Monday, March 7, 2011

Israel wants to navigate post-Mubarak Egypt according to Zionist compass

It is amply clear that Israel is extremely worried about the direction that Arab revolutions might take with regard to the apartheid entity, especially its ethnic-cleansing designs vis-à-vis the Palestinian people.

During the recent Egyptian revolution which deposed the tyrant Hosni Mubarak, Israel and its Zionist and Masonic tentacles in Europe and North America pressured government circles to do whatever could be done to shield and preserve the decadent Mubarak regime, but of course to no avail.

Behind the curtain, Israeli and Zionist circles enlisted US Congress and the White House to press and pressure the Egyptian armed forces to violently suppress and even repress the massive protests all over Egypt, demanding liberty and deliverance from the claws of the Zionist puppet regime.

Indeed, Israeli officials, who never stop babbling about democracy and its sublime values, would have been more than happy watching the Egyptian regime’s security forces, baltajiya or hired thugs behave very much like the mercenaries and thugs of the Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi have been behaving in recent days, namely massacring peaceful demonstrators demanding liberty.

None the less, it was sufficiently clear from the beginning that the power of the Egyptian people would eventually prevail, and that even the army, with its complicated calculations, wouldn’t be able to do certain things, as demanded or wished by Washington and its real Zionist master, 8000 kilometers eastward.

Eventually, the Zionist thugs in Tel Aviv had to resign to the fact that Mubarak and his regime would be trashed to the dustbin of history and that Israel’s man or men in Cairo were no longer in charge.

Yes, the army is still in charge for the time being, which probably gives Zionist supremacists a certain though temporary solace. However, it is clear that a new dawn has broken in Cairo and that this dawn is definitely not to Israel’s liking. In fact, the would-be new rulers of Egypt hate Israel and Zionism and view the Zio-Nazi entity as a real and nefarious enemy, pure and simple.

But this doesn’t mean that the Zionists and their allies are giving up. The shipyard dogs from Washington to Tel Aviv are warning about the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and the need to exclude these moderate Islamists from any post-Mubarak government.

This demand actually goes beyond the pale, coming from a regime that includes under its general umbrella manifestly-fascist parties that ascribe racist and infra-human status to people who don’t adhere to the Jewish faith.

Hence, one really feels affronted by a government that not only accords full democratic rights to people like Ovadia Yosef but allows them to become powerful kings makers at the Israeli political arena.

For those who don’t know Yosef, he is the religious mentor of the Shas fundamentalist party who has hundreds of thousands of loyalists and followers at his beck and call. Shas is also a key coalition partner in the Israeli government.

A few months ago, Yosef was quoted as saying that all non-Jews in the world were effectively donkeys whom the Almighty created solely to serve the master race, the chosen people!!

Or consider other political parties represented in the Israeli government and Knesset. Such as the National Union, the Bayt Hayahudi, or the numerous other Judeo-Nazi or quasi-Nazi political groups that are permanent features in the Israeli political establishment which really adopt brashly racist platforms that even Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin didn’t think of.

According to recent public opinion polls in Israel, more than 50% of Israelis thought that non-Jews shouldn’t enjoy equal rights for the sole reason of being goyem, or Gentile.

A few months ago, the Israeli government passed a draft resolution obliging all non-Jewish citizens to pledge loyalty to the apartheid state as a Jewish state.
Israeli propagandists and apologists often use the media trick of claiming that Israel is both a Jewish and democratic state. But this is tasteless joke since Israel can’t be Talmudic and democratic at the same time if only because Talmudic laws and democratic laws represent the antithesis of each other. They are a kind of inherent oxymoron.

In light, one would ask what moral right do these arrogant Zionist thugs have to demand that a certain segment of the Egyptian people be excluded from the democratic process? It is sheer insolence, arrogance and moral depravity.

There is no doubt that the Zionist regime will continue to meticulously watch developments in Egypt to make sure that true Egyptian patriots opposed to Israeli Nazism don’t occupy any position of influence in the next Egyptian government.

According to reliable sources, Israel is pressing Washington to make sure that the security ties between the apartheid state and Egypt remain outside the responsibility of any elected government.

Israel has also asked Washington to pressure all candidates for President or Prime Minister to affirm their commitment to the so-called Peace Treaty which former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat signed with former Zionist Prime Minister Menachem Begin in 1978.

Israel is also pressing Washington to “neutralize” certain Egyptian generals who have voiced reservation to American demands to this effect.

Dennis Ross, a fanatical veteran American Jewish supporter of Israel, met recently with several American Jewish activists, telling them that the Obama administration was throwing all its weight to ensure that the next Egyptian government would refrain from adopting policies or stands that could be seen as detrimental to Israeli interests.

Israel will also ask Washington to make sure that the Arab revolutions wouldn’t cause a drastic imbalance between the forces of moderation (forces that would accommodate and coexist with Zio-Nazism) and the forces of resistance.

As to the Palestinian cause, Israel is actually bullying Washington to warn Cairo against displaying any positive gesture toward Hamas or Hizbullah. Israel actually would very much favor see the new Egyptian regime continue the same policies of the previous Mubarak regime, namely perfecting and tightening the Nazi-like blockade of the Gaza Strip and blackmailing and even coercing the PLO leadership in the West Bank to effectively surrender to the Israeli fait accompli.

There is no doubt that one of the important reasons behind the downfall of Egyptian regime was its perceived subservience to Zionist circles and the undeclared but active alliance between Mubarak and the Zio-Nazi regime against the tormented Palestinians, especially in the Gaza Strip where the defunct regime effectively sided with Israel against a fellow Arab people.

That was more than just scandalous and disgraceful. It was also treasonous and criminal: treasonous because the leader or leaders of the largest and most powerful Arab state must under no circumstances be answerable to Zionist thugs in occupied Palestine who are relentlessly effecting their ethnic-cleansing designs against the Palestinian people. And criminal because tormenting, starving and killing innocent people in order to please and appease Israel and the Jewish-occupied Congress of the United States goes far beyond normal political calculations.

Hence, the new revolutionary government in Egypt must make a full and absolute departure from the old policies of Mubarak, policies that led to the death and maiming of thousands of innocent fellow-Arabs and Muslims and to the devouring by Israel of additional swathes of Palestinian land for the benefit of Nazi-like Jewish colonists who think that the whole world was exclusively created by the Almighty for them.

In any case, there can be no true democracy in Egypt without allowing the Egyptian people to express and embody their true stance vis-à-vis Israel, the very state whose strategy is still based on weakening Egypt politically, economically and militarily.


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