Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Imagine, There's No Internet

Curtis Sagmeister

In the past week in particular, You Tube and its parent Google have arbitrarily closed user accounts, ceased connection to videos and websites, and have funneled previously free videos to pay-per-view sites that they control. Why?

Could it be that sites they have ceased ties with openly question covert government activities? Could it be that videos clearly demonstrate political and electoral shenanigans and challenge US President Barak Obama about his citizenship, his contradictory statements pre-election versus post-election, and his ties to entities that do not have the best interests of Americans at heart? Could it simply be a cash grab?

Interestingly enough, none of the account holders with You Tube and Google were given any notice, and the vast majority of the usurped accounts are alternative media, private individuals who blog their views of the impending new world order, and individual videos that express views unfavorable to that of the government. That alone is stinky.

There are those in high public office who have stated openly that we (meaning the puppet masters who make presidents and world leaders dance at will) should be able to control the internet and shut it off with a switch. In fact, that is possible given the architecture on which the internet was built. Add to this the coded search engine technology on which Google is built having its roots dug deep in military intelligence circles, and you have a recipe for total information control by a small handful of world elite. There is even a segment of the population who believe that Google itself is a front for intelligence agencies.

The Washington Post, who seemingly act as a quasi public relations vehicle for the White House, exposed some deep dark secrets of intelligence operations, including the fact that more than 854,000 people now have security clearance at the highest levels. These are not all military personnel or spooks folks. Many are employees of multinational corporations that earn billions each year. These corporations have a vested interest in controlling the information we see.

With apologies to John Lennon, imagine. Imagine not having access to information from all points of view. Imagine being told what you can write on your blog. Imagine not being able to have a blog. Imagine having to rely on news and information that comes from a small handful of corporate controlled media. Imagine there's no internet. It's easy if you try.

And that's my take.


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