Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Dangerous Naivety of the Lone Wolf Theorist

by Szandor Blestman

If one listens to the establishment media and talking heads lately, one will hear much about conspiracy theorists. Now of course this term is used to impugn anyone who would endorse such theories. Everyone knows that conspiracy theorists are crazy, right? Everyone knows that government wouldn't lie about important things like world events. Everyone knows that the establishment would never try to cover anything up and hide the truth from the populace. Well, at least not the important stuff. Well, at least no people in power would ever plot against their own people, right? Not even if the outcome would be beneficial to their personal interests, right? Hmm? Perhaps we should explore the world of the lone wolf theorist. After all, if an event was not carried out as part of some kind of conspiracy, it must have been carried out by a single entity, a lone wolf if you will.

The lone wolf theorist appears to me to be very trusting. He seems to trust in the establishment implicitly. He does not wish to question whether or not facts are true, even when they seem questionable. He prefers to take opinion and conjecture as fact so long as they come from an established source. Yet he seems to believe that he is, in fact, the knower of all things there are to know. He believes that he has the facts, and the facts tell him that government is good, conspiracies don't exist, and the establishment account of events is never wrong.

The lone wolf theorist believes that nutcases are able to plan complicated actions on their own and gain access to highly valued and protected targets without any problems. They believe that paranoid schizophrenics can quite easily plan things weeks and perhaps months ahead of time without anyone suspecting a thing. They must believe that these people are among the most intelligent among us, certainly the most devious. Indeed, in many cases it seems that these lone wolfs must have near super human qualities in order to pull off some of the schemes they have been accused of.

No man is an island. We all engage in some kind of contact with our fellow humans. Even Ted Kaczynski, who did his utmost to remove himself from the rest of humanity, had to interact with others from time to time. A true lone wolf and intellectual, Mr. Kaczynski had to stick to soft targets and mail bombs to avoid capture. It is highly unlikely he could have ever pulled off an assassination of a well protected person or the kind of terrorist attack people seem to fear most, for those kind of operations almost require a conspiracy, and certainly so if the perpetrator wishes to not get caught.

Of course, the other aspect of conspiracy theory is the theory aspect. I suppose one who thinks conspiracies theories are crazy could believe that conspiracies exist, but the version he believes in is fact. Could we call such a person a conspiracy factist? How about a conspiracy knower? Either way, I believe that the only way someone could be absolutely certain as to whether or not a given event was plotted the way it was reported to be plotted would be if he was personally involved. Unless that's the case, one has to take the word of someone else as to what is or was the truth of a given situation.

The vast majority of the population all across the planet are entertaining some kind of theory when it comes to news stories. Some people might realize this, but most probably don't. They simply watch establishment news programs on the television, listen to establishment news radio, or read establishment newspapers or magazines and take them at their word. There's never any questioning. There's never any investigation. People just take it for granted that establishment media is being honest, have done their due diligence in terms of investigating a story, and are accurate and realistic in their reporting. The problem is that the establishment media often uses government sources. In fact, they have come to depend on government sources for their stories in many cases. The establishment media may well take for granted that the government sources are being honest and accurate. They have, in essence, failed in any watchdog duties that may be expected of them.

In the United States of America, in the legal system, one is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. The burden of proof is supposed to weigh upon the prosecution. Yet in too many cases people who were "proven" to be guilty were later proven to be innocent. It seems to me that there is some kind of disconnect at work here to make this possible. Perhaps in law, as in the court of public opinion that is shaped by establishment media, it is not so much "facts" and "proof" that count, but who the jury will believe, who they trust, and who they tend to disagree with. It seems to me that these days, as many who have become involved with the legal system have come to find out, that one is guilty until he can prove himself innocent in a court of law. The legal system in this nation has devolved into the type of system that the founders fought to escape from. It is no longer a system we can be so proud of because our system is so much better than tyrannical legal systems. It has become as corrupt as many other legal systems around the world and so few seem to care. This is because so many are brainwashed and no longer question the authorities because they'd rather believe the lone wolf theorists they see on television and feel good that their nation's legal system is still the bestest, most greatest, most honest, in the whole, wide world and would never make a mistake.

The biggest difference between the conspiracy theorist and the lone wolf theorist, or the conspiracy theorist and the conspiracy knower, is who they trust for their information. Most conspiracy theorists, if they are at all reputable, will follow their instincts and ask questions of those who should know, who were involved, or who have done research that may have been missed by the mainstream. Most lone wolf theorists or conspiracy knowers will simply take the word of the establishment media, its talking heads and government sources. At least, it seems that way to me.

I got news in case you didn't know, government lies. Politicians lie and make promises they don't intend on keeping to get votes. Bureaucrats lie, misrepresent and exagerate to increase the budgets for their bureaucracies. Establishment corporations lie to get legislation passed that will help them maintain their markets. Establishment media lies, misrepresents and embellishes to maintain its relationships with all those listed above in order to make sure they don't loose access to their sources. Yet somehow these people who have been shown to deceive are still seen as reputable and even held in high esteem by some.

This is where the biggest danger lies. Threats to freedom come not from outside enemies trying to control us with military force, but from enemies within manipulating our emotions. We are indoctrinated from childhood. Those we trust abuse their status. They use fear and guilt to steal our wealth and as excuses to violate our liberties. Those who do not wish to see will defend their actions even as those in power become more controlling and tyrannical. They forget to question authority. They neglect to look into motive. They obey dictates from the top, centralized authority without thought of who benefits from such regulations. They go along to get along, lowering their chins and watching their feet as they make their way through life hoping to stay off the radar. They become a small cog in a system that slowly turns the masses into slaves for a power elite while grinding down opportunity and innovation. They loose the individualist concepts of liberty and independence and replace them with the fallacious collectivist promises of protection and being cared for. We should not be a nation of people dependent upon hope in a centralized government, but a nation of self governing individuals confident in our abilities to provide for our own needs independent of government interference.

Do not be so critical of conspiracy theorists questioning the government point of view. They are rightly questioning authority and showing a healthy skepticism. Instead, be more wary of those who would vehemently defend the establishment storyline and trust in such an historically untrustworthy organization. Be more wary of those who would offhandedly judge the messengers as crazy rather than disputing the facts and checking out the sources. Perhaps it is the lone wolf theorists and conspiracy knowers who should be questioned and investigated. Perhaps they have more to gain or loose than one might imagine. Oh wait, that sounds like a conspiracy theory. I must be crazy.

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