Saturday, September 18, 2010

Odessa: Family Friends Describe the Man they Believe is the Shooter 9/17/10

Shelley Childers
CBS 7 News
September 17, 2010

West Odessa, TX - Several neighbors tell us the land under lock down in the West Odessa shooting Friday, belongs to Victor White.

Police have not confirmed or denied that he is the shooter but neighbors say otherwise.

The family friends we spoke with today say the man they believe is the shooter, is a Vietnam vet, describing him as very smart, very skilled with weapons, and very much a loner.

Chaise Teague says he’s known the man he believes is the shooter since his childhood.

"A good guy all in all, he's done some crazy things. He's not all there, he's nice but he thinks everybody is against him, he thinks there is a big conspiracy, he really thinks a lot of people are after him."

That's why he lives alone on a five-acre property, Teague describes as virtually off the grid from society.

"He flies his flag upside down on his hill, he lives in an RV shack, he has a bunker built under his house with tunnels, lives on a kaliche pit, has no running water, no electricity, lives off a battery bank."

Teague says he doesn't believe his friend has left the property in years.

"People come and take care of his business, bring him food, canned food, all his groceries, he doesn't really leave his house unless he has too."

Describing the property as locked and loaded, Teague says the shooter may haven even booby trapped the land.

"I know for sure military grade rifles, tons and tons of gun powder, re-load equipment, stuff you wouldn't find at an ammo store. Bomb devices, grenades, just everything you can imagine, bullet proof vests."

"And all through his property, he's never more than 20-30 feet away from a fire arm. This is a ticking time bomb, this was inevitable, and this was just his outlet to do it."


Demonization of the survivalist or conspiracy theorist much??

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