Monday, July 4, 2011

My Prayer for America--Souls of Glass and Hearts of Stone

Brandon Dean
July 4th, 2011

"We are not to expect to be translated from despotism to liberty in a feather bed."
--Thomas Jefferson

Independence Day is here once more.  The united States has been here for 235 years.  I would like to extend holiday wishes to those who fought and died for the formation of this country.  This is not to those who died in the Civil War, or World War I, or World War II, or any of the other wars we've fought in our bloody history.  Far beyond rolling in their graves, the founders of this country would disown us completely if they saw what has become of their posterity.  They have become caricatures of themselves, caricatures which get hauled out of their mothball storage for convenience and frivolity.  The reverence of their sacrifices is lost on most Americans.  Respect for the principles of independence seem to have gone the way of the praise of intellect.

True independence is a rare quality in man.  The formers of this country knew it took leaders of principle to wrest their freedom from the most powerful country on Earth.  Without this leadership, the common man NEVER would have joined the cause of revolution.  The common man spiritually begs for leadership and guidance.  Without this leadership, his mind festers and grows cynical.

Long ago I personally pledged my life, fortune and sacred honor to the cause of freedom, and it has cost me dearly in many ways.  A life of solitude and scorn in the land of Babylon was my gift for idealism.  But I know the most noble fight is the fight you know is hopeless, yet you fight because it's the only RIGHT thing to do. 

In a world of utter corruption, idealism is a stone chained to your foot.  Freedom is there, staring us down with opportunity every second of every day.  Yet convenience, the god of the idle, is like a drug which incapacitates our reasoning faculties.  We are tempted by convenience to stumble in confusion and to worship forced vicissitude.  We praise our destruction every time we press the power button on our remote controls, attempting an escape with our meager pittance of convenience.

But take comfort in the fact that happiness can only be obtained in giving--giving to others who go without the great mental treasure of creativity which comes naturally to a true leader.  The apathetic will look for any excuse to not follow the correct path; they will tear you down in pursuit of their convenience given the slightest provocation.  Those who preach freedom, but live in slavery, do more to destroy the cause of freedom than the worst tyrants.  Lead by example, because THAT is what the common man is waiting for: lack of hypocrisy, as opposed to vain lip service.

There is little hope of paradise on Earth in the form of ANY country, but my prayer is that the contest for freedom presses on regardless of an assurance of victory.  My prayer is that those with the potential to lead get off their lazy asses and do something about it. 

This day should not bring joy, but anger.  What is so happy about being enslaved to a ruthless bureaucracy which grinds our souls of glass into tiny shards, then serves it on a platter and calls it "apple pie?"  Where is the room for creative progress in a heart of stone?  If one is terrified of freedom for fear of financial retribution, how could one be expected to lay down his life for the same?  Our freedoms have transmogrified into toys which we covet in the way the founders of this country coveted the creative process.

With every crime committed by our wily yet terrified overlords, my conviction grows stronger.  With every example of apathy in the American populace, my resolve becomes more solidified.  I will not fail in my covenant with destiny and freedom.  This is my prayer.  God bless all true lovers of freedom.  To the rest--enjoy your beer and barbecues while you can.  You are no countryman of mine.

©Brandon Dean, 2011

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