Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Loganville Man Alleges Police Brutality

By: KAITLYN PRATT/myfoxatlanta

LOGANVILLE, Ga. - A man says he called Loganville police to his home for help and ended up being beaten by officers. Kenny Dixon said Friday that he arrived home Wednesday to find that his son had committed suicide.

Crews responded to the emergency, but Dixon said police made one of his family's darkest days even worse by attacking, then arresting him.

Dixon had black eyes and scrapes on his face Friday, injuries he said he received in addition to his broken heart.

The Loganville man said found his stepson Wednesday, dead inside his garage. The 24-year-old had committed suicide.

"I tried to do CPR on him and couldn't bring him back. I yelled for people in the neighborhood to call 911," said Dixon.

When police and emergency crews arrived, Dixon said paramedics took over the rescue effort.

"I left the garage, walked to the front door. One of the police officers came up behind me, grabbed my arm, and said, 'You need to sit down.' I jerked my arm away from him and said, 'Don't touch me.' That's all I said to the man, and he tackled me," Dixon said.

Dixon said other officers then joined in and two allegedly held him down, while two others punched him in the face.

"I couldn't figure out what the heck was going on over there," said neighbor, Lisa Neighbors.

Neighbors said she woke up to screaming and looked outside.

"They were just waling on him, punching him and punching him. It was awful," Neighbors said.

"I never once resisted them, I didn't swing at them, I didn't cuss them, I didn't do anything to deserve what they did to me!" exclaimed Dixon.

Dixon said officers put him in a police car and took him to jail. The Loganville man was charged with felony obstruction.

Loganville police leaders called the incident a "regrettable situation." The chief of police said he called in the GBI to investigate and that his agency had nothing to hide.

Dixon filed a complaint and he and his neighbors said they were disgusted and want some answers.

"How could Loganville do that? How could they beat up on somebody that just came home and found their son hung?" said Neighbors.

Loganville police leaders said the four officers involved were still working. It's not clear how long the GBI investigation will take.


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