Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How To Identify Members Of The Collectivist Fringe

by Brandon Smith

There is a mysterious, devious, and violent movement out there on the fringe of American society. Its tendencies are destructive, its theories and ideologies are absurd and unfounded, and its influence is growing to the point of cultural eruption. Its goal is to destabilize the legal constructs and philosophical principles which founded this country and replace them with a new social model so far outside rational guidelines it can only be described as “fantasy land on PCP.”

Now, if you are one of the random indoctrinated idiots out there that has already assumed I am describing the Sovereign Citizens Movement, Constitutionalists, or so called “right wing extremists”, then you have answered incorrectly, you receive no consolation prize, and you go home empty handed on top of being completely inept. Hang your head in shame...

I am certainly not describing Constitutionalists, who have never been a “fringe movement”, and never will be. I am not talking about Sovereign Citizens, who, thanks to a recent and very poorly executed 60 Minutes hit piece, are now superficially lumped in with every conceivable villain known to man, including Terry Nichols, Jerry and Joseph Kane, racism in general, and the ever nefarious Wesley Snipes (who did, I admit, play a villain in the movie ‘Demolition Man’).

This rancid piece of festering half-assed journalism is a laughable example of a clueless and outdated mainstream media desperately trying to tap the propaganda vein of the average American dupe. Luckily, the only people left on the planet that actually watch ‘60 Minutes’ for news value are all senile geriatrics who are about 60 minutes from death anyway. However, the hit piece does represent very well the particular movement I am describing.

Some call them “Statists”, others call them “Globalists”, or “Collectivists”. I usually call them all of the above. They represent a much smaller portion of the U.S. population than is often imagined, but like the venomous blowfish of the ocean deep, they have the ability to “puff up”, giving the illusion that they are ten times their actual size, as well as having a propensity for poison. Collectivist rhetoric is enjoying a considerable foothold in the U.S., building over several decades to culminate in what amounts to a slow motion Chinese-style “Cultural Revolution”. A complete disintegration of traditional social principles, the destruction of philosophical and political checks and balances, the total rewriting of historical fact to suit the supplanting agenda, as well as the rampant and fanatical demonization of anyone who supports and defends the “old way”.

Such a movement has no boundaries. It only stops when it has assimilated EVERYTHING, and never before. It is used as a tool by oligarchy (fascist, communist, corporatist; their attributes are all essentially the same) to mold nations and manipulate civilizations to follow a single directive, a single path, a single historical narrative. The collectivist methodology is one of centralization, fealty, and feudalism. The most prominent monsters in the history of man have all been collectivists, or at least public proponents of collectivism.

So, how do we go about identifying one of these creatures, or their drooling disciples, and root them out? Well, since establishment shills like those featured on 60 Minutes seem perfectly at ease with the idea of making generalizations to pigeonhole entire subsections of the citizenry, I feel quite comfortable targeting them with the same brand of fire. At least I will have the decency to be a little more specific in my descriptions, and far more accurate. Here are some sure signs of a collectivist extremist…


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