Thursday, July 15, 2010

Turns out Gore's not a "crazed sex poodle"

Report: Gore Accuser Failed Lie Detector Test

Allegation Of Sex Abuse Emerged Last Month

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A masseuse who accused former Vice President Al Gore of groping and kissing her at a downtown hotel in 2006 failed a lie detector test and had a history of falsely accusing people of mistreating her, according to a report in this week's Portland Tribune newspaper.

Tribune editors said they found out about Molly Hagerty's sex abuse allegation against Gore 3 ½ years ago, but they didn't print an article because the newspaper's reporters thought her story lacked credibility.

The National Enquirer first reported the story last month and detailed Hagerty's accusations that Gore made unwanted sexual contact at Hotel Lucia in Portland.

Tribune editor Mark Garber said Hagerty's lawyer asked her to take a lie detector test and she failed, but that wasn't the reason they didn't print the story. He said the newspaper reporters' "personal interaction" with Hagerty raised red flags.

"We became concerned throughout dozens and dozens of conversations that she had with another editor and the reporter," Garber said. "They both became concerned about credibility issues as it relates to her story."

Hagerty told the National Enquirer recently that she had Gore's DNA saved on a pair of slacks. But this week's Tribune report said DNA tests showed there was no semen at all on the pants.

"What she told us about the pants was that she had had them tested and the test showed it did not contain Al Gore's semen," Garber said.

Tribune reporters and editors said they also questioned Hagerty's recollection of the alleged events, which contributed to their decision to not run the story.

"We still feel comfortable with the decisions that we made (not to run the story), although our decision is sort of irrelevant now to see that the allegations are out there anyway," Garber said.

Earlier this month, police said they reopened the Gore case because there should have been a decision made in 2009 at the command level on whether the investigation should go forward. That is when Hagerty came to officers with a prepared statement.

"It is our responsibility to both parties involved to conduct a thorough, fair and timely investigation," Portland Police Chief Mike Reese said July 1.

Detectives refused to give details about the ongoing investigation.

A spokeswoman for Gore's family said Gore has denied the allegation from the beginning and he continues to stand by that denial.


Deceived: As much as I despise the man, if the woman has turned out to be a liar, so be it.  This isn't the MSM where I won't acknowledge the truth (if this is indeed the truth as it is a MSM report).  Gore may be innocent of this, but there is so much else he is guilty of, it doesn't matter.

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