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William Cooper's Mystery Babylon: Part 38 – Rose Cross College, Part III

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[William Cooper]: You're listening to the Hour of the Time. I'm William Cooper.

[Carolyn Nelson]: And I'm Carolyn Nelson.

[William Cooper]: And right off the back, folks, we've spoken to our supplier and we are back in the food storage business, and this time I hope you can take advantage of it. Only, unfortunately, you don't hurry, you're going to pay a lot more, and that's the truth...

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Tonight, we're going to get further into the exposé of the root of racial tension in this country and elsewhere in the world; how they keep us divided and conquered and what it really stems from. And most of you who believe in this Aryan master race crap and most of you who call yourselves identity Christians: I don't care if you worship in that church, I don't care if you believe that. The only people I care about are people who are racist who want to kill other people who don't look like them, or hurt other people who don't look like them, or get rid of them or something. Those people I will oppose forever. I will protect your right to worship at whatever altar you wish to worship at, as long as you want to worship there forever...I don't care. That's your, your business, and your right in this country. We believe in that right; that's the only way that it can be. Otherwise, you're going to have a state that has a state church, and we're all going to have to confirm to that, and that's exactly what the New World Order is going to be.

But you're all going to find out that you're the victims, victims of people who have a hidden agenda. And most of your preachers and ministers who are teaching you this crap and feeding it to you are members of these secret societies and they are promoting Zionism. Zionism. For behind Zionism is not Jewish, folks, it's not the Jewish people. They're being used. They're going to be sorry for allowing themselves to be used. For behind the Zionist movement are the British Israelis, the people who believe they are the master race, that they are the lost 13th tribe of Israel, that they are the people who are going to inherit the world and the rest of us are going to be their slaves. And if you don't believe that, you just listen.

Don't go away. I'll be right back.

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Ladies and gentlemen, if you'll check your history you'll find in the accounts left by the Romans, as they sent their legions up into Europe to conquer the Celts, the Picts, the Galls, and the Germanic tribes, they describe very clearly what they found there. And what they found, ladies and gentlemen, was nothing that even remotely could ever be misinterpreted as any remnant of any of the tribes of Israel. It is clear what they found were primitive tribesmen. Some of them were gentle and not war-like, and were easily conquered by the Romans. They had no root of Hebrew in their language, period. None of them anywhere. Most of them, however, were fierce tribesmen, many of whom went into battle naked, covered with mud, screaming like banshees and had no mercy for anything. Their women would come along behind them and pick whatever was worth anything off of the bodies of the dead. And there are accounts that they would even eat parts of the bodies of their slain enemies. The Germanic tribes were so fierce and so primitive and so pagan that the Roman legions were constantly in battle at that frontier, and never did completely conquer the Germanic tribes.

The Celts, what were known as the Galls, what were known as the Picts, most of them were conquered by the Romans. Some of them were incorporated into the Roman Empire, and paid taxes to the Romans. All of this is on record. Of course, the Romans brought their religion into those regions and, coupled with pagan religions of those peoples, new legends and new myths, new metaphors began to evolve. And eventually, as the Roman empire became the Catholic church, and the Roman emperor became the pope, the Catholic religion was introduced and mixed with many of these legends and fables and metaphors. And in many of these places, strange tales and legends grew up. As they struggled to interpret the new religion from the new bible, they began to create legends, stories that never happened, and were never recorded before that time in their history, nor in the history of the Romans in their interaction with them.

Now, these legends did not become prominent Nobody paid any attention to them and you will find any record of them until the Normans gained power in England. When the Normans gained power in England, the secret societies began to front for the Norman cause. And a whole legend was created, and scriptures were found to back it up, that the Anglo-Aryan race was the lost 13th tribe of Israel. None of it stands up under any scrutiny, either historically or scripturally But I hear on the radio, and I see and read in pamphlets and books, all of the bent and warped scriptures and references, and the out and out lies of the history, tried to back this up. Because this will carry you into the New World Order, and whether you realize it or not, any of you who cling to this or promote it are promoting the New World Order. You are helping to destroy the United States of America, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and freedom for all of us. And you had better get your head on straight and quit listening to those who are misleading you. It is a heady wine to think that you are somehow better than others, that you are a master race destined to rule the world, and when Christ comes, you will be the chosen people, and everyone else will bow to you.

It is a lie, ladies and gentlemen, and when you front those ideas and when you espouse those beliefs, you are, in effect, you are a Christian calling Jesus Christ a liar. And I suggest you go back and read his words, for he never made any distinction between classes of people, he never rejected anyone nor did he run after anyone who passed his teaching on the road and passing his teaching down their throat. It never happened...never, not once. He accepted anyone who came to him no matter their race, their color or their creed. No matter their station in life, whether they were a prostitute or a noblemen, it made no difference to Jesus Christ. And his...his formula for acceptance into the kingdom of heaven was simply this: "Whomsoever beliveth in me shall have everlasting life." He did not say, "Whomsoever is a British Israelite shall have everlasting life." He did not say, "Whomsoever is black shall have everlasting life." He did not say, ""Whomsoever is a Jew shall have everlasting life." He did not say, ""Whomsoever is an Anglo-Aryan shall have everlasting life." And you had better understand that those who are manipulating you and teaching you these lies are heading you for a fall. There is no master race, there never was and never will be. Of course, if you're not a Christian, then this doesn't make much difference to you.

But it is a manipulation; it comes out of the heart of the Mysteries that came from ancient Babylon and were twisted on the continent and in England to promote a hidden agenda. And I quote, ladies and gentlemen, from the book, entitled The Teachings of the Masters, written by Reverend R. Swinburne Clymer, who was the Director General of the Church of Illumination, the Supreme Grand Master of the International Confederation of Initiates, of the O.T.O., of the Golden Dawn, of Freemasonry, of the Knights of Malta and the Knights Templar, the Supreme Grand Master of the merged occult fraternities comprising the Priesthood of Eyeth(sp?), the Rosicrucian Order, the Secret Schools, the Hermetic Brotherhood, Fraternitas Rosae Crucis, Temple of the Rose and Cross, the Order of the Magi, Sons of Isis and Osiris, Illuminatae Americanae, which translated means, "The American Illuminati." And this book was published by the Philosophical Publishing Company of Beverly Hall, Quakertown, Pennsylvania in 1952. The source of this information is from The 68th Convocation of the Rose Cross Order, to which all of the high-ranking members of nefarious orders and fraternities of what is known by the brotherhood as the "Illuminatae", or "Brotherhood of Man", internationally as "The Internationale," in 1916 at Beverly Hall. And I quote verbatim and you had better listen, because this is the source of your teachings and it will be the hardcore of the New World religion; it is already pervasive in the New Age movement, and it is very easily checked. I quote:

[reading from The 68th Convocation of the Rose Cross Order]:

"[The source of the mystical teachings of the New Testament can offer no other interpretation of the] symbolism [of] the young republic, than that of the ancient Pyramid, it's cope stone and glory, significant of the descent of the New Jerusalem, for the one side, and the eagle, and the ever repeating thirteen of Manasseh, thirteenth [or lost, torn away] tribe of Israel and the son of Joseph (the Britons) who was separated from his brethren in Egypt, in the parting asunder of northern Israel from southern Judah..."

[William Cooper]: Now, historically, Judah was never a part of Israel and that's why they say here, "northern Israel from souther Judah," because Judah was never a part of Israel. And they made it sounds as if Judah, a part of Israel, separated itself from the whole, then they can be found historically correct so they tell the truth.

"...the parting asunder of northern Israel from southern Judah [never again to be part of Judah], and [the] first to cross Europe in search of the [legendary] "isles afar off," to re-establish the ancient [Gentile] throne of Israel at Tava in Ireland."

[William Cooper]: Now, it is significant that they separate the name Israel into three syllables: IS-RA-EL, with dashes. It stands for "Isis," "RA," who is represented as Osiris, and "EL," "EL" means "God."

"...the hitherto rejected reverse side of our [great] seal [is now in full view] of these United States, [it is to] remind [the people that, from the beginning,] they were called to a Great Work as offspring of...a might Manasseh, whose history began in Genesis and [will culminate] in America, and by whose stripes must be healed [and will healed, despite the many and inglorious betrayals of those who set themselves up as the leaders of the peculiar people of the eagle. The legend tells us that] Joseph [betrayed, as we have often been, and cast off by his own people,] married [the] daughter of [the] priest of the Temple of On, in Egypt."

[William Cooper]: Now, remember, if you listened to this program, you know that On is another name for the Sun, or Osiris, or the Light, or Lucifer. They're saying that Joseph, as the legend tells, and it is a legend; it is not historical fact -- never was and never can be, for it is a lie.

"[The legend tells us that] Joseph [betrayed, as we have often been, and cast off by his own people,] married [the] daughter of [the] priest of the Temple of On, in Egypt. Today [as an eternal symbol until the time of the placing of the cope stone upon the pyramid] one pillar of that ancient Temple stands in London, while its mate stands in New York."

[William Cooper]: It is the phallus of Osiris, the obelisk. There is also in the outer courtyard of the Vatican and one stands in Dealey Plaza. One also stands on the estate grounds of the Prieuré de Sion, of the House of Sion in England.

"These are [vivid and should be] constant reminders [to us of our unbreakable connections] with [ancient] Egypt, and with...Europe, and our father Joseph as an Anglo Saxon culmination as a result of this union [and] between [these two] pillars must all the world [in biblical language] pass into Ephraim, or Shiloh."

[William Cooper]: Professor Totten, an imminent symbologist understood these ancient Mysteries fully and indicated this in his statement: "The whole Bible is written in the stars, both the law and the gospel, while esoterically the entire story of man is set forth upon the sea of Manasseh. The obverse side is Israel [under the old covenant] the hope and [victory] of Christianity. The two sides reflect each other and cannot be separated," and that is the meaning of the New Covenant that Clinton espouses. For he also is a member.

[William Cooper]: This was...this played dramatically in the photography published worldwide, where he stood in the Oval Office holding up a single red rose. Castro has been photographed holding up the same single red rose, as has been Gorbachev, the leader of France, and the Queen of England.

[William Cooper]: There is a possibility of England's betrayal and by forces within which meant America would be compelled to stand alone. This possibility or probability was indicated in the poem ascribed to Merlin to King Arthur's court of our constellation of thirteen stars. And we'll get into that right after this break, ladies and gentlemen. You see, this country has been betrayed by the Tories, who never wanted to separate from England in the first place. The body of the Illuminati around the world are working toward one-world government and if this Anglo-Saxon faction has its way, they will rule the world through a council of elders. If the Vatican has its way, the Pope will sit on the throne of the world.

(break music: From a Distance, written by Julie Gold, performed by Nanci Griffith?)

Backing up one paragraph, I quote again:

"[There is a possibility of England's betrayal and by forces within, in which event America would be compelled to stand alone. This is possibility (aye, probability) was clearly indicated in the poem ascribed to] Merlin of King Arthur's court [on the] constellation of the thirteen stars..."

[William Cooper]: Here, they attribute truth to legend. Supposedly, Merlin said:

"When the cock (France) shall woo the Dove (America)
Mother and child shall cease to love (Rebellion of colonies)
When the cock (France) shall guard the eagle's nest (France's aid)
The stars (our constellation of 13) shall rise all in the west
Then seven and six shall make but one (E Pluribus Unum)
The Lion's might shall be undone."

[William Cooper]: Here they attribute to a mythical figure, Merlin, a prophecy which, they say, is being fulfilled in the world. "When the cock [or France] shall woo the Dove [which they say is America]; Mother and child shall cease to love [in other words, rebellion of her colonies against England]; When the cock shall guard [in other words, France's aid] to the eagle's nest [which is the United States, or America]; The stars [which, they say, are our constellation of 13] shall rise all in the west; Then seven and six shall make but one [E Pluribus Unum, as their interpretation]; [and] The Lion's might shall be undone."

[William Cooper]: This prophecy has been rapidly coming to pass since the second World War, the English, the Anglo-Saxons, have permitted enemies within her borders, many of her own race, to gain control of her finances and institutions and replace what might be correctly termed, "Druidic Christianity," and that's exactly what it is: it's a perversion of true Christianity. In fact, when you hear what it really consists of, you will discover, ladies and gentlemen, it is not Christianity at all, but the remnant of the old pagan, druidic and Germanic gall picked religion, mixed with a little mixture of Christianity. Using this lie, this legend of Joseph, to [make?] them into a master race. These are the same people who, just prior to World War II, attempted, attempted to turn England into an ally with Hitler. You see, druidic Christianity is a godless atheism really. They say, unless the English wake up, the Lion's might will certainly be undone, and the old saying, "There always will be an England," will be proven unfounded.

[continuing reading]:

"The stars upon our seal are set in the form of a six pointed star of [the] double triangle [symbolic of the perfectly balanced man. After the downfall of Egypt, this was called] Solomon's Seal..."

[William Cooper]: And that is a lie. It was never called Solomon's Seal until it was adopted by the Jewish people as their symbol sometime in the 16th century, ladies and gentlemen. They say [that?] the ages before that it had its place in the temples of the greater Mysteries, and that is true. That's exactly where it comes from. Indicating that the physical man and the spiritual man had attained equilibrium, and that the Son of Man had indeed become the Son of God. Now, bear in mind that that is not a reference to Jesus Christ.

"At each point of the star was placed the symbol of an Order which [symbolized] Arcane wisdom [and because of the presence of the altar within], no man might pass into the Holy of Holies [or innermost chamber]...with safety to himself [save he who attained to philosophic initiation]."

[William Cooper]: And that is the true definition of Solomon's Temple within the Masonic lodges and the lodges of all of these other liars and deceivers. For the Temple of Solomon that they discuss has nothing to do with the Christian religion or the Jewish religion, but lies within each of them according to their own definitions. I continue:

"[The special or spiritual] symbol of America, aside from the pyramid or eagle, is the white rose, identical in [its] meaning [to] the white stone [of legend and primitive Masonry, for the meaning and the history of the white rose." [sic]

[William Cooper]: Study the War of the Roses and you will find your eyes opened as to who is really behind this and what it really means. I continue:

"The constellation of thirteen stars was in early drawings set in a wreath of white roses, showing that the early designers knew [fully aware] the future of American individual spiritual development."

[William Cooper]: And that is a lie. Our forefathers were not a part of this. They are the ones who broke away from England, ladies and gentlemen. This is a perversion of their beliefs. They certainly were members of the secret societies and the Illuminati, and they were working toward the Great Work of one-world government. But not under Anglo-Aryan rule. You see, our forefathers truly believed, in their day, of the Brotherhood of Man, meaning all man at some point in the future standing upon an equal keel at birth, and making for themselves what they will through individual responsibility. They really wanted this nation to succeed but they knew in their hearts, because they knew human nature very well, that we would abdicate our responsibilities and our freedoms and would become slaves. And they would have to institute some kind of government to control the mob. Their aim was to topple the churches and states that existed in their world and bring about a true freedom of mankind, hoping that this would be it. Giving us all the tools to make the experiment succeed or fail, for man should -- they believed, and I believe also -- get what he deserves.

"[The design] is now drawn set in white clouds [showing that the true nature of America is clouded, or under a cloud at the moment. These clouds are shadows symbolizing the confusion of the present era, will gradually be replaced by bright sunshine, symbol of light, enlightenment, sheer perception and understanding].

"Solomon's Temple was the [design] of [the] perfect man [perfection is the ultimate of every man, unless he chooses an ignoble defeat]...the Bible [like the Arcane teachings of the greater Mysteries] tells us of [the] three cornered cope stone which was [prepared to finish the pyramid of the Temple, but was] rejected, [and] later became the headstone of the corner....Genesis [tells us] of [one] Joseph, the keeper of the 'stone of Israel'..."

[William Cooper]: And I might remind you, Isis was also called, 'the Stone.'

"It was because of the Magian or Holy Grail teachings that the Britons crossed Europe to Arsareth, Land of Betrothal..."

[William Cooper]: They quote Esdras 11-13. Folks, can you find the book of Esdras in the Bible? Of course not. They will quote anything that furthers their perversion and their lie.

"[They say they] crossed Europe to Arsareth, Land of search of a land where they might keep God's worship pure and undefiled. Hence through Joseph, who was separated [cast out or sold by] his brethren, we inherit[ed] the white stone of all Israel, [the] cope stone of the pyramid, and of Solomon's Temple, that rock upon which [the initiate Nazarene] reminded Pater, he should build [God's] church..."

[William Cooper]: (laughs) Oh my, oh my.

"...the rock [or foundation] of spiritual unfoldment within each individual, [and against which, in the ultimate,] the gates of hell...should not prevail. [What this true church really is is made plain in:] My little children of whom I travail in birth again
until Christ be formed in you."

[William Cooper]: Now they call Christ the Christos. "Be formed" means, "awakened," in their language and they reference Galatians, chapter 4, verse 19. The one single word offers us the key to the entire mystery of the church and of man's ultimate goal. To "travail" is to suffer in giving birth. This birth is in or within us. Is is the: "Unless ye are born of the spirit as ye had been of your mother's womb," you shall in no wise be able to enter the kingdom of Heaven, a biblical and mystical lore.

"[This being the law which governs the universe as it governs the drama of heaven, which is the old cosmology worshiped at places like Stonehenge,] it was in keeping that an Englishman, a Master of Heraldry, should give to the young republic [during] its struggles to separate from the mother country [as does the child from its mortal mother], the design for [not only the work of the true Christic, or Christos church -- I refer you to the Christic Institute, which just is another branch of these perversions -- also] the design for the Great Seal, which would express the whole future of [the new country's] work as a world teacher and exponent of the...teachings [of the new church and] of the Holy Grail.

"The All Seeing Eye, [looking] down upon the ancient pyramid...symbolizes America [the eaglet of 'Eagle Land'] and all she must mean to the world. [If she does not permit herself to be betrayed by the degrading and destructive ideologies of decadent European and Asiatic countries, an utterly selfish traitorous leadership in our own country.] This emblem, the eye is as [ancient] as man's appearance upon [the] earth, being found upon [the Egyptian, Greek and Chaldean monuments]..."

[William Cooper]: And I'm sure, ladies and gentlemen, they knew that it meant America back in those days. (sarcasm): Mm-hmm, yeah, you just keep thinking that, fools. This is beyond understanding how intelligent people can fall for these scams and be so manipulated by someone who comes along, flashes some kind of certificate that we went to some kind of a school that taught him how to understand the Bible, and he preaches this perversion, and people fall right into line and believe it as fact, simply because this person told them to. If you follow them around long enough, you will follow them to the doors of the lodge of one of these secret societies, I can assure you.

"This emblem, the eye is as [ancient] as man's appearance upon [the] earth, being found upon [the Egyptian, Greek and Chaldean monuments], while the Arabians [looked] upon it and named the Highest and Holiest name of God [and] with hushed voices...whispered, 'I am that I am.'"

[William Cooper]: And that is what Elizabeth Claire Prophet preaches in Montana.

"The triangle about the eye, stood from the most [ancient days] as the emblem of the Trinity..."

[William Cooper]: Now, get this, folks, because this is what their Trinity really refers to!

"The triangle about the eye, stood from the most [ancient days] as the emblem of the Trinity...Osiris, Isis and Horus [progenitors of humanity], Father, [Mother - the Mother they call the] Holy Ghost and [the] Son...[it is the seal of the eternal law of the] three of the universe and [the watchful guide to those who awaken and walk in the light. 'I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way, which thou shall go.]. 'I will guide thee with mine eye.' -- Psalms 32:8.

"[The legend symbolized by the Pyramid] is esoteric, [given] in numbers, measures, and weights, and [these] may be read the [history of] ages [already] completed, and the prophecy of those yet to come."

I refer you to Ice: The Ultimate Disaster, 5/5/2000; that's the name of the book: 5/5/2000 - Ice : The Ultimate Disaster by Richard Noone. I refer you in that book, specifically to the interview with Tom Valentine, where he parrots this exactly same philosophy! I also refer you to his book about the pyramids, I forget the name of it, and his other book, The Late, Great...I'm sorry, The Life and Death of Planet Earth. I was thinking of a book written by Hal Lindsey. But Valentine's book is The Life and Death of Planet Earth. You'll find this same philosophy espoused throughout, and you find him on Radio Freemasonry, running you around in circles chasing your tails, even now.

"[Throughout the past ages each with its leader runs the legend of] the 'Stone Kingdom cut out without hands'..."

[William Cooper]: Now, remember, throughout all past ages, this legend, this story, this perversion has been repeated throughout the pagan religion and since the beginning of time when man first looked up and equated the sun with the power of God. The inner kingdom of heaven, the last and greatest of all was the Master [Nazarene, had he not been betrayed by his own people as in England, the land of Joseph, and the Grail being betrayed today. Notice, when it comes to the Nazarene who was of Israel being betrayed, all of a sudden he's been betrayed by his own people, but his own people are no longer these people, you see. That's blamed on the Jews, but yet they claim to be of the tribe of Israel. What hypocrites, what liars, what deceivers, what perverters, what manipulators.

[William Cooper]: Unless Americans in rapidly increasing numbers become imbued with the spirit of America awaken to the Christic church -- again, I refer you to the Christic Institute, run by another secret society, the Jesuits -- a similar fate may also befall America. Ancient architecture, heraldry and the drama of heaven are all telling the people of America of their possible destiny -- material and spiritual -- and no less responsibility [sic]. They're claiming that the Bible is recorded in the constellations of the heavens. The opposite is true, folks. The cosmology of the heavens in the ancient pagan religions existed long before the Bible was even written. The Bible is a conglomeration of all of the metaphors and myths and religions of history, passed down by word of mouth and written -- particular, the ones adhered to -- by the Hebrew race.

"As the head, body and limbs of the great image, made of different metals represented each Messianic age, a new [interpretation of] truth, and an empire directly relating to some manifestation of that truth, so must America represent the white stone, [and be] a nation fashioning itself [according to the divine pattern] until it shall have obtained the Messiahship..."

[William Cooper]: In other words, they're saying America is the Messiah, spiritual leadership. According to them, Christ is coming back to the earth, but not in a physical body, and he never was a divine human being, God incarnate, in the flesh on this earth. Instead, it's an office that can be held by anyone, and in the new age, it shall be held by the new [root?] race.

"[In other words, they say that] America represents the white stone, [and it should be] a nation fashioning itself [according to the divine pattern] until it shall obtained [to the] Messiahship [spiritual leadership] over all nations, overshadowing all that has preceded it. This cannot be accomplished until each citizen shall throw aside the veil [of ignorance and superstition and see] no longer [as through a] glass darkly, but face to face, when Judah shall no [more be permitted to] vex Israel nor Israel envy Judah, but [labor in harmony that the Lord's law be fulfilled If this be not done, both may be destroyed as have been many nations before them]."

[William Cooper]: Remember, the symbol of royalty in England and of England itself is the lion. It was also the symbol of the tribe of Judah, and it was the symbol of ancient Babylon -- in particular, Nimrod the hunter. I continue:

"The time...spoken of by Isaiah, the prophet, [has come]...[it is a time] when...the learned [intellectual] cannot read the book because it is sealed [as Greek to them], nor the unlearned because he is unlettered, yet shall the book be unsealed [because] the ancient [arcane] wisdom applies to the individual [who is willing to work in obedience to the Christic law] in his [personal] quest of the Holy Grail, in...drinking of the cup of unselfishness, [in] his love for his neighbor and the stranger withing [its] gates [in his loyalty to his family and his country, and his stubborn and wholly insistence that destiny's prophecy shall not be set aside]."

[William Cooper]: So on the one hand, they talked about the Brotherhood of Man, about equal rights for all, about love for his neighbor, and the stranger within his gates. The loyalty to his family and his country, and the same time these lying, deceiving manipulators are destroying the country. They're destroying the family. Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, this comes out of the Mysteries and nowhere else. And they believe that they are the master race, and will ultimately destroy all other races and prevail as the rulers of the world. And yet they read this...they write this and see no contradictions, which makes most of them fools in my estimation. In any case, they're liars, deceivers, manipulators -- the scum of the earth. They are the destroyers.

"Each [and every one may be] fortunate heir of this glorious inheritance [but] must seek the white stone which crowns the pyramid, within himself, [by the full development of his] body, mind [,spirit] and soul, the Holy Trinity of each Son of [Man, who has become the Son of God]."

[William Cooper]: And there is the clue to what they intend: man will become God. Man, himself, will become "Christed," and that is what they mean by the return of Christ to this earth. Not a physical man of divine origin, God incarnate, in the flesh coming on the clouds as the Bible describes, but man himself will become "Christed." And as humankind becomes Christed, and the chaff is weeded out from the wheat, which is them, and destroyed from the earth, all other races, they will prevail and Christ will be upon the earth within them.

"[It is in this manner that] America will realize her destiny as [the] city set upon a hill, a star that shall never [set, but become the light that shall light the world because the true church of the eternal Christos, the Christ within man, for whom there is travail in birth until Christ be formed in you, man shall have become established and be the sanctuary for all her people...]"

[William Cooper]: This is what the Mormon church teaches. It is just another branch of Mystery Babylon, perverted...perverted by this hidden agenda of the master race, the Anglo-Aryan master race, incarnate in British Israelism, world Zionism, and if you're Jewish, you had better reject it. It's not about saving or preserving the state of Israel, it's about creating a one-world government, and orthodox Jews along with fundamentalist Christians, or any Christian for that matter, who will not renounce Christ as divine, incarnate of God, in flesh upon this earth. Any follower for the prophet Mohamed, anyone who will not bow down to this new religion will be destroyed. Will be destroyed.

[William Cooper]: [quoting?] The state is the edifice, the church be the spirit. This is the old Nazism coming back to us. This is national socialism on a world scale, with the state as the edifice, the church must be the spirit. The rise and fall of nations and people has been an exact ratio to their acceptance of the laws as interpreted by their great spiritual leaders, or their efforts to think, desire and act in attempted defiance of them. This is the combination of British Israelism, it is what brought Hitler to power. It is the same occult philosophy that Hitler worshiped the master Aryan race. We used the word "attempted" for a reason. That though uncountable millions made every effort to live outside of the law, none thus far have succeeded, and all have passed into the limbo of things forgotten. This illustrates the trite known old saying, "The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine." Nearly two thousand years ago the world as a whole has come to a sorry pass. Selfishness was rampant, God was all but forgotten, men lived by greed and at the expense of one another. The few were the masters, spiritual and material of the many. Only a few were able to recognize the light of God. It was a time, very much like our own today when selfishness and desire for conquest were the ruling passions. Some of you old enough may recognize the ravings of father Kauflin. Then as always happens, an exemplification of the eternal order came to one who was to walk upon the shores of Galilee; a just and honorable man, for they attribute no divinity to Christ. One without selfish motive, one who did not seek to establish an earthly kingdom, but in stood a heavenly kingdom in which all
who so desired were willing to make the effort and enjoy the good things of earth.

[William Cooper]: Do you hear that? He talked of God as none other had before him. He proclaimed God to be the father of all creation, the supreme being of the universe, the maker of heaven and earth, of man in his own image. This young man, this native of Galilee, the Nazarene, preaching the fatherhood of God and the possibility -- not the certainty -- of the brotherhood of man and the immortalization of the soul of man. This master teacher manifested greater love, more wisdom and courage than had ever before been found embodied in the body of any man. He possessed the desire to serve mankind as had none other before him. He taught the simplest, grandest and most sublime doctrine, or concept of life, that ever fell from human lips. Yet despite the services, he was ready and willing to render to his fellow man, and his soul-inspiring doctrine he taught, the people to this day, except for a very few, misconstrued his teachings, ridiculed his concepts and finally crucified him. The great Galilean was wise. His wisdom and understanding was beyond the comprehension of men of his day because, then as now, simplicity had no power to excite or incite all the complex hole men enthralled, for seeing the things that were to come he prepared the way so that, should his ministry and teachings be rejected, it would be preserved and passed on to an exceeding age. The age is now upon us -- the new age, when man shall become the Son of God.

Good night, and God bless you all, and may God have mercy upon your soul.

(closing music: continuation of From a Distance)

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