Monday, July 5, 2010

NSA Reminds Contractors: STFU!

Check out the lastest NSA ‘Big Brother’ project here. Big Brother is watching you.

There’s no doubt that the big boys are sweating. Some even claim that the American people have “awakened”, though I’ve yet to notice. One thing is certain: with the massive migration of the population to the internet and alternative sources for news and other vital information, the war on for your mind is becoming much more complicated. Your free access to a virtually unlimited domain of knowledge presents a major problem to the ’systemetizers’ and control freaks of the world. This explains exactly why we are seeing so much control-freak legislation to dictate news, internet, television, entertainment output being fervently written and passed. Large demographics of the population being exposed to alternative thoughts and presentation has led, admittedly, to some (to use poorly chosen words) ’shift in consciousness’ (to be associated with groups such as The Tea Party Movement). Thanks to the internet, advanced communications technology and technology in general, it has become a lot easier to keep and disseminate ‘alternative’ ideas. As more shit hits the fan, this is exactly what the elite can’t have. They’re shifting the operation into overdrive and that means more active legislation, faster. And now that its easier for the word to be spread, for whistles to blow (and not just their tooting horns), any inkling of a ‘mass awakening’ poses a threat to operations.

I don’t really see this as a problem as things are already such that Big Bruv at this point runs the show, and everyone is wide awake alright, its just that they’re glued into their idiotbox iPod touches and iPods. It’s like everyone lives in their personally built and customized commercial. These PR guys are fuckin’ geniuses, I tell you. Too bad they aren’t on our side.

Anyway, please excuse my digression. Check out this letter NSA sent to its contractors to politely remind them to keep their big fuckin’ mouths shut about their involvement with the NSA when it comes to going public:

Recently, NSA Prime Contractors, and Subcontractors to NSA Prime Contractors, have published personnel recruiting advertisements/announcements in public sources to include, but not limited to, television, radio, and particularly internet sources such as Craig’s List, Facebook, Twitter, and internet web pages.

The publication of these advertisements/announcements makes this a good opportunity to remind our industry partners (Prime Contractors and their subcontractors) of their contractual obligation, as noted in the below MPOAS clauses, not to reveal their NSA affiliation without the prior written approval of the Contracting Officer. This obligation applies to both Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Contracts, and regardless of whether the disclosure medium would be verbal, in writing, or posted to a web page/internet site. In accordance with these clauses, the Contractor: a) shall not disclose any information concerning sponsorship of the RFP/Contract, or b) the nature of the Government’s interest in and application of the subject matter of such RFP or Contract, unless the type of information is expressly allowed to be disclosed by Agency-specific provisions and clauses, or by written approval of the cognizant Contracting Officer.

This raises several questions (on top of sounding quite scary in light of all the Orwellian Big Brother rhetoric). Which NSA contractors are posting these ads? If their affiliation cannot be revealed to the public, or even employees, what is the nature of their involvement with the NSA, especially if the contractor presents itself as some type of news or social networking site or aggregate? Put this little piece of the puzzle in its respective place and this picture just keeps becoming more frightening. We know that the name of the game is compartmentalization; how are our peers used in this way to contribute to the erosion of our liberties and freedoms without even knowing it? It sounds like the NSA does not want us to become aware of the recruiting process. Keep things compartmentalized – that’s the strategy.

Look, they don’t even want the media to ask questions about this:

Should your management or public affairs offices be contacted by the media, and if a response is suitable and consistent with your contract, you may generally reiterate the important contributions your employees make to our national security. Any further media inquiries should be directed to the Public and Media Affairs Office at 301-688-6524 or by email at

If you’ve never taken a Russian history or literature course, this reads exactly like the MO of a communist dictatorship. Tell the news outlets – the conduits between government and citizen – some scripted rhetoric that sounds like it is better suited for a Nazi propaganda campaign. The situation in this country is pathetic.

If someone isn’t happy with the answer you provide, note them as suspicious. If further suspicion arises, report the individual to the authorities:

In addition, industry partners are encouraged to complete self assessments of their Counterintelligence (CI) Awareness and Operation Security (OPSEC) programs in light of this increased exposure. This may also be a good time for you to re-evaluate your overall corporate security posture and policies for contact with the media, the handling of unsolicited emails, and recruitment policies. Employees should be cautioned not to confirm or deny information related to NSA, and to be suspicious of any followup inquiries for additional information to include email which may contain nefarious code. Any suspicious inquiries or incidents should be reported to the NSA Associate Directorate for Security and Counterintelligence via your NSA Industrial Security Officer.
This doesn’t sound like the America I was taught that I lived in. In Free America, questions ask you!
NSA order here.


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