Monday, June 7, 2010

The Jewish Secret Society That Controls the U.S. Media and the Truth about 9-11

by Chris Bollyn - Support

 [T]he secret Jewish freemasonic "brotherhood" of B'nai B'rith [played a key role] in the cover-up of the truth of 9-11.  This is a very old and powerful Jewish secret society, founded by 12 German Jews in New York City in 1843, which has long had immense influence in the spheres of the U.S. judicial system, government, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, and media.  The B'nai B'rith is a secret organization that works to promote a foreign and un-American agenda -- Zionism.  Many of its members are high-level judges.  What does this say about judicial corruption by members of a secret society for Jews only?

In 1878, the B'nai B'rith was already "one of the most powerful secret organizations in the United States."  It began when the Jewish population of the U.S. was very small and consisted primarily of Jews of German origin. 

The B'nai B'rith - eager to swell its ranks - was instrumental in recruiting and bringing hundreds of thousands of Jews from Eastern Europe to the U.S. in the late 1800s.  The illiterate and uneducated Jews from the ghettos of Lithuania, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, and Byelorussia were sent to frontier towns like Cleveland and became new members of the growing secret society.  The family of the Cleveland gangster Sam Miller, father of Aaron Miller of the State Department, and the Chertoff family are such B'nai B'rith families.  Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel comes from two B'nai B'rith families of Chicago - the Auerbach and the Smulevitz clans.  Michael Goff, the founding manager of Ptech, the Mossad Trojan Horse of 9-11, is the son and grandson of the leading B'nai B'rith 32nd Degree Masons of Worcester, Massachusetts.  The secret society of B'nai B'rith now has immense influence in virtually every town and village across the United States and Canada.  The judge, the clerk, and your lawyer are probably all members of the same secret society.  That is the kind of injustice I experienced in Cook County when I was maliciously prosecuted for my 9-11 research in 2007.

The Music, Entertainment, and Media Unit of the B'nai B'rith is a special lodge, created in 1963, for members holding high-level positions in the U.S. media industry.  This is the secret organization that allows the Jewish owners of media outlets to conspire and control the information provided to the American people. 

Like many other Jewish media moguls, Gerald M. Levin (the head of HBO AOL Time Warner) who took over CNN from Ted Turner in the mid-1990s, is also a member of the Media Lodge of B'nai B'rith.  The Zionists wanted complete control of the U.S. mass media and conspired to get CNN away from Turner's control.  CNN's live coverage of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 showed that a Gentile-owned media network of such size was a serious threat to the Zionist criminal agenda.  In order to understand WHY the U.S. mass media will never address the facts and evidence of Israeli involvement in the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11 it is essential to understand how this secret Zionist organization controls the U.S. media.  This Jews-only secret society has a distinctly foreign agenda, something which should be of concern to all Americans

B'nai B'rith used their agent Eddie Jacobson, a personal friend of Harry Truman's, to get the U.S. president to approve the 1947 UN Partition Plan of Palestine and the subsequent establishment of the Zionist state in 1948.  Frank Goldman and Maurice Bisgyer, the two heads of B'nai B'rith who conspired with Jacobson to get Truman's support for the Zionist project, were both "zealous" Zionists, according to A.J. Granoff, a B'nai B'rith member involved in the secret meetings held off-the-record in the Oval Office.

FUCHS: Well, now, several men, such as Frank Goldman, who I believe was president at the time we're mainly interested in, of B’nai B’rith, and Maurice Bisgyer, were, it would seem to me, in my limited reading, rather pro-Zionist to quite a degree.

GRANOFF: That's right. But at first they had to sort of cover it up, but they then became openly zealous.
Sources and Recommended Reading:

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A:J. Granoff Interview from the Truman Library


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