Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Remember Remember the 5th of November – Guy Fawkes day and Poker Face gig @ Lupos in Allentown‏

Friday NOVEMBER 5th (Guy Fawkes Day think the movie V)
we will be gigging at one of our favorite local clubs in Allentown - LUPOs Beef and Ale - 2149 Reading Road, (off of 22nd & Hamilton)
Allentown, PA

if you have a FaceBook account, you can see the ADD for the gig here:
-share it please

Gig starts at 9pm with a very special guests;
Antonio Andrade -
Kinetic Blu
Poker Face
and our very good friends HATE TANK

here is a video ad for the gig:

GIG:Saturday Afternoon November 20th we will be participating in the
End the Fed rally in Philadelphia. For those of you not in the loop, all the End the Fed rallies have been labeled by the establishment as being anti-blah blah as well, which they are not. So come out and support their efforts to abolish the private banking corporation called THE FEDERAL RESERVE. It is neither Federal or has ANY reserves.

I believe fellow protest rocker Jordan Page will also be joining us for this protest gig in Philly.

More details to follow as the day gets closer.

GIG:Saturday EVENING November 20th
For those of our fans that have kids, and can never get out the door to see us, well kiddies... we have an all ages show scheduled later that night in Allentown.

Kinetic Blu and HATE TANK will also be on this bill

Again more details to follow, just mark it down on your calenders for now

Written Interviews:
Here are a couple of previous written interviews we have done in the past that I thought would be a good read..

Let the Chips Fall
A Discussion Paul Topete from Poker Face

MayfairMall Interview 2006

Also we have had some great support from a fan we call DOC from NW OR
He made two fan pages for us on both Youtube and MySpace...
as well as a couple of videos to support us as well.
If you have accounts with both sites, please sign up for them as well;

PokerFace Fan Club on Myspace

PokerFace Fan Club on You Tube

PokerFace Fan video supporting all of our discs

Another friend/fan DOC from the Watchman put this little piece together for us. He is now proudly using our song THE WATCHMAN as the intro to his song.. Thanks DOC from the Watchman

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