Monday, April 26, 2010

Politicians Asked "What country in the Middle East ACTUALLY has Nukes?"

Have you ever wondered why this is such a hard question to answer?  Why doesn't Israel have to answer for the nukes they have, and yet, Iran is expected to answer for imaginary ones?

From this article [Edit: It would seem the censors have removed the article, but luckily, I have posted it here], we see Israel is already considered as the world's "sixth nuclear power."  Yet, they refuse to own up to the nukes they have.  Why?

As far back as 1974, the CIA has known Israel was developing nuclear weapons, as you can see in this document.  Why is no UN or US pressure put on this country as it is with Iran?

This is a wonderful BBC documentary on Israel's nuclear program.

Ask yourselves, what makes Israel so special?

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