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William Cooper: Mind Control Part 5

Transcribe by Alex B.

William Cooper (WC): Welcome back to The hour of the time, I’m William Cooper.

In the past, folks, the Soviet Union has invested large sums of time and money investigating microwaves. In 1952, while the Cold War was showing no signs of thawing, there was a secret meeting at the Sandia Corporation in New Mexico between United States and Soviet scientists involving the exchange of information regarding the biological hazards and safety levels of Electro Magnetic Radiation. The Soviets possessed the greater preponderance of information, and the American scientists were unwilling to take it seriously (so they say). In subsequent meetings, the Soviet scientists continued to stress the seriousness of the risks, while American scientists downplayed their importance. Shortly after the last Sandia meeting, the Soviets began directing a microwave beam at the United States embassy in Moscow, using embassy workers as guinea pigs for low- level Electro Magnetic Radiation. Washington D.C., folks, was very oddly quiescent regarding the Moscow embassy bombardment.

Discovered in 1962, the Moscow signal was investigated by the Central Intelligence Agency, which hired a consultant, Milton Zaret, and code named the research Project Pandora. According to Zaret, the Moscow signal was composed of several frequencies, and was focused precisely upon the Ambassador's office. The intensity of the bombardment was not made public, but when the State Department finally admitted the existence of the signal, it announced that it was fairly low. There was a consensus among Soviet Electro Magnetic Radiation researchers a beam such as the Moscow signal was destined to produced blurred vision and loss of mental concentration. The Boston Globe reported that the American ambassador had not only developed a leukemia – let me read that again for you. Boston Globe reported that the American ambassador had not only developed a leukemia-like blood disease, but also suffered from bleeding eyes and chronic headaches. Under the CIA's Project Pandora, monkeys were brought into the embassy and exposed to the Moscow signal; they were found to have developed blood composition anomalies and unusual chromosome counts. Embassy personnel were found to have a 40 percent higher than average white blood cell count. Now, a high white blood cell count, folks, usually is an indication of infection. While Operation Pandora's data gathering proceeded, embassy personnel continued working in the facility and were not informed of the bombardment until 10 years later. Embassy employees were eventually granted a 20 percent hardship allowance for their service in an unhealthful post. Throughout the period of bombardment, the Central Intelligence Agency used the opportunity to gather data on psychological and biological effects of the beam of American personnel.

The U.S. government began to examine the affects of the Moscow signal. The job was turned over to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (known as DARPA). DARPA was developing electromagnetic weaponry; we have reason to believe that they’ve been working with electromagnetic propulsion and weaponry ever since the end of World War 2. The man in charge of the DARPA program, Dr. Jack Verona, is so important, folks, and so secretive that he doesn't even return the President's telephone calls – if you can imagine somebody who has that kind of power. The American public was never informed – they’re never informed anyway – they were never informed that the military had planned to develop electromagnetic weapons until around 1982, when the revelation appeared in a technical Air Force magazine. The magazine article stated, “....specifically generated radio - frequency radiation (RFR) fields may pose powerful and revolutionary anti-personnel military trends.” The article, folks, indicated that that it would be very easy to use electromagnetic fields to disrupt the human brain because the brain, itself, was an electrically mediated organ. It further indicated that a rapidly scanning RFR system would have a stunning or killing capability over a large area. The system was developable.

Navy Captain Dr. Paul E. Taylor read a paper at the Air University Center for Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education, at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. Dr. Taylor was responsible for the Navy's Radiation Laboratory and had been studying radiation effects on humans. In his paper, Dr. Taylor stated, “The ability of individuals to function (as soldiers) could be degraded to such a point that would be combat ineffective.” The system, folks, was so sophisticated that it employed microwaves and millimeter waves and was transportable by a large truck. Now, there’s a place in California that’s just a little north and east of Sa n Francisco called Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; it’s in the South Bay area, and they’ve been working on the development of a "brain bomb". A bomb could be dropped in the middle of a battlefield which would produce microwaves, incapacitating the minds of soldiers within a circumscribed area. Applications of microwave technology in espionage were available for over 25 years. In a meeting in Berkeley, California of the American Association for the Advancement of Science as early as 1965, Professor J. Anthony Deutsch of New York University provided an important segment of research in the field of memory control. Now, in layman’s terms – so that you’ll understand it - Professor Deutsch indicated that the mind is a transmitter and if too much informatio n is received, like too many vehicles on a crowded freeway, the brain ceases to transmit. The Professor indicated that an excess of acetyl choline in the brain can interfere with the memory process and control. He indicated excess amounts of acetyl choline can be artificially produced, through both the administration of drugs or – get this - the use of radio waves. The process – and I’ve told you this before, you didn’t believe me but it’s true - the process is called E-D-O-M or EDOM, Electronic Dissolution of Memory. Remember I told you on previous episodes of The hour of the time that there is a technology available to the intelligence community that can enable them to erase full segments of the memory of a targeted person – from quite a distance, in fact – and implant, in the place where this memory used to exist, it’s now gone, a new memory that, in fact, never happened in reality. But, when the subject remembers, it will be as if this had really happened in their life. The memory transmission, folks, can be stopped for as long as the radio signal continues.

As a result, the awareness of the person skips over those minutes during which he is subjected to the radio signal. Memory is distorted, and time-orientation is destroyed. Now, does that bring anything to mind, those of you who are buying in to this alien abduction bullshit? That’s exactly what it is; most of the people involved are agents of the Central Intelligence Agency; the most prominent is Budd Hopkins. According to Lincoln Lawrence (author of “Were We Controlled?”), EDOM is now operational. “There is already in use a small EDOM generator/transmitter which can be concealed on the body of the person. Contact with this person, a casual handshake or even just a touch, transmits a tiny electronic charge plus an ultra-sonic signal tone which for a short period will disturb the time-orientation of the person can be a potent weapon for hopelessly confusing evidence in the investigation of a crime.”

Thirty years ago, folks, Allen Frey discovered that microwaves of 300 to 3000 megahertz could be “heard” by people, even if they were deaf, if pulsed – if pulsed at a certain rate. Appearing to be originating just in back of the head, the sound boomed, clicked, hissed or buzzed, depending upon the frequency. Now, this is a common occurrence reported by people who say that they had close encounters with extraterrestrial beings, this buzzing in their head. Later research has shown that the perception of the waves take place just in front of the ears. The microwaves causes pressure waves in the brain tissue, and this phenomenon vibrates the sound receptors in the inner ear through the bone structure. Some microwaves are capable of directly stimulating the nerve cells of the auditory pathways. This has been confirmed with experiments with rats, in which the sound registers 120 decibels, which is equal to the volume of a nearby jet during takeoff. Now, folks, aside from having the capability of causing pain and preventing auditory communication, a much more subtle effect was demonstrated at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp. Dr. Sharp, himself, was the subject of an experiment in which pulsed microwave audiograms, or the microwave analog o f the sound vibrations of spoken words, were delivered to his brain in such a way that he was able to understand the words that were spoken. Military and undercover uses of such a device might include driving a subject crazy with inner voices in order to discredit him, or conveying undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin, making people believe that God is speaking to them or that they are receiving channelled instructions from ascended masters or from the spirit world or from God or Jesus Christ himself. Get the picture?

But the technology, folks, has been carried even a step further. It’s been demonstrated by Dr. Ross Adey that microwaves can be used to directly bring about changes in the electrical patterns of different parts of the brain. His experiments showed that he could achieve the same mind control over animals as Dr. Delgado did in the bull incident. Dr. Delgado used brain implants in his animals; Dr. Adey used microwave devices without preconditioning. He made animals act and look like electronic toys, carrying out his bidding at his command. No brain implantation. Now, let’s go back into history a little bit.

Let’s go back, folks, to the conclusion of World War 2; I think you’ll find what you’re going to learn here very – illuminating? But before we get to that, let’s take a short break. Don’t go away; as usual, I’ll be right back.

Only the best music on The hour of the time, all of it designed to deliver a message, even the classical selections that we play. If you research the name of the selection or what piece it appeared in, what opera it was a part of or if you can understand Italian – in the case of some of the things – and listen to the lyrics, then you know. And, of course, if you understand English, you know that everything we play in English has a message; everything we play has a message. The Hour of the time is an instrument to deliver a message of magnificence, of warning, of preparation for the future, of what mankind could be rather than what he is, what we are always that most of us fail to recognize that keeps us from living up to our full potential. And, of course, there are always those who believe that they have to manipulate everyone else in order to bring about the world that they feel is best for everybody. I am a messenger; you may not like me or you may not like the content of my message but you had better not ignore it, ladies and gentlemen. You will see, in the future, how serious this is.

Now part of the message of this program is you need to prepare for the future; we are on the brink of a total breakdown of all levels of society in this country - and I’m telling you right now, things have not changed, things are not going to change, they’re going to get worse as you can see every single day – we are headed for a lot of bloodshed, unfortunately. It’s always been the aim of The hour of the time to prevent that, but I see no way that any prevention is going to occur at this late state of the game. And it is a game being fought out by 2 terribly powerful forces: the forces of good and the forces of evil. One of the ways that you must prepare, ladies and gentlemen, is economically. We can never get away from the fact that we are human beings and that we need certain things to survive and that no one in their right mind in a state of complete societal breakdown is going to give you anything that they have because, by doing so, it will decrease their chances of survival.

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At the conclusion of World War 2, ladies and gentlemen, American investigators learned that Nazi doctors at the concentration camps in Germany had been conducting mind control experiments on inmates. They experimented with hypnosis and with the drug mescaline and several others. Mescaline is a quasi-synthetic extract of the peyote cactus, and is very similar to LSD in the hallucinations which it produces. Though they did not achieve the degree of success they had desired, the SS interrogators in conjunction with the doctors were able to extract the most intimate secrets from the prisoners when the inmates were given very high doses of mescaline. There were fatal mind control experiments conducted at Auschwitz. The experiments there were described by one informant as “brainwashing with chemicals.” The informant said the Gestapo wasn't satisfied with extracting information by torture. “So the next question was: why don't we do it like the Russians, who have been able to get confessions of guilt at their show trials?” They tried various barbiturates and morphine derivatives and after prisoners were fed a coffee-like substance, two of them died in the night and others died later.

The mescaline experiments were written up in a lengthy report issued by the United States Naval Technical Mission, whose job it was at the conclusion of the war to scour all of Europe for every shred of industrial and scientific material that had been produced by the Third Reich. It was, folks, as a result of this report that the United States Navy became interested in mescaline as an interrogation tool; if you think the Nazis were bad, believe me, our intelligence community is just as bad or worse. The Navy initiated Project Chatter in 1947, the same year the Central Intelligence Agency was formed. The Chatter format included developing methods for acquiring information from people against their will, but without inflicting harm or pain. At the conclusion of the war, the OSS was designated as the investigative unit for the International Military Tribunal, which was to become known as the Nuremberg Trials. The purpose of Nuremberg was to try the principal Nazi leaders. Some Nazis were on trial for their experiments, and the United States was using its own “truth drugs” on these principal Nazi prisoners in our own experiments against namely Goring, Ribbentrop, Speer and eight others. So you see, we were trying them and extracting the information to convict them using the same crimes that they were being tried for. The Justice in charge of the tribunal had given the OSS permission to use the drugs.

So he was getting ready to condemn the prisoners for you. The Dachau doctors who performed the mescaline experiments also were involved in aviation medicine. The aviation experiments at Dachau fascinated Heinrich Himmler. Himmler followed the progress of the tests, studied the findings and often suggested improvements. The Germans, you see, had a keen interest in several medical problems in the field of flying; they were interested in preventing pilots from slowly becoming unconscious as a result of breathing the thin air of the high altitudes and there was interest in enhancing night vision – and we had the same interests ourselves. The main research in this area, folks, was at the Institute of Aviation in Munich, which had excellent laboratories. The experiments in relationship to the Institute were conducted at Dachau. Inmates had been immersed in tubs of ice water with instruments placed in their orifices in order to monitor their painful deaths. Dr. Hubertus Strughold, who ran the German aviation medicine team, confirmed that he had heard humans were used for the Dachau experiments. Hidden in a cave in Hallein were files recording the Dachau experiments which were recovered after the war.

On May 15, folks, 1941, Dr. Sigmund Rascher wrote a letter to Himmler requesting permission to use the Dachau inmates for experiments on the physiology of high altitudes. Rascher lamented the fact that no such experiments have been done using human subjects. And he said this, and I quote: “The experiments are very dangerous and we cannot attract volunteers,” he told this to Himmler, and his request was approved. Dachau was filled with Communists and Social Democrats, Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, Gypsies, clergymen, homosexuals, Poles and people just plain critical of the Nazi government. Upon entering Dachau, prisoners lost all legal status, their hair was shaved off, all their possessions confiscated, they were poorly fed, and they were used as slaves for both the corporations and the government – it was a labour camp. The SS guards, as most people placed in positions of God, were brutal and sadistic. The idea to test subjects at Dachau was really the brain child of Erich Hippke, chief surgeon of the Luftwaffe.

Between March and August of 1942 extensive experiments were conducted at Dachau regarding the limits of human endurance at high altitudes. These experiments were conducted for the benefit of the German Air Force. These experiments took place in a low-pressure chamber in which altitudes of up to 68,000 feet could be simulated. The subjects were placed in the chamber and the altitude was raised; many inmates died as a result. The survivors, folks, often suffered serious injury. One witness at the Nuremberg trails, Anton Pacholegg, who was sent to Dachau in 1942, gave an eyewitness account of the typical pressure test and he said this, and I quote: “The Luftwaffe delivered a cabinet constructed of wood and metal. It was possible in the cabinet to either decrease or increase the air pressure. You could observe through a little window the reaction of the subject inside the chamber. The purpose of these experiments was to test human energy and the subject's take large amounts of pure oxygen, and then to test his reaction to a gradual decrease in oxygen. I have personally seen through the observation window of the chamber when a prisoner inside would stand a vacuum until his lungs ruptured. Some experiments,” folks, “gave men such pressure in their heads that they would go mad and pull out their hair in an effort to relieve the pressure.” We’re talking about the same thing that happens to a diver when he decompresses too fast. These people in this pressure chamber actually were given the bends. They would tear their heads and face with their fingers and nails in an attempt to maim themselves in their madness. They would beat the walls with their hands and head and scream in an effort to relieve pressure in their eardrums. These cases of extreme vacuums generally ended in the death of the subjects.” The former prisoner also testified, “An extreme experiment was so certain to result in death that in many instances the chamber was used for routine execution purposes rather than an experiment.” Now that statement is doubtful, it has no corroborating evidence and doctors generally did not engage in execution. A minimum 200 prisoners were known to have died in these experiments total, during the entire war, ladies and gentlemen.

The doctors directly involved with the research held very high positions: Karl Brandt was Hitler's personal doctor; Oskar Schroeder was the Chief of the Medical Services of the Luftwaffe; Karl Gebhardt was Chief Surgeon on the Staff of the Reich Physician SS and Police and German Red Cross President; Joachim Mrugowsky was Chief of the Hygienic Institute of the Waffen SS; Helmut Poppendick was a senior colonel in the SS and Chief of the Personal Staff of the Reich Physicians SS and Police; Siegfried Ruff was Director of the Department of Aviation Medicine. So if you think because a doctor took the Hippocratic oath and he has pledged his life to help those in pain and suffering; if you think that these people will not perform experiments that will result in the death of the subject, you are wrong. Now, we’ve concentrated here on German experimentation in World War 2 because it’s well-known, and we’ve also talked to you, given you proof and reference to experimentation done in the United States and Canada on human guinea pigs that resulted in deaths conducted by doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists. These people will do what they’re told.

The first guinea pig - human guinea pig – in these experiments in Germany was a 37- year-old Jew in good health. Himmler invited 40 top Luftwaffe officers to view a movie of an inmate dying in the pressure chamber. After the pressure chamber tests, the cold treatment experiments began. They consisted of immersing inmates in freezing water while their vital signs were monitored. The goal was to discover the cause of death. Heart failure was the answer. An inmate described the procedures: “The basins were filled with water and ice was added until the water measured 37.4F and the experimental subjects were either dressed in a flying suit or were placed in the water naked. The temperature was measured rectally and through the stomach. The lowering of the body temperature to 32 degrees was terrible for experimental subjects. At 32 degrees the subject lost consciousness. They were frozen to 25 degrees. The worst experiment was performed on two Russian officer POWs. They were placed in the basin naked. Hour after hour passed, and while usually after a short time, 60 minutes, freezing had set in, these two Russians were still conscious after two hours. After the third hour one Russian reportedly told the other, ‘Comrade, tell that officer to shoot us.’ The other replied, ‘Don't expect any mercy from this Fascist dog.’ Then they shook hands and said goodbye. The experiment lasted at least five hours until death occurred.” And, of course, they lost consciousness long before that.

Now should you think this so terrible, the United States Air Force conducted exactly the same experiments after the war using American servicemen volunteers; if any of them died, it’s been well hidden. Usually they took them out of the water when the vital signs demonstrated that they were approaching the point of no return. “Dry freezing experiments were also carried out at Dachau. One subject was put outdoors on a stretcher at night when it was extremely cold. While covered with a linen sheet, a bucket of cold water was poured over him every hour. He was kept outdoors under sub-freezing conditions. In subsequent experiments, subjects were simply left outside naked in a court under freezing conditions for hours.” Remember, these were experiments designed to find out what the human body could withstand under various conditions; they resulted in pain, suffering, torture - whatever you want to call it. “Himmler gave permission to move the experiments to Auschwitz, because it was more private and because the subjects of the experiment could howl all night if they wanted to, no one really gave a damn. The physical pain of freezing was and is terrible. The subjects died by inches, heartbeat became totally irregular, breathing difficulties and lung endema resulted, hands and feet became frozen white.” As the Germans began to lose the war, the aviation doctors began to keep their names from appearing in Himmler's files for fear of future recriminations. And they found other experiments to involve themselves in, which were not so incriminating.

Now, tomorrow night we’ll continue; we’re going to talk about Project Paperclip, we’re going to talk about some things that Americans would rather not talk about. But, as usual, on The hour of the time, you will hear the truth whether you want to or not. Now for those of you who are interested in applying for membership in the intelligence service or interested in attending the convention in the first week of August, the 1st through the 5th, you can write to us for information and do it soon; registrations are coming in…I must remind you, ladies and gentlemen, that you’re listening to a special presentation of The hour of the time; it is a rerun originally aired on June the 20th, 1994. None of the information that you are going to hear about membership, phone numbers or addresses or who to make checks or money orders payable to – none of it is accurate. Please disregard all of this information during this hour and the next. …20, Showlow, Arizona, 85901. Now, if you’d like to call the number here at the research center and the library – by the way, books are going up on the shelves, one whole bank of shelves is full of books now and the titles would make your mouth drool – the number is 602, area code 602-337-2562, that’s 602-337-2562. The fax, should you desire to send us a fax, is area code 602-337-2524, that’s 602-337…Let me give you this opportunity, ladies and gentlemen, to give you the correct information: the research center has moved from Saint John’s. The correct address is Harvest, H-A-R-V-E-S-T. Harvest, P.O. box 1970, Eagar – spelled EA-G-A-R – Arizona, 85925. That’s Harvest, P.O. box 1970, Eagar – spelled E-A-G-A-R – Arizona, 85925. The address of the intelligence service, ladies and gentlemen, is post office box 1420, Showlow – spelled S-H-O-W-L-O-W – Arizona, 85901. That’s the intelligence service, P.O. box 1420, Showlow, Arizona, 85901. If you would like to contact Veritas – and you’re not likely to get an answer, you don’t have to leave a message on the machine simply because the Veritas staff has quit, ladies and gentlemen – the last issue was #14, #15 has not been printed yet; it’s taking me awhile to learn the Pagemaker program so that I can do the newspaper by myself. I have some resumes of some individuals who want to come and help and I am considering those individuals at this time; however, none of them have Pagemaker experience either, so we’re sort of up against the wall. You will have to be very patient with Veritas. But the number is 520-333-5661. You can also send a fax to Veritas, the newspaper, at that number; it’s voice and fax: 520-333-5661. Once again: 520-333-5661. That’s voice and fax for the newspaper Veritas. If you wish to contact me – and you’re not likely to get me either because I’m seldom in my own office these days because I am doing so many different things, it’s a wonder that I get anything done, to tell you the truth – but you may leave a message for me or you may send me a fax at this number: 520-333-5691; that’s 520-333-5691. If you wish to contact someone about an order that you have placed, please call 520-333-5698. Now that number is just for queries or information about orders that you have placed. Do not call any other number for that information because you will not get any answer from any other number. The number, once again, is 520-333-5698. Now that you have all of that information, we will go back for the end of this hour’s broadcast and stay tuned for part 2 – actually, part 6.

This is the voice of freedom.

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