Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Story That Was Never Told!

By Jim Kirwan

Late in the day on 9-11-01, this story should have appeared on the front pages of every American Newspaper, and should have been running non-stop on CNN and every other network media outlet on the planet. But it was buried and has been totally forgotten by the so-called media at every possible turn. (1)

The story is this:
'Did Israeli's execute 911? On September 11, 2001 NYPD arrested two Israelis fleeing in a truck filled with explosives. They took two to three people in custody. Why did the truck the Israelis were driving, filled with explosives, have a mural painted on the side of the truck depicting the first plane hitting the first tower? The truck was loaded with thousands of pounds of explosives and was headed for the George Washington Bridge. The FBI said that there were tons of explosives inside the van that could have done great damage to the George Washington Bridge. The FBI arrested the two suspects. (CNN tape of this is included in the video). NJ State Police pulled the van over and began to question them. Under questioning the Israelis said that their purpose was to document the event (no explanation was ever given about the tons of explosives, in their van or about why the mural depicting the first plane hitting the first tower was painted (professionally) on their van (which had to have been completed long before the day of the attacks).

The bomb squad was called, to deal with the truck, between 6th and 7th on King Street. The two occupants had fled, and were arrested after the truck exploded. Five men total were detained 8 hours after the attack on the towers, according to the New Jersey News (on screen). All the Israeli's arrested worked for Urban Moving Systems, a Mossad front company. After 71 days the 5 Israeli's were taken out of jail, put on a plane and deported back to Israel.'

If these five had been Americans they would have made front page news, and this incident would have been all over the news. But because they were Israelis, and therefore (protected suspects), no stories appeared, and no photographs of the truck with that damning mural on its side were ever published: At the time. Because if that had happened it would have been clear who killed all those people on 911, and it wasn't a crew operating from a cave in Afghanistan!

Had this story been given the coverage it deserved; there would have been no ATTACK on Afghanistan, because the events of 911 would have been seen for the crime of mass murder which it was; and not as the Governments of Israel, Britain and the US wanted this to be seen. Mossad and the FBI as well as the CIA were all complicit in this coverup, along with those terrorist cells in Washington D.C., more commonly known as the legislative, executive and judicial branches, of this government.

Just as the demonstrators inside OCCCUPY need to stop just-watching and start acting; the American public must begin to DEMAND ANSWERS to this and other events that have gone on now for over ten years without ANSWERS. What this means is that all those people that we killed after 911 were murdered for yet another lie; and that this massively important lie changed the history of the United States forever. Because without this false-flag story of 911, there could never have been a PATRIOT ACT or TSA, never mind the invasion and slaughter of millions of people in both Afghanistan and Iraq; not to mention all the additional millions that have come after those two more lies that must be added to the events of 911.

The FBI was the agency that released these Mossad operatives back to Israel - we need to find and arrest the FBI officials that let them go;

If this story does not become the front-page news that it did not become on 911; then it will be clear that the mainstream media here is also complicit in the events behind this extremely revealing story of the van with the mural of the first tower being struck-before the day even arrived for that to have happened.


9/11 Vans: 'Splain This! - 7 min 02 second Video


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