidance Regarding the Use of Race by Federal Law Enforcement Agencies designed to ban federal officers from engaging in racial profiling is, in fact, flawed and does little to end it, because it doesn't cover "profiling based on religion, religious appearance, or national origin."

Nor does it apply to state and local law enforcement where police brutality is systemic. In addition, it specifies no enforcement mechanisms or punishments for violators, and contains a "blanket exception for national security and border integrity cases," besides being advisory and not legally binding.

As a result, it actually promotes profiling and abuse, including false arrests, beatings and killings. It's not surprising how minorities have been systematically mistreated by federal, state and local authorities, or that congressional legislation introduced to stop it never passed.

On December 13, 2007, the House and Senate introduced their versions of the End Racial Profiling Act (HR 4611 and S. 2481). Both bills were referred to committee and never enacted - making it extremely hard to nearly impossible for victims to successfully challenge abuses against them.

As a candidate, Obama promised a "Blueprint for Change" to ban racial profiling and related mistreatment, criminalizing them, but so far, no measures have been introduced or passed, showing another promise made, another broken, a systematic pattern under his leadership, across the board against the constituencies that elected him. Hopefully they'll remember next election and choose another way, a third way, both parties equally corrupted in deference to big money and systemic police brutality that serves it.

National Police Misconduct Statistics

The Injustice (IE) web site compiles them, publishing them in regular reports, some for individual cities, including daily accounts. One on July 10 covers King County, WA deputy Paul Schene, captured on videotape assaulting a 15-year old girl in jail. He was tried twice, hung juries resulting each time.

On July 9, the County Prosecutor's Office dropped the charges, and won't pursue a third trial. As a result, the sheriff's department may rehire Schene, though he still faces possible disciplinary action. It's currently in arbitration, IE saying decisions nearly always favor officers, in which case he'll likely be reinstated to abuse other detainees, off camera to avoid being charged.

In early 2010, IE published an April - mid-December 2009 (8.5 months) Police Misconduct Report, from figures compiled in its National Police Misconduct Statistics Reporting Project (NPMSRP), begun earlier in March 2009, analyzing data:

"by utilizing news media reports of police misconduct to generate statistical information (to) approximate how prevalent (it) may be in the United States."

Police departments don't usually provide them, nor do courts, except for successful prosecutions, omitting confidential settlements and cases resulting in disciplinary action only, not trials. Media reports, though imperfect, are more complete because laws limit or filter information released. As a result, IE's data "should be considered as a low-end estimate of the current rate of police misconduct," as well as in individual cities covered.

Statistics compiled follow the same DOJ/FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) methodology, recording only the most serious allegation (not conviction) when multiple ones are associated with a particular incident. The findings were as follows:

-- 3,445 police misconduct reports;

-- 4,012 officers charged;

-- 261 law enforcement officials (police chiefs or sheriffs) cited;

-- 4,778 alleged victims;

-- 258 fatalities reported;

-- an average of 15.05 daily incidents or one every 96 minutes;

-- nearly $200 million in related civil litigation expense, excluding legal fees and court costs;

-- 980.64 per 100,000 officers charged;

-- one of every 266 officers accused of a violent crime;

-- one of every 1,875 charged with homicide;

-- one of every 947 accused of sexual assault;

-- 33% of police officers charged were convicted, not necessarily justly for the offense committed;

-- 64% of officers convicted were imprisoned, not necessarily as long as justified;

-- those sentenced served an average 14 months, far less than citizens for the same crime;

-- misconduct by category included 18.1% for non-firearm related excessive force; 11.9% for sexual misconduct; and 8.9% for fraud or theft;

-- analyzing reports by last reported status showed 45.9% affected officers adversely, including 14% internally disciplined and 31.9% criminally charged; of the latter, 32.5% were convicted "for a 10.4% total criminal conviction rate for alleged misconduct incidents; and

-- 27% resulted in civil lawsuits, 34.3% favoring victims.

In addition, data were compiled for states, cities and counties, excluding unavailable federal statistics as well as local omissions, especially in some states. Various offenses included:

-- accountability: evidence of coverups, lax discipline, and other failures to adhere to official policies or processes;

-- animal cruelty, harming them by unnecessary shooting, inappropriate KP unit training, or other mistreatment;

-- assault: "unwarranted violence" off-duty, excluding murder;

-- auto incidents involving recklessness, negligence, and other violations of official policies;

-- brutality, involving excessive physical force on-duty, excluding firearms or tasers;

-- civil rights, including unconstitutional civil liberties violations such as lawless peaceful protest disruptions;

-- sexual misconduct, including rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, wrongfully eliciting sex, harassment, coercion, prostitution, sex on duty, incest, and molestation;

-- theft or fraud, including robbery, shoplifting, extortion or bribery;

-- shooting: gun-related incidents both on and off-duty, including self-harm;

-- taser: excessive force, including usage not according to guidelines, resulting in excessive injury or death; also, improper taser use may be recorded as "brutality;"

-- color of law, including incidents involving misuse of authority such as bribery, soliciting favors, extortion by threat of arrest, or using badges to avoid arrest;

-- perjury, including false testimony, dishonesty during investigations, and falsifying charging papers or warrants; and

-- raids, including misconduct during warranted or warrantless operations or searches, wrong address raids, mistaken ones, use of no-knock ones when warrants require notification, or mistreatment during executions.

Misconduct status stages go from allegations to investigations, lawsuits, charges, trials, judgments, disciplinary measures, terminations, convictions, and sentences.

IE compiles data regularly, prepares daily and quarterly reports, and henceforth an annual one each January the following year. It explains that its statistics:

"should only be used (as) a very basic and general view of the extent of police misconduct. It is by no means an accurate gauge that truly represents the exact extent (of its extensiveness) since it relies on the information voluntarily gathered and/or released to the media, not (first-hand) by independent monitors who investigate complaints.....because no such agency exists for any law enforcement agency...."

Detailed quarterly and annual reports are produced, not monthly ones considered a less accurate "depiction of the overall extent of police misconduct...." Daily reports cover a sampling of individual incidents. Overall, IE provides a valuable reading of systemic police misconduct, though capturing only a snapshot of the full problem - widespread, abusive, violent, often with impunity, and when officers are held accountable, imposed discipline is usually mild, prison sentences rare and short-term, victims cheated by a criminally unjust system, favoring power over people, no matter the offense.

Final Comments

In December 2007, the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination published a report titled, "In the Shadows of the War on Terror: Persistent Police Brutality and Abuse of People of Color in the United States," saying:

"Since this Committee's 2001 review of the US, during which it expressed concern regarding incidents of police brutality and deaths in custody at the hands of US law enforcement officers, there have been dramatic increases in law enforcement powers in the name of waging the "war on terror (resulting in) the use of excessive force against people of color....(It's not only continued post-9/11), but has worsened in both practice and severity" - a NAACP representative saying it's "the worst I've seen in 50 years."

On April 4, 2007, Ryan Gallagher, writing for Medill Reports, produced by Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, headlined, "Study: Police abuse goes unpunished," saying:

From 2002 - 2004, over "10,000 complaints of police abuse were filed with Chicago police....but only 19 resulted in meaningful disciplinary action, a new study asserts." According to Gerald Frazier, president of Citizens Alert, it reflects "not only the appearance of influence and cover-up," but clear evidence that city residents are being abused, not protected, despite the department's official motto being "We Serve and Protect."

Most disturbing is that the Chicago pattern reflects what's happening across America, people of color like Oscar Grant systematically abused, in his case murdered in cold blood, what no criminal or civil actions can undo.