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The Hypocrisy Within The Movement

There is a huge problem facing the “truth movement.”  Some people see it and call it out for what it is.  Others see it, turn a blind eye to the problem, and continue along with the herd. They defend the herd at all costs to let nothing disrupt the flow.  Then, we have the people who see nothing wrong at all.  These are the ones who seem to need someone to tell them what to think and have never truly “awakened” in the first place.  Where we are going to focus is the second group, since the last group is a lost cause not worth writing about.

This second group is very interesting indeed.  They will see their “leaders,” for lack of a better word at the moment, caught in a lie, caught stealing, caught scamming them, and yet, this is just fine because to criticize the liar would be seen as “dividing the movement.”  Let that sink in for a moment.  This is a movement based on finding the truth, exposing liars and thieves, and stopping the elite from imposing their tyrannical will on humanity.  Yet, if one of their so called leaders does the same thing they profess to hate and you call them out on it, this second group will rise up calling you every name in the book, and attempt to rationalize their leader’s actions.  You become the enemy to these halfwits for not following their group think.  They might as well have said, “Wake up, but only as much as I allow you to.”  That has a very familiar ring to it, and it is hypocrisy in every sense of the word.

These people seem to think they have a patent on the truth.  The truth is what they say it is, because they say it is, and if you question it, you must be a government agent there specifically to cause disruption within their little controlled world.  These people are not free, nor are they awake.  They have simply taken their original sheep mentality and applied it to a new false paradigm.  They help to create more group think by berating the individual for having the audacity to have a free mind and ask a question.  Is this what the movement is about?  If that isn’t bad enough, all the while, their shepherds pat them on the head for not getting out of line with the rest of the herd and they are rewarded with false words of praise.  It is sickening to watch, and it is dangerous to everything this movement stands for. 

Nothing and no one is above questioning.  That is how most of us ended up here in the first place.  We knew something was wrong, asked questions, and we dug for the answers.  There is nothing more suspect than having a question answered with the battle cry of “Anti-Semite” or “COINTELPRO!!” within this movement.  It is the same tactic used by our enemies to control the thoughts and actions of others.  These people use this tactic in an attempt to achieve the same results.  They scream they want freedom from one side of the mouth, while screaming with the other side for the herd to keep their eyes straight ahead.  It’s all about control once again. 

When we police our own, we add to our credibility.  When you see a lie, and you do nothing, or you defend it, you are a hypocrite.  You are no better than those you profess to be fighting.  It is not called “dividing the movement” to call a spade a spade.  It is called doing the right thing and exposing liars for what they are, no matter who they are.  You have to be your own leader, stand up, grow a pair, and not give a damn what the rest of the herd is going to think.  You have to make that decision that you will be free and you will not tolerate the lies or deception any longer from anyone.  If you don’t, they already control you and you have already lost. 

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What If Israel Invaded Vermont?

Burlington Occupation

by Marc Estrin

It’s hard to get accurate information: Seven Days has been shut down; two editors have been replaced at the BFP; Shay Totten has suffered a questionable bicycle accident trying to cover the situation at the checkpoints. Power has been shut off from Sovernet,, and Burlington Telecom.

Movement is severely restricted. Passports are required at the Main Street, Riverside Avenue, Route 7, and I-89 checkpoints, and there are mile-long backups on all routes. Within city limits, all major east-west streets are restricted to permitted drivers and vehicles, and many businesses have been severely affected. To control movement in and out of a particularly troublesome area, razor-wire now surrounds the Old North End.

Life is hard in occupied Burlington. More than 400 homes have been bulldozed or claimed via eminent domain to be used for other purposes, leaving many homeless. All public schools are closed for use as detention centers. There have been sporadic reports of torture in these facilities, but no contact is allowed with families, so details are scarce. Burlingtonians out-of-city will not be allowed to return to their homes, as these dwellings are needed for a selected out-of-state population. Though schools are closed, no day care is available; many have lost jobs taking time off to care for their families. Running water and electric power are limited to 3 hours/day and all telephone service has been suspended. Police stand by as the more affluent attempt to appropriate by force goods and services from their less well-off neighbors. Those with extensive bank holdings have watched money and valuables taken from vaults by armed officials to support the expenses of the occupation and the construction of the South End hotel and government theme park complex.

Not surprisingly, public health has precipitously declined. All community and backyard gardens have been poisoned by occupiers and the Intervale shut down; a food emergency is fast approaching as City Market and Rite-Aide have closed, and the Food Shelf sees no more donations. Burlington water is being diverted to Shelburne and Williston.

Health care has not been able to keep up. At least 40 people have died at checkpoints in the last month, unable to reach Fletcher Allen. Both BFD and St. Mike’s ambulances have been fired upon, and two EMTs have been killed insisting on getting their patients through checkpoints. Hospital supplies are running low, and the destruction of its water tower by F16s has severely affected operations. Medicine is increasingly unavailable, and its importation into the city restricted.

There is little hope for political relief. All Independent and Progressive city councillors have been arrested, and Council meetings are being held without them. Mayor Kiss has been targeted for assassination if necessary. All city paychecks are on hold until further notice. The Peace & Justice Center has been shut down, its staff arrested, and demonstrations have been met with violent responses from the authorities, using illegal gases and live ammunition. The curfew has been extended, and people on the street or at their windows have been shot. Landmines surround the lake to prevent escape by water. All calls from other state, national and foreign governments have been rebuffed, as authorities assert that this is not the time to discuss key issues. It is promised that some of these restrictions will be lifted, pending acceptable results in the next election.

An unimaginable dystopian fantasy for us, but a compendium of real daily experience for Palestinians, with all mechanics and ammunition funded by US tax dollars. Is this really how we want to spend our money and our moral and political capital? - Marc Estrin

About the Map:

Areas for all regions are drawn to closely approximate the relative areas of corresponding regions in the Middle East. The state of Vermont is three-quarters the size of the original Mandate of Palestine established by the British under the League of Nations following World War I.

Following the war and ethnic cleansing of 1948, Israel claimed 78 percent of this territory and refused to let three-quarters of a million Palestinians refugees return to their homes. Since the Six Day War of 1967, Israel has maintained an illegal military occupation and colonization project in the remaining 22 percent of the original Palestine: the occupied Palestinian territories.

The route of the fence-wall in the northern territory (red line) is derived from the completed sections of the separation barrier that Israel is building in the Palestinian West Bank, as well as from the Israeli government’s plans for the remainder of the project.

The number of checkpoints depicted in the northern territory conservatively approximates the relative number of stationary checkpoints maintained by the Israeli army in occupied Palestine. The Israeli military also erects mobile checkpoints and mounds of rubble and dirt to block Palestinian roads, and imposes curfews, closures, and a complex and arbitrary system of internal travel permits.

The descriptions of Montpelier and the Connecticut River Valley represent the current situations in Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley, respectively, where “Judaization” campaigns have caused thousands of Palestinians to lose their homes, their legal residency, or both.

The injustice depicted by this map is supported in the Middle East by the US Congress and the Obama administration, who continue to give Israel an estimated $5 billion in taxpayers’ money every year.

About VTJP:

Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel is a local non-profit volunteer group that works to support the survival of the Palestinian people and end the illegal, immoral, and brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine through education, advocacy, and action. We are committed to selfdetermination for the Palestinian people, the right of return for Palestinian refugees, and full civil and political rights for all Palestinians in order to promote the equality and safety of both Palestinians and Israelis.

Contact us by e-mail at


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Ever Wonder What The Elite's Fascination Is With The Number 33?

Taken from the work "Mysteries of the Qabalah" by Elias Gewurz written in 1922 which can be found here


In ancient times the world was not so overburdened with literature as in the unfortunate present, when millions of books which all treat of the same unimportant matters, things which come and go, mere illusions of the moment, are produced in such numbers. In those days man depended more upon the oral teachings and when ready received his due from a teacher to whom he was led often seemingly by chance. The method of teaching followed was generally the Qabalistic one of using the sacred scrolls, upon which were written glyphs and symbols, and upon this foundation building up a solid structure of knowledge which there is nothing in the modern world to excel. The teachings related to the Macrocosmos, the large world or the Universe, and to the Microcosmos, the reflection of that larger world, called Man. From the teachings hidden in these glyphs and symbols a universal science may be obtained, as is agreed by all who have studied these things, notably by H. P. Blavatsky, a science which treats of the Becoming of the Universe, of flux and efflux of Manvantara and Pralaya, from the generation of the "Gods" to the perfection of man.

One of the methods used to unravel the mysteries hidden in these sacred writings or scrolls is that of Temura or permutation, the anagrammatical method of changing the position of the letters forming a word to create a new word which explains the original. A striking example of this method, which should be of interest to all who are concerned with occult development and to those who are interested in the writings of the Alchemists, is the following:

The writers on Alchemy speak of a mysterious substance to which no name is given. It is said to be the cheapest thing in the world and costs nothing, it cannot be bought, but is actually given "for nothing" to all who are entitled to it. What is this mysterious thing? Let the Qabalist answer. It is grace.

This strange teaching was known ages before the Alchemists gave it out to their disciples, being hidden in the sacred writings of old, to be discovered by this method of Temura or permutation. Let us endeavour to gain some idea as to the method of giving out the hidden wisdom in the days of old.

The Hebrew word MChN, Mechein, meaning literally "from grace," has six permutations of great significance, viz., MChN, "from grace," MNCh, "from the one who rests," CHMn, meaning "rich oil," NChM, "to comfort," NMCh, "to obliterate," and finally, ChNM, "for nothing."

In these permutations is hidden a teaching of the deepest significance.

He who has passed through the fires of life and seen the emptiness of carnal things, of things transitory, those things which at the utmost last but for a life-time, even if that limit be reached, he who has reached this stage becomes MNCh, the one who rests from action. He has discovered after bitter lessons, after repeated trials and tests, that all mundane things are useful only because of the lessons which they teach the Soul.

Having thus learned from long experience that nothing in the world of man may bind him, he becomes MNCh. He goes out into the world a disciple doing the work of his Master, doing his Master's will, seeking to bring anew to earth the mighty truths so long hidden from a materialistic world, seeking ever to serve his brethren unto whom the same light has not yet been vouchsafed, ever in the midst of great activity, yet himself inactive within. Whatever storm there may be without, however much it may pour with hailstones, however fearful the lightning and thunder in the world of man, he stands calmly by, ready to serve those who are sent to him, ready to do the will of God, for he has learned from the Silence and become MNCh.

Thus, he acquires GRACE, MChN, that grace which is his due through resting from effort, whilst ever in the midst of the fight.

This grace, or MChN, is like unto "rich oil," which is ChMN, pouring down upon him, anointing him and opening up a wider field of consciousness to him, which tells of perfect unity and at-one-ment, that plane or condition of being known in the East as the Buddhic and spoken of in the West as Cosmic Consciousness. Entering into this condition of Buddhic consciousness through the anointing, all his doubts and fears are dispelled. Never again can he complain that there is no purpose in life, nevermore will he rail at the gods for the faults of man, for now he knows, he realises and understands the reason, and sees the Purpose shining even in the darkest night of misery. Thus knowing much he is enabled to forgive all, and sets his feet firmly upon the path of Attainment.

Henceforth, as the looks around him and studies the Sacred Scriptures written in the hearts of men, he sees nothing evil, except in a relative sense. There are only lessons to be learned and a something beyond all forms which is Real and Everlasting. Nothing that is human is evil in his sight, nothing that is human is wrong, there is no sin but what he might himself have committed, no stage but what he himself has passed in his upward climb and knowing the effect of these lessons upon himself he realises that all is for the best and that God in truth, is indeed in his heaven, and that all is, as the poet says, right with the world.

The word NChM, "to comfort," shews us that after arriving at this stage the man is comforted with the knowledge gained, comforted by the Divine Grace which through resting he has attained. And now a new stage has been reached shewn in the word NMCh, meaning "to obliterate," the lower man is obliterated and the god appears in all his glory. It is now that the disciple attains to perfection and receives the great Arcanum, the true Philosopher's Stone which is given him literally "for nothing" (CHNM). He brings with him only grace (MChN), which permuted is ChNM, meaning literally "for nothing."

This then is the meaning of the Alchemists when they assert that the, sacred fire cannot be bought but is to be had "for nothing," but this "nothing" is a very precious "something," for it is grace without which no man can safely be entrusted with the Grand Secret.

We may read the lessons contained in these Temuras in a shorter way thus:—

The grace of God is like unto rich oil pouring out from the Heavens, coming "to comfort" the "one who rests" from strife and serving "to obliterate" all evil, so that nothing  is left but the Perfected One, the Tahar or Arhat.

This is an illustration of the method called Temura. Let us now study that of Gematria or numerical valuation and incidentally learn the secret of the wonderful number thirty-three, a secret especially interesting to Freemasons.

The struggler, the disciple, it is well known, has to be thrown down into the Pit into the depths of matter, to learn the lessons which only can be learned through bitter experience. In the midst of his trials when for a time the Light is shut out from him he cries aloud: "Woe is me, my pain is greater than I can bear."

This pain is felt only by the lower man who is being crushed and the teacher reminds the disciple of this and instructs him by means of the perfect number thirty-three.

The value of the Hebrew word KABI which means "my pain" is exactly thirty-three, the number well-known to Occultists and Free-Masons. Why is this called the perfect number? How many Free-masons can answer? Few indeed of those who specialise in the "fourth degree," the banqueting degree, in any case, can throw even a faint glimmer of light upon the subject. Oh! that we might be permitted to pour the "Chochmah Nistorah" into the empty Masonic vessels and purify the Craft of its defilements. Idol with feet of clay! Let us leave the proud holders of this degree in the hands of the earth-spirit who will awaken them all in good time.

KABI then, which means "my pain" is numerically thirty-three and contains a teaching well worth of study. When the teacher hears this cry and recognises the man as an aspirant, when the disciple thinks that his pain is too great to be borne then is help vouchsafed him. He is instructed to centre himself in God to rise from the Pit into which he has been thrown.

The word BAL which means "in God" has the same numerical value (33) as KABI (my pain). We see that the symbol of the Higher Self (A) is centered in this word pointing out to the disciples the goal to which he must attain.

When this centring has been effected the disciple is told that now he will have to meet his real Self and become one with his Father, the Master within. "In God" says the Teacher, "shalt thou find thy Father, through pain and by the destruction of pain shalt thou rise from the Pit."

The word pain as we have seen it is numerically 33. From this we get the word BAL in God, also 33. In God the Father is to be found, by union the Self is to be known, as we see by changing the letters to those of the same numerical value, viz., ABIKh, literally thy Father (33).

These lessons learned, the disciple rises from the Pit and having become one with God returns to the Mount from whence he came and receives the Law as all true Initiates have to do. Then it is said that he will live for ever.

These teachings are also found in studying the perfect number 33, for not only does it refer to the Pain of the Disciple, the Father, the centring of the self in God but it shows us that the man returns to the heights after these struggles and really begins to live in the eternal. The word GL means Mountain and has the numerical value of 33, whilst YChIH has the same value and means he will live (in the eternal).

Thus in this number 33 is hidden the secret which tells how the risen one escapes for ever from the connection which he has been forced to make with Asmodeus and enters into that state in which Goodness and Light are predominating characteristics. Anything the treader of the Path possesses of these qualities is owing to individual advancement, but the popular or uninstructed world is not yet out of the hands of Asmodeus nor likely to be for ages to come. From all these teachings we should learn infinite patience and tolerance with our less progressed brothers, remembering the jewels from the Hall of Wisdom as set down in Light on the Path.

This what our enemies believe and that is the significance of the number 33.  

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