Thursday, November 18, 2010

Man punches TSA screener at Indianapolis International Airport

Indianapolis —
A Connecticut man was arrested at Indianapolis International Airport Tuesday after punching a TSA screener.

John Christina, 51, Simsbury, Conn., allegedly exchanged words with and then punched a TSA screener at a security check point.

According to police, he was charged with misdemeanor battery.

The incident is similar to many others that have happened throughout the country in backlash to the so-called intrusive security screenings.

But Christina says that the punch was intended to be a joke, not a challenge to the agent's authority or the agency's security procedures.

Christina stated he has had several medical issues and asked the TSA screener a question about the screening process.

When the TSA screener said he did not know, Christina "jokingly lightly punched him in the chest" and told him you should know.

Christina was released from jail on $150 bond and scheduled in Marion Superior Court 10 on December 13.


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