Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shell Oil ex-CEO: “Whole casing system is deteriorating”, “We’re just getting a gusher”

Former Shell CEO John Hoffmesiter, MSNBC, June 23, 2010:
1:00 Hoffmesiter:
If you really want to stop a blowout the fastest way the most efficient way is you blow it in, you use explosives. …
Now the problem with that, that is risky… A geologist would tell you… that the fragility, the hardness of that salt dome, that sits on top of these reservoirs — if you put lots of infantesimal number of cracks in that salt dome, you’d be creating a large seep, which you’d never stop, because nature finds a way to push oil and gas up through the seep.
3:00 Hoffmesiter:
Matt Simmons comments
3:30 MSNBC Host:
It looks like we are facing an endless destruction of our, of our area here in North America — this is going to keep going and going and going it looks like.
5:00 Hoffmesiter:
The more oil we some coming out, the more it tells you that the whole casing system is deteriorating. The fact that more oil would be coming out rather than less oil, would suggest that the construction within the pipe is offering no resistance whatsoever, and we’re just getting a gusher.
5:40 Hoffmesiter:
Get the oil off the surface… but the problem with that is, they’re still using so much dispersant that all you get is a little sheen on the ocean, but then you get these big globules rolling up from underneath that hit the beaches.


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