Wednesday, October 6, 2010

McCain's Death Camp USA, The loss of zionist - 'jewish' victim status

clif high

Our work is *all* about the future. We take bazillions of bits of data, grind it up and gnaw on it fiercely sucking the juice of tomorrows not yet manifest into today's unfolding. We view the future as history awaiting. In that future history, certain events rise up and slap your face right in the midst of gnawing the tasty bits. We call these temporal markers.

Used as way points in emerging circumstances, these temporal markers are the meaningful paragraphs extracted from an anticipated future history book about tomorrow's major developments affecting omni-humanity.

Such a temporal marker has made an appearance.

We here at HPH had been anticipating that ThePowersThatBe (TPTB), through the twisted offices of their political minions and slaves, would be bringing out 'laws' in the near future to be used as 'justification' in the effort by TPTB to exert their total dominance over omni-humanity prior to the large scale social shifts expected from mid 2011 onward. We have been waiting for the appearance of certain linguistic structures in the msm (mainstream media = propaganda outlets for the TPTB and their political zionist minions). These linguistic structures have now emerged.

Noted zionist, political minion (slave to TPTB), pretend hero, and 'senator' to the Populace/USofA, John McCain has been given the 'honor' by TPTB of introducing the 'laws' that our future history books will cite as the 'justification' or 'political excuse' for the upcoming "American Holocaust". Here is a link to a description of the 'law' proposed by zionist and political slave (of TPTB), John McCain, that contains the linguistics we have been anticipating for over 8/eight years.

The details of how TPTB will use their tool's (John McCain) language to start the process of 'indefinite incarceration' in the USofA are not pertinent to this discussion; further these details will be very apparent in the events that manifest from late October (about the 27th) to and through the 4/four days of omnihumanity planetary emotional tipping point of November (8th - 11th inclusive) and the following 2/two months of release language.


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