Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kirwan - LIFE Is A Moving Target

By Jim Kirwan

Americans are not used to living 'in the Moment' or in coming anywhere near the edges of oblivion that surround us now. Real Life is an agile and moving target that demands awareness and concentration from those that want to continue to live and prosper, despite the criminality that has become pervasive in this atmosphere of complete and total denial.

Real life is about far more than schedules and making money. The relationship between our thoughts and our actions have consequences; but we care not, because far too many of us have subscribed in advance to the price of being involved in getting their own part of the global-profits that are coming from the death and destruction of the planet for personal and private gain. Americans are NOT asleep; they KNOW what's going on and for the most part always have. They are choosing to stay on the sidelines because they still believe that they might one day profit from our criminal-policies and global-crimes.

Back in the 1980's some "games" came out that purport to be able to teach people how to deceive others and basically how to begin to steal the world for fun and profit: These games came from the Illuminati, and were sold openly to the public that thought they had discovered an inside track to real success, even though it might be dipped in blood. But since it would not be their blood that hardly mattered, hence when Bush made his move in 2000, that audience quietly cheered and began to look for ways to share in what was about to be. Here are three links related to this particularly underhanded commercial-scheme that seems to have worked amazingly well. The first link shows you their targets that were included in the 911 attacks. (1)

Today, this is where we are at the moment: "For most Americans, modern war has largely been an abstraction - something that happens only in far-away lands. The victims of U.S. air attack and bombardment in Pakistan, Vietnam, Lebanon, Iraq and other distant countries have seemed somehow unreal. Few ordinary Americans pay attention because U.S. military actions normally have little impact on their day-to-day lives. ... One positive consequence of the shock of Nine Eleven has been to encourage many more Americans to question official claims and re-think entrenched assumptions about their government's arrogant "policeman" role in the world. Many more Americans have come to understand how political leaders of both parties have subordinated American interests and basic justice and humanity, to Jewish-Zionist interests. ... The calamity of September 11 was a consequence, above all, of the Jewish-Zionist grip on American political life and the U.S. media. Enduring security will therefore remain elusive as long as U.S. policy, especially in the Middle East, is set by a small but very influential minority with its own agenda and strong ethno-religious ties to a key protagonist in the region." -- Mark Webber

Beyond this still distant awareness there are some very interesting aspects of the situation that we find ourselves in. This has now altered the realities under which "our military" commits itself to war. We fought fascism and the Nazi's in WWII to supposedly free the world from this contagion. However after the bullets ceased to fly in Europe the USA and Europe took the cream of the Nazi War Machine into the heart of America and Europe to continue what the Nazi's started during that war; and of course this was all done with great SECRECY.

By the time that we became involved in the 1967 War between Israel & the Arab world, that SECRET poisoned relationship revealed itself when LBJ ordered the U.S. Sixth Fleet to abandon its rescue mission of the USS Liberty, because as he said; "I want that ship (the USS Liberty) on the bottom of the sea!" and the US navy complied by recalling the fighters! Yesterday the Navy was asked if it would assist a lone American ship that is at the spot now where the USS Liberty was attacked. The ship is there to commemorate the attack on the Liberty. Here was "our" Navy's response:

""The Sixth Fleet cannot guarantee the security of S/V Liberty. Sixth Fleet recommends that if S/V Liberty is concerned about its safety and security that it should return to its point of origin." This is the sick and cowardly statement a spokesperson for the U.S. Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean gave to an American citizen and sailor, Larry Toenjes, who sailed 8,000 miles to pay respect to the two U.S. Marines and 32 U.S. sailors who were murdered by the terrorist Jewish state of Israel during their cowardly and repeated attacks on the U.S.S. Liberty on June 8, 1967!"(2)

I think the US Navy has joined with the American Luftwaffe, that used to be the U.S. Air Force; but given that our air forces don't engage other air forces now, but instead they just carpet-bomb and strafe civilians, for NATO among others, while murdering civilians in five wars by the hundreds.

So why do we bother with American flags or American unit designations ­ I mean that since we have spent the entire treasury on weapons and armaments since 911; the least we can do is tear off all the American unit designation patches, for all branches of the American forces, and just furnish all our military forces with Israeli Defense Force patches, so that everyone knows who we are really fighting for!

And as for today's continuing outrage that is being orchestrated by the same people who did 911: What has been completely overlooked for the past TEN YEARS is the fact that the real failures of the same people that are now screaming that there will be another terrorist attack on 911 of this year ­ completely ignores the only real facts that the world continues to be beaten to death with. The only OUTRIGHT FAILURES to PROTECT this nation from everything that happened on 911 ­ came directly from the same people that are now demanding that this nation surrender all our rights to them, along with our Constitution and our way of life: This OUTRAGE has led to the almost complete destruction of the USA, along with their institution and promulgation of the POLICE-STATE mentality of USI, which is now running this crisis-driven state of total FEAR right into the ground.

The amounts of money spent to "protect us" against some car bombs tomorrow is ludicrous: given that these same people who caused 911 to succeed were promoted after 911 instead of being fired and charged with treason for allowing these attacks to proceed uninterrupted for an hour and forty-five minutes on 911. Now they want our total and undivided loyalty to kick-in to defend them from those of us that want them tried for TREASON!

Consequently the real terrorists in the US, Israel and England who collaborated in creating the "new Pearl Harbor" that 911 so conveniently provided them with; are continuing to soar as they loot, rape, pillage and plunder their way to victory over this nation and by extension are shoving us all into our new place at the bottom of the ladder in their New World Order. The place they have designed for us is to be the world's first 4th world nation: Because we are now slaves to everyone and everything else in the universe, and all because we continue to buy-in to the massive-lies which are now being formally crowned with whatever happens tomorrow - even if there is "no attack"!

With those games in footnote one, below, they got a head-start on treachery and treason back in the 1980's but even so it did not take them long to turn everything here on its head, so that the literal death of the USA has not even been noticed, while the USI moves in to finish us off.

Then there is this report from RT Television: Charley's comments in this report from RT are illuminating; however the point AGAIN being made, behind this made-for-TV farce is to keep the public focused on the war between the "completely irrelevant-sides" while actually ignoring the FACT that congress is now dead and has been replaced by THE SUPER COMMITEE of THIRTEEN. The so-calledpresident is the ultimate DECIDER, and the thirteenth man in everything that will now be run through the TREASON, created by the very existence of the SUPER-COMMITTEE that was created to end representative government in the USA and then will turn over all the real power to USI.(3)

Say hello to the new symbol for the left-hand side of the USI dollar bill.

1) The Illuminati as commercial-games

2) The US Navy Won't Protect Americans from Israel's Terrorists

3) Out of Control: Reactive US is Crisis-Led

BACKGROUND: Slogans Are No Substitute for Reality

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