Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA Chief: US Will Never Ease Screening Policy

by Jason Ditz

Hints at Even More Intrusive Measures to 'Take TSA to the Next Level'

TSA Chief John Pistole reiterated today that the administration has absolutely no intention of ever changing its screening policy, insisting that the TSA is “the last line of defense for the US government” and that all the incidents of groping he was asked about were “appropriate” in the face of terrorists.

Though some said President Obama’s feigned sympathy suggested a change might be in the offing, Pistole seemed determined to indicate that the system is only going to get more intrusive over time.

Indeed as a number of Americans look to train travel to avoid the systematic genital groping that air travel has become, Pistole warned in separate comments that rail traffic was his top priority, hinting that he might add more intrusive screener there and elsewhere because he wants “to take TSA to the next level.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton further chimed in on the pat-downs, taking much the similar tack as the president. Clinton insisted she wouldn’t want to have to submit to pat-downs, but that she was perfectly fine with the program continuing for other people. She, like President Obama, is exempt from the screening process.

The TSA website also sought once again to cow American travelers into submission on the issue of “enhanced pat downs,” reiterating that once you are in line anything the TSA screener demands must be complied with and that failure to do so would result in a $11,000 fine and detention. They also warned that any garment warn for religious modesty, or indeed even underwire bras, were like to result in “enhanced” screening.


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