Friday, July 9, 2010

I Meet the "Minister of Public Safety" by Henry Makow Ph.D

Wednesday evening, some friends and I discussed the mayhem at the G-20 Summit in Toronto. We felt the violence was started by undercover cops to justify the $1billion expense, and to condition Canadians for fascism.

Thursday morning, I sat beside Vic Toews, the Canadian Minister of Public Safety on the plane from Winnipeg to Ottawa.

Normally I wouldn't have spoken to him, but when Providence put me in the next seat (in Economy class,) I took the hint.

First, I confirmed that he was indeed Vic Toews; and I identified myself as a blogger on conspiracy and the NWO. I suggested that the G-20 mayhem was a black eye for Canada. First off, the billion dollar expense for security was ridiculous.

Toews' response was to the effect that he was only the cabinet minister, and that he has to listen to his "experts." They tell him what security is necessary, and he has to listen.

This dispelled any residual notions I had about our leaders actually leading.

I suggested that Canadians couldn't be too pleased about hundreds of peaceful protesters being handcuffed and thrown into cages in detention facilities for 24 hours.

Not at all, he said, motioning to an item on his Blackberry. The polls show that Canadians are pleased with the government's response.

"But people who were just observers, out for supper, were arrested and detained," I countered.

Well, you know, perhaps they didn't obey a police command to move on, he replied. That's grounds for arrest.

I told him that the consensus on the Internet was that the people causing the violence were undercover policemen; and that the police cars were emptied of valuable equipment and abandoned for the purpose of being set aflame. The police could easily round up the violent offenders but instead gave them carte blanche.

Oh no, he said. Police often remove the computers when outside their cars.

Well I doubt that. Obviously he was obfuscating.

Anyway he said the police were investigating.

Gee, I thought, couldn't we have an independent enquiry?

Anyway, you get the picture. Toews is a Conservative from a rural Manitoba riding. I believe he is a man of honor. But he has obviously bought the party line.

Throwing hundreds of innocent people into cages doesn't contradict his idea of "public safety." Nor is he disturbed by allegations that the instigators were undercover cops. As you have seen, his reaction was to dismiss problems rather than investigate them.

I guess you could say, he is a politician.

The events of the G-2 were another foretaste of the New World Order. The public will not participate in decision-making and will not be able to demonstrate or even express controversial opinions.

Government will be used as an instrument of oppression by big business, which in turn is controlled by the central bankers. The old Left versus Right model no longer applies. It's the people versus the central bankers and their willing dupes and lackeys.


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  1. Normally I wouldn't have spoken to him, but when Providence put me in the next seat (in Economy class,) I took the hint. much for Providence