Monday, November 8, 2010

A Short Message: Question Everything

By Pat Anderson

It never fails to amaze me when I see otherwise intelligent people falling for the same lies over and over again, regardless of the facts shown to them. It’s bad enough when dealing with the sheeple who love to parrot the latest ZNN “news story” as fact. But, when I see “truthseekers” falling into the same pattern of falling for myth instead of fact, and continue to hold onto that myth with all their might, it bothers me. When I hear them parrot the same insults the sheeple have been taught by TPTB, it bothers me. It shows me they are willing to think critically in some areas, but some areas remain taboo or they think because someone in this “truth movement” told the truth in one area, it makes them trustworthy enough to tell the truth in others without checking evidence to the contrary. We see it time and time again in many different subjects.

For example, let’s take the followers of Alex Jones. Lord Alex declares critics of Israel to be “weak minded idiots” and his puppets on his forum declare the same things. Now, this is a so called “truth” forum that parrots the lies of the Hollowcost and would love to point you in the direction of the “queen bitches” as the very top tier, just don’t mention the fact of the Zionist bankers who of course control the money of the very “queen bitches” they claim are in complete control. It kind of throws a wrench into their not so well oiled machine and of course, will get you banned for your efforts. But, some of us wear that as a badge of honor. It’s a way to know you are on the right track if you have realized they are full of shit, call them and Lord Alex on it, and they attempt to silence you. Gee, don’t those tactics sound familiar?

Another example of course is the Hollowcost itself. This one always gets a chuckle out of me as I see otherwise intelligent people who simply cannot believe, even though they have been lied to about almost every other topic under the sun by the Zionist media, that this myth is absolutely true and to say it’s not is completely and totally anti-semitic. Never mind showing them the numbers don’t add up anywhere close to the “six million” claimed by the Zionists. Never mind showing them the Zionists tried to float that exact same number after WW1 and it was simply laughed at. Again, we look at a complete lack of critical thinking by people who have been so indoctrinated by the propaganda, they refuse to look at the facts, and continue to parrot the lies of the Zionist history books.

The point is this. I do not care how trustworthy one has proven themselves to be. It does not make them perfect and incapable of making mistakes. People need to question and learn to dig for themselves. They need to use their common sense when listening to the claims of another. They need to use common sense when drawing their conclusions, and see if the facts will back those conclusions. What does not need to happen is the constant parroting of what this one or that one said. That is not showing individuality, nor does it show the ability to stand on one’s own feet.

Question what is presented to you at all times, look for facts in any given subject. There are many myths that are taken for granted as simply being true, and yet when some brave individual looks for facts to back that myth, they see it for what it truly is. A myth, and nothing more.

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