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Fractures in the “Truth” Movement

Separating the Mice From the Men
Brandon Dean
August 3rd, 2009
“It’s not too cool to be ridiculed
But you brought this upon yourself
The world is tired of pacifiers
We want the truth and nothing else
—Stevie Wonder

What is the “Truth Movement?”
What some contemporary writers and activists term the “Truth Movement” (loosely defined as those who search for truth behind government corruption) is actually an age-old phenomenon, which I refer to as the Generational Freedom Movement.  I’ve written two parts of an ongoing series entitled “Heroes of the Generational Freedom Movement.” This series details, so far, two individuals I name heroes for their efforts to expose corruption.  Namely: General George S Patton, and General Smedley Butler.  They are both military men, but there is a reason I chose both.  To read Part 1 click here.  To read Part 2 click here.
Throughout the generations, from Spartacus to the traditional Irish Republican resistance to the British Crown, there has been a spirit of rebellion against oppression inherent in the human race.  Throughout these same generations, the elite of the human race have been honing their skills of oppression.  For in the modern “first” world we have a mental slavery to counter the direct, violent oppression of the third world.  It would seem as though those with the illusion of freedom have the stronger chains.  Rebellions and armed resistance are frequent where oppression is outright, and non-existent where “freedom reigns.”
Here in the first world, where communication is key–where propaganda is almost all-encompassing–we fight an information war.  We demand and use our freedom of speech like third world farmers use their AK-47’s.  We change policy with our speech.
There is a genuine opposition to the power elite in these united States.  I’ve been a part of it for almost twenty years, in one form or another.  When the BATF fire-bombed a church in Waco, Texas, it straightened my spine like an electroshock.  The public anger was palpable.   Those I found who sympathized with me referred to the burgeoning numbers of truth-seekers as the “Patriot Movement.”  Militias sprang up all over the country–some of us were fed up to the point of preparing for the worst, should the BATF choose to treat us the same as they did those in Waco.
After 9/11/01, the patriot movement morphed from “kooky militiamen” to a more mainstream phenomenon, simply by attrition–9/11 was so huge it was bound to cause people to open their eyes and pay attention, and those who caused 9/11 knew this would happen…

Alex Jones

During the heady, grungy days of the mid-90’s (1996 to be exact)–Alex Jones sprang up out of the woodwork in Austin, Texas, a middle class, conservative-leaning loud mouth.  For a few years he plugged away at his public access TV show, and garnered a modest audience interested in his “paleo-conservative” tirades.  Jones has always heavily relied on theatrics, a style which has attracted quite an audience in the post-911 era. His emotional discourse draws out similar emotions in those who listen to him.
Jones helped rebuild the burned down Waco Branch Davidian church, but there is more than enough controversy surrounding his involvement in the project.  Controversy seems to follow Alex Jones wherever he goes, and after years of the same shtick, one must wonder: “why the shtick?”
I can remember listening to Alex Jones’ radio show in 2001-2002, and there were many times when Jones’ would beg for people to call in, because the lines were empty.  In other words, there were long years before Jones dared claim he was the “father” of the truth movement.
Alex Jones shot to prominence by appearing to sneak into the Bohemian Grove, an occult summer camp for the global elite.  But it is painfully obvious he was allowed in to consolidate his place in the emerging truth movement.
He has always used to his radio and TV shows as platforms to vilify his critics.  He regularly hangs up on anyone who disagrees with him, unless of course it’s the guest on the show.  He will spinelessly suck up to his guest whether they agree with him or not.
Jones’ popularity has exploded in the last three to four years.  He’s always somehow managed to sneak past the “cointelpro” censors at mainstream news networks, at least enough to get an interview with someone like Geraldo Rivera on FOX, as a representative of this “truth movement.”  How convenient for Alex Jones that he gets to represent the truth movement on mainstream TV news!  In my experience, only controlled opposition gets a coveted interview on CONTROLLED mainstream TV news.  But hey, that’s just 19-years-of-me-paying-attention speaking–no need to heed my words or anything…

Unmoderated Forums: The First Movement-wide Exposure of Alex Jones’ True Colors.

In May of 2007, the un-moderated forums opened to paying members of  I happened to be one of the original posters in these forums.  There I came in contact with a few people whom I still talk to today.  One of them is a member; one “Francis Dade.”  Now Francis Dade is a southern gentleman, and he was chastised by Alex Jones live on the air, for daring to defend the anonymity of members.
In defense of this anonymity, demanded by most members–which was null and void if your membership ran out (in other words, your real name would appear on your posts if your account was ended)–Francis Dade called into the Alex Jones show.  The forums were un-moderated, which meant we couldn’t ask a moderator to help us fix any problems we had.  we tried many avenues to get Jones’ attention without success, and calling in the show seemed the only possible avenue left.

“soupy dead children!”

A few of the members got through to the show, only to get berated and hung up on by Jones on air.  But Jones was slightly thrown off by Francis Dade’s gentlemanly manner, and decided to let him speak.  Francis Dade explained the situation, and Jones’ reaction was to scream at him that this was a non-issue, and there was nothing he could do about it.  Francis Dade persisted, and Jones responded by calling his internet tech live on air to tell him condescendingly to “pull” the forums and delete everything.  Needless to say, many subscriptions were canceled directly after this incident, and some have even made it their mission in life to expose Alex Jones as a money-grubbing opportunist and scam artist.

Jeff Rense
Jeff Rense of, in stark contrast to Alex Jones, maintains a very low profile (the above photo is the only one available of him on the internet), and encourages open debate.  He encourages open debate by posting links to topics other “respectable” truth sites won’t touch.  The only issue seems to hammer home is the one subject Alex Jones (and many other “leaders” of the truth movement) won’t touch: Zionism and the supposed Jewish Holocaust of World War II.  Where other major sites marginalize the Revisionist Movement (which has been around for sixty years longer than the current manifestation of the truth movement), promotes investigation of Zionists and their fairy tales.

Mike Rivero
Mike Rivero of has been in the truth movement since he discovered that the Clinton Administration was responsible for the death of then-president Bill Clinton’s chief of staff Vincent Foster.  Rivero worked in the special effects side of the movie industry before there were computer effects, and he has worked on many many projects which required knowledge of graphically violent situations, scenery, and forensic accuracy.  Seeing the broadcasted photo of the faked suicide of Foster, and knowing it for what it was, instantly turned Rivero into an activist for the truth.  He has been hard at work exposing criminals ever since.
Rivero, like Rense, is unafraid to discuss the Zionist issue.  And Rivero, like Rense, has for years been accused of “anti-semitism,” which is the pet-term of the Zionists for those who oppose them.

Other Names Emerge in the Truth Movement

Eric Hufschmid, who claims basically everyone works for the “Jews”–including Jeff Rense and Mike Rivero

Mike Ruppert, the disgraced “patriot” and ex-LAPD officer who attempted to rob his own offices in a lame attempt to garner more attention and support from “truthers,” and who subsequently fled the country, under the auspices that the “government” had chased him out under threat of bodily harm…

the “Loose Change” crew.  In the center is Jason Bermas, a rabid “anti-racist” who screams at, vilifies, or otherwise shuts down any critical mention of Jews when possible, even though Jews are just people, and not above criticism, just like any other group of people.

In the ensuing years since 9/11/01, other “leaders” have emerged in different sectors of the truth movement, from the extreme right to the extreme left, and to what I would term the “extreme center.”
Two of the most prominent of these emerging leaders are Jeff Rense and Mike Rivero.  These two have not only consistently shown themselves to be more concerned for the truth than their popularity, but they have also shown themselves to be the bigger men in a battle which is basically screaming for accusations and name-calling.  More on that in a minute…
Most of these so-called leaders, however, have not shown themselves to be as open and reliable as Jeff Rense and Mike Rivero.  I may not believe half the topics discussed on, but I am open-minded and realistic enough to not deny something I myself have not researched, and to welcome opposing opinions to mine.

The Split Appears
In mid-April of this year, a caller to the Alex Jones Show asked Jones’ stand-in–Jason Bermas of Loose Change fame–about the fact that most of the television media is owned by Jews.  Bermas exploded on the caller, and claimed that all those who believe that mostly Jews “own Hollywood” should electrocute themselves by getting in a bathtub and dropping in a toaster oven, because apparently we’re all Jew-haters.  Which is funny, because I would have to hate part of myself to hate Jews, and I hate none of myself…
Texe Marrs, who has been a guest on the Alex Jones show for years, wrote an article about the incident, in which he stated about Bermas: Quite a rampage by the supposedly “patriot” talk show host. And all because the poor caller had dared to propose undue Jewish influence over the media.”
Jeff Rense linked to Marrs’ article on  Being that the article was obviously critical of Alex Jones, Jones flipped out and threatened to sue Jeff Rense and everyone else who criticizes him.  Watch the following video clip:

Rense was fired from (or left) the Genesis Communications Network, which broadcasts many “patriot” radio shows, including the Alex Jones Show and the Jack Blood Show, some time in late March/early April.  Rense and Jones had an as yet unspecified fallout, and Jones’ pull is obviously what got Rense fired.
Brother Nathaniel Kapner of

At the end of March, Brother Nathaniel Kapner of wrote an article entitled “Is Alex Jones a Zionist Shill? Controversy Swirls” which was obviously critical of Jones. Kapner has emerged as a force in his own right within the truth movement since being linked to by
These two incidents have caused a fracture in the truth movement which is irreparable.  Among those who have been involved in this movement for a long time (especially those who remember William Cooper), Jeff Rense is far more respected than Alex Jones.  Alex Jones remains the best at drawing in audiences within the truth movement, however, with constant promotion of all sorts, including free promotion from rabid fans who pass out his DVDs, bumper stickers, and message on street corners and malls around the country.

The Death of Bill Cooper

William Cooper was a hero of the patriot movement of the 1980’s and 1990’s.  In 1991, Cooper wrote what I still consider to be the definitive book relating to the current truth movement, entitled Behold a Pale Horse.  His short wave radio show “Hour of the Time” aired for years, and encouraged thousands of others like myself to become more active in the future of these united States.
In June of 2001, Bill Cooper predicted the terrorist events of September 11th, 2001.  In July of 2001, Alex Jones, who obviously listened to Bill Cooper’s show, but denies it to this day, also claimed he had “intel” that within a couple months of July terrorists would strike New York City.  Bill Cooper watched the news and put two and two together, coming up with 4.  Alex Jones, by contrast, had “intel” that bin Laden would strike. Coincidence?
Watch this video:

Bill Cooper Exposes Alex Jones as a Shill, and Dies 7 Weeks Later
On November 5th, 2001, Cooper was killed by undercover sheriff’s deputies in Arizona about 7 weeks after EXPOSING ALEX JONES AS A FRAUD, and almost two months after the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01,
Cooper had listened to Alex Jones’ broadcast on December 31st, 1999, and decided Alex Jones was controlled opposition.  He spent months putting the audio clips of the Jones show together for his expose.  Between Jones’ “Y2K show” and the subsequent interviews he gave that night and the next day, it became painfully obvious to Cooper that Jones was a scaremonger and opportunist, not to mention an outright liar.
The following clip is part 1 of Bill Cooper’s show exposing Alex Jones:

To hear parts 2 through 6, go here.

Bill Cooper’s death coincidentally paved the way for Alex Jones’ ensuing career success.  Am I saying Alex Jones was involved in Cooper’s death?  No, but I’m also not saying he wasn’t.  I don’t know one way or the other–I just know it was extremely convenient for Jones’ career that Cooper died…

Zionism Versus the German Death Cult
So who has more influence in this country?  An elusive Germanic Death Cult, with whom the only possible people to blame are the “front men” in government and corporations, or a zionist elite which pervades every aspect of the supposed Germanic death cult and more?
According to Jones, the world is controlled by a loose series of occult secret societies, which at some miraculous point in the future will all agree on one world government.  But the problem is, if there’s no real cohesion between the New World Order affiliates, then to whom, and how and when are they going to decide to all of a sudden relinquish their hard-earned power?  If there is no one to point to at the very top, then there is no one to point to at all.  Those government and corporate “front men” Jones refers to could never be held truly responsible for their crimes if there is always an elusive superior who gave the order.
A serious look at US history will show even the dilettante a pattern of Zionists who pretend to be Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Republican, Democrat, American–anything but the creatures they are: godless zionist thugs.  The fact that most of the banks, media, food manufacturing companies and social services in this country are owned and controlled by Zionists masquerading as upstanding Jews and Christians seems to have no effect upon the opinion of Alex Jones or Jason Bermas.  They still claim the country is controlled by “death cults,” and Alex Jones has even claimed that “Hollywood is owned by the Arabs,” the notion of which Jew Ben Stein (and many others) laugh at.
Listen to Alex Jones claim that Hollywood is owned by the Arabs:

Do Jews run Hollywood?  You bet they do-and what of it?
—Ben Stein
One of the hallmarks of oppression is controlled opposition.  This entails injecting your man into your opposition, to be able to control that opposition.  If you pay someone to spread false information, the chances of cohesive action against your plan disintegrates.  Zionists are masters of playing both sides, as evinced through the Israelis’ mostly phony war with Hamas, which they played a major part in creating.

Zionism Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry
This fracture in the truth movement between the anti-zionists and the Alex Jones automatons was building gradually for a few years until Bermas blew the issue wide open on Alex Jones’ show in April.  Since then the fracture has become a fissure, and the fissure will soon become a gulf.
Jones wishes to recruit every new possible “truther” into his “cointelpro” “zionism equals anti-semitism” world before they can search a little deeper into the non-moneyed world to discover the zionist beast.  But with his money, duped from starry-eyed patriots who foolishly trust him to spend it on the “cause,” Jones has promoted himself and his scare-mongering, not the truth.  He has proven himself the most skittish of mice, and has separated himself from the men with his ultimate treachery: the sacrilege of twisting the truth into a profit.
And while Alex Jones cries and moans and attempts to sue everyone on the planet who criticizes him, the two other major players in the truth movement–Jeff Rense and Mike Rivero–remain reticent in the face of conflict.  Jeff Rense simply issued a humble statement regarding the issue, and Rivero looked the other way, wisely seeing it as a worthless distraction.  Rivero still links to Jones’ material and appears as a guest on the Alex Jones Show, and has not made public (to my knowledge) his opinion on the matter..
But to those of us who don’t have the big names, and who live in the trenches of the battle for truth every day, the split widens, and the balance is coming over to our side.  Alex Jones is now seeing his control slide away, and good riddance.
Zionism, with all of its different manifestations and evil, has lost its impervious way.  The internet has shown its tactics the door, and now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag, the zionists are all a-fluster.   Their time-honored tactics no longer avail them; in fact, their tactics now expose their true methods rather than covering them up.
Zionism’s controlled opposition to the truth movement has failed.  They are desperate to regain the field, and I’m afraid they’ll do anything they believe will regain it.  This is a dangerous time to be for the truth, but I will leave you with one final thought:
“I keep on fighting for the things I want
though I know that when you’re dead you can’t
but I’d rather be a free man in my grave
than living as a puppet or a slave”
—Jimmy Cliff

© Brandon Dean, 2009

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