Saturday, June 26, 2010

First Traces of G-20 Agenda becoming Clear – Misdirection Abounds

By Jack Blood
June 25th 2010

Its THAT time again, when the club of 20 get together, pat themselves on the back for a year well ruled, and forge plans to keep it that way for yet another long and poverty stricken year for the rest of us.
While the cameras are focused on anti globalism protesters, Actors, provocateurs, and militarized Darth Vader riot police… Plans for further economic colonization, corporate fascism, and total centralization into the hands of a few runs forward as planned.

One can argue that is been a bad year for the Powers That Be, and the global banking establishment, and that is exactly what they need you to think! Keep protesting, and look over here… Nothing up our sleeves.

This weekend in Toronto (NWO capitol North) the 20 nations that hold together global governance will be to deciding our fate.
On Monday June 28th, another, possibly more important meeting, will take place to sweep it all up and put the plans into action… That would the meeting of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS)

This month we had the Bilderberg group meet up in Spain, these G-20 events in Canada, the BIS meets and will issue their annual “report” and in July, the elites can all look forward to the Cremation of Care ceremony at the Bohemian Grove in Californica.


The Obama team, including Barney Frank have been working overtime (not something usually associated with Cousin Barry) to complete their Financial Regulatory Bill, as to have it in hand for the G-20.

The legislation (HR 4173), approved by the House-Senate conference committee shortly before 6 a.m. today, would impose new “restrictions” on risky financial instruments, create a special agency to “look out” for consumers, and “force” banks and other financial institutions to hold more capital to protect against future financial upheaval.

Under the derivatives compromise, banks would be able to keep their business in derivatives tied to interest rate swaps, which represent a huge swath of the market. Banks also would be permitted to continue to trade in derivatives related to foreign exchange swaps, credit, gold and silver, investment-grade credit default swaps and any transaction used to hedge risk. (Not to mention carbon credit swaps which represent a HUGE potential risk)

The conferees also struck an 11th-hour deal on the so-called Volcker rule, which would curb proprietary trading by banks.
Large banks and hedge funds would face a new fee, designed to generate $19 billion (Payoff), to help defray the costs of the new legislation.

The agreement gives the Obama administration a crucial victory and allows the president to ramp up pressure on the other G-20 countries to follow suit (integrate and consolidate) as he headed to Canada on today for a weekend meeting with global economic leaders.

From our friend and dissecter of all things economic and global – Joan Veon:

this bill will open up to the central bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve, via the Treasury Department, all of the financial assets they do not have access to: credit unions, state chartered thrifts, the real estate market, and the insurance industry. Furthermore in a globalized world, you need to have interaction with a global regulatory agency—the Financial Stability Board. The U.S. is already a major player and has been since 1999 when it was the Financial Stability Forum.

The bottom line is that once America succumbs to a new set of rules, other countries will have to follow—like the European Union for instance. In fact, the weekend edition of the Financial Times hinted that “European leaders committed themselves to a stricter collective effort at fiscal discipline and called for rapid approval of draft laws aimed at tightening financial market regulation.

This well timed legislation will act as a device to advance further centralization of the world’s central banks who will ultimately decide who gets to play and how.

All of this is a direct result of the global meltdown in 2010, the “problem” which as we know was brought on by the very people who say that they are coming to save us with their Blueprint for total control.

So how is all of this so called “regulation” going to be judged, implemented and meted out? Who will be in charge? Answer: The “consumer bureau” which is embedded deep within the Federal Reserve, and overseen by the BIS incorporating the world’s regional central banks. Oh…Those guys again.


As we often say…. ALL laws and regulations are political and selectively enforced. As the NWO often says, “Competition in a Sin”.
Just look at what’s going down in the Gulf of Mexico the past few months. BP and the gang were able to use their influence, and pressure to suspend regulations that should have been applied to all.
The solution will be MORE regulations (Read: Blackmail, extortion, and ruin for those like George Soros who cannot bypass the process)

Barney Frankenfurter has been pretty up front in his warnings (threats) to any banks (meaning non member banks) when he says that if you don’t go along, you won’t get along.

The economic 911 (inside job) has raised the perfect storm for total global economic control, and with the “solution” firmly in place, the usual suspects will have Carte Blanche to weed out dissenters, punish their enemies, and complete their New World Order.

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