Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Conclusion Jumpers Meet the Truth Controllers

Brandon Dean
Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Occam's Razor: the simplest explanation is usually the correct explanation...

Probably the largest obstacle facing someone who is actually searching for truth is controlled opposition. We see it everywhere in our modern technological lives. How on Earth someone can get to a point where they do not trust politicians and newscasters on TV, but do trust the written words of the unknown author of an internet article, is beyond me. As time progresses, and the internet flushes out more and more criminals for exposure to the masses, it seems the propaganda and disinformation increases exponentially to meet the demand.

No matter what nature throws at us, those who follow the alternative press (or try to manipulate it) always have a conspiratorial answer. The alternative press has developed into a perfect model of the mainstream media. If there is a global warming trend, the mass media blames it on "carbon output." The end result of this "green" propaganda is that people begin to doubt we can do anything to negatively affect the planet, once they learn that man-made global warming is a fraud.

Since the level of sophistication of those who follow the alternative media is at least a notch or two above those who spend their time watching the E! channel, the sophistication of the propaganda is raised that notch or two, in order to capture those whom I refer to as the "conclusion jumpers." Conclusion jumpers are those who already "have it figured out." Whether they instantly blame it on aliens or the CFR, every incident can be explained away by things they "already know."

The tactic used to infiltrate the supposed truth movement is very simple. It's not very hard to pigeon-hole those with preconceptions. Just dangle a carrot in front of their faces, and they're guaranteed to follow. Try to wrap your mind around how easy it would be for our enemies to implant someone (or ten someones) into each genre of the "truth" movement. Ten for the Christian conservatives, ten for the pope-haters, ten for the "anarchist libertarians," ten for the leftists, ten for the Muslims, and so on. Furthermore, just go ahead and try to find a reason why they wouldn't inject their own people in a movement purporting to be fighting for the exposure of their crimes...

One thing we should all try to keep in mind is that one man's truth is another man's lie. Truth is truly not what we're after, because truth only exists according to personal perspective. We're not attending philosophy class here. A much more correct term for this "movement" would be "proof movement." Because that's what we're after here. Truth is up to perception. Proof is not. Facts are not. Proof and facts are a common ground where perception only plays a part for the weak-minded.

I am personally getting very tired of being grouped in with people who think every murder and every scam is perpetrated by "them." One of the propaganda items I notice all the time in the alternative press is making people look silly by association. If Alex Jones talks about something factual, he lessens the value of those facts merely by talking about them, because anyone can point to him saying Arabs own Hollywood, and thus disprove him and everything he talks about by association. THAT is the beauty of disinformation. It is not there to simply confuse us. The main purpose of disinformation is to stop anyone else from seeing the things we have seen. To make them avoid investigating the truth for fear of ridicule. It's an age-old tactic...

A perfect case in point of this is the issue of the supposed "holocaust" of Jews during World War II. The emotional rhetoric surrounding this event should tell us everything we need to know about it. The disinformation (in both the mainstream and alternative press) is meant to stop people from investigating the matter by reacting to emotional stimuli, rather than to confuse those who are already skeptical of the events. They injected fake Nazis into their opposition to make the opposition look silly, and to scare anyone intrigued enough to investigate by making them fear accusations of hatred.


So what's the answer? Am I just going to sit here and complain through the whole article? How do we reverse these effects and save the human race? Well, we don't, and we won't... Some day, people will absolutely learn that this war has always been about the way we individually choose to act, not anyone else. As a group, the human race WILL fail sooner or later, as all things do in nature. As individuals, we have the chance to redeem our wrongs through acts of righteousness, and the choice is completely up to us. Some day also, people will learn that lasting happiness can only be achieved through acting righteous. Happiness is the Earthly pleasure you gain when you act correctly. Hopefully, this won't be learned after it's too late.

Unfortunately, the bulk of the human race have almost zero interest in facts or proof. This is why we need to focus on ourselves to win this war, not on those with little or no hope. War is a cold-hearted business, and emotions have no place on the battlefield. By concentrating on "waking people up," we stymie our own ability to further prepare ourselves for whatever they throw at us in the future. Just live as close to righteousness as possible, and people will pay attention to you. They will follow you, because most people need someone to show them the answers.

The only way to lead is by example.

Live your life according to what you claim. No matter how right you are about something, if you don't practice what you preach, no one is going to listen to you, except for......the conclusion jumpers.

The "truth" controllers have injected their people into every front of this war. Living under this situation is like running a gauntlet of lies. No matter where we turn, there are new lies to navigate--but there are also new things to be learned.

As we wait for this double-edged sword to come crashing down on us, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve the quality of our own lives. Letting that opportunity pass you by is equivalent to giving in to the truth controllers and conclusion jumpers. If we let them have their world unchallenged, we each say goodbye to our own worlds and prospective happiness.

The hardest thing about witnessing the truth pangs everyone experiences while "awakening" for me is watching those who are desperate for truth, instead of proof, bang their heads against the walls of disinformation and manipulation. Our enemies are manifold and wily, but we still outnumber them, and are more intelligent than them, because we see beyond the mammon they worship...

The proof movement does not belong to anyone or anything but the facts. They stand on their own, superseding the individual need for "truth."

© Brandon Dean, 2011

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