Monday, June 28, 2010

6 Year Old on "No Fly" List by Homeland Security is not Allowed to Fly! Is she a terrrorist? {VIDEO}

A 6 year old girl, named Alyssa Thomas, was declared top be on the “no-fly” list when she tried to fly with her parents. Her father is Dr. Santhosh Thomas and he said “We were, like puzzled. I’m like, well, she’s kinda six years-old and this is not something that should be typical.”

Dr. Thomas fully expected that his daughter Alyssa being on the “no-fly” list was just a funny mistake, so they had the Department of Homeland Security contacted. And it was readily confirmed by letter that Alyssa could not fly and that it would not be changed.

But the parents are still left wondering why in the world their 6 year old daughter cannot fly. It just doesn’t make sense to them. As a matter of fact the parents had flown with Alyssa back in February when the family went to Mexico.

And even the Transportation Security Administration told that there had never been a problem with Alyssa Santhosh flying in the past. She has even been flying since 2 months old. Dr. Santhosh said “She’s been flying since she was two-months old, so that has not been an issue. In fact, we had traveled to Mexico in February and there were no issues at that time."

This is a very strange story and I pretty sure that it must be a case of mistaken identity. Because why would they put a 6 year old precious girl on a “no fly” list and leave their parents able to fly? The family of 4 was allowed to fly, but needs to contact Homeland Security when they land.

Is she a holy terror? Does she pick her nose and flick boogers? Does she tickle the pilots while flying. The “no fly” list is normally for terrorist connections. I just have a feeling that someone with the same name and maybe a wrong social or birthdate is actually on the “no fly” list. Can you say lawsuit by Mr. Doctor?


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