Tuesday, June 29, 2010

G20: Police Agent Provocateurs Again? A Police State in Action

Introduction by Marjaleena Repo

by Paul Manly

The following short text is by Paul Manly, the film maker (You, me and the SPP) who personally exposed the presence of police agent provocateurs at the summit in Montebello, Quebec, in 2007, see

The first clip is therefore particularly significant as it shows, again, that the Black Bloc, so-called, was part of the overall plan to justify extreme violence against citizen activists who attempted to express their views in non-violent ways, or anyone who appeared to be an activist to the not-so-discriminating eye of the country's police force operating with might-makes-right powers in Toronto. The Black Bloc was allowed to rampage for an hour and a half, without any police intervention, and the question now remains WHY?

Yesterday in Toronto, I attended a demonstration in front of the main police station on College Street, called in solidarity with those arrested and still imprisoned without any due process yet in sight. (Families STILL have not been able to connect with those arrested and are waiting in special court for their appearance as the only way to make contact, yesterday they waited all day and no one was processed, according to today's Globe. ) Police were crawling all around the College-Yonge Street area, including inside the subway, leaning against the walls, chatting with eachother, stretching their muscles — prepared to do what?

What is absolutely required now is a public inquiry into the police violence in Toronto during the G20 gathering. The police chief, Bill Blair, must resign for out and out of incompetence and for using illegal methods which endangered public safety and violated the civil liberties of a huge number of people.

I'm deeply troubled by this manifestation of ordinary, everyday fascism, in the form of a police state in action, supported by all levels of government.

Marjaleena Repo

Here are some alternative perspectives on what happened at the G20 protests in Toronto. Please feel free to circulate and post.

First my interview with a photo journalist who followed the black block for 1.5 hours and 24 blocks without any police interference until they reached the official designated protest site, got out of their black clothes, dispersed through the crowd and left the scene. Then the police brutally attacked peaceful protesters in the designated protest zone with batons and pepper spray.                         
G20 Toronto Black Block get green light to rampage?   

Full video of police charging on protesters as they finished singing the national anthem
Peaceful G20 protest at Queen & Spadina from Meghann Millard on Vimeo.

How respectful - they waited until the anthem was over and then charged!
Amy Miller - Alternative Media Centre, Independent Journalist from Darren Puscas on Vimeo.
Describes her arrest and detainment at Toronto Film Studio makeshift prison including strip searches and threats or rape.

The peaceful protest courtesy  Alex Lisman. This is the story the media hasn't covered.

More of the peaceful protest where I followed Dave Coles from the Communications Energy and Paperworkers Union. 

Amnesty International is calling for an inquiry and so are some folks on facebook

Canadians Demanding a Public Inquiry into Toronto G20 on Facebook

During the 12 days I was in Toronto I witnessed the police overreact and provoke innocent people. The first person I videotaped being arrested was charged and detained for 3 hours on Monday June 21 for possession of break and enter tools - the break and enter tool was the key to her workplace! The police didn't listen to her and only released her after finally calling her employer. She asked me not to post the video.

I have lots of footage of police searching people on the street and as they try to enter parks in the vicinity of protests. I have footage of journalists and innocent bystanders being attacked and I have footage of the Council of Canadians and the canoe flotilla as they tried to paddle to Deerhurst resort. We had five police boats, two helicopters and RCMP zodiacs at ready to stop four canoes! Security indeed!

I also have great footage of events and speakers at the Peoples Summit Launch and the Shout Out for Global Justice and interviews with people on the streets explaining why they and all of us should be opposed to the agenda of the G20. I will be posting lots of this content on the Canadians Nanaimo youtube site as well as packaging programming for the Smart Change Cable Access Coalition project. 

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