Thursday, June 17, 2010

Defamation: True Stories

Defamation: True Stories from Michael Wiseguy on Vimeo.

I will tell you the secret. Some Jewish people spread their hatred of peoples all over the world by playing the Victim.
The scare tactic known as "Antisemitism" is born from ancient cultures.
Tactics they use like this manifests itself mainly through the controlled news media, TV commercials, and through all kinds of entertainment, all through the industry they own.
It manifests itself though our cultural, spiritual, and government leaders they control.
They are disingenuous, misinformed, they lie through omission and out right lie, for their own gain.
They use the technique when pushing any agenda, even huge agendas like the discredited man-made global warming fraud, starting profitable wars for arms manufacturers and bankers, or pushing Wall Street bailouts, and they call you an anti-Semite or other names if you disagree with what they are doing.
They try to sell you protection to keep you safe, even though you already have 700 US military bases in 130 countries, and a trillion dollar arsenal of military weapons. Yet they tell you, you need more of it like naked body scanners at airports, even though your chances of being harmed by another passenger are 1 in 100 million.

My friends in the Jewish community recently documented a major part of the control freak mechanism they use, on film.
My friends in the Jewish community just want to break free of this insidious control freak mechanism in place. They want to be free to express themselves in the manner they deem fit without being told what to do, or how to act, or what to say. Their tired if it . They want to prove themselves on their own merits, succeed or fail. They just want to be treated like normal people. Not looked upon as different. WW2 is long gone, and they know it will be remembered but want to forget it as being a part of who they are today.
The film is called "Defamation: True Stories", produced and directed by an Israeli Film maker, Yoav Shamir.

The brainwashed Zionists and many Zionist brainwasher’s have what I call, "Zionist Anti-Semitic Paranoia Psychosis Disorder", and it’s Exposed by Israelis themselves. Many of those Zionists without the disease know exactly what they are doing like Abe Foxman.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion outline the game plan.
The biggest Mind F*ck in history.

This documentary exposes the Zionist scam just like Climategate exposed the man-made global warming scam. This psychosis, which I believe can be clinically documented, is a form of insanity and is on a parallel plane with AGW beliefs.

For those of you who don't know what the word Zionist means, Zionism is a movement to establish a Jewish homeland. They already did that, the country is called Israel, what more do they want?


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