Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Disappointment With Mainstream Churches

by Katherine

And I heard another voice from Heaven, saying, Come out of her, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

-Revelations 18:4

I'm a woman, in my early fifties/unmarried and live in New Mexico.
I have never been against churches; just indifferent.  I never felt they were important, at all. But, I now understand that these places are not the way to go because they do all things the exact opposite of what God desires. 

I was awakened with a Spiritual 2X4 in July of 2005, shortly after the brutal torture/murder of Terry Schiavo, and it was none too gentle.  I was aware of incredible evil all around us, but now realized things were much worse than I had ever imagined.

God allowed me to see the entire conspiracy at once; and it was confirmed within 24 hours through research. After much research, I felt I had learned as much as I cared to. I wanted to learn from God and from Him only. I wanted Him to teach me how to maneuver through all of this lunacy.

A few days after I first realized and believed God manifested Himself as a Man, Lord Jesus Christ, people were telling me I had to go find a church. Though I was just as indifferent to churches as it gets, (not hostile), I realized the only reason I really wanted to find a church was to testify to them as to what's really going on with this world and today's church; false wars, false worship etc. etc.  My longing was for all of us to realize this:  it is futile to look to and depend on mankind for anything what-so-ever. Look to God for all of your spiritual teaching.  By the way, we can't even blink an eye without God.

The first church I chose was a Baptist church. At the time, through watching news and listening to those around me, I realized Terri's ordeal didn't register much at all with many Christians locally and nation-wide. I wanted to understand why there was this incredible deficit of understanding and compassion?  I wanted to give them information on what really happened to Terri.

When this particular pastor and I first met, this is what he said to me: "if you have any problems at all, don't come to me. I'm not that kind of pastor." I was not shocked but I was still amazed.

I decided to listen to one of his sermons. He sure sounded good and moved on the stage well. He taught his congregation typical false teachings; pre-trib rapture, going to war in God's Name, etc., etc. and they clung to every word.

Later on, I dropped off Scripture refuting everything he taught to "his" sheep. One of his Bible teachers accepted the verses; the pastor wasn't in.

A few days later, I received a phone call from the pastor. He told me that "if I ever set foot on his property, ("his" church), he would call the police and have me arrested.  That I was going against his doctrine."

These experiences with the 1st church were just a small beginning.

I came across a couple walking down an interstate each pushing a mountain bike with a large 'basket on wheels' filled with possessions. On the back of the second basket was a huge cardboard sigh that read Hope in Jesus. I u-turned for two reasons.

#1 These two people were obviously stranded.

#2 I was curious because of their sign.

I found out after speaking with them that their van's motor had burned out. They were in their mid-sixties, had eight bucks to their name and the wife was ill. They were walking to Ca. I wanted to assist them and I decided to do this exactly as the early Christians in the Book of Acts would have done.

I would go into town to visit various churches and tell each the entire story of this couple not leaving out a detail. I would then ask for donations to give to this couple. I also decided not to tell this couple what I'd be doing but that I would definitely be back to see them. I suggested to them, that in the meantime, they might write on their sign, 'COULD USE A RIDE'. They told me they would do that. I gave to them what I had in my wallet.  I was not working at the time. The only reason I mention this is not because I want to be thought of as "wow" isn't she great! But only to illustrate that I put into practice what I've learned from God. I really cringe to think I'd ever resort to bragging. Matthew 6:3-4.

Here the results of searching for God's Called out people:

The first church, quite a large church, donated out of petty cash. I was happy that they did donate!

At the second church, the secretary asked me if I was a member of their church. I told I was not. She refused my request without consulting with the pastor. I asked her if she would please call the pastor. She stated that he was unavailable. I asked her if she would please donate to help this couple. She refused. She then asked me: "what if you return to these people and they're not there? I simply told her : I'll bring back your money to you. She refused for the final time. I told her as I was leaving that it was people like her and her church that cause many to run away from God. And did she ever hear of or read the Book of Acts?

At the third church, the pastor donated out of his own pocket. Again, I was happy that there was a donation.

At the fourth church, I was told the pastor had gone for a jog. I waited outside. While waiting, I related the story to several coming from and going into the church. One lady was very leery, but did give me two bucks.

As I shook hands with the woman, the pastor came jogging in. There were several people milling about as I approached the pastor. I was grateful that some had pitched in and was excited as I related to this pastor the story of the couple. I told him I was going to various churches to get help from them. I also related to him of the disheartening attitude of some in the church. He listened and then beckoned with his index finger to come inside. I followed him. My excitement only rose as I thought that some still listened to and obeyed God. I believed I was going to get further help for this couple. WRONG! As soon as he got me inside, he started screaming at me. He went on and on, in a derogatory manner, of how so many people off the streets, like me came to him begging for money. "Do you think I'm going to take money from my charities and give them to you?" He ranted on and on.  The more he did, the worse he got. I must say, though I knew through my learning of how it is with today's church, I was still shocked and could not speak for his screaming. He then threatened to call the police. After the third time of threatening to call the police, I told him to go right ahead. We stood looking at each other and he started to usher me to the door. When I got outside, I finally found something substantial to say. I turned around, looked him in the eyes and told him that he had anti-christ spirit in him and he didn't even know it. He didn't say a word. I didn't find this experience enjoyable but I knew that what was shown to me must be confirmed.

A little after 5p I started back to find this couple. It would soon be getting dark. I scoured every nook and cranny along the interstate but couldn't find them. I stopped off at a truck stop that they might have visited. I asked about them and was told that they were there and that they had asked about me. I kept on for 70 miles until I came to the next town. I stopped in at several churches and shelters to see if they were there. I looked around for about an hour. They must have found a ride because I never met up with this couple. The next day, I returned the $35.00 to the donors.

Revelation 17:5

On denominations: How can we be of 'one mind' and 'one accord' with thousands of denominations all "teaching" their "own brand of doctrine" which has nothing at all to do with God and Heaven.

When one points out the following: BE OF ONE MIND AND ACCORD; Philippians 2:2-5, 1Corinthians 12:25-26, the teachers/preachers/etc. will tell you that it applies to someone else's "church".

Lord Jesus Christ, Himself Desires to Teach you: John 5:39-40

How to arrive at nothing but TRUTH: seek only Him 24/07.

If one understands the Day of Visitation, one will understand you don't have to die and then "go to Heaven"; Heaven is here, now and upon us. God is pouring His Spirit upon ALL FLESH. It's up to each individual to listen and learn; while here on earth. It's that simple! Joel 2:28 Act 2:17

As unbelievable as it sounds, Heaven is here, now, upon us if we loose our own "widom" and traditions.

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  1. Great blog! You might enjoy visiting Google and typing in "Pretrib Rapture Diehards," "Pretrib Rapture - Hidden Facts," "Pretrib Rapture Secrecy," "Pretrib Hypocrisy" and "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty." Lord bless. Jon