Sunday, May 9, 2010

News May 9, 2010

Cyber attack 'could fell US within 15 minutes'

Adolf Hitler 'did not shoot himself'

Five More Suspects Named In Dubai Assassination Of Hamas Leader

Sheeple: Signs That You May Be Part Of The Herd...

Mystery Disease Linked To Missing Israeli Scientist

10 Suspects, And Motives As To Why The Gulf Spill Was An Inside Job

Dr. Manning - We Have Proof Of Obama's Ineligibility

Propaganda Alert: White House Says Pakistan Taliban Behind NY Bomb

BP's First Attempt To Divert Gulf Oil Leak Fails
Workers Tell Of Night Their Oil Rig Exploded 

Would You Change?  Freedom Or Slavery, You Choose... 

Israel Did 9/11 - How Zionists React To The Truth 
CIA Allowed To Kill Terrorist Suspects Without Identification

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