Wednesday, June 30, 2010

G20 Toronto Police Rape Threats + Strip Searched – Amy Miller

Accusations of wrong-doing

Jailed female protesters say they were strip searched and threatened

Some female protesters detained by police during the G20 Summit claim they were strip searched by male cops and threatened with rape if they didn’t comply.

The detainees, who included three independent journalists, allege one under-aged girl was improperly touched by a male officer while held at an Eastern Ave. detention centre.

Officers with the Integrated Security Unit said the allegations are groundless and there is a system in place for people to file complaints against police.

None of the protesters have filed complaints against police.

“I was throttled by a cop and later threatened with rape,” Amy Miller, of the Alternative Media Centre, said. “I saw young women being strip searched by men.”

Maryam Adriangi, of Toronto Community Mobilization Network, said she was also threatened with rape.

“I was harassed by police and had racist and sexist comments made against me,” Adriangi said.

She claimed she was picked up by police in Parkdale and placed in a prisoners’ wagon and driven around for five hours and released without charges. Network spokesman Sharmeen Khan said the more than 900 inmates were held “in disgraceful conditions” at the former film studio.

“The detainees weren’t given food or medication,” Khan said. “They had to wait hours to see a lawyer.”

She said charges were dropped against most of the activists and they were released.

Adam MacIsaac said he was detained for 12 hours for taking photos of a demonstrator being arrested.

“I was assaulted by four officers even though I wear a pacemaker,” MacIsaac said. “They didn’t care that I have heart problems.”

He alleges his camera was lost or misplaced by police. Other activists have complained their cameras with G20 shots have also gone missing.

Jesse Rosenfeld, of The Guardian, said the government is trying to muzzle the alternative press.

Rosenfeld earlier verbally attacked police who insisted on listening in on the outdoor press conference at the Alternative Media Centre on 319 Harbord St.


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