Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Last Days Of The Dollar And The Empire


You will notice that I avoided the use of the word American in the title. Certainly, the Federal Reserve Note is doomed but I did not want to communicate the idea that America would also die when Ben Bernanke is forced to resign in disgrace.

America is not an Empire. What has happened is that an ethnic minority, the Jews, together with the financial industry and a few allied corporate interests, have hijacked the United States government and created an overseas Empire for their benefit.

Currently, we have troops stationed in 135 nations. We have active wars in three Muslim countries. All of our wars since World War I have been concerned with the creation and expansion of Jewish Communism and Jewish Zionism. If America had only entered wars for our self-interests, then there would have been no WW I. no WW II, no Korean War, no Vietnam war and certainly no wars with the Muslims. And there never would have been an Israel.

The Empire has a media controlled by Jews and their allies. They want America to fight one more war against a Muslim nation. This time against Iran. The US Secretary of Defense has asked the Syrian army to stand down and to allow a peaceful transition of power as Egypt did. What Gates did not say was that Syria is an ally of Iran and he wanted to isolate Syria from Iran so America can attack Iran.

One reason for the end of this Empire is that the wars increasingly do not make sense. Why did we attack Libya? What could they do to us? If we want democracy in Syria and Libya, why aren’t the Arabs of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia good enough for democracy?

There is a great difference between World War I and World War III and by that I do not mean the invention of nuclear weapons. In 1890 America was number one in steel production worldwide and by 1900 we produced more steel than England , France and Germany combined. This is no longer true.

I previously remarked that the American Jewish elite betrayed the common folk of the country with the passage of the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) and the World Trade Organization Act (WTO) in 1994. In that same year China devalued their yuan to a fixed rate against the dollar. By design more than 40,000 American manufacturing plants were closed and sent overseas together with tens of millions of jobs.

Americans are now expected to fight World War III without factories and jobs. The war is not to be financed by American taxpayers. It is not even to be funded by borrowing against the future earnings of Americans. Americans have no jobs and no future earnings. The war is to be funded by the printing of dollars.

Suppose you were the President of China and you saw America using an attack on Iran to steal Mideast oil and set up a global dictatorship for the benefit of Israel and international conglomerates. You have only one tactic. You cut off American supply lines. You announce the sale of all US Treasury debt and and the purchase of commodities with all dollars on hand. American dollars go to zero in value. The US can default on its debt. But America would have no means of importing oil and food. America would grind to a halt. And as the economy contracted, the government would have to cut benefits, healthcare and education by 50%. The war would stop the day after America ceased to function.

Let’s go through these events again with more enlightened eyes. If The elite wanted America to win World War III, they would not have sent all of our jobs and factories overseas. If the elite wanted us to win World War III, they would not have our troops stationed in 135 countries simultaneously fighting wars in three nations. If the elite wanted us to win World War III, they would have picked an easier adversary. Iran has sufficient numbers of Russian made ant-ship weapons to sink the Sixth Fleet within minutes. We would also lose all of our Central Command troops in a matter of weeks. The US depends upon Muslims to supply our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. That will not happen after America starts dropping nuclear weapons on their co-religionists.

If what our country is doing makes no sense, then why are we doing it?

This question cannot be answered until we deal with the issue of 911.

I have explained before that 911 was an inside job done by Israel and traitors within the American government.

World Trade Center Tower 7 was 47 stories high and not hit by an airplane. Yet it collapsed in 6.5 seconds. I explained that glass melts at 800 degrees Fahrenheit or 426.66 Celsius. Steel girders melt at 2.200 degrees Fahrenheit or 1.204.44 Celsius. As I have said before, nanothermite was found in the debris of the WTC. Thermite consists of a metal oxide which releases oxygen to make a much bigger flame. Aluminum and manganese can be added to the mix to make a more intense heat.

Nanothermite is finely milled so it has a huge surface area relative to its nano sized volume. This allows nanothermite to burn at over 5,200 degrees Fahrenheit and melt steel girders in two seconds. Nanothermite can be sprayed on a surface in a liquid form and be detonated remotely. Nanothermite is only available from Israeli and American military labs.

On 9-11-2001 Susan Lindauer was on the phone with her CIA handler, Dr Richard Fuisz, when he said he saw a video of the first plane hitting the WTC. This was not shown on network TV until the next day. George Bush said he saw this same footage on a TV monitor before entering that classroom in Florida. Dr Fuisz told Ms Lindauer that Israelis making live videos of the WTC attacks was a brazen admission on their part that they did 911.

Dr Alan Sabrosky was a Director of Studies at the Army War College. He has been telling the public and his military colleagues that Israel did 911. And the Israelis did so with reckless abandon because there is no going back.

That is why I have said all Jewish people must now decide if they are Americans or Israelis. They can no longer be both.

If I am right and Israel did 911, then Americans are being manipulated into World War III with the traitorous elite knowing that America cannot defeat 1.3 billion Muslims and survive. The elite and Israel wants America to lose World War III.

Why? I believe they want Americans to be enslaved and impoverished so they cannot demand the return of the tens of trillions of dollars Wall Street stole from us. America has a huge population and must import both food and energy to survive. The elite and the Jews want to create an American race war when the dollar dies and the majority can no longer buy food. They want us to kill each other so we cannot rebel.

We are on a road to World War III which is a path to certain destruction.

Just prior to the invasion of Iraq, General Wesley Clark was given a list of countries the military was told were to be invaded. Libya was recently invaded so the only nations left off the list are Lebanon, Syria and Iran. Though Israel did invade Lebanon unsuccessfully.

Israel could start another false flag operation like 911 to get Americans to declare war on Iran. I do not think America will believe the Israelis again. There are too many of us who know better.

Israel did 911. Our jobs and factories were sent overseas so we would lose World War III. They sent tens of millions of jobs overseas while bringing tens of millions of immigrants to this country so we would have a high Depression era unemployment rate. They want blacks, Hispanics and whites fighting over jobs, benefits and food.

To avoid World War III we need to hammer home the truth. Israel did 911. They do not want us to win WW III. Your only rational choice is to throw all Zionists and Wall Street criminals out of the government.

Treason is a crime. It is also a crime to steal trillions of dollars.

We must jail all the criminals our government has been protecting.

We must withdraw our forces from overseas. We could begin by disengaging from Libya. Iraq and Afghanistan. We need to cut the number of nations with American troops on their soil from 135 to 35 or even fewer.

Israel did 911. Your government despises you. Get over it. You will not survive until you understand and accept the fact that your government has betrayed you.

Change your government. Get one that cares about you, listens to you and is willing to punish treason and the theft of trillions of dollars.

Israel did 911. Israel wants you to lose World War III. Israel wants to destroy America in a race war. Israel wants to permanently enslave Americans. Hammer this home. Nothing else will save you, your family and your nation from otherwise certain destruction.

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