Monday, November 8, 2010

Thrown Off the Wake-up Wagon

By Brandon Dean {be patient and will be back up soon...}
November 7th, 2010

"Well I see that the world is upside-down
seems that my pockets were filled up with gold
and now the clouds, well they've covered everything over
and the wind is blowing cold..."
--Tom Waits

There once was a time when life seemed more plasticine, through more synthetic eyes. At some point in our pasts, whether distant or near, each of us crossed a threshold in our accepted cycles of living. For some of us, it feels like it's always been there, in one form or another--a final non-acceptance of our stations in life and society.

It could have been a seminal event, which, as presented, seemed inexplicable in the most obvious ways. Or it could have been the result of a lifetime of hardships forcing you to face up to the cold reality of this planet. Some inherently understand the depths of just how apathetic this sphere we're stuck to happens to be. It may be simply the shedding of your refusal to accept this reality.

We are creatures capable of endless feats of grace and beauty, and are only limited by our imaginations. But we also paint our histories with blood, and are capable of the most disgraceful acts.

We all deal with temptation. and we all know what is right and what is wrong, if we only take the time to ask ourselves.

It can be an overwhelming experience to all of a sudden gain access to the gulf of information available for investigating "the truth." Those who still wish to gather around a shepherd will most certainly find themselves a shepherd. They're all over the internet, and they're firmly ensconced in many a "truth seeker's" subconscious, much like the mainstream media still enjoys a firm grip on the minds of those afraid to face the cold reality of our apathetic planet. If those who've finally had enough shit and propaganda could only instantly see what they're truly up against, it really would separate the shepherds from the sheep...

This world--this globe--is not concerned in the least with your fate. We are so insignificant in the scope of the literal universe that it truly seems like there should be no hope for us at all. The mere contemplation of this reality sends the more lighthearted into pathetic depression cycles of shame and denial. To others it rests as a comfort against the very evil and desperation we face in our lives every day. We take comfort in the fact that we stand every bit as significant as those whose keys unlock chains.

He really is a frail little man, with a mind of wrought iron and sulfur.

Take refuge in your imaginations; they are the most valuable resources we possess as human beings. The restless spirit is that which cannot be chained by anyone but yourself. You are free right now to refuse to join the parade and hold their banner. No one is stopping you from being free. No one.

So you were thrown to the wolves by everyone for simply wanting the truth? It made you not only angry, but worse still, it made you cynical? Well, stand on a mountain and scream to God how it hurts if you have to, but get past it. There is a whole world to experience, and a wealth of resources to finally drown the most avid seeker of the truth.

Don't forget about your common sense. This is your divining rod.

© Brandon Dean, 2010

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