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William Cooper - Scarlet and the Beast Transcribed Part 2 of 5

Tape No. 458: "Identity of Scarlet No. 2"
Tuesday, October 11, 1994

Tonight, folks, we're going to continue with the identity of Mystery Babylon. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish that tonight. If I do, we'll begin tomorrow night with the identity of the Beast. Stay tuned.

We know from Masonic sources, from their own writings, ladies and gentlemen, that Freemasonry deceives its own initiates. There is, however, a much broader deception, announced in Revelation, Chapter 18, Verse 23. Quote:

[Revelation 18:23:]

" thy sorceries were all nations deceived."

End quote. Let me say that one more time.

[Revelation 18:23:]

" thy sorceries were all nations deceived."

This verse unveils Mystery Babylon's control of the manufacturing and trafficking of illegal drugs world-wide.

I can see you out there shaking your heads: "Cooper's lost it. He's crazy. How could he possibly get that meaning out of that verse?"

[Revelation 18:23:]

" thy sorceries were all nations deceived."

It's very simple, folks. Four Greek words--four Greek words--are used to define sorceries as used in the scripture that I just read. They are:

(1) "Pharmakeia" meaning magic, medication, and the practice of witchcraft;

(2) "Pharmakeus" and "Pharmakon" meaning a magician or sorcerer who manufactures and sells spell-giving potions; and

(3) "Pharmakos" having the same meaning as "pharmakon".

In no other place in the entire Bible, except in reference to Mystery Babylon are these Greek words for "sorcery" used in the sense they are here, to indicate the manufacture, sale, and consumption of drugs. From them, come our English form of "pharmacist", "pharmacy", and "pharmaceutical".

Does that blow your mind?

We have already outlined the tradition and history of sorcery and drug use in both Freemasonries in previous episodes of "The Hour of the Time".

We suggested the extent of English Freemasonry's post-World War II drug empire.

And we have traced the Whore of Babylon's universal control of growing, manufacturing, distributing, and financing illegal drugs for the express purpose of deceiving the world into accepting her New Age Antichrist.

English Freemasonry's involvement with illicit drugs may be the strongest evidence that today London is home for Mystery Babylon.

Revelation, Chapter 17, Verses 4 through 5, exposes the perfidy of Scarlet's character. She is not only a harlot religion, but the Mother--on the street, "the muthah", if you will--the firstborn of Babylon and progenitor of all false religions. Therefore, she is called Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Harlots.

As we have revealed, English Freemasonry--the Mother of all Freemasonry--claims from her own writings, from her own mouth, her roots in ancient Babylon. With over 9,000 Temple Lodges scattered throughout most nations of the world, and with over 7,000 in Great Britain alone, including 1,700 in London, English Freemasonry is the largest harlot religion on earth today.

Moreover, this modern Whore of Babylon has given birth to hundreds of modern secret societies, cults, think tanks, and a variety of political orders.

Edith Miller, in her book entitled, "Occult Theocracy", published in 1933, names many of the offspring of English Freemasonry. And I'm going to give you the names of some of these.

And I want you to remember, folks, that last night's broadcast and tonight's broadcast comes, a good part, from a book entitled, "Scarlet and the Beast"--"Scarlet and the Beast" by John Daniel. It is a history of the war between English and French Freemasonry; and of course, from my own research, from my series on Mystery Babylon, from our library here at the Research Center.

Now, back to the list of the major offspring of English Freemasonry in the different major nations of the world.

In England:

the Societas Rosecruciana in Anglia;
the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis;
the Theosophical Society;
the Order of the Golden Dawn;
Stella Matutina ;
the Fabian Society;
the Round Table Groups; and many others.

In Germany:

the Illuminati;
the Strict Observance;
the Martinist Order;
the Tugendbunds ;
the Anthroposophical Society;
the Ordo Templae Orientalis--called the OTO; and
the Thule Society.

In France:

the Scottish Rite;
the French Grand Lodge;
Grand Orients;
Alliance Israelite Universal;
the League of Nations;
the European Economic Community; and
the United States of Europe.

In Italy:

the Carbinieri;
the Young Societies;
the Propaganda Duo--also known as P2,
the drug running lodges; and of course,
the Mafia.

And that accounts for the cooperation between the Mafia and the secret society-run intelligence community in the United States of America and in other countries.

In Russia:

the Nihilists;
the Anarchists; and
the Soviet Union.

In Moslem countries they are known as the Moslem Brotherhood.

In America:

the Scottish Rite;
the York Rite;
the Eastern Star;
the Shriners;
Odd Fellows;
Jehovah's Witnesses;
Christian Science;
B'nai B'rith;
the Ku Klux Klan;
the Lucis Trust;
the OTO--which is Ordo Templae Orientalis;
the Process Church;
the Church of Scientology;
the National Council of Churches;
the Council on Foreign Relations;
the Trilateral Commission;
the United Nations; and
their spawn, the New Age Movement.

Grand Orient Freemason, Brother J. C. Corneloup, Grand Commander of Honor of the Grand College of Rites, confirms in his writing called, "Universalism of French Freemasonry", published in 1963, that English Freemasonry claims motherhood to all Freemasonry. And this is what he says. Quote:

"The bitterness between the two Freemasonries clearly reveals that London considered that it was the Mother Grand Lodge, and that all the others were subsidiaries whom it wanted to keep in its dependence--the sign of a strong desire to set up universality to its exclusive profit.

"Two hundred years after this struggle broke out, we still find as lively a spirit of hostility--though couched in less truculent terms--on the part of the Grand Lodge of England with regard to French Masonry, apparently concentrated against the Grand Orient of France, but equally apparent against the Grand Lodge of France.

"The fact is that we are confronted with two organizations sprung from the same stock: operative Masonry and, palpably born at the same time--mid-1600s--and in the same country, England, but which have evolved differently because one developed in powerful middle class, intellectual, and aristocratic surroundings--that's English Freemasonry--and the other in a much more democratic climate amongst the common man--French Freemasonry. Therefore, the United Grand Lodge of England could go on and celebrate the universality of Freemasonry. It could even, priding itself on being the Mother Lodge from which all others have sprung, claim to put this universality into practice to its own profit, with the right to dominate the whole of Masonry.

"In 1929, the United Grand Lodge of England took a step of capital importance by publishing its 'Fundamental Principles for the Recognition of Grand Lodges'. London claims the right to lay down Masonic law. The United Grand Lodge of England claims to dominate the Masonic world, to be the Sovereign Judge of the authenticity of the different Masonic powers, and to impose its law upon them, confident in its powers of intimidation which it has skillfully cultivated. And owing to the pusillanimous ignorance of the leaders of the different obediences who are afraid of the least suggestion of a rupture, it arbitrarily fixes the criterion for regularity in such a way that it can always, in the last resort, make a decision according to its sole good pleasure.

"But what is their aim, or rather, their dream? They want to make the Mother Grand Lodge the Unique Sovereign Authority over the whole of Masonry throughout the world--in order to condemn every group suspected of being able to overshadow it, to qualify every independence obedience as irregular and schismatic, and above all, to destroy--or at the very least--to isolate enemy number one: the Grand Orient of France, which for 190 years has been regarded as a dangerous rival."

End quote. Now, the remainder of this broadcast will examine the various attributes of this Mother Grand Lodge, Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Harlots, as enumerated in the Bible, and relate them to what we know of modern-day English Freemasonry, its heresies, machinations, wealth, and centers of operation.

Revelation, Chapter 17, Verse 2 says, and I quote:

[Revelation 17:2b:]

"...the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication."

End quote. As we have learned, the modern, New Age Movement began in English Freemasonry's most secret Masonic Lodge, the Quatour Coronati Lodge of Masonic Research. By investigating eastern mysticism, the Quatour Coronati discovered that the religion of English Freemasonry is identical to that of Nimrod's Babylon, including the use of drugs, the practice of free sex, and human sacrifice. Today, English Grand Lodge is intoxicating the earth with this idolatry.

In Revelation, Chapter 17, Verses 2 through 4, quote:

[Revelation 17:2a, 4b]

Verse 2a: ...the kings of the earth have committed fornication,....

Verse 4b: ...a golden cup in her hand....

End quote. The protector, ladies and gentlemen of the Priori of Sion's Merovingian kings is aristocratic English Freemasonry who may be in possession of the golden grail cup IF you believe that there is such a cup running around in secret.

Reverend Church relates the legend which places the grail cup in England. I've already revealed to you what it really means in the histories of the people who lived in that area, the Celts, the Anglo, and all of the other ancient tribal affiliations.

You see, the Holy Grail was never mentioned in history until around the year 1100 A.D. Coincidentally, that's the same century that the Priori de Sion was founded, the Knights Templar were founded, and all of this mysticism about Mary Magdalene, the Holy Grail, King Arthur, the Fisher King, and all of the other Grail legends arose. Prior to that time, there was no mention ever in history of the Holy Grail, or of the cup that Christ drank out of at the Last Supper having any special or magical qualities whatsoever.

And of course, if you really believe that the words spoken by Christ are true, and if you really believe that the Bible is telling you the truth, then you are not to deal in magical things anyway, are you?

According to Reverend Church, ladies and gentlemen, he says this, quote:

"According to the Priori of Sion legend, Joseph of Arimathaea took the cup from which Christ drank at the Last Supper and brought it to the cross at Calvary. When Gaius Casius, a Roman centurion, took his spear and pierced the side of Christ, Joseph of Arimathaea caught his blood in the golden cup. The cup has now come to be known as the Holy Grail. In the years that followed, Joseph of Arimathaea was said to have taken the holy cup to England where he and his offspring became the guardians of the grail."

End quote. Revelation, Chapter 17, Verse 4 says, "...a golden cup...full of abominations and filthiness...." End quote.

Reverend Church elaborates on something even more blasphemous than the Holy Grail legend. And pay very close attention. Quote:

"Now take a deep breath and consider what I believe to be the greatest heresy of history: the so-called Guardians of the Grail have made the cup to become symbolic of another vessel, which supposedly contained and preserved the bloodline of Christ, namely the body--or perhaps I should say, the womb--of Mary Magdalene. This age-old worship of the Magdalene appears to be the result of an esoteric mystery religion which I believe is described in Revelation 17 as 'MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT....'."

End quote. This belief is somehow connected to the Black Madonnas found all over Europe--not as many as there used to be, grant you, but still there in quantity.

If the Harlot's cup resides in England and is protected there as Reverend Church suggests in his previous comment, he connects Mystery Babylon to English Freemasonry. Albeit indirectly, Reverend Church is, of course, referring to the Priori of Sion in his statement " esoteric mystery religion....".

We know, however, that Sion founded English Freemasonry. We also know, that from Sion sprang the Templars who brought the mystery religions from the Middle East to Europe. We also know that Mystery Babylon is the union of church and state.

British journalist Stephen Knight connects Mystery Babylon to the Anglican Church when he confirms that the Church of England has been a stronghold of Freemasonry for more than 200 years. The Church of England is a State Church; in fact, the only remaining State Church in the West. And as we have seen, the British monarch is head of both the Church and Freemasonry.

The American equivalent of the Anglican Church is the Episcopal Church, the church that George Bush attended. The influence of the harlot in the Episcopal Church is revealed by a telling event reported by Reverend Church.

In May 1984, a four-foot bronze statue of the crucifixion was unveiled at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan. The figure on the cross was that of a naked woman, complete with undraped breasts, and rounded hips, and the other paraphernalia which we will not mention on the air. This work of art which....

By the way, ladies, just in case you should be offended by that, it's not because your body is offensive to me, it's because of the rules by which radio is governed. What is offensive is the body of Christ was represented as a naked woman.

This work of art, which blasphemes the figure of our crucified savior, was created a sculptress Edwina Sandies, grand-daughter of the most famous English Freemason of our day, Winston Churchill. It was sculpted in honor of the Masonic-created, United Nations Decade for Women.

The Bishop who presides over the Cathedral of St. John the Divine is English Freemason, Bishop Moore. In Chapter 16, we learned that Moore, who has turned the Cathedral into a Babylonian temple, is a member of the Lucis Trust, formerly known as the Lucifer Publishing Company.

Reverend Church reports how deeply these former Christians have drunk from the cup of Babylonian religion, and I quote, listen carefully:

"The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is a center for New Age Movement activity. It appears to be yet another symbol in which I call the Myth of Mary Magdalene. James Parks Morton, who is the Cathedral Dean, organized the display of the woman on the cross and said that it sends a positive message to women. He and his followers thought it reflected a mystic Christian view that sees Christ as our mother."

End quote. And he goes on to say:

"It is the same pagan concept that promotes Mary Magdalene as the wife of Jesus and vessel bearing the bloodline of Christ."

And from this bloodline--I have informed you in past broadcasts--that he who will sit upon the throne of the world will come.

"In an esoteric sense, the womb of Mary Magdalene becomes the grail, preserving the bloodline or lineage of Jesus, her offspring supposedly married into the royal family of the Franks, eventually producing a king to sit upon the throne, Merove, from whom has come the so-called sacred Merovingian bloodline."

End quote. For reference to this, I would refer you to the book "Holy Blood, Holy Grail and the Messianic Legacy" by Lincoln Baigent, and I forgot the other author coming off the top of my head here.

All Christians today, folks, are under assault. In fact, all Christians will soon be a persecuted minority, and the Temples of Babylon--like the Cathedral of St. John the Divine--will lead the charge. Revelation, Chapter 17, Verse 4 says, quote:

[Revelation 17:4:]

"...[she is] decked with gold...precious stones and pearls...."

End quote. The wealth of modern Mystery Babylon is surpassed only by the previous wealth of King Solomon.

Is it possible that Scarlet's wealth came from the ancient treasury of Solomon?

Was Solomon even real? There is no proof that he ever lived.

Was David even real? There's no proof that he ever lived either. But, the Bible says the value of Solomon's wealth is recorded and you can find out in I Kings, Chapters 10 and 11, and II Chronicles 9. Using today's value of gold, according to these verses, Solomon's treasury would be worth approximately $14 billion--that's with a "B", spelled B-I-L-L-I-O-N--$14 billion dollars--and that's a conservative estimate.

History makes no mention of what happened to this treasury after the many plunders of Israel following her Babylonian captivity.

Not until the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in the caves of Qumran after World War II did the world realize that Solomon's wealth might still be intact, for there is a particular scroll which describes a great treasure and tells where it is buried if you can decipher the location.

The Dead Sea Scrolls were, of course, deciphered at Manchester University in 1955 and '56, or at least part of them were. One scroll makes explicit reference to great quantities of bullion, sacred vessels, additional unspecified material, and treasure of an indeterminate kind. It cites 24 different hoards buried beneath Solomon's Temple itself.

But if you believe the legends of the Templars, the Templars have already found that treasure and have taken it for their own.

The authors of "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" believe that during the Crusades, the Knights Templar discovered Solomon's treasure and carried it to southern France.

Following the 14th century inquisitions of the Templars by the Priori of Sion, kings, and popes, the wealth apparently came into the possession of Sion; and some of it--if not all--may have been taken to England, or possibly to Switzerland, the strong box for the Merovingian kings.

At any rate, dear listeners, the Priori of Sion pretends to know the whereabouts of this legendary treasure.

In 1981, the authors of "The Messianic Legacy" questioned Pierre Plantart, Grand Master of the Priori of Sion, about the lost temple treasury. His reply indicated possession; and I quote:

"It will be returned to Israel when the time is right."

End quote. In my book, "Behold A Pale Horse", according to my sources in the intelligence community, this is the truth.

Now, two years following Plantart's remark, English Freemasonry was implicated in an attempt to located the Holy of Holies beneath the Temple Mount at Jerusalem. The exposure began on Sunday, February 27th, 1983 by United Press International, Washington. Articles across the nation screamed headlines, quote:

"Israeli Scholar Claims Temple Discovery."

End quote. Now, supposedly, Dr. Asher Kauffman, a professor of physics at Hebrew University for 15 years, had been tunneling beneath the Temple Mount to locate the Holy of Holies. He claims to have found it, 330-feet north of the Dome of the Rock. On November 5th, 1984, "Newsweek" confirmed that the backer for Kauffman's dig was the Temple Mount Foundation.

Eighteen months earlier, on April 26th, 1983, the "Executive Intelligence Review" in a special report reported, and I quote,

"The Jerusalem Temple Mount Foundation was established for one objective, to rebuild the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. It was set up and its objective defined on the recommendation of Freemasonic circles in England, the monarchist's Freemasonic Lodges; in particular, the Quatour Coronati Lodge."

End quote. ...have arranged the alliance. Don't go away. I'll be right back.

If this venture to rebuild the Temple upon the Mount matures, the implications, ladies and gentlemen, are more than enormous.

Daniel, Chapter 9, Verse 27; and Chapter 11, Verse 31; and Chapter 12, Verse 11; and Matthew 24, Verse 15, all indicate that the Third Temple must be built before the middle of the tribulation so that the Beast can set up his image in the Holy of Holies.

You see, you're all saying that Christ is going to appear any moment. He can't appear. Nothing can happen until the Temple is rebuilt, and I've been trying to tell you this over and over and over again. Stop listening to the deceivers behind your pulpits. They're not telling you the truth.

The orthodox Jews, believe, however, that the Third Temple will be built by the Messiah. If so, their Messiah cannot be Jesus Christ, for the Third Temple, the Tribulation Temple, must be built before the Jews recognize Christ as Messiah.

According to Zechariah, Chapter 13, Verses 8 and 9; and Chapter 14, Verses 1 through 9, the Jews will not accept the Savior in that capacity until the end of the tribulation. Therefore, the Messiah of the Jews who will build the Tribulation Temple, according to the New Testament, will be a false messiah. It can be no other way. According to the Old Testament, he will be a false messiah. It can be no other way.

Isaiah, Chapter 28, Verses 15 through 18, when compared with Daniel, Chapter 9, Verse 27, appears to confirm that the Jews will accept the Antichrist, or the Apocalyptic Beast, as the Messiah.

Oddly, Isaiah's descriptive terminology of the Beast is suggestive of Freemasonry, to which the Jews will apparently attach themselves by treaty in the last days. Quote:

[Isaiah 28:15:]

"...We have made a covenant with death..."

says Isaiah:

Verse 15: ...and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves.

End quote. Nothing, no sentence, no group of words on this earth, could more better describe Freemasonry than what I have just read to you.

God's judgment against Freemasonry is also pronounced by Isaiah in carpenters' terminology. Quote:

[Isaiah 28:17, 18a]

Verse 17: Judgement also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the water shall overflow the hiding place.

Verse 18a: And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand:....

End quote. When we recall that the Apocalyptic Beast is given the names "Death" and "Hell" in Revelation, Chapter 6, Verses 7 through 8, we can clearly see that the covenant Israel makes with Death and Hell is a covenant with the Beast.

Daniel, Chapter 9, Verse 27, gives the duration of and purpose for Israel's covenant. It is a seven-year treaty that will first permit the Jews to build the Tribulation Temple and then to reinstate animal sacrifice. Perhaps at this time, the Priori of Sion will return Solomon's treasures to the Temple. The treaty, however, will be broken in the middle of the seven years, when the Templar Beast places his own image in the Temple.

Remember, the base religion of these people is secular humanism, wherein man, himself, is God. So what will be placed in the Temple? Man will be established as God.

What are the current signs that Israel may rebuild its Temple for the third time? We know that contemporary Jewish rabbis are looking for the appearance of their messiah. We know that they have already rejected Christ. The question is, who will they accept as messiah? The most recent candidate recently died. Obviously, it will be a person or a nation or an organization, such as Freemasonry, which will guarantee them the opportunity to rebuild their Temple. And if that entity should suddenly return to the nation of Israel Solomon's vast treasury, the Jews will fall headlong into worshipping that entity as their messiah through deception.

You see, they will be deceived--just as the rest of us have been deceived and will continue to be deceived--until we learn to look for the truth and stop believing. Jews are no different than anyone else.

And if Israel is going to be deceived and make this pact with the devil, why are you all rushing so headlong following these people who are telling you that you are the lost children of Israel?

Are you going to be the ones who make this pact with the devil?

If there is a devil?

I believe it is a philosophy.

Arthur Crawford, the Bible teacher and Pastor of Riverside Bible Church of Columbus, Ohio, confirms that two rabbis have suggested that as far as they are concerned, messiah could be a set of nations, a world power, that guaranteed their integrity, an individual or organization. They don't care. Any of those, say the rabbis, would meet the biblical prophecies of messiah. Could it be the United States of America?

Revelation, Chapter 18, Verse 3 says, quote:

[Revelation 18:3b:]

"...the merchants of the earth are made rich through her wealth. [not KJV]"

End quote. If London has controlled the wealth of Solomon since the 14th century, estimated to be $14 billion, one can only imagine what that treasury is worth today after being invested for over 700 years. These investments certainly would make the merchants of the earth rich.

The treasury would also make London the financial center of the world--and it is--as Revelation 18 suggests, Mystery Babylon must be.

And according to the "Encyclopedia Britannica", the United Kingdom has one of the world's oldest, most extensive, and most highly developed financial systems. And for many purposes, London is still the financial center of the western world--all built upon the basis of the first international banking empire of the Knights Templar.

According to British journalist Stephen Knight, this wealthy city is dominated by Freemasonry. He informs us that London is divided into 25 wards, ten of which have their own lodges. Every ward, without exception, has at least one Freemason among its representatives.

The 25 wards of London are run by a city corporation called the Corporation of the City of London, which has elected representatives. However, the main salaried officers of the corporation are Freemasons.


says Knight,

"it is virtually impossible to reach a high position in Guild Hall without being an active Brother. The Corporation of the City of London is so strongly Masonic, that many connected with it, some Masons included, think of it as virtually an arm of the Grand Lodge."

But it must be not forgotten that the city is first and foremost a financial center. And that is why you are all wrong when you point to the international bankers.

That's why you are all wrong when you point to the Jews.

That's why you are all wrong when you point to the blacks.

It's an organization.

It is a secret religion practiced behind the doors of the Lodge--the door that is guarded by the Tiler.

Knight confirms, statistically, that English Freemasonry is capitalistic, monopolistic, and in control of world finance exactly as the Bible describes. The result is the accumulation of vast wealth by a few merchants of the earth. And he says, and I quote:

"According to confidential statistics from Great Queen Street, there are 1,677 Lodges in London. Between the hours of eight in the morning and six at night, when the city's residential population of about 4,000 swells to 345,000 with the influx of computers, the square mile has the highest density of Freemasons anywhere in Britain.

"The Royal Exchange, the Corn Exchange, the Baltic Exchange, the Metal Exchange, the Bank of England, the Merchant Banks, the insurance companies, the mercantile houses, the Old Bailey, the Inns of Court, the Guild Hall, the schools and colleges, the ancient markets, all of them have Freemasons in significant positions.

"Among the institutions with their own Lodges are:

"The Baltic Exchange, Baltic Lodge No. 3006, which has its own Temple actually in the exchange in St. Mary's Acts;

"The Bank of England, the Bank of England Lodge No. 253; and

"Lloyd's, the Black Horse of Lombard Street, Lodge No. 4255."

End quote. Martin Short, author of "Inside the Brotherhood" 1989, after saying that Freemasonry's strength and the London headquarters of England clearing banks is more than matched in the regions, builds on the Masonic statistics begun by Stephen Knight.

The Midland Bank and Trust Company has its own Lodge, the Holden No. 2946.

There is at least one lodge for members of the stock exchange. The Verity, No. 2739.

"And nothing can happen at Lloyd's Bank or Lloyd's of London,"

says Short,

"without the Lutine Lodge knowing about it."

A non-Mason working at a British commonwealth bank wrote to Short saying this, quote:

"I was in a first-hand position to observe the Masons' activities and was mesmerized by their blatant self-promotion. I saw people totally unqualified for responsible posts being promoted beyond their ability, to the chagrin and bewilderment of officials who had every right to expect the posts themselves.

"In the peculiarly school-like methods of assessing bank staff ability, I saw the appalling sub-standard work of Brotherhood members receive all the plaudits, while the sterling efforts of more worthwhile staff went unremarked. When promotion openings arose, their names were far ahead.

"Independent assessments of two of these executives stated they had already been promoted greatly in excess of their ability. Both are now making a frightful mess of their appointments and losing shareholders' funds."

End quote. Short sounds the alarm as to why the banking industry is in such a mess. His investigations into court cases involving Masonic bankers who have diverted company funds to crooked Brethren prompted him to suggest that the commercial survival of a company, even a nation, could thus be subverted by Masonic insider trading.

The biggest business in London is banking.

Revelation 18 states that Mystery Babylon is the financial center of the world. The financial center of the western world is London, and its banks are controlled by English Freemasonry.

The financial center of the eastern world is Hong Kong, also controlled by London bankers.

According to Reverend Church, the land on which London's financial district is located is owned by the Knights Templar, English Freemasonry's adversary, and this fact may be the literal truth of the symbol of Scarlet sitting on the Templar Beast.

Never thought of that, did you?

Revelation, Chapter 17, Verses 3, Verses 9 and 18. Quote:

[Revelation 17:3b, 9b, 18]

Verse 3b: ...I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

Verse 9b: ...The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

Verse 18: And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

End quote. The Whore of Babylon has often been identified with the Roman Catholic Church, in part because Rome is literally built upon seven hills. Bible prophecy scholars have often taken this scripture literally, looking to Rome as the seat of the Whore of Babylon. But we know, and you know, through listening to this broadcast, that the Bible seldom means exactly what it says. It is written in metaphors and symbology. And Reverend Hislop's book, "The Two Babylons" was partially based upon this premise, that the Whore of Babylon is the Roman Catholic Church because it sits on seven hills.

But biblical commentators, English and Bower, give us another understanding of the word "mountain" which I believe is more correct, commenting on Psalms 72, Verse 3, they state that:

"...the word "mountain" in the scriptures often speaks of political and governmental powers and kingdoms. Hills are lesser powers, or small states."

With this understanding of mountains and hills, let's look at this passage of scripture in a new light. According to Revelation, Chapter 17, Verse 9, the seven mountains on which the Whore sits are not literal mountains, but are the same seven heads, or world powers, of the Beast.

William Goats in "Apocalypse Next", identifies six of them as historic world powers: Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome. All six empires had a profound, yet singular, effect on Israel.

At the time of John's vision in 90 A.D., the seventh head, or power, had not yet come into being. Revelation, Chapter 17, Verses 10 through 11, gives us a clue as to when the seventh will arise. Quote:

[Revelation 17:10, 11]

Verse 10: And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

Verse 11: And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven,....

End quote. Of the seven kings here mentioned by John, the one, the king that is, is the existing empire of his time, Rome. Rome, then, is the sixth head or power. What then is the seventh world power that must continue a short space? Clearly the eighth head, and not the seventh, is the apocalyptic Beast.

The prophet Daniel, in Chapters 2, 7, and 8, saw the Beast as revived Rome. Therefore, the seventh head cannot be revived Rome, for revived Rome is reserved for the Beast's eighth head.

You see, the phrase "the seventh must continue a short space" indicates that the seventh world power must rise and fall rapidly, sometime between the sixth, the old Rome, and the eighth, the new Rome.

To discover what nation the seventh world power is, we must look at the distinctive features of the previous six, for all seven, ladies and gentlemen, have the same characteristics.

First, the six were controlled by sun-worshiping Mystery Babylon (Revelation 17:9).

Second, each had a profound yet singular effect upon Israel.

John adds two more distinctions for identifying the seventh. In Revelation, Chapter 17, Verse 10, he informs us that the seventh must be short-lived. And in Revelation, Chapter 12, Verses 13 and 18, John indicates that Israel must be reconstituted a nation before the eighth, the Beast, can arise.

Israel was reconstituted a nation in 1948. Therefore, the seventh head had to have been a nation, that (1) rose and fell rapidly sometime before 1948; (2) worshipped the sun god; and (3) was controlled by modern Mystery Babylon or English Freemasonry; and (4) had a profound effect upon the Jews.

Clearly, the seventh head or world power is Nazi Germany, for Germany under Naziism fits the above-mentioned criteria. It rose and fell rapidly before 1948. It worshipped an occult ideology and fell rapidly. The occult ideology it worshipped, and the figure whose emblem was the swastika, which we have seen, is an eastern occult symbol, ladies and gentlemen, as I have revealed to you on previous broadcasts of "The Hour of the Time", of the sun, spelled S-U-N. Germany and Hitler were supported and raised up by the powers and personages of English Freemasonry and it conducted systematic genocide against the Jews.

Listed below--and I'm going to read them all to you--are the seven historic world powers, their sun gods, and the profound, yet singular effect of each on Israel.

The world power No. 1 was Egypt. The god was Osiris. The effect on Israel was the exodus about 1400 B.C.

The second world power was Assyria. The sun god was Baal. The effect on Israel was it scattered the ten northern tribes in 721 B.C.

The third was Babylon. The sun god war Marduk . It took Judah and Benjamin captive in 606 B.C.

Then came Persia who worshipped Zoroaster, and sent a remnant back to Jerusalem in 535 B.C.

Next was Greece, who worshipped Zeus, prepared the Jews for the first coming of the Messiah.

And then Rome, whose god was Jupiter, scattered the Jews among the Gentile nations in 70 A.D.

And then Nazi Germany, the swastika symbol of the sun, and the holocaust forced the Jews back to Palestine to resurrect Israel in 1948.

Now, it doesn't matter how many were killed or not killed. Arguing over numbers is absolutely ridiculous, although I will say this: the numbers have been grossly misrepresented.

In Revelation, Chapter 13, Verses 1 and 2, and Chapter 17, Verse 9, it says this, quote:

[Revelation 13:1, 2]

Verse 1a: And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns,....

Verse 2a: And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion:....

[Revelation 17:9]

"And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth."

End quote. The body of the seven-headed and ten-horned beast consists of a leopard, a bear, and a lion. The composite nature of the beast may represent three regions of the world. The seven heads are historically identifiable nations by the time the Beast, the eighth horn, rises to power. Yet, Revelation, Chapter 17, Verse 9 appears to indicate that the seven-heads are also seven end-of-the-age nations, for the Whore of Babylon "sitteth" --present tense--on seven mountains.

There are several prophecies in scripture which, like Revelation 17:9, set a dual prophetic precedence. One is found in Daniel, Chapter 11, where the prophet is foretelling the rise and fall of the Grecian empire. According to English and Bower, Verse 21 is a prophecy of the rise of Antiochis Epiphanes who ruled Syria three centuries later, around 175 B.C.

As Daniel's vision unfolds, the commentators state that it is evident Antiochis becomes a type of the tribulation Beast. Thus, Daniel's one prophecy covered two future events: one 300 years from his time; and one to occur at the end of the age.

Likewise, the seven heads on the Beast in Revelation, Chapter 17, Verse 9, appear to refer to historic nations as well as to nations existing at the end of the age.

And ladies and gentlemen, we will finish tomorrow night.

As always, good night and God bless you all.



  1. Awsome thank you for your job

  2. Babylon is divided into 3 parts Spiritual, Political & Commercial cities, that which are Bombay(greater Gujarat) the original seat of satan where in is the great Mystery(its religion- Hinduism & its new age)) then London (Political) & Newyork(commercial)respectively. BABYLON (BLN). All coming in the Fremasonic order, in the initiations, that which is Condemned by God, so come out of her.

  3. Babylon is divided into 3 parts namely Spiritual, Political & Commercial which are Bombay(Spiritual- Greater Gujarat) the original seat of satan, & the word Mystery refers to its religion (Hinuism & its new age) then London (Political) & finally Newyork(Commercial).BABYLON (B L N). All of which in the guise of freemasonary through its initiations, condemned by God, so come out of her.

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