Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords and Jared Loughner: Notes on conspiracy

By Chris Cunnyngham

If there is ever an election for Manchurian Candidate, Jared Loughner, the alleged mass murderer and attempted assassin of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, will win in a landslide. Loughner is accused of killing 6 people, including a federal judge and a six-year old girl, and wounding 14 others in a brutal attack outside a Safeway in Tucson, Arizona on Dec 8th. His motives, if there are any, have yet to come to light but conspiracy-minded corners of the Internet have already started buzzing as available information surrounding the shooting and Loughner raises many red flags for those familiar with the shadowy patterns of hidden agendas.
Let's study the events through this looking glass.

Jared Lee Loughner shows signs of brainwashing

Brainwashing may sound like something out of a b-movie but not only is the technique real it's been in use for decades. Governments and private organizations have been working to manipulate human consciousness through drugs and other techniques at least since the 1950s and probably well before. It is rumored that our own government instituted it's infamous MKULTRA program (and others) in response to mind control research in Soviet Russia and China, though it may be the other way around.

What are some of these techniques? Sleep deprivation is one. That's why they use it when interrogating prisoners at Guantanamo. It lowers resistance and causes hallucinations. Loughner complains of being "in need of sleep" in his YouTube video "Introduction: Jared Loughner."

In the same video he writes of sleepwalking in language that could indicate programming or a drug intoxicated state, or both.


If I define sleepwalking then sleepwalking is the act or state of walking, eating, or performing other motor acts while asleep, of which one is unaware upon awakening.

I define sleepwalking.

Thus, sleepwalking is the act or state of walking, eating, or performing other motor acts while asleep, of which one is unaware upon awakening.

I'm a sleepwalker - who turned off the alarm clock.

Loughner also talks of "conscience dreaming" - an odd phrase we'll return to in a moment.

All conscience dreaming at this moment is asleep.

Jared Loughner is conscience dreaming at this moment.

Thus, Jared Loughner is asleep.

What Loughner means by "conscience dreaming" is not clear. It is not a phrase in common usage. "Conscience," as popularly defined, is the "inner sense of what is right or wrong in one's conduct or motives, impelling one toward right action." But there is another meaning as well, that of consciousness and self knowledge. Loughner may have meant, or conflated the term with, "conscious dreaming."

Conscious dreaming, or lucid dreaming, is where the person dreaming is aware that they are dreaming. Controlling dreams is obviously another way of influencing a person's behavior and has long been used as an occult training method.

Another indicator that Loughner was possibly brainwashed is the video he made titled "How To: Mind Controller" where he lays out his understanding of how mind control works:

If you're editing of every belief and religion reaches the final century then the writer for every belief and religion is you.

You're editing of every belief and religion reaches the final century.

Thus, the writer for every belief and religion is you.

You control every -- thought, action, and lifestyle -- for the person or people as the mind controller.

I'm able to control every belief and religion by being the mind controller.

It should be noted here that two of the books mentioned on Loughner's YouTube page, Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz have long been rumored to be programming tools used in brainwashing by the US government, especially in connection with Project MKULTRA. The Catcher in the Rye has also been named as such a book, though Loughner did not list it.

Loughner's Accomplice

Police in Arizona are, as of this writing, looking for a man they believe to be Loughner's accomplice. Reports as of now are conflicting. A young man in shorts and a t-shirt? Or a 40-50-year-old white male with dark hair? Perhaps it was John Doe #2, the mysterious phantom from the Oklahoma City Bombing, and he'll disappear back into the woodwork as Loughner finishes his transformation from troubled young man to lone nut assassin.

Where was the security?

According to reports, Rep. Giffords had no security on hand at the sidewalk event. This despite her office being the target of vandalism and angry Tea Party protests last year. Whether this was intentional on the part of Rep. Giffords or not is not known at this time.

Where were the police?

According to eyewitness Steven Rayle, who actually helped hold Loughner down until police arrived, it took officers between 15 to 20 minutes to arrive on the scene. The Pima County Sheriff's Department is three miles away from the Safeway. The Tucson Rillito Police Department is five miles away.

What took EMS so long?

According to Rayle, EMS did not arrive for a full half-hour after the shooting. Medical transport services were within 15 minutes from the Safeway.

Giffords may not have been the target

Also killed in the shooting was Judge John Roll, chief judge of the U.S. District Court of Arizona. Judge Roll and his wife were placed under US Marshals Service protection two years ago due to death threats he was receiving in regard to a multi-million dollar ruling he made in a civil rights lawsuit brought by illegal immigrants against a state rancher.

A lot to chew on but simply speculation. Loughner may be just schizophrenic or suffer from some other kind of mental illness. A series of posts written in Loughner's strange style (and with his strange obsession with grammar) concerning faked Space Shuttle launches has come to light at the Above Top Secret forum. Rep. Giffords' husband Mark E. Kelley is a Space Shuttle Commander. Perhaps the attack is related to Loughner's curious beliefs about the Shuttle.

Psychologist Jeff Kaye has uncovered a YouTube video title "Conscience Dreams" which he believes may have influenced Loughner though produced by people with no connection to him. The amateur video features a "Dream Taker" manipulating a man's mind to turn him into an "Agent" who in turn battles an "Assassin" who may also be the same person as the Dream Taker. It's not very good and there's no way to know if Loughner ever saw it.

And if he did, what he saw in it.



  1. This is very interesting can you find out more information about Loughner, and his family everything you can find out about him. Also what church Judge Roll went to he may have been followed to Congress women Giffords public event perhaps someone saw suspicous people and vehicles there.

    And what's more her channel only subscribed to TWO channels and one is his.

    Did she know him personally?

    Link to Gifford's channel:

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