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William Cooper: Mind Control Part 6

Transcribed by Alex B.

William Cooper (WC): Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, you’re listening to The Hour of the time; the only hour that ever was or ever will be, for this is the hour during which you will decide your future, and thus our collective futures. Today, today folks – forget it – stay tuned, folks, we’re going to continue with our series on mind control tonight, episode #6.

The Nazi doctors who experimented on the inmates of prison camps during World War 2, ladies and gentlemen, were tried for murder at the Nuremberg Tribunal. The accused were educated, trained physicians, they did not kill in anger or in malice – at least that’s the impression we get from our research - they were creating a science of death. Some of the experiments were carried out on prisoners with the aim of preserving the lives of Nazi soldiers and pilots, but nevertheless, the experiments were inhumane; it was not right. Ironically, in 1933, the Nazi's passed a law for the protection of animals. Does that ring any bells, ladies and gentlemen? Are you listening carefully to this series? For every night, I’ve made numerous connections between the past and the present. The law cited the prevention of cruelty and indifference to animals as one of the highest moral values of a people, animal experimentation, folks, was unthinkable, but human experimentations were acceptable. The victims of the crime of these doctors numbered, literally, into the thousands. Now, in 1953, while the Central Intelligence Agency was still conducting mind control and behaviour modifications on unwitting humans in this country, the United States signed the Nuremberg Code, a code born out of the ashes of war and human suffering. The document, folks, was a solemn promise never to tolerate such human atrocities again. The Code maintains three fundamental principles:

1. The subjects of any experimentation must be volunteers who thoroughly understand the purpose and the dangers of the experiments. They must be free to give consent and the consent must be without pressure and they must be free to quit the experiments at any time.

2. The experiments must be likely to yield knowledge which is valuable to everyone. The knowledge must be such that it could not be gained in any other way.

3. The experiments must be conducted by only the most competent doctors, and they must exercise extreme care.

If you’ve been listening - so much for that. The Nazi aviation experiments met none of these conditions. Most inmates in the prison camps knew that the experiments in the pressure chamber were fatal. From the very beginning, control of the experiments was largely in the hands of the SS, which was later judged to be a criminal organization by the Nuremberg Tribunal. Despite our lessons from Nuremberg and the Nazi camps, the Central Intelligence Agency, United States Navy and the United States Army Chemical Corps targeted specific groups of people for experimentation who were not able to resist: prisoners, mental patients, foreigners, ethnic minorities, sex deviants, the terminally ill, children - children, yes children - and United States military personnel and prisoners of war and veterans – veterans, ladies and gentlemen. They violated the Nuremberg Code for conducting and subsidizing experiments on unwitting citizens. You see, the CIA began its mind control projects in 1953 that we can pinpoint – it may have been long before that. We know that Wild Bill Donovan was experimenting with the so-called “truth drug” during World War 2. But 1953 was the very year that the United States signed the Nuremberg Code and pledged with the international community of nations to respect basic human rights and to prohibit experimentation on captive populations without full and free consent.

Dr. Cameron, a Central Intelligence Agency operative, was one of the worst offenders against the Code, yet, folks, he was a member of the Nuremberg Tribunal with full knowledge of its testimony; talk about hypocrisy, talk about lies. Well, if you’ve been listening to The Hour of the time since its inception, you know that these people who run things are perpetual liars, deceivers and manipulators, and they’re never going to stop. That’s why there’s never going to be any world living in harmony and the great ‘brotherhood of man,’ you blithering idiots. Saturnedus rex mundi, my butt.

In 1973, a three judge court in Michigan ruled, “experimental psychosurgery, which is irreversible and intrusive, often leads to the blunting of emotions, the deadening of memory, the reduction of affect, and limits the ability to generate new ideas. Its potential for injury to the creativity of the individual is great and can infringe on the right of the individual to be free from interference with his mental process. The state's interest in performing psychosurgery and the legal ability of the involuntarily detained mental patient to give consent, must bow to the First Amendment, which protects the generation and free flow of ideas from unwarranted interference with one's mental processes.” And, Citing the Nuremberg Code, the court found that “the very nature of the subject's incarceration diminishes the capacity to consent to psychosurgery. ” In 1973, folks, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts enacted regulations which would require informed written consent from voluntary patients before electroshock treatment could be performed. Senator Sam Ervin's Committee lashed out bitterly at the mind control and behaviour modification experiments and ordered them discontinued, but they were not. His orders – the Congress’s orders - were ignored, as they frequently are.

But the New England Journal of Medicine states, that the consent provisions now in place are “no more than an elaborate ritual.” They called it “a device that when the subject is uneducated and uncomprehending, confers no more than a semblance of propriety on human experimentation.” The Nuremberg Tribunal brought to light that some of the most respected figures in the medical profession were involved in the vast crime network of the SS. Only 23 persons were charged with criminal activity in this area, despite the fact that hundreds of medical personnel were involved. The defendants, folks, were charged with crimes against humanity. They were found guilty of planning and executing experiments on humans without their consent, in a cruel and brutal manner which involved severe torture, deliberate murder and with the full knowledge of the gravity of their deeds. They understood, completely what they were doing. Only 7 of the defendants were sentenced to death and hanged; others received life sentences. 5 who were involved in the experiments were not tried. Ernest Grawitz committed suicide, Carl Clauberg was tried in the Soviet Union, Josef Mengele escaped to South America and was later captured by Israeli agents, Horst Schumann disappeared and Siegmund Rascher was executed by Himmler.

There were 200 German medical doctors conducting these medical experiments. Most of these doctors were friends of the United States before the war, and despite their inhuman experiments, the United States, ladies and gentlemen, attempted to rebuild a relationship with them after the war – that’s right. The knowledge the Germans had accumulated at the expense of human life and suffering, was considered a "booty of war", by the Americans and the Russians. The Americans tracked down Dr. Strughold, the aviation doctor who was in charge of the Dachau experiments. With full knowledge that the experiments were conducted on captive humans, the U.S. recruited the doctors to work for them and most of the experiments were repeated, utilizing volunteer American service personnel – at least that’s what the record says. When these personnel have been contacted (the ones that can be contacted), they claim that they were coerced by their commanding officers to volunteer. Eisenhower, folks, Dwight D. Eisenhower gave his personal approval to exploit the work and research of the Nazi's in the camps.

Now, Within weeks of Eisenhower's order, many of these notorious doctors were working for the U.S. Army at Heidelberg. Army teams scoured Europe for scientific experimental apparatus such as pressure chambers, compressors, G-force machines, giant centrifuges, and electron microscopes. These doctors were wined and dined by the U.S. Army while most of Germany's post-war citizens virtually starved. The German doctors were brought to the United States and went to work for Project Paperclip. All these doctors had been insulated against war crime charges. The Nuremberg prosecutors were shocked that United States authorities were using the German doctors despite their criminal past. And folks, the doctors weren’t the only ones they brought over; they brought over many of the officers of the Gestapo; they brought over many of the scientists who developed the V-2 rocket and other secret weapons for Nazi Germany; and quite a few others. Allen Welsh Dulles was later to absorb the entire intelligence network of the Third Reich into the Central Intelligence Agency and presto- magico, we had an instant worldwide network of spies, all German. Under the leadership of Strughold, 34 scientists accepted contracts from Project Paperclip, and were moved to Randolph Air Force Base at San Antonio, Texas. The authorization to hire these Nazi scientists came directly from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The top military brass stated that they wished to exploit these rare minds. Project Paperclip, ironically, folks, would use Nazi doctors to develop methods of interrogating German prisoners of war.

So much for – so much for the cohesion of the race; so much for ‘the bloodline of the Aryans’. As hostilities began to build after the war between the Americans and the Russians, the U.S. imported as many as 1000 former Nazi scientists. Now, don’t get me wrong, folks, I got nothin’ against Aryans, I’m Aryan myself; Aryan-English Anglo, whatever you want to call it, part American Indian. I just don’t like racism in any form; I don’t like racist Jews, racist blacks, racist whites, racist Orientals, racist American Indians; I just don’t like ‘em, period. Whenever I get a chance, I let ‘em know that. In 1969, Americans landed on the moon – or, at least, that’s what they say, there are some who seriously dispute that and in later programs we might explore that possibility, however, I don’t know, neither do you, all we know is what we’ve been told and what we were shown on television and we’re not even sure if what we were shown on television really came from the moon so we have to take their word for it, just like we have to take their word for the photographs they show us that show anomalous material on the moon and Mars; you see, we can’t go up there and check, so we’re sort of at the mercy on this stuff. 2 groups of scientist in the control center shared the credit: the rocket team from Peenemunde, Germany, under the leadership of Werner von Braun (these men had perfected the V-2s which were built in the Nordhausen caves where 20,000 slave labourers from prison camp Dora had worked; many of them worked to death); the second group were the space doctors, lead by 71-year-old Dr. Hubertus Strughold, whose work was pioneered in Experimental Block No. 5 of the Dachau concentration camp and with the torture and death of hundreds of inmates. The torture chambers that was used to slowly kill the prisoners of the Nazi's were the test beds for the apparatus that protected Neil Armstrong from harm, from lack of oxygen, and pressure, when he walked on the moon.

How ‘bout that? Now that’s something the United States government doesn’t like to talk about, ladies and gentlemen; but as usual, you get the truth on The Hour of the time. Now, not too long ago, we played for you on this program a recruiting tape of what’s know as The First Earth Battalion; now it’s not a real battalion, formed under arms with armour and tanks and everything like that. It is a mental concept of the new office corps and this tape was made a long time ago; it has been in the works for many years. Now, if you’ve studied any of the mysteries or the occult sciences, you know that there is a particular occult meaning attached to the Greek letter of the alphabet Delta. I’m going to shock the living hell out of some of you little Gritz groupies and you’re going to be sending for one of our bumper stickers, “Gritz for breakfast in ’96.” And believe me, if he don’t find a place to hide when you-know-what hits the fan, I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.

Parapsychologists, folks, have always been unlikely to gain scientific respectability through their experimental successes. In fact, they have a tough time of it, and their successes have been few and quite open to controversy and attack. Marcello Truzzi said this (and I quote): “There are 3 ways parapsychology might move into the mainstream: a solid, repeatable demonstration is one way but no one has come up with such an experiment.” Another route would be a revolutionary new theory and one of the basic mainstream sciences like physics or physiology; a theory that indicates PSI must exist. For example, parapsychology experiments in precognition – that is, experiments where the subject correctly identifies a target before it is selected – contradicts current physical theory. Yo u see, it is perfectly conceivable that a new theory might allow or even demand precognitive – although no such theory looms on the horizon – precognition is largely thought to be quackery.

Truzzi says, “The 3rd route to respectability is, in vogue, applied PSI – of P-S-I.” Parapsychologists, folks, hope to get de-facto recognition from the scientific community by moving out of the laboratories and into industry and government, demonstrating that PSI can solve problems. California think-tanks that used to invite gurus or whole seminars on LSD and creativity now send applied PSI newsletters to industry, police forces and government agencies. Applied PSI claim the advocates solves problems (even if no one quite understands how).

In 1979, the army had a problem: 90% of the soldiers who operate and maintain the 7,000 nuclear weapons in Europe flunked basic tests of their military skills that year; this is an appalling statistic, folks, absolutely appalling. But it should come as no surprise; for years, the all-volunteer army had been failing – failing; the army of 1979 was an army of misfits: uneducated, ill-trained, largely illiterate. It was an army, according to its own secret estimate, would not be taken seriously by our allies, much less our adversaries. But two years later, the army still had problems: 7 of its 10 United States Base Combat Divisions were rated “not ready for combat” due to personnel problems. The question facing the modern United States army experts had concluded at the Pentagon was not whether its soldiers were unfit but what to do about it. I see a growing number of army futurists – that’s right, folks, futurists – advocated a really unique solution to the army’s dilemma, a miracle cure: the First Earth Battalion.

You are listening to a special presentation of The Hour of the time. This is part 6, and the final segment, of our six-part series on mind control. It was originally broadcast on June the 21st, 1994 and is #380 in our tape catalo gue. If you would like to receive an information bag, including all the tapes, books and materials available from The Harvest Trust, please send 1 dollar and a self-addressed, stamped, #10-sized envelope to Harvest, post office box 1970, Eagar – spelled E-A-G-A-R - Arizona, 85925. That’s Harvest, P.O. box 1970, Eagar - spelled E-A-G-A-R – Arizona, 85925. We now return to The Hour of the time.

The year, ladies and gentlemen, is 1991; fierce artillery duels mar the truth between Israel and the 3-year-old Lebanese unity government. Soviet and American warships maneuver warily 50 miles off the coast. United Nations Security Council votes to put a 3,000 man peacekeeping force between the rivals but the Central Intelligence Agency predicts war before the force arrives. The President must act; he must deploy the warrior monks of the First Earth Battalion. From the First Earth Station in Santa Fey, New Mexico the first 20 warrior monks – where have you heard that term before, folks? If you’ve attended any of the Bobo Gritz seminars, you’ve heard him refer to himself repeatedly as a “warrior monk” - because he is. He certainly is: he’s a priest of the mystery schools, a 32nd degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite and who knows what else.

The first 20 warrior monks wade through a crowd of reporters to a waiting transport; half are civilian task military - half men, half women – the youngest is 14 and the oldest will celebrate his 75th birthday on the plane. They are one age and that is ‘new’. All, folks, are experienced parachutists and possess superior intelligence in the ability to make rational decisions under life and death pressure. During the 12- hour trip, most place their brains in delta wave states to conserve energy; a few test their ESP communication channels; others listen to rock music on standard GI cassette recorders. The warrior monks carry the best equipment modern technology can produce: lightweight laser assault rifles, hallucinogen mortars, amphetamines and night visio n foods, acupuncture kits, dowsing rods for locating hidden tunnels and mines. They’re prepared to fight but they know the force of arms is the weakest power at their disposal; the strongest is the force of love. You think this is a joke? Well, this is no joke; that’s how you all got trapped by the Trojan horse. He exudes love!

He tells you whatever you want to hear. If you’re Christian identity and he’s talking to you, then he’s a Christian identity! If he’s a Nazi…if you’re a Nazi, he’s a Nazi. If you’re a New Ager - like when he gave his talks in Sedona, Arizona, he told the crowd there that he’d tried all the different religions and he just hadn’t found one that he could commit to, he was still looking. And all the while, folks, he’s been a staunch church-going member with Temple credentials of the Mormon Church. Now I’m not saying Mormons are bad and I ain’t sayin’ the Mormon Church is bad, but I’m saying anyone who lies to you is bad. This man has lied over and over and over again. Each of these soldiers of the First Earth Battalion are sworn to uphold the credo of high commandoes and gorilla gurus and they have these various oaths of initiation that they take.

Listen to some of their quotes. “I have the capacity and therefore the duty to contribute to the development of my self, my associates and our planet simultaneously.” Now, here’s another one: “I take personal responsibility for generating evolutionary conspiracies as a regular part of my work.” And here’s yet another: “I will select and create conspiratorial mechanisms that are not costly in time or resources because I am aware of the many free channels available to me, such as radio, television and word of mouth.” Sound familiar? And here’s another one: “I will organize a self-supporting, high commando group that will create and perform evolutionary breakthrough actions on behalf of people and planet. One people, one planet.” And here’s another: “I will then pass this concept onto others who are capable of generating further self-organizing commando teams.” And still yet another: “I will await the time when my group can connect naturally with others at higher and higher levels of awareness and performance - the Natural Guard.” The credo and the First Earth Battalio n itself are the brainchild of Lieutenant Colonel Jim Channon, United States Army. In 1979, Channon was assigned to investigate the Human Potential Movement for Task Force Delta. Did you hear what I said, ladies and gentlemen? For Task Force Delta, an army think tank of officers, futurists, and psychologists formed to study the potential of new technologies to solve the army’s then-critical personnel problem.

Channon visited more than 130 California groups, ranging from Urantia book reading to Taekwondo to Laud ie and E.S.T. (which is the Erhard Seminar Training). California says Channon is 10 years ahead of the rest of the country in awareness, thanks to the Human Potential Movement; the Army needs to get involved. If we can’t offer a policy of hope by the 1990s, we’ll be booed out of the country. Channon’s solution was the First Earth Battalion, a conceptual model of the army of the next decade. “Earth and battalion blended perfectly,” says Channon, “a union of the natural and action philosophy: the warrior monk.” The First Earth Battalion’s charter initiation was conducted at the 2nd quarterly meeting of Task Force Delta; the group sat around a table at the Army War College Officer’s Club at Forth Leavenworth with a candle and a dollar bill at the center.

Channon did an acupuncture technique to symbolize their bond to the Earth and commitment to help one another realize their goal of a New Age Army, a colonel did a karate form, the group chanted a mantra - a word or sound chanted to reach a higher state of consciousness (in this case, a long ‘e’ for Earth). At first they all giggled, they thought it was kind of funny, but Channon explained the significance of the great seal on the dollar bill and the words “In God we trust”. “God is light,” he said, “truth, love and evolution. E Pluribus Unum describes not one dollar out of many but the unity of the races. Warriors of the spirit,” says Channon, “can see many values captured in the most widely communicated piece of printed material in history: the 1 dollar bill. A pyramid iskept by the spirit eye,indicating the order of the ages. It is America’s role to lead the world to paradise.”

Nothing you haven’t heard if you’ve listened to the Mystery Babylon series. Barbara Marx Hubbard, a delta psychologist, suggested that the First Earth Battalion could bombard the Soviets with psychic love rather than hate and suspicion. Task Force Delta bought the idea and the First Earth Battalion was born. You see, it’s a – it’s a philosophy, ladies and gentlemen, that by changing a concept of the goal of the soldier, rather than looking and training toward war, they look and train toward the dissolution of nation states, national boundaries, and religion, and the bringing together of the world into a one world government – the New World Order.

Don’t think so? Well, you just keep watching, folks, just keep watching. You’ll find out that this is all 100% true. And if you listened the night we played the training tape of the First Earth Battalion concept, narrated by an army colonel - in full uniform – then you heard it all. Anyway, the First Earth Battalion intrigued some members of the Army’s higher command but the question of whether or not the Battalion is “official” is open to interpretation. Channon himself claims he doesn’t know and says, “I’m not sure the question is important.” Lieutenant Colonel John Alexander, a friend of Channon’s, calls the official status of First Earth “a gray area, a question of who owns an idea.” Lieutenant Colonel Beckwith is the one who pleaded with the White House to name the new antiterrorist force of the Special Operations Division of the Department of Defense “Delta.”

He’s one of these new warrior monks also; he now runs Soldier of Fortune magazine – I wonder why? Could it be that it’s important to find out who in this country have the skills and the leadership to muster and train patriots and take them out on the battlefield to fight against this coming totalitarian socialist New World Order? Could it be important for people like Lieutenant Colonel James “Bobo” Gritz and Lieutenant Colonel Beckwith?

To act is the Trojan horse in the guise of patriotism, tell you whatever you want to hear and collect your names and addresses so that it’s a done deal? Could it be? I wonder. I wonder, folks. Army Public Affairs’ statement about the current official status of the First Earth Battalion tend to ambiguity: “We really don’t know much about it.” Notice there’s no denial. In fact, there is verification of its existence but they say “We really don’t know much about it.” According to the Deputy Director of Task Force Delta (who was Pontelli at the time that this was done), he said, “Some people think First Earth is a great idea and some people think it’s terrible. It’s hard to get a consensus.” I can imagine with the old hardcore generals sittin’ around the table, talkin’ about lovin’ the Soviets; I can imagine what they said. But Channon, nevertheless, organized and incorporated the First Earth Battalion foundation in Santa Fey, New Mexico – one of the New Age centers on a holy, private, non-profit basis that hopes for government funding “when enough people have written their congressman.” A dozen candidates and 81 ‘masters’ have already been selected for the New World Academy student body and faculty. Plans exist for a “First Earth station” command post and “New World City.” Officially, however, the First Earth Battalion is something more than an idea; both West Point and the Command and Staff College include the First Earth Battalion in their Human Relations Curricula using a 20-minute videotape prepared by West Point (which I played on the air) along with the continuation and the training films.

You see, I told you, folks, that for years, all of the military academies of the officer corps of all 4 of the military services have been teaching one world government as the only solution to war. I know that many of you think that our officers wouldn’t do that to us, that they would be violating their oath to the constitution. But if they have bought into the erroneous and criminal interpretation of article 6 of the constitution, then they can rationalize to themselves that they are fulfilling their oath. Channon claims that more than 800 officers are in the network that distributes First Earth materials through the army chain of command. The Army has loaned Channon, who dubs himself a ‘hack merlin’, to a dozen other government agencies, including the Los Angeles and Seattle police departments to explain First Earth concepts and Channon has received official permission to speak in uniform on television and National Radio featurettes.

Until 1980, Channon was assigned to Fort Louis, near Seattle, where he worked with the high technology test bed, a unit designated to test new equipment and ideas including, folks, including some developed by Task Force Delta. He is presently assigned to the staff of the Army War College. Remember, Gritz attended the War College; he also claimed he worked on the staff of the National Security Council. Now, all of those people are Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateralist people; they’re all moving toward world government. They would not have an officer on their staff if he were not 100% completely in concert with their views and with their goals – and if you’ve ever been in the military or you’ve ever worked near people of such high rank and position, you know that that statement is 100% true.

Channon believes eventually First Earth will be an operational battalion as pressures to counter terrorism and improve the manpower in the army grow. That hope may not be unrealistic considering the influence of some battalion enthusiasts. 4-star general Robert Shoemaker of the Army’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel calls Channon “the Army’s leading futurist” and sees the First Earth Battalion and the warrior monk as a model for the future. Task Force Delta is definitely an official organization; members communicate via the army computer network DeltaNet. DeltaNet – the official designator of the United States Army Delta Force computer conference and electronic mail network - has over 1,000 members who call themselves “the tribe.”

Naturally, folks, “the tribe” does not command universal acclaim even within the Army. A lack of a consensus is a personal matter to Channon, who has been accused by colleagues of spending too much time in California. Channon comes from a military family; his father graduated from West Point. Channon got an appointment but flunked the English exam before admission; he majored in Art and ROTC (Reserve Officer Training) at the University of Kentucky. After a tour in Germany, Channon returned to the United States, married and bought a home and then went to Vietnam. 5 months later, he was the only platoon leader in the battalion left alive. “I realized how precious life is after I was almost killed 3 times on the same day. Basically, I woke up.” In Vietnam, he put his art training to work, devising a graphics math grid for pig castrators and wood carriers who regularly crossed the border and pinpointed enemy strong points.

After his combat tour, Channon returned for graduate work at the University of Kentucky. There, his paintings of the war won the Students for a Democratic Society (or SDS) “green commode award” because there was no blood. Today, his paintings hang inside the museum; Channon’s drawings illustrate the First Earth Battalion’s “soft tactics manual.”

Shocking, isn’t it? There’s much, much more, ladies and gentlemen; you think there’s no such thing as mind control in America? You’re 100% wrong, for there is. Continue listening to The Hour of the time and you’re going to find out just how extensive it is. Remember when they claimed that they were using CS gas on the Branch Davidians? Lieutenant Colonel James “Bobo” Gritz went from radio station to radio station, telling the world that CS gas is inhumane? That it was outlawed in Vietnam? That we were not allowed to use it or even have it, it was not issued to the troops in Vietnam? That is a lie, folks; I had CS gas on my patrol boat on the Thach Han river near the DMZ. I only used it twice to my recollection, but we had it and we did use it. And in Lieutenant Colonel James “Bobo” Gritz’s own book, “Call to serve” there are 3 pages where he recounts the accidental detonation of a CS grenade in his base camp and how humorous it was. And his recounting of the tale, folks, does not divulge any inhuman effects or disastrous, terrible repercussions of the accidental detonation of a CS gas grenade. And more and more and more, I could go on for hours, but time is up. Goodnight, sleep well, and God bless you all.

Tonight’s program, ladies and gentlemen, just in case you think I made all this up, was taken verbatim from a book entitled “Mind wars: The true story of secret government research into the military potential of psychic weapons” written by Ron Mcrae.

This is the voice of freedom.

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