Monday, July 19, 2010

Capitalism is NOT Free Enterprise

by Tony Blizzard

A friend who knows my stand on money, etc. emailed me a Bloomberg article entitled "Capitalism not so Sacred as American Mood Sours."

The article quoted a U.S. Chamber of Commerce poll showing that 57 percent of Americans say they support capitalism, compared with more than 70 percent who back free enterprise and free markets. Polls have generally found similar lower levels of enthusiasm for "capitalism."

"There's been an erosion of support for capitalism," Steve Lombardo, who conducted the poll, said in an interview. "It hasn't become a bad word, but it's less positive than it has been."

The bigwigs want us to keep equating capitalism with free enterprise.

The truth is that free enterprise is 180 degrees-opposite capitalism. Capitalism is a mentally deranged, dysfunctional economic system which can only survive by fleecing the people while moving all wealth to private bankers and their lackey corporations.

Patriots to this day are repeating and mis-reasoning from this error which is apparently promoted as ardently as the lie of worthless bank credit being real debt which must somehow be "repaid."

Yet, recent polls by Gallop and Pew show that many of us have had it with capitalist greed. We are talking again about true free enterprise which made the U.S. an economic paradise.

These polls have the parasites squirming to the point that they feel it necessary to go into butt saving mode. (How ironic.) Of course, their first act is to put out new disinformation.

They've even added a new twist by incorporating the "free market" bull into "free-enterprise capitalism." Probably because Ron Paul style anti-all-government-regulation libertarianism has become (mistakenly) popular. So the line is that now it's all the same thing - capitalism, free markets, free enterprise - six of one, half a dozen of the other.


Capitalism wants "free markets" (not fair markets) for one purpose. To grab more and bigger shares of any business anywhere thanks to the criminally false financing of private bankers of issue, always the key to such rampaging greed.

There is only one kind of capitalism, the greed-driven kind. That is the only purpose of concentrating capital into the hands of these few, so they can use it as an economic weapon against all those less rapacious in their makeup.

That concentration is the underlying purpose of stock markets, the first of which was opened in Amsterdam shortly after the Inquisition in Spain caused many Marrano Jews to opt for migration to Holland. The ultimate result of unregulated capitalism, after dog eats dog eats dog after dog, is a single gigantic corporation, owning all, controlling all, dictating all, as in the UN objective.

And with a multitude of corpses scattered throughout the world as unconcerned "collateral." The winners of the final corporate battle under capitalism has to be the most ruthless, most heartless, most villainous, most cruel and most criminal cabal in the world. That is a close description of Satanism.


On the other hand, free enterprise presents a picture of persons of some drive offering a product or service to their local area on a small, try out basis, gradually expanding to each business person's efficient limit in his home area, serving, more or less, local people.

Even when big enough to hire others, such businesses, usually no larger than a partnership or small company, almost always remain constrained to a relatively small area. Being close to their customers, they tend to take due care to serve them properly and helpfully.

The method of operation of such free enterprises guarantees that capital will NOT accumulate into a few hands, as do giant franchises and chains, but will keep the medium of exchange circulating in the local area, never leaving, never creating boarded up downtown buildings leaving nothing but a "big box" on the edge of town next to an interstate highway where a portion of every sale is sent to global headquarters, concentrated into the hands of the few, while communities everywhere suffer from lack of enough medium of exchange to provide decent livings to all.

Keeping the medium, as well as most jobs, local, translates into decent livings all around with few paupers and few super rich but a healthy and huge "middle class," supposedly the American dream.

This is the 180 degree difference between capitalism and free enterprise in a nutshell. It is nice to know that a percentage of the people have gotten the word somewhere that free enterprise is the proper economic system while capitalism - all capitalism - is poison to everything economic.

As Rev. Denis Fahey wrote long ago, the purpose of finance is to SERVE business so that business can properly SERVE the family so the family can properly SERVE God. Under free enterprise that is not a guarantee but it comes much closer to reality than any other economic system allows.

Under capitalism, those priorities are turned on their heads as the family is made to serve business and business is at the mercy of finance while finance rules the world. This is the system we have today and it is the system those who produced the Bloomberg article are desperate to keep in power.

The first economic necessity in the world is to dethrone the bankers of issue and force all national governments to circulate honest money for the use of their people. Most of the rest of needed changes will then take care of themselves.


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