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William Cooper's Mystery Babylon: Part 28 – Lucifer 2000

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Across America and around the world, you're listening once again to the Hour of the Time. I'm your host, William Cooper.

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[Dwayne Walker (DW)]: Is there a group of men and women out there who are secretly controlling our finances, our media communications and every aspects of our lives? Well, my two guests think that they very well might be. Uh, we have Jordan Maxwell, who has made an appearance in Ancient Mysteries of the Bible on CBS with William Devane hosting it, and he's agreed to come back and do the sequel, and we have Anthony J. Hilder, of Radio Free World. Uh, Jordan Maxwell's name, there's a quote that I'd like to bring to your attention and I'd like to start off with, uh, Jordan answering this. "It is probable that most of the public figures and military men involved in the secret scheme are unaware of the real goals or who is really behind it." Jordan, I gotta ask, what's...what's going on here?

[Jordan Maxwell (JM)]: (laughs) Well let's, let's start with a term that we're hearing quite a bit about in the last couple of years: The New World Order. Our president is going all around the world proclaiming a New World Order. Incidentally, all the presidents, living presidents, along with many of the heads of states throughout the world are going to meet, according to the L.A. Times, are going to meet in the year 2000 at the pyramid in Egypt to bring in what is called the New World Order. There is something going on here on an international worldwide scale right before our eyes, but that so many of us are unaware and, consequently, we're not really seeing what is happening. There is, in fact, a conspiracy or a planned world domination coming by this thing that George Bush calls, a "New World Order." On the back of the one dollar bill, there are a lot of important occult symbolism on the back of the one dollar bill [sic]. On the left-hand side, you'll see the pyramid, and the pyramid of Egypt. It's an Egyptian pyramid on an American dollar bill. The significance is very important. Above the pyramid, you will see the words, Annuit Cœptis, which basically means in Latin, "Our enterprise is a success," or "Our project has been crowned with success." And the project, which is the success, is on the banner beneath the pyramid: Novus Ordo Seclorum, being Latin for "New Order of the World," or the "New World Order." On the bottom of the pyramid you will see the Roman numerals for 1776. This exact, identical emblem of the pyramid within the circle, the Novus Ordo Seclorum, it was not original in America [sic]. It was first found on writings that are today in museums in Europe in the year 1774, 1775, by a man named Adam Weishoff, who founded the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati, a secret society of Freemasons operating in Europe that had designs on the entire world to bring about what they called a New World Order. So that emblem on the back of the dollar bill, on the left-hand side, with the pyramid is not an American symbol. It is a very old symbol coming from...

[Anthony Hilder (AH)]: Jordan, you should bring up the fact that this is the Order of the Illuminati...

[JM]: Yes.

[AH]: ...and the May 1st, 1776 did not signify the creation of the United States of America...

[JM]: No, no.

[AH]: ...but the Order of the Illuminati, or the Enlightened Ones, or the Luciferians.

[JM]: Yes.

[AH]: And this is a Satanic symbol. It is on the cover of the Illuminati documents from May 1st, 1776, which obviously precedes the birth of this nation on July 4th, 1776. On the very top of the pyramid, there is the Apu, the all-seeing eye, which was the name of the Soviet secret police during the Stalin era.

[DW]: Alright, now Anthony, you've done, you've spent most of your life studying these secret societies and the Illuminati and you, uh, put out a record sometime ago, called the Illuminati CFR...

[AH]: CFR, Council on Foreign Relations, right.

[DW]: Right. This is, you know, I've heard various charlatans coming out talking about the Illuminati, but I was wondering if you could get into a little more detail about the history of this organization and some of the more -- uh, you were talking about, uh, the eagle, for instance, and the pyramids, that sort of thing...and talk a little bit more about the Freemason origins of the Illuminati.

[JM]: Well, let me just make this one comment first, and then Anthony can go on with it. The -- at the top of the pyramid, you'll see the little triangle with the eye in it, the eye was the eye of Horus. Horus was the eye of God, the sun. And so, the sun represented the pupil, or the eye of God in the ancient Egyptian philosophy, and that's why you'll see the light emanating from around the eye. So, it's the worship of light, Luciferianism is the worship of coming forth of light into the world and, therefore, our masters, these manipulating masters behind the scenes of world government, who are manipulating all peoples, uh, consider themselves to be enlightened, enlightened despots, enlightened people. And, of course, when you go to university [sic], you graduate from a university, you wear the Masonic square of Freemasonry on your head to symbolize that you are an alumni. Alumni comes from the word, "illumini," [sp?] you have been illuminated into the enlightened power structure of the New World Order. That's the actual basis for these symbols, and to go on with the rest of the symbolism...

[AH]: Well, I think it's important to bring up the fact that George Bush did not write the New World Order. In fact, if you want to know who wrote the New World Order, you simply go back to Adolf Hitler. It wasn't his first book, that was Mein Kampf. The second book, The New World Order. And Rudolph Hess went out and said, in introduction of Hitler, he said, "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer." One world, one race, one ruler. That's what this whole United Nations is all about. I'm for a free world that's in total opposition to the New World Order.

[DW]: Well, Bush's New World Order may have come from Adolf Hitler, but Bill Clinton's new covenant really comes from the Old Testament.

[JM]: Alright, the "new covenant," that is a catchphrase, that is a term which has been used for, uh, at least five hundred years by a secret society of Freemasons in Europe called the British Israel World Federation. British Israel World Federation, you can see, uh, topics in movies based on this subject like, there's a motion picture that just came out, called The Handmaiden's Pail, based on British Israel philosophy for America. A secret society of Freemasons promoting something that is called as far back as five hundred years ago, "British Israel philosophy," "Anglo-Israel philosophy," which is tying in the Old Testament governmental system to be the basis for a New World Order in the coming future. And that's why, uh, this symbol is...

[DW]: Well, Clinton went to Oxford...

[JM]: Yeah.

[DW]: ...and [you would have to be] a Rhodes scholar.

[JM]: Right. The Rhodes Scholarship Foundation, and this whole thing of a "new covenant" comes directly from British Israel Freemasonry. Rhodes scholar, the Rhodes scholarship of England. So, we can get into that, it gets -- we can get into all of these. There's a significance of the Democratic party, uh, his term of the covenant, the "new covenant."

[AH]: And Cecil Rhodes is the founder of Rhodesia, that's where Rhodesia got its name. And we had a little thing called the Round Table, and...some of these Luciferian groups, and I say Luciferian, I mean it, like George Bush is a member of the Skull and Bones. Now, in the Skull and Bones fraternity -- this is a fraternity, a Faustian financial fraternity that started up in Yale University in 1832, came over here as a bounce off the Jacobin Society, who was involved in the French Revolution in the reign of terror. At Yale University, they have a structure, and you can go there, anybody can go there and see this structure they call a tomb. Inside the tomb they have, uh, their initiation and the fellas, they lay down in a coffin, and George Bush was one of them. They laid down in a coffin, nude, and they're born again in to this Satanic order. It's the ritual, it's been there. William Buckley, Jr., the Herrimans, yeah...conservatives, no. George Bush isn't a conservative...

[JM]: Never have...

[AH]: ...Ronald Reagan was never a conservative. In fact, uh, Ronald Reagan is so far left, let me -- can I say this? -- Ronald Reagan is not a conservative. He never was a conservative, he is not a conservative, he never will be a conservative. In the early days they used to call him, "Red Ronnie." It's as simple as that. (laughs) He was in the United World Federalists for thirteen years. He was in the L.A. Committee for a Democratic far-eastern policy, which was associated with the Institute of Pacific Relations, which was listed as an instrument of the Soviet Union. This guy is so far-left, he makes Fidel Castro look like a member of the John Burke's Society. All you've ever heard about Ronald Reagan was simply rhetoric. We have a one-party system controlled by this oligarchy.

[DW]: Alright, that's George Bush, that's, uh, the Skull and Bones society and I -- OK, I guess I can see this -- but Bill Clinton, though, um...he was not a member of the Skull and Bones society.

[AH]: No, I believe you – is Bill Clinton a member of the Council of Foreign Relations?

[JM]: Oh yes, he certainly is, the CFR...

[AH]: And is George Bush a member of the Council of Foreign Relations?

[JM]: Yeah, of course, I...

[DW]: Bill Clinton wasn't lying naked in a coffin trying to get born again...

[AH]: No, no, no, that -- but let me go back to an election, 1980. We had Jimmy Carter from the Trilateral Commission, we had George Bush from the Trilateral Commission, and John Anderson from the Trilateral Commission as the Independent ticket. So, it wouldn't make any difference which way the coined flipped: heads they win, tails we lose. Or tails we win, heads they...

[JM]: The Rockefellers never lost an election in the last sixty years.

[AH]: Well, no, we lose, even if the coin landed on its side. They had all bases covered.

[DW]: Aren't you -- you know, you mentioned the Trilateral Commission, and you mentioned the Rockefeller's. I've heard many fringe groups, ranging from the fundamentalists up to the neo-Nazis or whatever, taking bits and pieces of this thing and constructing it to their own agenda. Aren't you worried about being misinterpreted, and...

[AH]: They all have their own spin...

[JM]: Everybody has their own spin on it, right. Their own agenda, but what we're talking about is things that can be proven from accepted referenced works, and how you use that information to promote your own philosophy, your own agenda is -- that's their problem.

[DW]: And there is -- you're saying there is proof that, from May 1st, 1776, that the organization, the Illuminati can...

[JM]: Oh yes, you can look that up...

[DW]: ...and to this very day, the Illuminati is still around ..[inaudible]

[JM]: Of course.

[AH]: ...the cover of their document is the left-hand side, the reversal of the dollar bill. It was put on there early on, but it was the reverse Seal early on. But it. wasn't until the corncob mystic, vice-President George, uh -- no, not George Wallace, but Henry Wallace...

[JM]: Henry C. Wallace.

[AH]: ...who talked to Roosevelt and said, "Hey, this thing has got to go on there." Now, he had in the White House a little shrine for Madame [Helena P.] Blavatsky. I mean, Blavatsky wrote, uh...

[JM]: Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine.

[AH]: Yeah, but she had a manifesto going. She also had a publication of a book -- uh, well, I've seen the book. It's the combined works of Lucifer. She had Lucifer Magazine, and I've held those copies of Lucifer in my hand...leather-bound. Uh, she was the, uh, publisher and co-editor with Annie Basant, and from this Lucifer organization came theosophy, and there's only -- and from theosophy came unity, came, what is, uh...

[JM]: Yes, the other...

[AH]: This one-world religion, philosophy...and if you go the United Nations, they've got a meditation room and you'll find out that the high religion is the only one that is accepted in the United Nations. And in the mediation room, you're going to find a little Illuminati pyramid. So, they -- it's loaded with symbology and Jordan Maxwell is the expert on it...

[JM]: ...and what I was going to say, too, was that the United Nations uses a particular publishing firm for all of their documents [in public] and books and materials,and its called Lucis Publishing. [And] the United Nations uses Lucis Publishing. Lucis Publishing was at one time Helena Blavatsky's Lucifer Publishing. So, uh, to date...

[AH]: Funded by the Lucifer Trust.

[JM]: The Lucifer Trust, the United Nations, that's why it's in New York, because New York is referred to as, "The Empire State," because it's the new state of the new empire that is coming. That's why Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, with their Indiana Jones and The Empire Strikes Back, it has to do with occultism, it has to do with numerology, it has to do with a lot of mysticism coming out of theosophy. Uh, the point being is that we are involved in some very powerful occult, uh, manipulation of the world by some very astute occultists. And we are not even beginning to be aware of how far gone we are...

[AH]: And it's crazy to have a united world government. I don't want to do away with our individuality. Some people are white, some people are black, tall, short, fat, thin, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Jews. I like the diversity. I don't want to see a world with two hundred and twenty nations, I want to see a world with maybe three thousand nations. I believe in the right to integrate, to segregate, to separate, to have linguistic tribal nation states emerge where there are these people. Like in Africa -- and I've lived there for a while -- where the Matabeles have been fighting the Mashonas. Let them have their own nation states. Let that division take place. Let there be a free world alliance. Let there be a Croatia, let there be a Serbia. Let all individuals separate and find a place that is comfortable. Let them do their own thing in their own time in their own way. If somebody wants to be a racist, let them be a racist. Let them have a racist state. Let Israel exist; it is a religious state. It has a racist philosophy, fine. But let there be a Palestine, let there be an independent Gaza. I would like to see the secession of Alaska. I worked there in Radio Free America for three-and-a-half years. I called for the independence of Alaska. It should be an independent nation.

[DW]: Well, you know, when you -- you're mentioning all this conspiracy stuff. Now, I'm thinking that, you know, when various things happen like when the [L.A.] riots happened, um, about six months ago.

[AH]: April 29th and May 1st [sic]...

[DW]: Right, but when it happened and when just about everything bad in our society has happened, not just the riots -- I mean, it's almost tempting to want to believe that there are people behind there pulling the strings and all that, because it causes the false sense of security that, if we can just stop these people, we can have a better life, and that sort of thing...

[AH]: But we can have a better life if we stop these people...

[DW]: You don't think there's people today -- people just making mistakes, and that maybe you're just reading thing -- these things...

[AH]: How can everything happen just accidentally? I mean, uh, everything goes wrong and it happens to go wrong every time, everywhere, and we've been getting worse off and worse off and worse off. Ronald Reagan and George Bush, who are supposed to be conservatives, quote conservatives, tripled the national debt. I mean, all of the, the debt that was acquired from George Washington through Jimmy Carter, they tripled the national debt and then reporters get out there and say, "Hey, I'm thinking that these guys are conservative." They're not conservative.

[DW]: But can't you just write it up to a bad economic plan instead of saying there are people behind this (inaudible)...

[AH]: By design...

[JM]: Let me explain something to you...

[AH]: ...not a bad economic plan!

[JM]: do not get to the President of the United States and you do not have hundreds of advisors, highly educated proficient advisors in every field of human activity and human endeavor, getting C2 reports every day from the CIA, you getting [sic] USIA, DIA documentation every hour on the hour for the economy of the world, all things happening in the earth being directed to the President's table. You don't make mistakes when you have become President. You have the finest minds in the world working for you, the finest intellects that the western world can produce. That's why you - that's why in a dog-eat-dog world, our country is the most powerful economic society on earth, because we are a very powerfully intellectual society. We don't make mistakes.

[AH]: Well, Roosevelt put this way: In politics, in politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens...

[JM]: It was meant to be.

[AH]: was planned that way.

[JM]: Right.

[DW]: So they planned on George Bush and Dan Quayle?

[JM]: Oh yeah.

[AH]: Oh yeah!

[DW]: (inaudible) George Bush and Dan Quayle are some of our most intelligent people working for -

[AH]: Oh, hell no, they're not the most intelligent people!

[JM]: (laughs) No, no...they are...

[AH]: ...but they are conspiratorial.

[JM]: They're fakes.

[AH]: When you get somebody from the Skull and Bones and the Trilateral Commission, and the guy who says, uh, everything I am today I owe to David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission. Why is it that we don't, uh, talk about this organization? If they were members of the Nazi party, if they were members of the Boy Scouts, or, uh, some drag queen over in West Hollywood, we would be talking about them! There would be front-page headlines, but the Trilateral Commission, seventy-eight, ninety [sic] people who controls all three candidates for the President of the United States in 1980?

[JM]: We, we have a, we have a, we, we like to say in this country that we have the ability as Americans to elect, but the problem is we do not have to ability to SEE-lect. We can only E-lect, which means that we can only vote for those candidates which were put before us by our masters, our hidden masters behind the scenes. And when you understand that the Democratic and the Republican party are financed, and believe me, in this world, money is the bottom line, if you have it or you don't [sic]. And the Democratic and the, uh, Republican party are financed and organized and directed by the same banking families: the same people who finance your banks are the same people who finance your institutions of government. Uh, as a matter of fact, the word for "bench," in relationship to a judge sitting on the bench, comes from "bankol(sp?)," which is in Latin, meaning "the bank." The judge sits on the bench, which is a Latin word for "the bank." He officiates for the system. So when you go into the court, you're sitting before a court of order, which is actually being financed by government. So what we're talking about here is the system...

[AH]: How many people -- yeah, how many people today know that the Federal Reserve is not federal...

[JM]: It has nothing to do with the [inaudible]...

[AH]: is not a reserve...

[JM]: No.

[AH]: They create that fiat funny money that you use. It's judt like Monopoly money. For less than a penny a note, they lend it to the U.S. Treasury in exchange for interest-bearing bonds. They print this stuff for less than a penny a note, they lend it in exchange for interest-bearing bonds, they issue this into circulation as debt-bearing currency. We cannot exist as a free and independent nation when this evilarchy controls the strings. We have to abolish the privately-owned Federal Reserve system.

[JM]: And that's why, on the dollar bill, it says up in the left-hand corner, uh, on the dollar bill, "tis note is legal tender for all debts, public and private." The reason it was put on there is because it was a piece of paper, and you have to tell the people that it's legal. You don't have to tell anyone.

[AH]: It used to say, "and is redeemable and lawful money..."

[JM]: Yes.

[AH]: lawful - redeemable and lawful money. That meant it wasn't - it's not lawful money. It's not a dollar. If you have a piece of toilet paper, it can be used and tossed away, but as soon as you print, "Federal Reserve note," it becomes an obligation of the public to pay.

[JM]: So, what we're saying is that the Federal Reserve system has nothing whatsoever to do with the federal government. Just like "Federal Vacuum Cleaners" and "Federated Department Stores" has [sic] nothing to do with - it's a word, it is a play on words. A Federal Reserve system is a private banking institution, with most of its holders, um, ....

[AH]: The Class A stockholders have never been revealed to the United States public. It's never been in audit [sic].

[JM]: Never been in audit...

[AH]: ...independent audit.

[DW]: This organization, OK, that you say is pulling strings here, um, who - how many people are controlling this? Is this at the helm of one man, or is this...

[JM]: Oh no...

[AH]: It's an oligarchy...I call it an "evilarchy," because they want to bring about a Luciferian New World Order.

[DW]: And by Luciferian, uh...

[JM]: We're talking about...

[DW]: you mean...

[AH]: I'm talking about a Satanic, a Satanic order. Now, if you take a look at the layout of Washington, D.C., and Jordan Maxwell is the expert on this...

[JM]: Yeah, I've got...

[AH]: You will find out that the entire city was laid out in, uh, in symbols, uh, if you take a look at the obelisk and the Illuminati pyramid at the top of the, uh...

[JM]: Yes, as a matter of fact, the two, the two main...

[AH]: ...Washington Monument.

[JM]: ...streets going toward the Capitol building, if you take - which I have pictures over the city looking down on Washington, D.C., you'll see there are two main boulevards, uh, culminating in a pyramid, and just at the very top of the pyramid is a street cutting it off, and then within the triangle at the top, where the eye on the dollar bill is, is the Capitol. And the Capitol Building sits there - it's a pyramid, then it has the, uh, Cleopatra's needle, which is the Washington Monument, and the, and the river - the long river way, the long water way is called the river Styx, which is where Pharaoh went into Heaven, on the river Styx. It is all laid out in Masonic symbolism and the five-pointed star, which is the pentagram, has always been used, Satan worship, Satanic worship the five-pointed pentagram. And if you take the arms off of the pentagram, you have a pentagon, and the United States Pentagon is sitting exactly due north, aiming due north at the North Star, Thuban, which is drawing power, according to the ancient Egyptians, for the god of war.

[AH]: It's the same pentagram on...

[JM]: All of the Satanic symbols.

[AH]: ... the Night Stalker's hand, and you know it is Satanic ritual killings.

[DW]: Right, now I'm trying to get an angle, I'm trying to get an angle, though, on what exactly you mean by Satanism. Are you referring - or Satanic - do you mean the elevation of human reason, or do - the, uh, strong survive - or do you mean a group of people who are actually worshiping a bonafide, spiritual, uh...

[AH]: We're talking about the warlocks of Washington, here. We're talking about people who have Satanic rituals. We're talking about people who believe in a Lucifer 2000. We're talking about, uh, the creation of a New World Order in a millennium, when George Bush talks about a thousand points of light. What do you think he's talking about, a thousand points of light? Could it be a thousand-year millennium under Lucifer? What do you think, Jordan?

[JM]: Yes, there's no doubt in my mind at all; the terminology is the same. When you go back through the speeches that Adolf Hitler made, and the top Nazi speech writers, and then listen to what Ronald Reagan had to say, and George Bush, and now our new incoming president...

[AH]: Well, Hilter talked about a thousand points of, uh - he's talked about a thousand-year Reich, and Bush is talking about a thousand points of light. And, you - I don't think it's just a coincidence...

[JM]: And not points of light...

[AH]: ...and after Hitler's second book is...

[DW]: ...not points of light?

[JM]: And he - his term, Bush is...

[AH]: New World Order and a religious new order...

[JM]: ...talking about thousand points of light, thousand points of light. Light is very important to Luciferians. It has to do with Lucifer, and it has to do with Satanic societies, and what, what we're saying here is that the government of the United States is in the hands of some very powerful, sinister people who are manipulating not only us, but the rest of the world.

[AH]: If you can take a look at - just take a road map of Washington, D.C. Just take a look at it from the air, and you'll see what appears to be the Goat of Mendes, and the Goat of Mendes...

[JM]: Which is a symbol in Freemasonry. It's a symbol, it's a demonic symbol within the (inaudible)

[AH]: see the goat and the horns and the whole thing. The whole city is laid out like that. It's all over.

[JM]: So, what we're basically saying here is that there is nothing happening by chance. Uh, as I brought out before, the George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, with their Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and the last Crusade is for the Holy Grail, the cup of Christ. It's not by chance that we have movies like that, because they're in - why is Adolf Hitler always involved with Indiana Jones? Uh, the last Crusade you can't understand unless you understand the first Crusade. The first Crusade was, was developed by what we call the Knights Templars Masonic Lodge. The Knight Templars are the ones that gave us what we call the Columbian faction of the Illuminati, which comes to America and founds itself in the state of New York, which comes from the old York Rite in England, from the Duke of York to Old York, England, to New York, the Empire State. Then, if you understand that, uh, Europe was dominating - Europe has dominated the world for almost sixteen hundred years, and we refer to Europe as the Old World. Therefore, the power structure of Europe is the Old World Order, that's the power structure of the Old World.

[DW]: We're going to be doing more of this.

(brief instrumental music)

(audio playback stops)

[William Cooper]: Well, folks, it's time to take our break. Don't go away, we'll be right back after this very short pause.

Well, folks, you'll never guess what happened. Somebody just called me and said: Please, Bill, enough is enough. Enough! I believe, I understand! I know, I've gone, I've looked, I've verified! (laughs) And I -- you know what I did? I asked him, "Well, if you know and understand all this, have you called Swiss America Trading yet?" And he said, "What?" And I said, "Have you called Swiss America Trading yet?"

[William Cooper does commercial for Swiss America Trading]

(audio playback begins)

(brief instrumental music)

[DW]: [Audio cuts in suddenly] about the difference between the Old World Order and the New World Order?

[JM]: We're hearing this term, "New World Order," and our troops are in the Middle East because of something called a "New World Order." I just wanted to bring, uh, to your attention the reason for that term. Europe is referred to as the Old World, and the power structure of the Old World was referred to as the "Old World Order". I mean, the old Roman dynasties, the Rothschild's of England, the banking dynasties throughout Europe, and the whole power structure of what we call Europe was the European Old World Order, and it dominated the world for almost sixteen hundred years, Europe has dominated the world [sic]. But with the coming of America, or Christo-Columbia (?), uh, the founding of America, we now are in what we called New World. Consequently, there is a new world power structure in Western civilization, and, uh, centered in America, and so that's what George Bush is talking about, a New World Order is a new world fraternal order, because the world in the dictionary means a fraternal, or knightly order, uh, like the Masonic Order or Lodge. And so, what we're talking about the Old World Order is a power structure centered in the New World. And we're seeing terminologies in movies and motion pictures like we said, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas with The Empire Strikes Back. It has to do with New York being the Empire State, the state of the new empire, connecting New York with the old York dynasty in England, and, uh, America strikes back at the Old Order, which is the first and second World War, and if you understand the connections between the Vatican and the European banking families, and Europe being the Old World Order, as opposed to America being, uh, a New World Order. And the empire strikes back, and of course the head of the - all Freemasons will recognize that Yota is little Yuda, or Yota is the ideologue of the Knights Templars Freemasonic Order, giving us what we call the York Rite, or New York. And, so all of these things are mystical symbols and emblems, and from that, we can open up a can of words, and all kinds of...

[AH]: But it gets down to the bottom line, the bottom line of this whole thing is one world government.

[JM]: Right.

[AH]: "Ein volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer." They want one world, one currency, one race, one religion, and, if you

ever read anything from Global 2000, you'll find out that they plan to reduce the population of this planet

by twenty-five percent by the year 2000. And how are they going to do that? Designer diseases. It's my thesis, it's

Dr. Robert Strecker's thesis, that they have created AIDS, and disseminated AIDS through the Hepatitis B vaccinate

shots to the homosexual community in the United States with the Public Health Service, and to the blacks in

Senegal, Uganda, Zaire, the central African republic Haiti and Brazil, for the purpose of reducing the population

of the planet by this twenty-five percent by the year 2000 through the smallpox vaccine shots over there.

[DW]: Yeah, what I have a, a difficult un-, trying to get by here as a lot of people do too, is you're naming a lot

of things: I mane, the Empire State Building with the empire, Yoda with the Knights Templar, now we're talking

about AIDS. I'm just wondering -- and Christopher Columbus -- isn't there any part of human history where things

are just -- the result of incompetence where things just happen?

[AH]: There's a conspiracy...

[DW]: Everything is a conspiracy...

[AH]: ...of this oligarchy to bring about this global government upon the ashes of the United States government of

America. And all of you will be enslaved, or slaughtered if you don't go along with their gig...

[JM]: ...the new plan.

[AH]: ...the plan of New World Order, Novus Ordo Seclorum. It's on the dollar bill. Adolf Hitler wrote it,

George Bush is implementing it.

[DW]: Well, a lot of people are concerned about AIDS...

[AH]: is a man-made disease, created at Fort Detrick, there's no question in my mind about that. The World

Health Organization went out to give these smallpox vaccine shots to the innocent blacks, and AIDS is vector born.

AIDS is a cancer. They don't want to come up with a cure until the population of Africa has been diminished

substantially. I think that black people in Africa are an endangered species. In south central Los Angeles, not far

from where we are right now, at one high school with kids giving blood to the blood bank, it was discovered that

there was 90% that were HIV positive. These are teenage black kids. I'm saying that AIDS is not simply epidemic, or

pandemic. It's mega-pandemic, and AIDS is murder. This is a designer disease, and it is a program to mass murder

people upon the planet to reduce the population.

[DW]: Talking about south central, uh, the Illuminati, uh, began, if I'm to understand you right, on May the 1st,

1776, and you were ascribing some sort of significance of the fact that the riot recently happened on...

[AH]: May the 1st.

[DW]: April 29th to May 1st.

[JM]: That's right. May 1st was the founding date of the Bavarian Illuminati in Germany in the year 1776. This you

can find in any encyclopedia in any library. Look up the word, "Illuminati." Illuminati comes from "illumined" or

"illuminate," meaning the worship of light. The Enlightened Ones, those who are the masters who manipulate the

world finance and manipulate world government. The Illuminati was founded May 1st, 1776, and that's why in Soviet

Union and all Communist countries, you have a great celebration on May Day. May Day was a symbol for – May Day was

the celebration of the founding of the world revolution conspiracy in Germany, and then later on goes into France

and to, uh...

[AH]: ...and I hope they don't have to burn the city before the people see the real light...

[JM]: ...and so, that's why our riot that happened here in Los Angeles happened on May 1st. It was all prearranged,

pre-setup by this government, had nothing to do with the people in the area. I have talked to many of the black

community of the area...

[DW]: Wait, say, "this government," you're talking about those who control this government...

[JM]: Yeah, I'm talking about those who control this government, not the government itself, but those who are

behind the scenes, who control this government and decide what it will and will not do.

[AH]: And control the black projects, the Central Intelligence Agency.

[DW]: Are you able to zero in on exactly who these people are who are the government, the government calling


[AH]: The invisible government, talking about the invisible government.

[DW]: Yeah.

[AH]: I talk about it as an evilarchy.

[DW]: Well, are you able to tear -- zero in on who these people are in this evilarchy?

[AH]: As a group, the members of the Council on Foreign Relations. I'm not saying all members of the Council on

Foreign Relations are Illumnists. Members of the Trilateral Commission, members of the Club of Rome, the Skull and

Bones fraternity, the Bohemian society -- here's a group of presidents up there with black robes, like Klansmen,

sitting around this huge bonfire at the Bohemian Grove, uh, worshiping this giant owl.

[JM]: Yeah, we have color pictures of this, we have color pictures of the presidents of the United States, all

living presidents today, uh, dressed in large black robes with pointed headdresses like the Ku Klux Klan in front

of a large open fire pit, a pit of fire, uh, in the article appeared said that it was after twelve midnight, all

the American presidents line up on this altar, and worship the owl. And they said the reason why the owl was used

in their worship is because it is wise, because it is able to see things in the dark. There's a message there. The

owl is wise because it sees things in the dark, and that's why the presidents and the heads of state and the heads

of the government that we live under, all meet at one o'clock, at twelve o'clock at night, uh, to worship the owl.

[AH]: Yeah, but if you don't believe it, if you don't believe it, we will come back and do another show and Jordan

will pull out pictures...

[DW]: Yes, I want to see those pictures.

[AH]: ...and you can zero in on Gerald Ford, who has some sort of Satanic shrine at his home, as I understand it

from inside sources. Uh, I had talked to one fellow at a -- this is in Anaheim years ago, at Knott's Berry Farm

after a Billy James Hargis meeting, who claimed to be a member of some witches coven. He mentioned two congressmen

which were involved in Satanic cults, and they were, I guess, warlocks. And, uh, I only remembered one, because he

was the number one congressman for the Republican party, the House minority leader, Gerald Ford, then later the

selected, non-elected President, who then selected the non-elected vice-President, Nelson Rockefeller. So, we had a

President and vice-President of the United States that were not elected by us, but selected by them. And if you

take a look at the administrations of Ronald Reagan, who said that Jimmy Carter should be criticized, or criticize

Carter for having had eighteen members of the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission appointed to

key positions in his administration. Ronald Reagan had an excess of two hundred. He's as phony as a three-dollar

bill. Ronald Reagan is not a right-winger, folks. He is a phony, he is a phony, he is a phony.

[JM]: He was known in Hollywood as, "Red Ronnie."

[AH]: "Red Ronnie," yeah. "Red Ronnie."

[DW]: You've indicated that this conspiracy, uh, has some goal, uh, that they want to accomplish by the year 2000.

I was wondering if you can spell that out for me.

[AH]: Now, I've done an article, called Global 2000. There's a thing out there, and you've read it in

Life Magazine. You've seen the front cover of the NASA SETI program. You've seen the big, big, uh, picture

from outer space and, uh, they talked about a hundred million dollar investment. A hundred million dollars to

invest, to find out whether there is extraterrestrial intelligence. Well, there's, there's – they got something

going, here. You remembered War of the Worlds?

[DW]: The radio broadcast?

[AH]: Yes, by Orson Welles in 1939?

[DW]: Mmhmm, yes.

[AH]: Well, we've got something else coming in. They're going to make the announcement that they have discovered

extraterrestrial intelligence! And this will frighten the people of the world, saying, "Oh my God! How can we deal

with this as a nation? Well, we can only deal with it as the United Nations, yes! We're going to have a United

Nations, a one-world government, yeah. It's necessary," they're going to say. " It's absolutely necessary." Why?

[DW]: Tell me.

[AH]: To defend ourselves from those little green men, from the aliens that are out there. They will make that

announcement, and the whole program is phony. It stinks, it's setup and you're going to be the patsy, unless you

understand what's going down and who's doing what to whom.

[JM]: And if you -- and if you think that's, uh, far, far-fetched, just remember that the Soviet Union was put

before us in our media and our television and our radio and our newspapers as being an evil empire; a frightening,

powerful, evil, militaristic empire...

[AH]: Who can't even feed its own people.

[JM]: ...and now today, we find out that it's like the Wizard of Oz. He comes out from behind the curtain and we

find out they've been stared all their life. They can't even grow enough potatoes to make vodka, they have to

import the potatoes, they haven't even got a railroad track across their country; they're starving, they have

always been starving, they're broke, and the only military materials that had was the stuff that we sent to them

that we aren't even using anymore, shelves of rockets, shelves of planes, and it's just an evil empire on paper.

They're starving.

[AH]: You asked about this Luciferian thing by the year 2000. I was concerned when they sent up the Galileo

mission, because they sent up the Galileo mission to explore the planet Jupiter. That went up in 19 -- what is --

87 or so?

[JM]: I don't even know...

[AH]: Something like that. It's already gone. It's on its way, folks. It's going to Jupiter. It's going to reach

the planet by 1995, it's going to circle the planet...

[JM]: Mmhmm.

[AH]: ...and then by 1999, it's going to be drawn into the planet, where it will simply explode. What does it have

on it? It's got 49 ¼ pounds of plutonium, even for...well, let's say, ten hydrogen bombs. What is the atmosphere of

Jupiter made up of? Hydrogen. Now this, if it could -- if it were to be ignited, it would give us a second sun.

[JM]: Right.

[AH]: And I thought, my God...year 2000, a second sun. Where have I read that before? Something struck me -- I

said, wait a minute,..Arthur C. Clark, 2010: Odyssey 2. I went back to the last chapter. Guess what the last

chapter is called? "Lucifer Rising." And he talks about the ignition of the planet Jupiter by the year 2010. And,

he said at the very end of the book – and you can read it, go to the library, pick it up, look at it – he said that

the NASA space program was interested, a Dr. Robert Jathro, I think it was, or Jethro, was interested in this

particular thesis for the Galileo mission. So we're talking about a space exploration program, that not only is

going to go, it already went up. That was in 1982. This was sent up five years later. It's already on its way. If

that thing ignites, it would give us a dual solar system...

[JM]: So what we're talking about is two sides...

[AH]: ...and they rename the planet from Jupiter to Lucifer.

[JM]: Right.

[AH]: That's exactly what Arthur C. Clark talks about in 2010, so we're talking about Lucifer 2000.

[JM]: There'll be no more nighttime, so there'll be more no opportunity for crime at night. There'll be more sun

now, because you will have two suns now in our solar system, so that you can increasing (growing system)...

[AH]: ...and the increase of the growing system like the Matamosca Valley, just north of Anchorage, Alaska.

[JM]: And this might sound pretty far-fetched, but you had better look at the facts. The fact is, is that this

thing is carrying plutonium, it's going to Jupiter and they know what it's going to do when it does crash. So...

[AH]: And as NASA said in their space program, could be used as a vehicle to frighten the people of the planet into

surrendering their sovereignty into accepting a one-world government. And they've talked about a thing out here

called the Federal Emergency Management Association, which came, en masse, when the riots took place. They

create chaos, and they create control.

[JM]: Over the world headquarters in Switzerland of the world Masonic headquarters for world Freemasonry, over the

door is Ordo Ab Chao, which is Latin for "Order out of Chaos." And all Freemasons know that term, Ordo Ab

Chao. Order out of chaos; the concept is to create chaos, to create the problems, then while the people are

frightened to death of all the crime and everything that seems to be out of control, a riotous situation, the

government then moves in with justification. In order to put down this terrible chaos, they must have full power of

the military, full obedience of the people to give the government full power to do whatever they want. That's why

we have, in all over the world, wars, riots, bloodshed, famines, all kinds of things happening around the world, is

being manipulated. It's being orchestrated, not just for Los Angeles, but...

[AH]: It's conflict control.

[JM]: Conflict control.

[AH]: There's been more wars since the creation of the United Nations then before the creation of the United

Nations. More wars since 1945 to 1992 then from the beginning of time through 1945.

[JM]: Let me explain this for...

[AH]: And the people who created the United Nations were from the Council on Foreign Relations. One of the [first

secretary general of the United Nations organization, or CFR]...

[DW]: When fundamentalists kind of talk about their ideas kind of parallel to this, uh, they at least have what

they consider to be some ray of hope that Christ will come down and save us all or something like that. Do you, do

the two of you [individual, whatever] have any kind of hope or anything you can give us?

[AH]: Yes, a creation of a free world alliance.

[DW]: A free world alliance?

[AH]: A free world alliance, that's the creation of many, many, many different nations where individual rights and

sovereignty is respected, so that we can do our own thing on our own time. I'm talking about laissez-faire.

I'm talking about free enterprise, not [part of] Socialism that we have right now.

[DW]: Would it be fair to call you a Libertarian or not?

[AH]: I'm an anarchical capitalist libertarian, uh, quasi-conservative.

[DW]: Uh-huh.

[AH]: I believe in conserving not the status quo, but conserving freedom, and these freedoms that we have are

drifting away. They're going through our fingers like water or sand. We've got to grasp hold of the Constitution.

We have to use that document or we're going to lose it.

[JM]: And the problem is education, that's where the real power is, is in that of educating people. Uh, I have no,

I myself am not looking to have anyone come back, no Messiah to come back to help. I'm not looking to any of this.

I, my belief is, is that knowledge is the thing that's needed. People need to wake up and discover who is running

their government, what the symbols of government mean, what these emblems mean when they see the national coat of

arms, the flags, the emblems, the seals, the symbols. All of these things mean something. Educate yourself. Find

out where it came from. That's the only hope I see for the human race is the human race itself waking up to find

out we've been had.

[AH]: You know, the oligarchy has a Messiah: Lord Maitreya. I can him, "Lord Betraya," who's wrapped in with

theosophical society, wrapped in with all these Luciferian crap. You go up to [little Satan place], in Ojai Valley,

I was raised up there in Ojai Valley, you're gonna find the Blavatskites, and you're gonna find the, uh,

Krishnamurti group right next door in the Meditation Mountain, and I believe that they're going to try and

introduce this Lord Maitreya as the Jesus, the Buddha of the, uh, as the new Mohamed, uh, he's going to be all

things to all people, and they're going to be talking about a global government, and we have to unify, we have to

[bridge] -- dissolve all our differences, and sort of come into one amalgamated, homogenized group.

[JM]: Let me, let me also bring out that Adam Weishoff in his writings that talked about -- if a group wanted to

take over the world, and this would totally be an impossible mission, but if they -- and incidentally, that's what

where we get Mission Impossible from, Impossible Mission Force, which is , if you'll remember in the movie,

Impossible Mission Force was the IMF, which is the International Monetary Fund, and the Impossible Mission Force

was always working for the government, uh, overthrowing kings, rulers and princes. But, of course, the government

has nothing to do with it, and they were...

[AH]: They were the bad guys...

[JM]: Yeah.

[AH]: And the one-world oligarchy is the good guys.

[JM]: Of course. Television has been doing this for years, and they movies like Get Smart. Get Smart.

And in Get Smart, what did you have? You have the two sides: chaos and control. And again, we have Ordo Ab

Chao. Chaos and control, that's the way you get control is by causing chaos.

[AH]: It's Hegelian politics.

[JM]: The Hegelian dialectic, yes.

[AH]: The illusionary right, the Nazi Nationalist Socialists, and the Communists. Now, the Nazis believed in total

government. The Communists believed in total government. You say, well, gee, I'm not over there, I'm sort of down

the middle, and you're half-Nazi and half-Communist. Adolf Hitler said basically that National Socialism and

Marxism are the same. He said that on February 5th, 1941. So they're the same.

[JM]: They're identical, absolutely. So, what I'm saying is that, uh, when you get back to the original symbols and

emblems of the secret societies and you understand, as Adam Weishoff wrote, which is what I was going to bring out

-- Adam Weishoff wrote that the one thing that bring all nations together, all peoples together, because there's so

much differences between races and individuals, but the one thing all individuals will come together for is to save

their own hide. So, if you can create enough bloodshed, enough violence, enough anarchy; if you can finance,

organize and direct it correctly to cause enough civil unrest, civil right, uh, or law -- unrest...

[AH]: How [creating] a New World Order by creating what? The illusion that there are men from outer space. There

won't simply be a war of the world, this is a war that is declared against the world and that's what they're trying

to bring out. If you take a look at the background of George Bush, take a look at the background of Adolf Hitler.

Where did he get his money? Senator Prescott Bush was involved as the chief man at Brown Brothers Harriman. Brown

Brothers Harriman was involved in the financing of Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler came...

[JM]: So was General Motors, General Electric, uh...

[AH]: Standard Oil.

[JM]: Standard Oil. All of these corporations got to be large corporations because they were financing both sides

during the second World War. And that's...

[AH]: That's conflict control.

[JM]: It's conflict...yeah, it's called conflict control.

[AH]: World War II was engineered. Wars, like bridges are engineered. They're created.

[JM]: You don't think the people that own...

[AH]: It doesn't happen by accident.

[JM]: You don't think that people who run the Ford Motor Company or General Electric could get up in the morning

and have their meeting, and decide what they're going to do today? They don't plan what they're going to do today.

People -- they have highly trained people who know what the company is going to be doing ten years from today. They

have an agenda. They know how many -- how much oil is going to be needed ten years from today, how much rubber, how

much glass; they have to know these things. You have to plan for the international corporations, ten, twenty years

ahead of time. And if you think they do it, you have to know that this government does it. And the...

[AH]: When the true...

[JM]: ...when you understand that things are planned for the future.

[AH]: When the tomb at Yale University was violated, when they broke in, they went into one room and here was all

this Nazi paraphernalia. This is the fraternity...

[JM]: At Yale University.

[AH]: …where George Bush laid nude in the coffin, was born again into the Satanic order, they go into the one's all the Nazi paraphernalia.

[JM]: Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter used to talk about how he was thrice born, and all Christians said, oh, that means

he was born again. No, he said thrice born. Freemasons know what that means. If you are an occultist or into

Freemasonry, you know what the term "thrice born" means, and it hasn't got a thing to do with Christianity. It

means that you have been initiated into the secret society.

[DW]: Ane we're running out of time, uh, quickly here, and, uh, ...

[AH]: We're running out of time as a nation.

[JM]: Yeah.

[DW]: Well, this is certainly a tall order...I mean, I used to think that Campus Crusades...

(audio playback fades out)

[William Cooper]: Well, ladies and gentlemen, if you think you've had enough, don't you ever, ever tune into this

program again, because in my estimation there's no such thing as enough. And I'm going to continue to shove this

thing down your throats until you understand it. For those of you who want more, listen to the Hour of the Time

every Monday through Friday night.

(closing audio clip -- movie?): And this is a...this is evidence of double-mindedness. This is evidence of the fact

that we don't really understand how we the people are being manipulated by the powers that be, the high cabal, the

forces of evil. If you want to try to put a definite label on it, you're going to play into the hands of the

organism itself. You -- (audio is cutoff)

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