Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sacrificing Your Health to the Oil Volcano

By Dr. Paul Drockton

The Satanic Psychos are determined to rid the world of its "useless eaters". The term applies to anyone that can no longer turn a profit in their Global Forced Labor Camp. The elderly, infirm, mentally ill, physically handicapped, etc. From the Bell Curve view-point, this means the 90% that are to the left of pure evil and psychopathic. Psychopath being defined as an individual that has been "mind-programmed" and tortured into rejecting their conscience and basic common sense.

Now, back to us "useless eaters".

"Petroleum based chemicals are being found to cause significant attritional effects to the nervous system and immune system after prolonged exposure." (Source)

Translation: Exposure to the petroleum being dumped into the Gulf of Mexico will cause your nervous system to malfunction and make your body vulnerable to other diseases. People have a tendency to stay focused on one event, and fail to realize that the Satanic Psychopaths work by degrees.  A compromised immune system can make any illness a fatal one. This fact could explain why the "Malignant Ones" are pumping billions of barrels of crude oil in the gulf, and impeding any and all proven methods to clean up the mess.

"the oil companies are owned by the world's only legal counterfeiters ­ the International Monetary/Banking Cartel - who can "print" all the money they want, so making money on Gulf oil was not important to them. Killing the Gulf of Mexico is, apparently, important to them, for their own cryptic and esoteric reasons.
If the Cartel had wanted to save marine life, any oil they had not vacuumed up could have been mulched with any number of non-toxic materials, such as "Oil Sponge," a name trademarked by Phase III, Inc.
Rated as the "best performing" absorbent by the US Army Corp of Engineers, Oil Sponge is 100% organic, and is made from renewable resources.
Oil Sponge is built using a microbial and nutrient package, capable of transforming oil hydrocarbons into a safe bi-product of carbon dioxide and water." (Source)

Instead, they have used dangerous chemical disbursents to break the oil down into miniscule particles that can be more readily absorbed into our water cycle, bodies and environment. The first hurricane that crosses over the spill will show just how lethal these smaller particles really are.

"Illnesses identified in the medical research (from petroleum products) include adult and child cancers, numerous neurological disorders, immune system weakening, autoimmune disorders, asthma, allergies, infertility, miscarriage, and child behavior disorders including learning disabilities, mental retardation, hyperactivity and ADD (attention deficit disorders). (Source)

Auto-immune disorders result in the body attacking its own natural defenses. When petroleum interacts with the chemical composition of our cells, it can change them into unrecognizable enemies.

"Petroleum based chemicals are believed to cause these problems by a variety of routes, including - impairing proper DNA (Gene) expression, weakening DNA Repair, accelerating gene loss, degeneration of the body's detoxification defenses (liver and kidneys) as well as gradual weakening of the brain's primary defense - (the Blood Brain Barrier)." (Ibid)

Now why would the criminally insane want to destroy the immune systems of a vast portion of the American population? I would draw your attention to the least talked about portion of the 911 attacks. That would be the envelopes mailed out that contained government grade Anthrax Powder.

Now Anthrax is not contagious: "Humans can become infected with anthrax by handling products from infected animals, or by breathing in anthrax spores from infected animal products (such as wool). People also can become infected with gastrointestinal anthrax by eating undercooked meat from infected animals." (Source) Which leads the reasonable man to conclude that the 911 biological attack was just a test run for these evil whack jobs, much like the first attack on the World Trade Center. Weaponized Anthrax, however, is an entirely different matter.

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention classify agents with recognized bioterrorism potential into three priority areas (A, B, and C). Anthrax is classified as a Category A agent.
Category A agents are those that:

    * May spread across a large area, or require public awareness
    * Pose the greatest possible threat for a bad effect on public health
    * Require a great deal of planning to protect the public's health."

Other Category A agents include:

    * Smallpox
    * Botulism
    * Plague
    * Tularemia
    * Viral hemorrhagic fevers.

I recently interviewed a young lady who was involved trying to liberate rabbits from a Canadian University. It appears that, she walked into a biological weapons facility. Since the Geneva Convention forbids the United States from manufacturing its own biological weapons, and the 911 Anthrax attacks appear to have originated from a government owned facility. It would seem logical to conclude that we have "outsourced" the program to countries like Canada.

With the Oil Volcano erupting without any serious attempt to stop it or clean up the mess, and the fact that petroleum destroys the human immune system, it only seems reasonable that the next "False Flag" will involve the use of biological weapons. I believe that this event will be used by the "Satanic league of Shadows" to start the War with Iran, and with it, World War III.

Allicin C, which is available through This Site (See Ad Above),  and kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It also reportedly kills Smallpox, Anthrax and the other biological agents described above. The point being, if they are determined to destroy our body's natural immune system, we all better have a back-up plan.

From what I can see, the best back-up plan to a compromised immune system is Allicin C.

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