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William Cooper's Mystery Babylon: Part 36 – Rose Cross College, Part I

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You're listening to the Hour of the Time. I'm William Cooper.

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Tonight, folks, we're going to take you directly to Phoenix for tonight's metal report with Gene Miller. Good evening, Gene.

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Now I'm going to let you on a few little secrets that you need to know [sic]. Delta. Delta, the name of the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. In form, it is a triangle, and was considered by the ancient Egyptians a symbol of fire and also of God. And the Scottish and French systems, and also that of the Knights Templar are delta is the unspeakable name. INRI -- in effect, Jesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum, which means, "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews," the inscription which was placed upon the cross of the savior. In the Philosophical Lodge, they represent fire, salt, sulfur and mercury. In the system of the Rosicrucians, they have a similar use: IGNE NATURA RENOVATUR INTERGRA, which literally transfer [sic] means, "By fire, nature is perfectly renewed." This idea is also found in the degree of Knights, Adepts of the Eagle or the Sun. Don't go away.

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[reading from A Rose Cross College]:

(start quote here):

From the Rose Cross College, [which is] a resume of the teachings and proceedings of the Rose Cross College during its session held in the month of October, 1916, on the Four Hundredth Anniversary of the founding of the Order. The Imperialistic Council and Venerable Order of the Magi, its instructions and the Official Degree 'Priests of Melchizadek.' The 'Knights of Chivalry and Order of the Holy Grail', edited by R. Swinburne Clymer, October and copyrighted 1917, published at Beverly Hall, Quakertown, Pennsylvania:

At the close of the June Convocation of the Rose Cross Order and Sacred College, it became evident that a Convocation of the Sacred College and Order of the Magi would be necessary in October in order to continue the work and commemorate the foundation of the Rose Cross Order, dating from the year 1516.

On the second day of June, special letters of invitation were mailed to all members privileged to be present at the October Convocation, and arrangements started so that not only might lectures be given every day during the entire month of October while the College was in session, but that Ancient Degrees "Sons of Osiris" might be conferred as they had been during the month of June upon the delegates then present.

Information had been received at headquarters from different sources that men, without any authority whatever, were using the name of the Magi; men who were not, and never had been, on the rolls of the Order. Acting upon this information it was considered best that special effort should be made to convene the Order during the Sacred College session and when convened the official degree "Priests of Melchizadek" should be conferred upon all who were eligible.

During July it became evident that if the work, in several large cities, were to go forward, leaders should be officially ordained. With this in view, the following notices were mailed to the
members [of] the Royal Fraternity Association, Incorporated.

[Headquarters, August 2nd, 1916.]

My Dear Brother,

In accordance with the power vested in me as President of the
Royal Fraternity Association, Inc., and at the request of the Order
of the Illuminati, Degree "Knights of the Rose Cross," I herewith
invite you to be present at a special sessions of the Association
to begin October 1st and end October 30th, 1916.

At this special session of the Association, a convening of the
Sacred Rose Cross College shall be called, and besides the regular
work of the College when in session, the special work of ordaining
two members of the Fraternity, namely, Mr. Charles C. Brown,
Buffalo, N.Y., and Mr. A. W. Witt, Kansas City, Mo., in accordance
with the provision in the By-Laws of the Corporation, to wit:

"This Incorporation shall have the power to call a Convocation
at any time, and when so convened, shall have the power to select
teachers, and to ordain such teachers to the ministry, as shall in
their opinion, be fitted for the position. And such ordained men shall
have the power and the right, to officiate at weddings and at funerals,
and possess all such other powers as ministers of God usually possess."

In accordance with the laws, made and provided for in our
Corporation, we issue this invitation that you may be present.

God be with you.

Fraternally yours,
(Signed) R. Swinburne Clymer, President.

All arrangements having been completed during the months of July, August and September, the delegates began arriving on the last day of September, and on the first day of October nearly all had arrived who were to be present during the first session.

On October the second, the Sacred College was called to order and lectures being given in the forenoon, afternoon and evening of each day, by those who had prepared papers.

Before the morning lecture a private session was held, presided over by Charles C. Brown of the Buffalo College, and conducted in the manner of the private classes at College in Buffalo, N.Y.

On the evening of October 11th, all the delegates repaired to the 'Grove of Osiris' where the three degrees "Ancient Mysteries of Osiris" were conferred upon those delegates not previously initiated. The music, especially prepared for the entire ritual, being furnished by Miss Daisy T. Grove of Buffalo, N.Y.

After these ceremonies all repaired to the Hall where a dinner was served to all.

On the night of the twelfth of October, the delegates met in the Rose Cross Chapel, and after the Imperialistic Council and Venerable Order of the Magi had opened in due form and finished its official business, the official degree "Priests of Melchizadek" was conferred upon all those present.

Following the conferring of this degree, the Council closed, and a special official session of the Royal Fraternity Association, Incorporated, was called to order.

After the opening of the business session of the Association, the official letter, mailed to members, was read by the acting Secretary, Miss Vera H. Barr, and approved by officers and members present. It was then moved and seconded that Mr. A. W. Witt of Kansas City, Mo., should be ordained to the Ministry, in harmony with the Corporate powers.

Mr. Witt was called upon to make his confession of faith and allegiance to the Church of Illumination, and to read the thesis prepared for that purpose. The ordination in due form followed.

After the ordination of Mr. Witt, the following resolutions, passed by the officers of the Corporation in special session on March 10th, 1916, were officially approved by all members present:

"First. Because certain people without authority from this Corporation, or from the true Rose Cross Order long established in America, [(x)] have started organizations, calling themselves Rosicrucian, but without any Rosicrucian teachings and directly in conflict with Rosicrucian laws and usages, it has become urgent that the Royal Fraternity Association shall issue a certificate of membership, good for one year, to every student who enrolls with any one, or other, of such Orders or Fraternities.

"The fee for such membership certificate shall be twenty-five cents, to cover cost of issue and clerk hire.

"At the expiration of one year the holder thereof shall make application for a new certificate. All such certificates shall be on record in the office of the President of the Corporation.

"Any student, expelled from the Order, makes void his certificate, unless re-instated.

"Any member of anybody in fraternal relation with the Royal Fraternity Association, may (on the payment of a fee of twenty-five cents) have a certificate issued to him, recognized by the fraternities affiliated with this corporation.

"These rules are to go into effect immediately."

It is regrettable that such rules and regulations are necessary. Not less than six different associations have sprung in existence, calling themselves Rosicrucian, without a shred of Rosicrucian teachings, and three other associations, calling themselves Magi or Melchizadek, without any authority of any Magi, and all of them years after the institution of the legitimate bodies. Furthermore, when six members of the Black Brotherhoods have enrolled in the true Fraternities within a year, to gain secrets to be used by the Black Brotherhoods, we realize the importance of strict rules. For this reason the Royal Fraternity Association, as a protecting body, became a necessity.

Following the session of the Imperialistic Council of the Magi and the session of the Royal Fraternity Association, a midnight dinner, the October "Feast of the Gods," was partaken of by those present.

On the night of October 13th, after the opening of the official session of the Corporation, the following resolution, voiced by the Chairman, and seconded by Rev. A. W. Witt, was passed:

"Under the Royal Fraternity Association, during the Convocation of the Sacred College, that the order of the Knighthood, known as 'Knights of Chivalry, Order of the Holy Grail' be reinstituted. That at this meeting on Sir Knight should be created by the Grand Sir Knight, and that this Sir Knight should select his Lady for the coming year, and that during the year following this Sir Knight should select men either within or without the Order; that at the next June Convocation of the Sacred College such men, selected by him, and not more than nine, attend the Sacred College Convocation and be created Knights, those in turn to select their ladies, wither from within or without the Order, but from within if possible. Only men of the highest standing to be selected; men of the highest moral character, men chivalric towards womanhood. Each man must study, and be familiar with, the 'labors of Chivalry' legends of the Holy Grail, or Holy Grail, and the Golden Fleece.

"After the first year that a certain number of men, worthy of the honor, be selected, also ladies to the same number, the total of men Knights not be to exceed one hundred and ninety-nine during the first seven years.

"That the first one to be selected and created a Sir Knight be August Rhu [William Cooper: spelled R-H-U], M.D., of Marion, Ohio, because of high attainments in his profession and the favorable aspects of the Heavens to his nativity, and of the Prophecy made by those who know.

"Biography: August Rhu, [(Roux)] Marion Ohio. Specialty, Surgery and Gynecology. Born in Seneca County, Ohio. Graduated from Western Reserve University, Medical Department, Cleveland, Ohio, 1885. Fellow American College of Surgeons, 1914. Yearly Special Course in Surgery and Medicine since 1885. [He's also an] Author."

Immediately upon the passing of these articles, Dr. Rhu was created a Sir Knight, and selected as his Lady in waiting for the year, M. Alice Reese, of Kansas City, Mo., who was then knighted as a lady.

R. Swinburne Clymer as Grand Sir Knight was ordered to prepare Rules and Regulations for the Sir Knights after Ancient usages.

On the fifteenth day of October, the first session of the Sacred College came to a close and the delegates returned to their homes. The officers remained for the second session.

The second session of the Sacred College was called to order on the sixteenth of October, at which time the delegates had arrived for the second session. Lectures at once began and continued the rest of the month.

On the evening of the seventeenth of October, those present repaired to the 'Grove of Osiris' and had conferred upon them the "Ancient Degrees of Osiris" in like manner as that conferred upon the delegates of the first session.

The midnight dinner, "Feast of the Gods," followed the conferring of the degrees, followed by the usual social session.

On the night of the eighteenth of October, the delegates and officers repaired to the Rose Cross Temple, and after the Imperialistic Council of the Magi had come to order, the Ancient Degree 'Priests of Melchizadek' was conferred upon them.

After closing the Temple in due form, and official session of the Royal Fraternity Association, Incorporated, was called to order. Charles C. Brown of Buffalo, N. Y., was brought before the session and requested to make his confession of faith and allegiance to the Church of Illumination and read his thesis. He was then ordained to the ministry in due form.

After Mr. Brown had been ordained and the business of the Corporation brought to a close, a dinner was served to those present.

Lectures continued thrice daily, which a special session each forenoon led by Rev. C. C. Brown, until the night of October 24th, when word was received that Joseph A. Walter 32 degree of the Buffalo, N. Y., Consistory A. A. Scottish Rite, a Brother of the Order "Fraternity Sons of Osiris," would arrive that day.

On his arrival the Imperialistic Council and Venerable Order of the Magi convened and Ancient Degree "Priest of Melchizadek" was conferred upon Mr. Walter, followed by the official dinner in his honor.

Of the lectures give during the month of October, only a limited number can be given in this book.

The dedication service to the used in all ceremonies of ordination to the ministry in the Church of Illumination, was prepared by the writer some years ago, and symbolic of the Path taken by the Neophyte desiring to reach Illumination.

The article concerning the Magi and the work on the Order of Knighthood, with exceptions as noted, are from the same pen.

With the exception of "The Church of Illumination" the thesis prepared by Rev. Charles C. Brown, no other lectures were given by him as he conducted the private classes during the time of the Convocation.

"Our Work" as prepared by Rev. A. W. Witt as his thesis for ordination. The "All Seeing Eye" is by the same writer.

The lecture "Origin of Symbolism" and "Eugenics as taught by the "Sacred College" are by Grace Kincaid Morey, a graduate of Oberlin College, Secretary of the Royal Fraternity Association, Incorporated.

"The All Seeing Eye" is by Wayne E. Cake, who has given the subject consideration from the standpoint of a Mason.

"Eugenics" a lecture by Clara Witt, the acting Secretary of the Rose Cross College of Kansas City, Mo., a writer on Eugenics and the Sacredness of Motherhood in the various Masonic magazines of the middle West.

"Obedience," a lecture by M. Alice Reese, who was knighted as Lady to August Rhu, before mentioned.

"The Christ Birth" is a lecture delivered by Vera H. Barr on the teachers of the Kansas City College and assistant to Rev. A. W. Witt.

"The Power of Thought" by Mrs. John W. Cook, should have careful consideration by all students as we recognize that thought is the base of all action

These are by very few of the many lectures delivered during the sessions of the Sacred College and are given because they are fundamental and show the practical scope of the Great Work.

The next Convocation of the Sacred College is called for May 15th, 1917, to be held in three sessions.

Besides the regular lecture course, all the Ancient Degrees will be conferred and in addition the Temple of Philition Degrees.

Fraternally given,

R. Swinburne Clymer.

"Beverly Hall," Nov. 25, 1916.

(end quote here)

Ladies and gentlemen, what you're going to hear tonight is going to be just the beginning of the revelation that those who believe in a master race, those who believe in the theory of white supremacy, those who believe that the Anglo-Aryan race, or the true Israelites, will discover that they have been conned. They have been scammed and they are part of an attempt to destroy the United States of America and bring the world, once again, under the rule of Great Britain. So you had better pay attention.

The doctrine...the doctrine of Christian identity, ladies and gentlemen, and of the British Israelite stem directly from the mysteries. It is one of the biggest scams that have ever been put across to the American people and all you who are taking part in it. All you who are taking part in it are, for all intents and purposes, calling Jesus Christ a liar. You are also helping in a great plan to destroy this great nation and bring about a one-world totalitarian socialist government upon the face of this earth. And if you listen carefully and take notes, and if you go to the sources that we give you, you will discover this on your own.

And if you study your own history if you are of Aryan or Anglo descent, you will discover there is no Hebrew root in your language. You will discover that your ancestors were primitive, fierce, terrible tribesmen, who indulged in human sacrifice and worshiped the sun in temples such as Stonehenge. And if you're smart...if you're smart you will join with all those people in the world who want freedom, irregardless [sic] of their race, color or creed. You will stop buying in to the Hegelian dialect of divide and conquer, in which they separate us, feed us lies and send us off to kill each other while they place the chains about our ankles.

Don't go away, ladies and gentlemen. I'll be right back after this very short pause.

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Well, if you think that's not important or has any bearing on what you're hearing, ladies and gentlemen, continue to listen. Take the doctrine out of your head that you don't want to hear the facts, because you already know what you believe. Take the pin labeled, "Archie Bunker," off of the front of your shirt and throw it in the trash can, and pay attention and get smart and wise up. Stop being sheeple.

The Order of the Holy Grail.

[continuing reading from A Rose Cross College]:

(start quote here):

Few people are acquainted with the fact that the flower of manhood in France and England belong to knighthood founded ages ago, their object being the recognition of, and the homage due, womanhood. These Orders bear the names of "Knights of the Garter," in England, whose insignia is the Garter, and "Knights of France," represented by the Fleur-de-lis.

Both these Orders were founded [ladies and gentlemen] by men belonging to an older and nobler Order, "Knights of the Holy Grail," who took advantage of a trivial circumstance to establish these Orders for the protection of womanhood. Though the Knights were in search of the Holy Grail, (their own soul) they were ever ready to fight for their country, for womanhood, and the sacred Mysteries. Other Orders, dating back many periods of time, under different names and emblems, entertained the same high-minded, chivalric motives.

The motto of the "Knights of the Garter," "Honi soi qui mal y pense," translated reads, "Evil to him who evil thinks." This phrase fell from the lips of Edward III, as he pinned the garter (guard-her) to his arm. To the initiated, this motto takes on a deeper meaning. In its most exalted purity, it was used by Knights centuries before the Christian Era.

The garter is a feminine emblem, supposedly unseen, unless by accident. A mishap to a noted Countess caused the garter to become the insignia of one of the great Orders in history. The greatest movements of an age often appear accidental. The Fleur-de-lis is also an emblem of woman, and most of the symbols of the present, and earlier ages, are characteristic of the "eternal feminine."

Centuries before Jesus walked the earth, members of sacred and honorable Orders held the lignum sacred. In time the lignum worship became degraded, not by the members of these Orders, but by the people who came to understand something of the outer mysteries, and degraded them. The faith of both Christian and Catholic devotees is symbolized by emblems of sex. The Christian cross indicates the male, and the heart, that of the opposite sex. Both cross and heart are creative, or Phallic, emblems.

There is nothing greater or higher in the Universe of God than creative power. The power that can create can also recreate and regenerate. If we honor the Creator, why not the created, creation?

All the wisdom-philosophy underlying the Knights of the different Orders, and the mythologies, was based upon creative power.

Probably the most beautiful and purest of mythological stores, is that of Eros and Psyche, the story of the Soul and its earth career. As all Sir Knights are expected to read mythology, it is not necessary to give details, but simply call attention to the esoteric meaning of this supposed myth.

Aphrodite, (Venus), they fairest queen in the Greek Heaven of the Immortal Gods, was subject to pride and jealousy, and demanded homage because of her sex and beauty.

Psyche, (the Soul) untainted by sin, was possessed of a beauty far more attractive and compelling than the mere physical beauty of Aphrodite. The inference is plain. They were rivals.

In her innocence, Psyche worshipped Artemis, (purity) the deity of virgins. She had no desire to attend the festivals of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, because she knew not of love and beauty. This gave offence, not only to the priestess, but to her parents as well.

The parents, called by us temptation, which is the beginning of all knowledge, induced her to appear before the goddess in all her purity and innocence. The worshippers fell down before her. Such obeisance to another beauty roused the anger and jealousy of Aphrodite, who vowed vengeance on the radiant Psyche. Not having sinned, only listened to temptation, Psyche was really not subject to punishment. The Soul that listens to the voice of the flesh, is not necessarily punished for that which follows but, because of passive resistance, it permits itself further temptation.

Aphrodite, symbol of earth-mother and procreation, resented the adulation bestowed upon innocence. If the worship of men turned from the priestess of love and passion to that which was chaste and immaculate, how could she people the earth and there-by obtain new worshippers.

Brooding over this condition, she called her son Eros, (Cupid), the God of Love, that beautiful emotion which enters into the heart of all created things, and bade him seek Psyche and arouse in her the desire of love and passion. She commanded him to keep himself inviolate, not taking into consideration the great law of the universe which demands a just return for all things given or received. Eros, God of Love, the Law of Love itself, retired to do his mother's bidding.

Meanwhile, Psyche was lamenting the fate of her loneliness. The maidens about here were being taken in marriage, which she, the fairest, was left uncourted. Like the soul that listens to temptation, she had become an inhabitant of the realm of unrest and longing. No longer single-minded in her worship of Artemis, she was not yet possessed with the desire of love and passion, that state of feeling that would transform the worship of the gods into a longing to possess her. Eros was commissioned to bring this about.

The temptations not resisted in the life of the soul, bring about the unhappiness to which it is subjected. But, at the same time, it is the fate of temptation to bequeath knowledge to the soul. Obedience to the tempter results in wrong-doing and sorrow, but it opens the way to wisdom and light.

Before the edict of Aphrodite could be carried out, she decreed that Psyche should leave the abode of the gods. When the soul, in its untried purity, listens to temptation, it closes the doors of heaven against itself and must then prepare for its journey earthward. Death is its portion or, as Psyche was told, she would espouse a monster.

When the soul first comes within the influence of the earth-life, it is not conscious of the restrictions of matter, nor the laws that confine it there. Psyche awoke to a new existence. To her surprise she found herself surrounded by a realm of beauty, with the promised monster nowhere in sight. But her happiness, her content was of a passive nature, for though banished from the heaven of innocence, she was not awakened to the power and thralldom of passion. Not having actually sinned she was not in possession of the knowledge of self. She heard the call of love, but saw no form. In answer to her question, Eros answered that it was Love, her husband.

The perplexed Psyche could not be satisfied with mere assurances of love. The insistent call of the imprisoned soul of knowledge, though all the senses, demanded recognition. She must see love. Love without passion does not satisfy mankind. It is a state of feeling, undemonstrated. The urge in man must know, see, feel and possess.

Eros informed Psyche that, because of an unalterable decree, she would never behold his face. Only in darkness could he come to her, only in secrecy could she know his embrace.

To accept love as it is offered, to live surrounded by love, with thoughts unmixed with doubt or suspicion, would life the soul to the heaven of happiness and immortality. Man, in his attempt to dissect and analyze, opens the way of grief and pain, worry and fear, doubt and misfortune.

As darkness falls, or as the soul sinks deeper into the realm of matter, it feels the presence of unseen shapes about it. Fear contends with Love, which passion awaits nearby. But Eros, Love, makes himself heard through the veil of flesh, and whispers:

"Fear not, though the darkness of night surround thee, (flesh covering the soul), I am with thee. My love shall sustain and protect thee. No matter where thou goest, to heaven or hell, thou art mine, my beloved, as I am thine, for I am Love, the delight of the world, the giver of life."

With love in the soul there is nothing to fear. When the soul is supported by love, evil is powerless. Love not only gives life, not only bequeaths youth, health and strength, but moulds and perfects mankind.

As Psyche received Eros, Love, a thrill of joy passed through her. She opened her arms to the tender form of the lovely youth, and cried: "Who art thou that takest pity on one doomed to be a sacrifice to the most terrible monster of the demons of hell?"

Eros answered: "Fear not the monster of whom the oracle spoke. I am thy husband. I am he before whom both gods and fiends have reason to tremble."

Love, supreme, is the husband of the Soul. It may lead its spouse to the innermost shrine of heaven; its shadow, lust, may lead to the lowest round of hell. So often mistaken for love, lust roams the earth, seducing, betraying, destroying womanhood. This unspeakable evil was the demon, the dragon, the monster for which the Knights of the Grail were banded together to slay.

Psyche, still fearful, replies: "Why, it thou art death, that fearful ruler of the land of shades, whom even the mighty Zeus dreads, why comest thou in so pleasing a disguise? Thy voice is music, thy breath the perfume of roses, and the touch of thy lips enraptures me. What shall I call thee?"

The answer of Eros, "Call me Love," is a light set in the midst of darkness. Love diddipates the blackness and unreality of death, disintegrates carnal, sensual desires. The love-encircled soul is able to resist destroying passions. It slays the dragon in its sacrifice to gain that which is real. Interpreted in another way, Death, in the pleasing disguise of reward and release, kisses the lips of the weary, bids the Soul fear not, and liberates it from the thralldom of earth.

Love presides at birth, for through it the Soul descends to earth and its consequent experiences and lessons. Love presides at death, for through it the Soul ascends to freedom, peace, joy.

"O Love and Death, O Death and Love,
How wondrous kin ye are!
The Planet Venus thus at once
Is evening and morning star.

"O Love and Death, O Death and Love,
Life ended, Life begun.
The sun may rise, the sun may set,
'Tis still the self-same sun.

"Life's problem here at last is solved.
Step in: the door's ajar.
"O Love and Death, O Death and Love,
How wondrous kin ye are."

Psyche and Eros lived happily together, even tho the strangeness of life caused her momentary fear. The Soul, surrounded by the darkness, the unreality of earth, seems bound to question the promises of Love. Still, unless haunted by the phantoms of doubt and suspicion, the Soul retains a general state of peace and happiness.

But as time passed, the variety and newness of love waned. Doubt and suspicion became easy to entertain. Eros granted Psyche entire freedom in the selection of her guests, stipulating only that he be not questioned. The generosity and goodness of Eros roused the phantoms to a more spirited action. They urged her to insist upon knowing whom her husband really was. Surrounded by secrecy, how did she know that he was wholly hers. Could she depend upon him to supply her every need? With these questions and inferences, they opened the door to the most deadly of the phantom sisterhood, jealousy.

The carnal mind, insisting upon proofs that can be seen and felt, refuses "unseen verities." Mind, immersed in materiality, prefers a chaos of fact and objectivity, to a cosmos of harmony and beauty.

Eros, noting the perplexity, uncertainty, and unrest of Psyche following the visits of the fiends disguised as friends, warned her. "I beseech thee to be on thy guard, not only for the sake of our happiness, but because of the child, Immortality, thou shall bear me. If thy guests importune, torment and worry thee to discover my identity, and thou succumb, I shall leave thee. It is beyond my power to oppose the will of the gods."

Psyche replied that with him near, happiness enveloped her; his touch filled her with aspiration and trust, his voice, as wings of faith, lifted her to the realms of peace and security. But often she felt alone, and the group of sisters, tho ugly, entertained her.

It came about that inquisitiveness and fear were added to the brood that daily haunted the heart Psyche. Surrounded by their influence, Eros has helpless. Tho possessed of the power of the gods, Love cannot dwell in the heart of suspicion.

At last, unable to resist the combined influence of the demons, Psyche was persuaded to take her lamp, steal quietly into the chamber of Eros and gaze upon the face of her beloved. As it lay revealed, a drop of oil caused him to awaken.

At the instant of revelation, beholding a being of wondrous youth and beauty, she knew her fears, doubts and suspicions to be groundless. At the moment of realization that she had possessed all that heart and life could desire, because of a broken law, it was taken from her. The fiend of disobedience had completed her undoing.

"Psyche, Psyche, thou hast betrayed me. Now must I leave thee. Alone shalt thou suffer from the intrigues of thine enemies."

Eros and Psyche parted. Love and Soul were divided. In other words, Soul because of questionings, unbeliefs, doubts, unrest, severed itself from the heaven of faith, peace and happiness. This is the story, (and the reason) of the pilgrimage of the Soul on the earth-plane. How often is this story repeated in the homes of thousands today. Faith, security, happiness, bartered for doubts, suspicions, jealousies.

Psyche, adrift, despairing, was bereft of all things but hope. Having discovered the destructive power of evil thought she turned about to win back the love, the heaven, she had forfeited.

To human justice, it would seem that now Aphrodite, (Divine Law), would relent, having witnessed the undoing of Psyche. Not so. The pain and suffering and longing of Psyche could in no wise mitigate her punishment. "Thou shalt by no means come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing." To have reinstated Psyche among the gods would presuppose a power greater than Law which could nullify, or soften, its own edicts. Law is not annulled when all is lost through disobedience. Through pain and travail does one gradually win back their lost estate.

Psyche called upon all the gods to aid her in recovering Love. Her prayers and supplications failed to reach that high heaven, for a broken law becomes an impenetrable wall between an entreaty and its fulfillment.

Hera, wife of Zeus, Queen of Heaven, and knowing all things; that goddess who dwelt near earth and presided over married life, pitied Psyche, saying: "Would that I could present thy petition unto Zeus, mighty ruler of all men. That cannot be, for the word of Aphrodite is powerful, and her decrees inviolable. Thou hast brought about this, thy fate. Endure the trials that shall come upon thee. Believe thou shalt dwell again in heaven. Work out thine own salvation."

Psyche, whose one desire was to recover the delight and happiness of the past endured the trials, accepted the punishments, passed the tests imposed upon her. As the reality of the statement became apparent to her, that "To the Soul without love, all is empty and hopeless," she turned, as to a friend, to the god of death, that monster whom she had most dreaded, and begged him to take her to the realm of Hades. The performance of that journey was the extreme penance for disobedience. In the willingness to suffer death; in the willingness to be purged of all sin, she brought about her release. She had paid the uttermost farthing.

Hearing of the voluntary journey of Psyche that she might regain Love, Eros flew to her assistance, liberating her from the Stygian slumber, awaking her to life, and love, and youth.

"Ah Psyche, thou almost perished to atone for my fault. Knowest thou not that only the gods can pass and repass the River Styx? To them it is a fountain of youth, but if mortals drink of it, it binds them to the wheel of birth and death. The gods recognize they expiation and bid thee drink of this cup of Immortality."

Had Psyche reproached Eros for her unhappiness; had she refused to place the cause of her sin and suffering upon herself; had she given up the search for lost Love, the usual fate of mankind would have been hers. Unhappiness, poverty, worry, sickness, stagnation, death are the result of ceasing to search, to struggle, to conquer.

The Soul forfeits Love and Immortality though disobedience. It achieves Love and Immortality though faith and trust and loyalty.

"Death is the problem of life, but Love is its solution."

The search of the incarnate Soul for Immortality through the instrumentality of Love is typified in the search of Knights for the Golden Fleece, of the Holy Grail.

The legend of Eros and Psyche may be interpreted as the Soul in search of love and immortality enduring anguish and suffering caused by the sins of fear, doubt, suspicion and disobedience. Other legends, as unfolded in this series, will outline and reveal those inner meanings, the significations of which are of importance to the students of knighthood and chivalry.

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This branch of the Illuminati, which originates in the Anglo-Aryan race. In the myths, ladies and gentlemen, surrounding King Arthur and the Round Table and of those Knights of the Holy Grail who were the forerunners of the Order of the Garter and other knighthoods, and in particular of the group known as the Round Table. One particularly, is worth of interpretation, demonstrating as is does the use and abuse of power. And in the second hour tonight, we will tell you the story of Merlin. The story, ladies and gentlemen, of Merlin. And we continue of our revelation where the doctrine of Christian identity British Israelites, the master race, the people who want to rule everybody else. For in the all of the lodges, there is a prime, prime rule. The Anglo-Aryan race is supreme, and you will find no one of color in the Lodge.

Ladies and gentlemen, this scenario has been played throughout the history of man. It is never changed; there is always someone who believes that they are the master race. That they're the only ones fit to rule, and they intend to enslave everyone else -- even of their own race, for their motto is: If you are not one of us, you are nothing.

Ladies and gentlemen, in the material passed out by James "Bo" Gritz -- "Grits" here, we call him "Bobo Grits" -- Lieutenant Colonel James "Bo" Gritz, in his spiked training advertisement literature, in his spiked video, you will see that spiked is spelled -- and I left it up to many of you to learn what it is on your own; some of you did, most of you did not -- S-P-(penis of Osiris)-K-E. S-P-(obelisk)-K-E. S-P-(phallus)-K-E. S-P-(stupid sheeple)-K-E. You had better wake up out there, and you had better do it really quick.

I'll be back, folks, 9 P.M. Pacific, 10 Mountain, 11 Central, and midnight Eastern Standard Time. Don't miss it, and if you do, tape it, and if you can't tape it, order the tapes from us.

Good night, and God bless you all.

(closing music: The Rose, by unknown artist)

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