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Fractures in the Truth Movement, Part III

The Fissure Becomes a Gulf

Brandon Dean
December 17th, 2009

“Strange powers have our enemies, and strange weaknesses!  But it has long been said: oft evil will shall evil mar.”
–J.R.R. Tolkien, from The Two Towers

“This fracture in the truth movement between the anti-zionists and the Alex Jones automatons was building gradually for a few years until [Jason] Bermas blew the issue wide open on Alex Jones’ show in April.  Since then the fracture has become a fissure, and the fissure will soon become a gulf.
As covered in part 1 of this series, the split between anti-zionists and those who equate anti-zionism with anti-semitism was blown wide open last April by Jason Bermas of Loose Change fame, while guest-hosting the Alex Jones Show.  He accomplished this by berating a caller who had the audacity to ask about Jewish control of the Hollywood media.  This split widened to a fissure with the firing of Jeff Rense from GCN’s radio network, with Texe Marrs writing an article critical of Jason Bermas, and with Nathaniel Kapner opening the debate on whether Alex Jones is a zionist shill–or just a useful idiot.
Well, a new fissure has appeared between Alex Jones and those who honestly seek the truth in politics and history, which has been building gradually–along with the anti-zionist rift–since the forums were created in 2007.  The two rifts, side by side, represent what has now become a gulf between the Alex Jones world and the rest of the war for truth and justice.  As explained in Parts 1 and 2 of this series, when Alex Jones had the forums deleted in a hissy fit live on air, it was just before this time that the forums were created.  Because the members only .tv forums were un-moderated, Alex Jones equipped the new free forums at with moderators who would make Pol Pot flinch.  These moderators have been suppressing the flow of information on’s forums ever since.
What information is there to suppress on an internet forum, you ask?  It’s funny you should ask, because that’s one of the things I’d like to address.  I made the case for anti-zionism in part 2 of this series, and it just so happens that this is one of the subjects under extreme scrutiny at  It seems Alex Jones has a reason to suppress any talk of Jews or zionism.  I will leave it up to you to decide why that might be, although if you’ve been reading this series, I think I’ve made my opinion on the matter abundantly clear.  When someone claims that Arabs own Hollywood, I have to sit back and smile at the sheer arrogance of the statement.  Not to mention, my first thought is: “Who the hell is paying this guy to say that?”  Yet Alex Jones has made this exact statement not once, but a number of times.
And how does one go about suppressing the flow of information on an internet forum?  How do you go about the seedy business of appearing to be for truth and uncovering political crimes, while hiding and removing any trace of your own lies and crimes? It’s easier than you may think.  People who are used to being lied to their entire lives sometimes have a hard time seeing through new lies, even if this is their main desire. But as with all lies, eventually the jig is up.  A home built upon a foundation of lies is no home at all…
Following are four main tactics I have observed, which are used by internet forum moderators to suppress the free flow of information:
The first tactic is ridicule.  Any idea outside of the accepted bubble must be ruthlessly vilified by both moderators and sycophantic registered users alike.
The second tactic is moving threads to “dunce” boards, which are basically forum boards where moderators can quarantine all “kooky” threads.  This effectively quarantines the idea of the thread, along with the thread itself and the person who posted the thread.  New users naturally shy away from these boards, not wishing to be outcasts.  Included in this tactic is changing the title of threads to make the poster appear ignorant or even hateful, and merging “dunce” threads with other “dunce” threads in order to confuse the issues.
The third tactic is deleting posts and threads altogether… Forum posts which are critical of the moderators, or whose topics are taboo, can be simply deleted.
The fourth tactic is banning registered members from using and viewing the forums outright.  The ban can be temporary or permanent. This is the tactic that appears to be the downfall of the forums.’s forum moderators apply all of the above tactics to their forums with ruthless efficacy.  Many users become disgusted by the blatant abuse of authority, and simply leave, not waiting to get banned or ridiculed.  So some see the scam for what it is, and leave on their own terms.  Others, as mentioned earlier, are too used to being manipulated to see through the charade.
There is an immediate danger the internet poses for the powers-that-be, and those powers have every motive–financial and political–to attempt to stifle dissent on the internet.  It only makes sense considering the effort they’ve expended on suppressing truth through the mainstream media.  They would be stupid to not attempt control of their opposition…
As a matter of fact, the internet threatens the existence of mainstream news in a very real way.  There are people from all walks of life who are waking from their apathetic slumber–young and old, black and white, male and female–and they have the internet to thank for it.  They are finally realizing that the only way to be free and to remain free is through eternal vigilance.  Their awareness may be gradual, and occur as a matter of degrees, but they all have a choice: if they continue to search the internet for a new leader to replace their former leaders—someone to explain this horrible world to them so they are not forced to find their own explanation–they will end up forever at sites like  If they honestly search for answers, the answers can and will find them–on the internet or elsewhere.

Breakdown at PrisonPlanet
“Sane has now seen that these JT detractors are bona fide co-intel/spooks… that have divided the membership, using me as the conduit to try and take us down… the trolls will be disappearing like mad now from ppf… the boys are working overtime…all those people that bought into the lies over on waronyou… have joined the enemy and don’t even know it… When Alex heard the Coyotés howling that first night I was away from home… that was the signal that the cyber hot-infowar had began…
—JTCoyote, moderator for forums
Moderators for these internet forums, in my opinion, have a special calling to act correctly. In any case, what they certainly do not have a special calling to do is bilk forum users out of money…
Yet this is exactly what has recently occurred at, and it is the catalyst for the gulf that has developed between Jones’ world and the rest of the war for truth and justice.  A moderator for–who uses the moniker “JTCoyote”–created a “money bomb” (a la Alex Jones and Ron Paul) for himself, ostensibly to help keep his house, which had supposedly gone into foreclosure.  A money bomb is basically a standing beg for money.  The twist is that there is a goal of how much money is desired, and by which date the money is needed.
On November 16th, things started moving quickly for JTCoyote and’s forums.  JTCoyote decided to spend 2,000 of the “money bomb” dollars sent to him for his house on T shirts and hats to give away to those who donated to his money bomb.  Soon after the announcement of the hats and T shirts at, the anger started.  Many posts critical of this asinine financial decision were deleted, and those who posted them were banned from the forums, with or without explanation.
Then the curtain fell for JTCoyote… He banned one of the most popular members of, one “Anti_Illuminati.”  Anti_Illuminati was a junior moderator for’s forums who posted a large amount of information on various subjects.  There was enormous protest at this banning.  The reason Anti_Illuminati was banned, according to JTCoyote, was for breaching an unwritten rule about not posting private messages on public forums.
What happened was this: JTCoyote accused Anti_Illuminati (via private message) of moving a thread JTCoyote had posted, in order to “bury” it.  Anti_Illuminati then posted this message on the pubic forums, which read in part: “If you bury this thread for which an article by Kurt Nimmo is being written as I type, I will ban your f**king ASS!”
So Anti_Illuminati posted this message to the public forums, and JTCoyote banned him…
This was the last straw for many members, especially those who enjoyed reading Anti_Illuminati’s material.  Although the exodus from had already begun in earnest with the hat/T shirt fiasco, this seemed to open the floodgates.
In any case, November 16th, 2009 could not have been one of JTCoyote’s favorite days.  PrisonPlanet member “User111″ posted the following on the forums (directly prior to being banned) early on the 16th:
JT, you just lost every [ounce] of respect I have ever had for you by deleting every “anti donate” [posting,] or postings questioning your [validity] for seeking money.
It was pretty much downhill from there.  The preceding quote was made before Anti_Illuminati got banned.  Before and after he was banned, the criticisms poured in.  As the mayhem unfolded too quickly to put a cap on it, the top moderator for the forums, who goes by the moniker “Sane,” stepped in to perform damage control for JTCoyote.   Sane claimed responsibility for moving JTCoyote’s thread, then un-banned Anti_Illuminati and a number of the other members who’d been banned since the affair began.  But it was too late–the proverbial cat was already out of the bag.
To be fair, JTCoyote himself has blamed the entire exodus of members from on “cointel/spooks” from what he considers to be’s rival site––as you may have noticed in the quote above.  He claims that members of infiltrated the forums in an attempt to sow dissent and confusion, or even to steal PrisonPlanet’s members.  If you are not aware, “cointel/spooks” is a reference to a formerly secret government program called “Cointelpro,” which was used to sow dissent and confusion in such organizations as the Black Panthers, or among anti-war college protesters, during the 1960’s and 1970’s. The fact that JTCoyote had to resort to deletion of posts and threads–and flat out banning members–to avoid discussing his actions seems to not be a factor in his calculations on who to blame.  The fact that he spent 2,000 dollars for no reason when it could have gone to his supposed debts doesn’t seem to factor in either.  Nope–it was’s members who caused the whole thing.  It seems blame can be found anywhere but at
This writer has been on a personal boycott of everything Alex Jones for over two years at present, so I make it a point to stay away from his sites as much as possible.  However, this recent debacle necessitated me visiting in research for this article, and to see for myself the infamous magic disappearing threads and replies in their native habitat…
In any case, “Sane’s” damage control did not stop JTCoyote from banning everyone critical of him, his money bomb, and the banning of Anti_Illuminati, even after they had been “un-banned.”
It got to the point on November 30th that his lordship Alex Jones himself had to step in and take action to quell his restless minions.  When PrisonPlanet member Reed (who is now a Waronyou member) called in to the Alex Jones Show in an attempt to get to the bottom of the situation, Alex Jones had a hissy fit and temporarily closed the PrisonPlanet forums. Jones claimed to know nothing about JTCoyote’s money bomb, and publicly forbade any of the moderators or users of or  from begging for money in the future.  Apparently begging is Alex Jones’ exclusive province on his sites as the self-styled “father” of the truth movement.  In any case, JTCoyote was busted from a “global” moderator (who moderates all the boards in a forum) down to a normal moderator who moderated only one board.  Now JTCoyote’s account has been canceled, as his posts presently appear with the title “guest” underneath his user name.
The temporary closing of the forums  played out like an exact replica of when those forums were created in the first place (in the wake of the deleting of the forums), when a member attempted to get to the bottom of another situation by calling in to the show.  Although the .com forums were accessible within a few hours after they were closed this time, Alex Jones certainly appears to have little patience for the people who use his sites…
A quick side note: this is not the first exposure of a moderator as a scam artist.  A former PrisonPlanet moderator, named Chris Arnold, branched off from and formed his own video site, named  I do not recommend visiting that address at this point, because the entire site has been redirected to a pyramid scam.  In other words, Chris Arnold tried to branch off on Alex Jones’ ideas in a very literal way.  At first, Arnold just started inserting banner ads and threads in the forums, which led to obvious pyramid scams he’d set up.  A somewhat smaller exodus than the present one occurred from to at the time.  Arnold was exposed by an member, who goes by the moniker “Rainchild,” and who is now a member of (and who had previously been banned for dubious reasons from where else but PrisonPlanet?).  When Arnold was exposed, he redirected his site permanently to a pyramid scam.
Chris Arnold gained slight infamy in the “truth” world when Alex Jones’ wife threatened to sue him over making profits from ads on his site while using Jones’ copyrighted video material, which Jones regularly urges people to duplicate and “spread around.”  At this point–to say the least–I wonder if there was more to it than Arnold let on.  I guess it’s all water under the bridge at this point…

...So in Conclusion
So where does this leave us in a war for truth and justice?  Who exactly is Alex Jones and what purpose does he serve?  Why the need for deleting threads which question those with power at  Why the obfuscation of truth on a “truth” site?  This fiasco has not stopped them using their tactics.  In fact, their attempt at damage control did far more to hurt than help their situation.  They have created an opposition base which will now work to expose their nefarious deeds.  And Alex Jones, being the man responsible for, is ultimately responsible for who moderates the forums on his sites.  Jones likes to shift blame for any fiascoes with to his “webmaster” Paul Watson, but he made it abundantly clear that he is the boss when he temporarily closed down the forums.
So what’s the story with this guy Alex Jones?  Is it simply a ferocious hunger for–and obsession with–money?  Is Alex Jones simply a fraud from head to toe?  He reminds me of the Tammany Hall politicians of New York, who would pay political hopefuls to stand at the wharfs, handing out free literature and meals to immigrants as they stepped off the boats, in an attempt to get them to vote Tammany.
Alex Jones mendaciously guards the gates of truth and freedom, and attempts to round up and brainwash newcomers to the war for truth and justice before they have a chance to see for themselves with open-mindedness and serious research.  He infects them with poisonous fear and insecurity, then pumps them up with emotion-driven theatrics, which keep them coming back like no mainstream news channel I know of.  Many of Jones’ fans have rabid, cult-like obsessions with their hero, and act out with the same emotional tantrums Jones himself does.  I sometimes wonder if Alex Jones has set aside some land in Guyana for his sycophants, a la Jim Jones…
Alex Jones and the people who work for him have caused a massive gulf in the so-called truth movement, and there is absolutely zero hope of closing it.  Oceans are forming between Jones and those he is at odds with.
And while Alex Jones courts celebrities and disregards his support base, we are still here, slugging it out in the trenches of the war for truth and justice.  We who actually seek truth for justice’ sake will never capitulate to the enemy in any of its forms–whether it is the mass media, the zionist elite, or false messiahs like Alex Jones, set before us as a test of our honor and fortitude.  Should we attempt to mend this rift, or should we watch the Island of Dr. Jones slowly float away?  Do we accept responsibility ourselves for the truth, or do we yield our imperative individual power to external forces?  It’s you who must decide…
“The ice is near, the solitude is terrible–but how peacefully all things lie in the light.”
–Friedrich Nietzsche, from Ecce Homo

Te read part 1 of this series, click here.  To read part 2, click here.
© Brandon Dean, 2009

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