Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Age Spiritual Propaganda in Modern Society: Fallacious Methodologies and Ideologies Reproved

By, Eric M. Brame– Author

Keith Thompson– Editor

In this article, I discuss the idea of Occult Propaganda and give a general overview. The purpose is for all the readers to have a glimpse at the connections that occult groups have. Because of the vast connections it is impossible to detail every one of them. Due to this, it was necessary for me to select a few well known groups and individuals. To further benefit the reader, I have created an Article Bibliography for further references that will allow the reader to further their argumentation in the near future.

The Illuminati is a controversial subject.(1) Due to the intense amount of scrutiny, the average historian will attempt to maneuver from the subject. However, the Illuminati is historical and exists today.(2) There are people that say that this group is in the highest levels of government, attempting to condition the public through television, education, and other sources
of media. This has created a lucrative market where embellished information is presented to the public.(3) Due the psychological condition of individuals and the sociological permeation of false information, the average person is unable to withstand data that challenges their worldview, shattering their preconceived notions of the environment around them. Because of the media, sociological and political propaganda has wired the average human to mentally break at the mention of a conspiracy or go into a defensive mode of thought. To understand this, the difference between political propaganda and sociological propaganda must be presented properly. According to The Handbook of Mass Media Ethics, “In a sense sociological propaganda is reversed from political propaganda, because in political propaganda the ideology is spread through the mass media to get the public to accept some political or economic structure or to participate in some action, while in sociological propaganda, the existing economic, political, and sociological factors progressively allow an ideology to penetrate individuals or masses."(4) Because the Government uses both forms of propaganda, it is necessary to provide data in a sensitive manner, so that individuals can fully grasp it along with the Gospel message Jesus Christ commands his servants to follow.(5)

The Zeitgeist Movement is a form of propaganda that many naïve people have fallen for.(6) It appeals to occultists, outdated material and fringe sources to promote the idea that Jesus did not exist historically.(7) This group of young people also claimed that “[the] biography of Moses, the story of his birth, childhood and rescue from the Nile by Pharaoh's daughter, is now shown to have been adapted from the Chaldaean narrative about Sargon.”(8) However, this is not an interpretation accepted by qualified historians and archaeologists. Laurie C. Miller, associate professor of pediatrics at Tufts University School of Medicine explains that international adoption was a common practice in ancient times. She admits that Moses is the most famous adoption story.9 Therefore, it is intellectually dishonest to say a similarity equals causation. Adoption was a common practice in the Near East which makes the likelihood of similarity between several accounts extremely probable.10

This type of propaganda is called “Externalization of the Hierarchy.”11 It is completed through the “Seven Rays.” The Seven Rays are categories that disciples of the New Age Hierarchy are a part of. Since this is a New Age term, we have to define it thoroughly:

1) First Ray
A) Color: Red
B) Title: The ray of the will
C) Purposes: Will, power, action, force

2) Second Ray
A) Color: Blue
B) Title: The ray of love and wisdom
C) Purposes: Compassion, understanding, benevolence

3) Third Ray
A) Color: Yellow
B) Title: The ray of active intelligence
C) Purposes: Logic, reason, ideas, communication

4) Fourth Ray
A) Color: Green
B) Title: The ray of harmony though conflict
C) Purposes: Art, creativity, nature, love

5) Fifth Ray
A) Color: Orange
B) Title: The ray of concrete science
C) Purpose: Science, technology, advancement, invention

6) Sixth Ray
A) Color: Indigo
B) Title: The ray of devotion
C) Purposes: Devotion, religion, spirituality

7) Seventh Ray
A) Color: Violet
B) Title: The ray of ceremonial order
C) Purposes: Magick, ceremony, ritual, healing, transformation(12)

Commenting on the fifth ray, occult expert, Mr. Penczak states:

The fifth ray is the orange ray, and its purpose is the advancement of science and technology. Many people believe that the New Age will be both a spiritual and technological utopia, where much of the damage we have created in the world will be healed with technology. Many of our problems regarding the scarcity of resources, environmental damage, and the needs of our economy will also be solved with advanced technology. The orange ray will play a key role in the coming transition of the ages.(13)

Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph attempt to persuade their audience that the answer to humanity's problems is technology. They propose a technological utopia where money is non-existant.(14) Peter Joseph also appeals to innumerous amounts of occults sources which entails that he is a fifth ray disciple.(15) This doctrine is detailed by Francis Bacon who wrote several books and essays. The most intriguing books that discuss this topic are: The New Organon and The New Atlantis. Throughout The New Organon, Bacon, describes the establishment of the “New Atlantis.” In The New Atlantis the said author describes the scientific methods that will create a utopia through blueprint of New Organon. Richard L. Gregory states that The New Atlantis was published during 1667.(16) According to Lisa Jardine and Michael Silverthorne, “The New Organon appeared in 1620, as part of a volume publicly presenting in full for the first time the ambitious plan for Bacon‟s „Great Instauration‟, or „Revival‟, of learning…”(17) According to Francis Bacon, “[there] is a great distance between the illusions of the human mind and the ideas of the divine mind; that is, between what are no more than empty opinions and what we discover are the true prints and signatures made on the creation.”(18) This philosophy, among many others, which Francis Bacon formulated or adopted, established the foundation of the fifth ray(19). Although current evidence shows that Francis Bacon did not have a concept of the “ray system” which is a modern invention according to the texts available, the details he gives is evidence of the fifth ray mindset that was permeating during 17th Century. In summary, the philosophy of the fifth ray is not a new concept at its core. Instead, it is now presented in mystical manner in contrast to the men of the Renaissance and Baroque era.



  1. Your attempts at propaganda here are overwhelming; it's clear you've done very little research and yet feel justified in stating obvious distortions as facts.

    To start, nowhere do Fresco & Joseph advocate a Utopia; quite the opposite. Nowhere do we say technology is the answer to humanity's problems, rather they support a focus on generating resource abundance over scarcity. Technology is just a tool for this.

    You're just spreading distortion against a social movement because you were offended by one aspect of one film? If you'd done any research at all you'd know the first film doesn't even reflect the movement; Addendum does and Jesus isn't even mentioned.

  2. Not that zeitgeist did a great job presenting the facts, but using phrases like "trying to persuade" indicates that this blog is biased against, or calling the material outdated and the sources fringe without elaborating as to what the material has become obsolete to.

    Thus I agree with Casemon, Eric is trying to defend his own perspective of the system without actually presending sound data.

    Apart from the religious part for which I hold no interest, Fresco and Peter are making a good point on the corrupt nature of the major establishments, and they present a solution which they admit it is not perfect, but it is necessary because a proposed solution is what people want to hear. Why do you get stuck on the details Eric? It does not solve any of the real problems such as the aggressive consumption of natural resources at a million times their renewability rate.