Friday, September 24, 2010

Poker Face plays NYC tomorrow night Sat Sept 25th 9pm

Poker Face GIGS
UC Lounge @ 9pm sharp Sept 25
87 Ludlow St.

GIG Sat Oct 9th
(Before each of the night shoots starting around 5pm)
@ Knob Creek, KY

September 2010 Poker Faces Response to last months Local Media Circus
Open Letter To Bobby Gunther Walsh & All Media

This is the reason for our response to BGW:

The source of all of this press in the summer was because we threw our support behind Independent candidate Jake Towne (PAs 15th Congressional District) the only non-owned PAC and non-owned mafia candidate running). The local politicos are scared of Jake, and have tried to bar him from several debates. Read some of the comic-tragedy here:

Poker Face Official Site

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