Sunday, July 18, 2010

Codex Alimentarius and the New World Order

By Terra

Codex Alimentarius has been heavily documented as one of the elites major tools of manipulation and the slow retardation of the world population.

In 1963, the United Nations created a world trade commission to control the worlds food supply. This international trade commission chose to use the Napoleonic code to create a risk assessment, or a world food code. The UN calls this code, Codex Alimentarius..

Codex Alimentarius is the thousands of standards and guidelines that the codex commissions use to regulate all of the worlds food supply, especially the worlds food trade. The corporate world has found its way into many key positions through out the UN and its programs. An example of this is the worlds biotech company Monsanto. They supply the seeds that feed the world, with UN approval approval of course.

These seeds are genetically modified with the popular pesticide, Round Up. Even though the produce of these seeds has been found to cause harmful side effects in animals and humans, the Codex and the U.N. have protected these seeds and promoted them worldwide. The UN has even been quoted as saying, “He who controls the food controls the world.”

The Codex controls all aspects of our food supply including nutrition, vitamins, and minerals. There is a Codex committee on nutrition and foods for special dietary uses.This particular committee of the Codex is chaired by a Dr. Rolf Grossklaus. Dr. Grossklaus has made statements to the fact that “nutrients are toxins”. He has also stated that “nutrition is not relevant to health”. His statements are idiotic and possibly criminal. We all know that nutrients are far from being toxins. We know we need vitamins and minerals to grow and remain healthy during our life time. You may be asking, why make these statements? The answer is simple, Dr. R. Grossklaus has made these statements to promote the U.N.s form of consumer protection and to bring about the control over an individuals use and access to vitamins and minerals.

Codex Alimentarius isn't for the protection of the worlds population, but for the increase in the economic ambitions of the multi national corporations such as pharmaceutical company, Bayer. If the public has the ability to buy high quality vitamins and minerals over the counter, pharmaceutical companies lose money by losing the ability to produces medications to fix the illness caused by the very substandard foods they promote.

By using junk science, the Codex and its promoter the UN are spreading the belief that nutritional supplements are dangerous to our health, a move that they hope will lead the world into a blind following and total compliance to Codex Alimentarius. They do this in hopes of ending all natural and nutritional medicine so big Pharma wins and basically controls the world. This is just one more step towards the New World Order and the One world Government.


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