Monday, January 24, 2011

Suspected suicide bomber strikes busy Moscow airport

Moscow's busiest airport was devastated by an explosion Monday, caused by a suspected suicide bomber, according to published reports.

The attack hit Moscow's Domodedvo airport, the Russian capital's busiest of three. State news agencies reported that at least 23 had died and over 130 were injured in an explosion near the baggage claim area.

The Guardian cited local agencies in reporting over 31 fatalities and "scores" of wounded on the scene.

The cause of Monday's blast was as-yet unconfirmed. A statement by the Kremlin said an investigation was already underway. Initial reports suggested the use of a hand-made device containing numerous metal objects that acted as makeshift shrapnel.

The same airport was the point of origin for two suicide bombers in 2004, who detonated their explosives in mid-flight killing 90 people.


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