Friday, July 16, 2010

Peter Schiff shows true colors, endorses zealous Israeli-firster for Congress

Political endorsements reveal a lot about a person. They offer insight into the agenda and policies which a candidate endorses. Peter “blow the place up” Schiff, Ron Paul's former presidential campaign economic advisor and son of Irwin Schiff, has revealed a key element of his ideology by announcing his support and endorsement of Mark Greenberg for Congress.

Schiff, who recently appeared on the Alex Jones show rigorously defending his controversial remarks about preemptively bombing Iran if they dare develop a nuclear weapon, sent an e-mail to supporters regarding Greenberg, which read,

Dear Friends:
In Case You Missed It Last week, I endorsed Mark Greenberg and his bid for Congress!
He is a smart businessman with a solid track record of job creation - just the kind of person citizens from the 5th Congressional District need to represent them in Washington. For more information about his campaign, check out or follow him on Twitter or Facebook. A staunch believer that America can no longer borrow to live beyond its means, Mark Greenberg and I agree we need to use expertise garnered from building successful companies to stop growing the government and start growing our economy. Please help us get there!
All the best,
Peter Schiff 

Greenberg's own campaign website reveals his loyalties in the 'Middle East' issues section. It reads, in part,

Our relationship with Israel is critical to the safety and security of not just our two nations, but to the entire world. As a stable democracy and strong global partner, Israel faces some of the most daunting challenges in promoting freedom, tolerance and peace.
The United States must continue to act with resolve and strength in addressing those who seek to threaten Israel and its people. This includes closely monitoring those who fund and support Palestinian terrorism. We simply cannot expect Israel to accept peace negotiations unless and until they have a true and determined partner in peace.
Through continued military support, joint cooperation on matters of safety and security, economic trade, and mutual respect for our strong values and cultures, our partnership with Israel will continue to grow stronger. I will work to promote our shared objectives by enhancing economic security between our nations.
So long as we have an American administration willing to stand resolute with our loyal friends in Israel – and a Congress with the necessary resolve to sustain our valued friendship – ruthless dictators, Muslim extremists and terrorist organizations will fail in their objectives to harm our two nations.
Israel is a strong and loyal ally to the United States, and I will work to enhance our relationship, maintain our economic and religious freedoms and stand behind our shared goals and principles.

Advocates of liberty and those who want to abolish the fed, should seriously consider Schiff's foreign policy agenda and endorsements before blindly jumping on his bandwagon out of desperation. Compromising on 'the lesser evil' got us where we are today. Those who support the Israeli lobby will get the opposite of a humble foreign policy. We will never accomplish peace or financial prosperity by endorsing such an anti-American ideology.


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