Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Israel: Take off the Rose Colored Glasses

The latest outrage from Israel, murdering those that sought to bring food and medical supplies to the Palestinians, should cause an international explosion of outrage. It should also result in international sanctions against Israel. The United States, which has turned into an apologist for all things Israeli, will no doubt sit on its hands and declare that no one really knows what happened to the flotilla.

This much we do know. Israeli commandos boarded neutral vessels with guns and ammunition, blocked communications, and stopped the international media from "observing" the situation. All of which would make it easy to slaughter flotilla members and claim that they brought it on themselves.

This was a non-violent protest folks. Similar to the ones conducted by the Rev. Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and others. The media focused on South African Apartheid and through a series of boycotts and sanctions, the system fell.  Nowadays, the Bankster owned media (run by Illuminati Jews) and their televangelist allies (run by the Intelligence services) have persuaded most Americans that Israel has the right to rule the world by divine decree. An outlandish claim by any measure of the word.

How many times will Pat Robertson tell us we are all going to hell if we don't submit to the domination of Israel in our national and international affairs? Where are these so called "Christian" ministers when its time to denounce Israel's treatment of the Palestinians? Are Arabs less than the children of God that these hypocrites claim to love?

Most so-called Christians are expecting Israel to take this world into the Millenium (1,000 year peace) with its domination of world politics. This is contrary to the Biblical teachings, which state clearly that Israel will fall under the judgments of God at the hands of the invading armies of Gog and Magog. They will only be rescued after they have been purged of all evil influences, just like the rest of us.

Birthright guarantees nothing. Jesus stated to the Pharisees and Sadducees of His day: "State not that you are the children of Abraham, for I say unto you that the Father can raise up seed unto Abraham from these stones." In other words, don't think that your lineage will protect you from your evil deeds.

The Illuminati are transferring all of our wealth to Israel. There they will watch, as Christians and Moslems destroy each other in the next world war, fully expecting to emerge triumphant over a greatly reduced population. Modern Judaism and the State of Israel have become nothing less than a "Trojan Horse" for the Illuminati and their agenda. American politicians should be held to account for permitting this to happen.

The Illuminati and their Jewish Allies own the Federal Reserve, the media, entertainment industry, big oil, big pharma and a host of other corporations that donate hundreds of millions of dollars to American politicians. As a result, the policy of Israel before United States interests is always first in this country.

The Jewish people need to wake up and realize that their leadership does not represent their interests any more than they represent ours. They need to demand an accounting for this unwarranted massacre of innocent civilians on a relief mission to Palestine. This is not anti-Semitic, unless valuing all lives equally now falls under that terminology. This is not racist. Unless condemning the unwarranted genocide of those that the Illuminati view as inferiors is now racist.

In fact, this is likely the most "Christian" request you are likely to hear in today's media. "Love thy Neighbor as Thyself".


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