Saturday, July 31, 2010

Old New World Order Goal, World Empire

by Szandor Blestman

The New World Order is not new. It is actually controlled by very old, very wealthy families. It is likely at least partially the brainchild of European royalty that should have faded into the sunset a long time ago, along with their central banking agents. Somehow, these royal families have managed to keep their wealth and their political influence in spite of decades, even centuries, of various political movements that should have cast them down and made them pariahs of the human race. Somehow they have managed to escape the wrath of the common folk in spite of wars and revolutions that should have targeted them and their agents.

Through all this they have not changed their ways. Through all this they have maintained their world view. Through all this they have remained arrogant, uncaring and aloof with an uncanny and almost inhuman lack of empathy and emotion. Throughout history they have kept their eyes on their ultimate goal and nurtured their belief that they are divinely chosen to rule over man rather than passively allowed to do so by the masses. It makes one almost feel sorry for them that they can be so deluded.

The dream of world dominance has infected the minds of the ruling class for centuries, if not millennia. One might wonder if this in and of itself has caused some kind of permanent damage to the intelligence and the psyches of those who have descended from the genetics of the elite. One might believe that world domination is a normal objective for all human beings if one considers how often one might hear the phrase "If I ran the world..," but these childlike musings soon give way to reality and most of us are likely to be satisfied with just running our own lives as best we can. Most of us likely just want to become the best humans we can possibly become. Many times this means just leaving others to their own means and letting them make their own mistakes. This is a lesson the ruling class just seems unable to learn. Indeed, this is the same mistake they've made throughout the ages, that they feel they are better able to run the lives of others and they have the right to force others, by whatever means possible, to bow to their will and accept their laws. They are apparently more concerned with growing their wealth and influence rather than becoming better human beings.

These people would like to remain in the shadows. They would like to stay hidden. I think this is because they know what they're doing is wrong. Somewhere, deep in their subconscious, despite their own thinking that they're being benevolent, they know their behavior is not right. Otherwise, they'd conduct their activities with honesty and in the open, even flaunt them and publicize them for all to see. Instead they sneak around, deceive and even deny when confronted. When they do admit to their nefarious deeds, they do so in such a way as to keep the masses mostly in the dark and leave it to the few who really pay attention to dig up the dirt on them.

The key to their scheme seems to be centralization. The ruling class would have us believe that one world government is the answer to the modern problems mankind faces. They would like us to believe that a one world government would put an end to war, poverty, homelessness, starvation, all kinds of maladies, even natural and manmade disasters. They would like us to believe these things because they would like us to support their centralization efforts. They would like there to be a populist movement to create the one world government so that it looks like it isn't their idea. What they don't want us to figure out is that a one world government would not be safeguarding the rights of the individual. It would not even really be democratic or even a representative democracy. It would be a collectivist scheme establishing a corporate aristocracy or some other kind of authoritarian hierarchy meant to control the entire world. Such a system could very well become the worst tyranny this world has ever seen.

These are people who believe not only that they should run everything, but that they own everything. This includes you. They seem to believe that you exist for the sole purpose of serving them. The only thing a one world government would do is put another layer of bureaucracy atop already overly bloated systems. It would simply add more taxes to already overly burdened populations. They evidently feel they own that portion of your labor. They feel they have the right to steal your money to fund their projects. They want you to believe they have your best interests in mind, that they are providing you with the society in which you operate, but in practice reality is quite a bit different than the utopia these control freaks believe they can build.

These people only manage to take opportunity away from you. They take your money and make laws in order to try to legitimize a worldwide system which benefits mostly the interests of their selves, their friends and their families. They wish to keep competition to a minimum and force government sanctioned monopolies upon us to maximize their profits while minimizing the quality of goods and services provided. They are trying to build an infrastructure based on spying and fear that will prevent people from interacting with each other in manners that threaten their power base.

There are dangerous times ahead. With the existing financial crises and looming disasters, it will be tempting to accept solutions to problems presented to us by those who care nothing for the betterment of humanity and everything for their own personal aggrandizement. We should all be very suspicious of globalization in whatever iteration, whatever the excuse. We should all remain quite cautious when our national governments wish to merge or cooperate with multi national and worldwide organizations. Only those at the top of the heap benefit from such maneuvers and they never take care of the problems they claim they will fix. Indeed, it seems more often then not those same problems become exacerbated. We will do well to remember history, question authority and remain diligent in demanding respect for individual rights.

The world elite have never been closer to realizing their goal. Yet even as they can see the brass ring within their grasp, their chances to grab it are slipping away. The European Union is in trouble. There is dissent amongst its members. The proposed Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America has been exposed as the fraudulent control scheme that it is. Even the separate states in the United States of America have begun to exercise more of their autonomy and are challenging the rule of their centralized federal government. The problems that have been created by greater centralization cannot be solved by more of the same. Collectivism in all its forms will always fail, for it attempts to hold down the human spirit.

A few hundred years ago, people started fleeing from Europe to try to escape the tyranny of monarchs and find independence amongst like minded people in a new world. Those people quickly learned they could prosper very well without the burdens of a huge centralized government. They came to understand, in fact, that they were better off taking care of themselves and their own. They quickly built a nation predicated on the ideas of liberty and the rights of the individual. This nation quickly became perhaps the most prosperous nation to ever exist. People flocked to its shores simply because they wanted the opportunity to become the best they could. The power elite, seeing that they were losing their serfs, likely felt threatened and began making plans to bring back those they had lost into the fold. They could ill afford to let these ideas of freedom and self determination infect the commoners, for then they might become less significant to the rest of humanity.

One would have thought that creating such a nation would eventually lead to smaller and smaller government. One would have thought that government would have become less burdensome and more localized as prosperity grew. But somewhere along the line the nation took a wrong turn. Somehow government continued to grow and become more burdensome as it restricted the people from conducting their lives as they would see fit. Somehow it came to be that the populous began to expect government to mother, coddle and protect them, and so they sacrificed their personal liberties in the hopes of obtaining some measure of security to be provided by others. Once the formally freest nation in the world has become completely corrupted and socialized, the beacon of freedom is turned off, and the rest of the world falls in line.

We can ill afford to remain blissfully ignorant anymore. Whether you believe there is a new world order or not, it is painfully obvious that there is a power elite moving to create a global paradigm restricting personal freedom and competition. This attempt at big world government should be resisted in whatever peaceful manner is necessary, be it through exposing them, civil disobedience, refusing to go along with their mandates, or even through the systems they have set up. Simply stop supporting their efforts and they will fail.

They will continue to try to lie, deceive, misinform, bribe and even create problems so that they can offer solutions. It is time the human race recognized their corrupt nature and the reality of what they are trying to accomplish. It is time for us to stop being fooled by their propaganda and to start decentralizing and localizing power. It is time to once again respect the rights of the smallest minority, the individual. In that way, we can evolve into the human beings we were meant to be.

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